Aversion Diversion
by Peter Loaf


We see a well-built red headed nurse sitting in an office, wearing the traditional starched white uniform. There comes a knock and the nurse presses a button that opens the door’s lock, saying, “Enter.” The door opens and in walks a young blond woman dressed in street clothes, sandals, holey blue jeans and a stretch tube-top that shows off her big, unrestrained, high nipple breasts. By the look in her eyes we can see that she has already seen too much of the mean streets even though she has had but eighteen birthdays.

The girl says, “I am here to inquire about the job my probation officer told me about.”

The nurse smiles and says, “Please sit down.” indicating a chair in front of her desk.

The girl sits, revealing her deep cleavage as she does so.

The nurse smiles and says, “What is your name?”

The girl smiles nervously and says, “Becky Anderson, mam.”

The nurse returns the smile and says, “You may call me Jewell.” Then says, “The job we are offering, Miss Anderson, is as a test subject for a new rehabilitation plan the Department Of Justice is planning to implement. You will be paid a large stipend for your time and cooperation but if you agree to sign on, you will not be allowed to quit until the contract has expired. Do you understand?”

Becky nods her head, thinking about the money more than the terms of the contract.

“Good,” continues Jewell, “What you will be doing is acting as a drug dependent delinquent undergoing aversion therapy for one week. You will be given special enemas that will both detoxify and punish you in order to cure you of your addictions. To make the experiment completely real you will be tightly restrained at all times and punished in certain non-harmful ways that you will not enjoy. This program will rescue thousands of street kids from the ravages of drug addiction and promises to reduce the prostitution problem that is destroying our cities.”

“I will be restrained?” asks Becky.

“Tightly and inescapably.” smiles the nurse, sliding a contract across the desk. “But at the end of the week you will walk out of here with enough money to pay for four years of college.

Becky looks at the figure on the contract and thinks, 'To hell with college, that’s enough money to keep me in dope for years! No more whoring for that bastard Jake, no more johns, no more climbing into strange cars.'

“I won’t be harmed?” she says, looking into the older woman’s face.

“You will not enjoy what will be done to you but that is why we call it aversion therapy.” says Jewell, smiling. “You will be kept in seclusion, and in restraints but no lasting harm will come to you.”

Becky looks at the contract, then back up at Jewell. “Enemas?” she asks, her voice betraying her nervousness.

“Frequent, painful and prolonged.” says Jewell, still smiling. “But it’s only for one week.”

Becky thinks about it for a minute then picks up the pen and signs the contract. “Where am I supposed to go?” she asks, handing the nurse the papers.

“You are already here,” Jewell says pulling a straight jacket out of her desk drawer, “your week starts right now.”

“Wait, there is no need to restrain me yet, I’ve agreed to enter the program voluntarily!” says Becky getting to her feet and backing away in alarm.

“The test will not be valid unless we strictly follow the planned procedures.” says Jewel holding up the heavy canvas jacket. “Now put your arms into the sleeves or I will call in my assistant who will help you get into the proper frame of mind.”

Becky has moved to the door, only to find it securely locked. She cannot escape. Backed against the wall, Becky finally holds out her arms and watches as they are engulfed in the long sleeves. When the jacket is zipped up the back her arms are crossed in front and the straps are loosely buckled together behind her back. Once her arms are fastened, Becky feels the nurse reaching around her to unbutton her jeans. “Wait, what are you doing?” she says, struggling within the grip of the jacket.

“Hold still, I am going to remove your pants and panties so the training can begin.”

Becky is soon naked from the waist down, revealing her waxed pussy and ringed clitoris. She feels the nurse’s fingers tickling her sex and starts to protest until the woman shoves her wadded up panties into her mouth and seals her lips with a wide strip of tape. Seconds later a second strip of tape with two thick cotton sponges comes to cover her eyes, completely blinding her.

Next, she feels the nurse’s hands slipping up under the jacket to tug down the tube-top, exposing her tender breasts to the older woman’s exploring fingers. She feels the woman discover her twin nipple studs and squeaks in protest as she struggles to cope with the pain of the woman’s hurtful pinching.

After a few moments of this mistreatment, she feels the tube-top being pulled down over her hips and removed. Then the arm straps are tightened and the final straps are pulled down between her legs and attached up to the back of the jacket in such as way as keep her from wiggling out of the restraint without covering her sex or anus in any way.

Staggering blindly around the office, Becky feels a collar being buckled and padlocked around her throat and then a tug on what has to be a chain leash. “Come along Becky, your first training session awaits.” Jewell says, leading her out through the door.

Fade to black SCENE 2

We see a windowless room equipped with an iron bed and a table containing coils of rope and a variety of BDSM toys including dildos of several types and sizes, nipple clips and several kinds of whips, straps and paddles. Hanging on a chain above the bed is a large bulging enema bag equipped with a coiled hose and a balloon tipped nozzle.

The door opens and Jewell walks in, leading Becky on her leash. Dragging the blind girl over to the bed she forces her to lie down on her back and attaches the leash to the head of the iron bedstead so that she will stay where she has been put. Then, tying the prisoner’s legs together at ankles and knees, she pulls them up and over to fasten them to the headboard just above the snubbed leash, exposing the girl’s bottom and now swelling sex.

