by Peter Loaf

The moonlight shining, the Castle Keep
The hooker wiggles, her makeup cheep
The Bondage Follies
The helpless dollies
The Masters Tourney, rivalry steep

Never so helpless, never before
Bent over bamboo, there on the floor
Four way restraining
Nothing Iím gaining
Wide and exposing, wet to the core

My pussy prouding, my nipples ache
My body blushing, ready to take
My needs heís seeing
The bamboo tree-ing
Happy pain whoring, girl on the make

My need is desperate, I want release
My inner subbie, so hard to please
The Masters parade
My Master DeSade
Dildos and butt-plugs, coated in grease

My Master bending, touches my clit
Vibrating finger, shudder and shit
My fire rising
Hardly surprising
Bent over bamboo, sputter and spit

Performance fucker, one of top ten
The crowd is cheering, men and women
My passion displayed
My secrets betrayed
Thunder Fuck Dildo, faking hymen

Horse cock for munchies, swallow him down
Gag gargle choking, stretching around
The dildo too big
But not in this rig
Bowling pin stretching, small squeaking sound

Horse cock in gullet, pin head showing
The storm is building, fateís unknowing
I buck and I bronc
I hum and I honk
First ever Dinger, my mind blowing