Ball Tie
by Peter Loaf

Arms in a harness, ankles to neck
Ball-like position, fully in check
Our cabin lonely
Me and her only
Rose-button anus, closer inspect

Iím standing over, my ball and chain
Ball tied and shaking, her spreading stain
Doing my subbie
Rubbing my stubby
Wand of correction, a slicing pain

Wad and tape gagging, screams through her nose
Standing and stroking, my throbbing hose
Slave girl repentant
Evil attendant
Pussy lips swelling, submissive pose

Topping from bottom, her eyes demand
Clitty lick nuzzle, is what we planned
Pretty pink swollen
Petals of pollen
Suckle bite tugging, Masterís command

Topping from bottom, ass in the wind
The cane tip whistles, her welted skin
Her eyes expressive
Her traits recessive
Ball tied and helpless, knowing whoíll win

Greasing her pooper, thrusting it home
Pussy lips rubbing, frothing with foam
Fucking so slowly
Making it holy
Clutching my member, milking my bone

Still in position, dripping with cum
Taking Viagra, washed down with rum
Pussy lunch counter
And then Iíll mount her
Ying and Yang lovers, getting us some

ThÖThÖThatís All Folks

Ball Tie