Bank Job
by Peter Loaf

Taken as hostage, bungled bank job
Stripped to my undies, gag muffled sob
The cops close behind
I’m out of my mind
Billy Bob Buttfuck, rough as a cob

Stockings and garters, opera length gloves
My anus using, pushing he shoves
The wild speeding ride
The dragnet thrown wide
The needle fleeing and God above

Gas station stopping, for cabin keys
My nasal screaming, gag garbled pleas
The hero trying
The hero dying
Taking the cashbox, tape and some grease

Back on the highway, back in my place
Mexican border, flat on my face
“You got that boy killed”
“His grey matter spilled”
Muffled protesting, stating my case

“Shut up and take it, don’t you dare pout”
Axle grease reaming, inside and out
This time not painful
Always disdainful
Poop packer prison, hearing about

All night we travel, Mexico reached
My captors spelling, defenses breached
Up driveway bouncing
Hideout announcing
Out of truck taken, mercy beseeched

Taken to tree line, tied to a trunk
His limp dick swinging, his shitty junk
The tape he’s pealing
The ball revealing
“Shout out for service, in nice warm bunk”

Left on my lonesome, cum dripping butt
Elbows together, two legged mutt
The knots out of reach
Hard lesson to teach
Power beats righteous, open and shut

The hot sun setting, cooling right down
Thirty long hours, since we left town
A thing that they use
I’m tethered by noose
Wild empty mountains, so tightly bound

Moonrise I shiver, from cold and fear
A shadow moving, it’s coming near
A tiny stick snapping
A gloved hand trapping
Screaming in panic, smelling of beer

The tether untied, taking inside?
The cabin pussy, the death of pride
He’s leading away
In forest we’ll play
High heel hobbled, juicing young bride

Out of camp taking, tether leading
Climbing the mountain, naked pleading
A switch at the last
No future no past
Now is the hour, pussy needing

Mountain top stopping, dawn’s early light
To tree I’m tethered, seeing the sight
A ranger station
Mexican nation
Watching for fires, my future bright

My captor leaving, it seems so strange
His partners crazy, getting deranged
Gagged garbled screaming
My captor scheming
Cash on deliver, my sale arranged

The bank job bungled, manager killed
Escape financing, unbroken willed
Slave trading broker
Lead on a choker
Taken to Yemen, with semen filled

Bank Job