Bar Stool
by Peter Loaf

The bar is empty, the early light
B and E expert, got caught tonight
My hand in the till
“Ten hours to kill”
Tied up by experts, left out of sight

The cop comes checking, handshaking knobs
The back door open, doing his job
My sexy display
Perfect pervert prey
Three holes no waiting, my muffled sobs

The flashlight blinding, hooting surprise
The shock he’s faking, his little sighs
My pussy swollen
Pheromones pullin’
Rigged up for fucking, a subbie prize

I tell my story, the pictures took
The knots preserving, evidence book
A blanket draping
My scent escaping
“SVU coming, taking a look”

The sympathy ploy, rope burns hurting
Big eyes that flutter, subtle flirting
Under my blanket
I’m gonna tank it
High horny hottie, juices squirting

Cop from the corner, his sometimes bride
A date we’re making, his well earned bribe
Positioned so perfect
Swallow dick sex trick
B and E expert, discipline ride

“The ticket fixing”, my copper friend
“The charges dropping, you can depend”
“This bar belonging”
“Mobsters you’re wronging”
“The lawyers easy, on trip they’ll send”

Patting my fanny, kissing my clit
The blanket taking, the place to quit
Fresh fucked and frazzled
Flashing lights dazzled
Mobsters returning shudder and shit

My cop so dirty, taking the bribe
The mobsters paying, working inside
I thought I could trust
I’m helplessly trussed
Steamer trunk locking, taken for ride

A short time later, dragged out of car
A chalk mark getting, five pointed star
Steam whistles blowing
The docks I’m knowing
Sacked gagged and muffled, hoisted up far

Connex box stacking, trunks from downtown
White slaver merchants, bootie new found
Street cleaning coppers
Petty crime stoppers
B and E expert, New Deli bound

Bar Stool