Bad Girl
by Peter Loaf

My Sugar daddy, heck of a guy
Discipline under, my Captain Bligh
Daddyís bad girl, hung out to cry
Painful position, canít even try
Hogtied and naked, teach me to lie
Well trained and ready, no longer shy
Pussy lips cutting, no longer dry
Pussy lips swollen, I canít deny
Afternoon passing, a buzzing fly
Pussy juice smelling, landing on thigh
Tickle touch walking, coming so nigh
Sensations heightened, the tightest tie
The fly is biting, my hairless pie
Passion comes calling, sweet by and by
Subbie lust moaning, my stifled sigh
Pussy rope thumping, his tigerís eye
Dildo vibrating, pussy to pry
Clitty touch buzzing, careful apply
A flogger flogging, hung up and high
The chance Iím taking, casting the die
Subbie lust tripping, oh me oh my

Shoulders and tiptoes, touching the floor
Silent I suffer, wordless implore
Nipple-perk finking, pretty pain whore
Pheromones oozing, from every pore
Subbie space sailing, the furthest shore
Daddyís delinquent, horny and sore
My body blushing, wet to the core
Master me Master, the magic lore
Vibrator teasing, whispering "More!"
Discipline under, subbie to soar

The bad girl punished, taken woodshed
Nipple tips burning, bound up in thread
Changing position, a six way spread
Gag ball and harness, strapped to my head
The helpless spider, caught in his web
Waiting and wanting, my tummy lead
High wide and horny, gonna get bred
Butt first a flogging, something I dread

Master me Master, take me to bed
Good girl I promise, perfect co-ed
Punished for fibbing, something I said
Bragging to family, soon to be wed
Subbie space sailor, I should have fled
Pussy lips pinking, turning quite red
My pride is burning, my bonfire fed
Subbie so lusty, so far from dead
My angels jealous, fearing to tread
High wide and hurting, horny instead
Pain turning pleasure, the road ahead

Hogtied and helpless, trying to cope
The bad girl waiting, some kind of dope
Pussy lips swollen, product of hope
Subbie space tripping, slippery slope
Pussy lips licking, heart thumping grope
Nipple tips burning, his web of rope
High wide and horny, needing his pope

The bad girl punished, Iím sure to stay
The flogger smacking, my passions play
Bottom cheeks burning, finest filet
Spiderís web wiggle, having no say
Subbie space tripping, rising bouquet
Lusty sub loving, Masterís foreplay
The flogger switching, my feet of clay
High hot and horny, punishment day
Nipple tips hurting, having no way
Bucking and coming, pussy lips splay
Dildo inflating, squeaking betray
Licky-clit suckle, the spiderís prey
Passionís sweet captive, screaming dismay
Humping and coming, screaming display
Dildo deflating, ready to lay
Liver-lips juicy, feeling so fey
Thunder-fuck thrusting, hip-hip hooray
High hot and horny, punishment day
Bad girl rewarded, pussy flambeí
Sewing his semen, anchors aweigh