Bad Girls by Peter Loaf
Bad Girls
by Peter Loaf

A night of revels, the pleasures known
The frat house party, the wild seeds sown
Dawn’s early sneaking
The floorboards creaking
Aunt Jane in waiting, heart like a stone

Taken to stables, stripped to the skin
Shackled spread-eagle, wages of sin
Aunt Jane attending
There’s no defending
Blindfolded naked, “Shall we begin?”

Twin sisters waiting, well spread splendor
Spread red and dripping, all night bender
Tickle clit teasing
Boobie soft squeezing
Rough lumber rubbing, nipples tender

Strap of split leather, a stifled gasp
Bottom exploding, rattle the hasp
Pretty cheeks pinking
Pain/pleasure linking
Her touch so tender, within her grasp

Sissy must listen, hanging beside
The cruel strap slapping, the pain applied
Blindfolded waiting
The thin ice skating
Pussy drip swollen, ready to ride

Fingers come questing, slipping inside
Rattle kick wiggle, spread eagle tied
Bad girls in trouble
Pussy lips bubble
Dildo vibrating, pussy lips pried

Pain/pleasure morning, bad girls in hock
The strap comes slapping, shock after shock
Vibrators humming
Auntie Jane chumming
Punishment over, key in the lock

Bad Girls