Bender Binder
by Peter Loaf

Bender Binder1

Collared in iron, elbow cuffed too
Knee bender holding, tight as a shoe
Ring gagged and naked
Nothing is fake-ed
Insex my Master, enters on cue>

Hard bound and helpless, his “Special Treat”
Flopping fish struggle, gadgets defeat
Fighting and straining
Pussy juice staining
Sexual slavey, helpless complete

Hung from my ankle, fucked for a while
Gripping my titties, stretching a mile
Hot phallus thrusting
Subbie lust trusting
Thunderfuck pumping, hapless nubile

Bender Binder2

Second knee-bender, down on the floor
Stiffened cock dripping, needing some more
Dildo stick wiggled
Wiggled and jiggled
Pheromones sweating, from every pore

Slavey hot helpless, swallow his cock
His cracker smacking, a stinging shock
Wide open choking
Windpipe He’s poking
Passion storm rising, the startled flock

He pays his subjects, I’d do it free
Once in His irons, I cannot flee
Sexual submission
My “Special Mission”
My inner rebel, on bended knee