Barber Shop
by Peter Loaf

Hoodwinks of latex, cover our eyes
Naked half blinded, our muffled cries
Elbows together
Too tight the leather
Brought to The Barber, two captured spies

Hoodwinked and naked, upended cunt
My pussy and ass, will bare the brunt
Sister beside me
Freedom denied me
Locked in the lumber, end of the hunt

Hand on my pussy, tugging my curls
Hot wet and dripping, my flag unfurls
The touch of his tongue
To high passion brung
Pussy hair glistens, dripping my pearls

Dry scrapping razor, my precious pie
Locked in the lumber, can’t even try
Baby butt shaving
My muffled raving
High wide and hairless, point at the sky

The questions droning, not keeping track
My hairless pussy, under attack
Kick wiggle straining
The stocks detaining
Lick buzzer suckle, the deck to stack

My sister screaming, muffled duet
Paddle whack noises, twisting my neck
Clitty lick suckle
His knowing chuckle
Pain/pleasure potion, oh what the heck

Greasing my pussy, inside and out
Thumbs in my bummer, complete the rout
Defenseless captive
Proves most adaptive
Peppermint burning, muffled I shout

Spanking continues, off to my right
Barber shop sessions, lasting all night
Two sisters suffer
The angels hover
Locked in the lumber, the shackles tight

My sister suffers, layers of pain
My pussy licking, flogging my brain
Half way to glory
Feeling so whorey
Limber stick whistles, spreading my stain

Mind melding power, me and my sis
I feel her torture, she feels my kiss
A duet stinging
The bippy singing
Hot fountains spraying, glittering piss

Shave and a shower, buzzer-fucked too
Dildo vibrating, tight as a shoe
Locked in the lumber
Discipline under
Beaten and ravaged, left black and blue

The morning after, questions begin
“What is your mission, how’d ya git in?”
The slow ticking clock
The right time to talk
The cover story, my sister twins

Confessing evil, under the strap
Me and my sister, dropped in their lap
Keeping them busy
Feeding them fizzy
Faking their forces, into the trap

The rescue coming, the war is won
Two sisters honored, under the gun
Accomplished mission
With no suspicion
Natural submissives, we’ve just begun

Barber Shop