by PeterLoaf.

The Banker's Daughter, strapped down and stripped
The torture chamber, fully equipped
A clamp on my clitty
And two on my tittie
Spiky long dildoe, love muscle gripped

Ring gagged wide open, clamp on my tongue
Voltage comes coursing, it's just begun
Tortured tormented
Woman demented
Lights camera action, juicy and young

Cameras transmitting, cable TV
Perverts aplenty, paying to see
Most ever tonight
A dungeon delight
A piece of the action, my acting fee

Crank handle turning, nothing is fake
Grunt wiggle gasping, art for Art’s sake
Magneto pulsing
Muscles convulsing
Subbie cums painful, hot coals to rake

Humping hot captive, high voltage lust
Fist-fucking millions, squirting their must
The fantasy ride
Their needs satisfied
Tune in tomorrow, some cherries we’ll bust