Bankerís Daughter
by Peter Loaf

The window open, the shadowed night
The pillow muffles, I cannot fight
The ropes are winding
My wrists heís binding
Tape gag and stuffing, my desperate plight

Hustled through window, into the dark
My nightie shredded, leaving me stark
My hooded captor
A human raptor
In trunk heís tossing, a hogtied mark

The tires singing, struggle and squirm
The naked captive, lessons I learn
My screaming muffled
My feathers ruffled
My bondage holding, ever return?

The road starts winding, switchbacks turning
The traffic passing, my tummy churning
Ear popping pressure
Altitude measure
My subbie needing, secret yearning

A dirt track dusty, roll to a stop
The trunk lid opens, a mountain top
The air is chilly
The captured filly
Hoisted to shoulder, dressed as a cop

Carried to cabin, tossed on a bed
Hogtied and helpless, ready to wed
My legs fall open
His fingers gropiní
My pussy dripping, swollen and red

His zipper open, his meaty spear
My hips heís lifting, needing him here
Liver lips licking
His tongue heís sticking
The bankerís daughter, getting in gear

Hot hard and heavy, his buzzing lips
My passion peaking, cashing my chips
Limber tongue lashing
My clitty mashing
Hogtied and helpless, my pussy drips

Ready wide waiting, pussy agape
Hot organ filling, thereís no escape
Thunder-fuck ramming
My cervix slamming
Gripping and stripping, faking my rape

My loving Master, knows what I need
Roughrider fucking, his charging steed
High tight excited
Highly delighted
Game playing couple, needing to breed

Bankerís Daughter