Ball and Chain
by Peter Loaf

The night is starless, the darkest hour
The hunters stationed, pouncing power
Two milkmaids walking
Quietly talking
Witch hunting party, the beast devour

The monk so lusty, watching the path
His inner voices, fearing the wrath
Two sister witches
Rising from ditches
Slave catching servants, knights of the bath

Ball and chain bondage, his tactics rough
Two sisters waiting, their asses stuffed
Elbows together
Snubbing short tether
The neck chains hoisting, collared and cuffed

The ankle bindings, tight to the ass
The balls of iron, to big to pass
The bippy kissing
Two sisters pissing
Hot puddle spreading, a heady gas

Pheromones rising, so is his cock
Two sisters sitting, the prisoner dock
Fore and aft mooring
Their looks imploring
Stretching quite fetching, hard as a rock

Deepest wine cellar, the North of Spain
Bippy bite switching, the lines of pain
The bippy singing
Bottom marks stinging
Pussy lips pinking, bound to remain

Made of spring steel, leather coated
The bippy biting, winner voted
Each whistle a scream
Two Pussies in cream
Sisters resisting, bible quoted

Ball and Chain