After taking a long lingering look at the prisoner, the nurse pulls on a pair of latex gloves, picks up a tube of Ben Gay and squeezes out a big dollop of grease onto her finger.

In a close-up of Becky’s gagged and blindfolded face we see her nostrils flare and hear her whine in anticipation of what she suspects is about to happen.

We see a close-up of the greasy finger spreading the hot grease onto and then into Becky’s anus.

We see how the helpless girl reacts, straining against her restraints and humming her objections.

We watch as the enema probe is greased and see a close-up of how it is equipped with a balloon tip that will hold it in place once the balloon is inflated.

We watch as the probe is slowly inserted, hearing the girl’s increasingly desperate protesting humming.

We watch as the pump is squeezed, sealing the girl’s colon.

The clip is removed and we see the dark liquid flowing down the tube and into the girl’s ass.

The camera pans up the tubing to the bag, already shrinking.

We see the nurse’s hand grip on the half empty bag, forcing more of the dark amber liquid down the tube and into the restrained girl’s body, causing a muffled squeak of panic and renewed struggles against the restraints.

The bag is now completely empty and the restrained girl is screaming in distress, kicking and struggling in total panic.

Jewell selects a large dildo, turns it on high vibrate and begins to grease it up with more of the Ben Gay. When she is satisfied she goes over and sits on the bed next to her patient. Slowly rubbing the vibrator on and around Becky’s now swollen pussy she makes the girl’s clit ring dance and vibrate in a way that doubles the girls panic driven, gag muffled, screaming.

We watch as the big vibrator slides down into the open pussy, reaching clear to the girl’s cervix and stretching her as she has never been stretched before. We see that there is a small hook on the exposed stub of the big vibrator and watch as the nurse attaches it to her prisoner’s clit ring, holding the dildo deep inside the struggling woman.

We watch as Jewell gets up, walks to the table and selects a thin ash rod. Walking back to the girl the nurse slices the rod down across the captive’s ass, marking her with a crimson welt that cuts across both ass cheeks.

Fade to black


We see Becky, now wearing her panties and tube-top, reclining face down on the bed. We see that her barely covered ass is welted in crisscrossing stripes in a rainbow of colors, all of which look very painful. To keep her from wandering, her locked on collar is still chained to the head of the bed with just enough slack to let her reach the slop bucket placed at the bed’s head.

The door opens and Jewell walks in, carrying a fresh new enema bag and a bundle of rope. “Lets try a new position for your next session.” she says, hanging up the bag and shaking out her rope.

Becky sits up, wincing at the pain in her ass and watches as the older woman ties her feet together, then moves up to do the same with her knees. Helping the girl up onto her knees, she then brings her hands down behind her legs and ties them there so that she is forced into a butt up, face in the mattress position that leaves her striped ass up in the wind. Lastly, Jewell pulls down Becky’s panties and pats her welted rump, saying, “God you look sexy!” as she fingers the girl’s undefended pussy.

Then, pulling out a large ring gag and forcing it between the teeth of her helpless victim, she says, “Just one final touch.” Becky’s jaws are stretched wide, her pink tongue wiggling obscenely as she explores her new predicament.

The enema liquid this time is tinted red and soon it is flowing down into Becky’s colon, once again stretching her gut out to press against her thighs. After a few moments she realizes it has been spiked with pepper oil and she begins to struggle and loudly protest against such cruel treatment, only to have Jewell tell her to be quiet or suffer the consequences.

Knowing that the woman has the means to make her suffer even more, Becky shuts up and tries to endure.

Meanwhile Jewell has begun to remove her dress, stripping down to a white garter belt and nylons. Sitting on the head of the bed with her legs straddling Becky’s face she grabs the helpless girl by the ears and pulls her face up against her hair covered pussy. “The faster you get me off the sooner you will be rid of that enema. So get to work.”

Fade to black


Again we find the half nude Becky lying face down on the bare mattress, her welted bottom barely concealed by her skimpy panties. The door opens and Jewell walks in with two coils of rope in her hand. “Bedtime my dear!” announces the nurse, shaking out the first rope and finding its center.

Still chained to the bed, Becky scrambles to sit up. “But, but what is that rope for?’ she asks, fighting down her panic. “Oh please not another enema! I couldn’t stand another one so soon.”

Jewell chuckles and explains, “No darling, not tonight. It’s just that the program we are testing requires that the subjects be broken completely and it has been determined that sleeping in tight rope bondage is the quickest way to achieve that goal.”

“But you said I would only be restrained during my enemas!” pleads Becky, going to her knees before the older woman.

“Come now, get up you silly girl.” Says Jewell, lifting the girl to her feet. “Now strip out of those clothes and turn your back to me.”

“But I’ll be naked again if I take them off.”

“That is exactly what the doctors ordered. Are you going to obey or do I ring for the duty goon to come and help?”

Becky looks into Jewell’s eyes and sees that there is no sympathy there at all. With a shudder she removes first her tube top and then her panties.

Jewell reaches out and touches the studs in Becky’s nipples enjoying how the younger woman quivers in fear at what is about to happen to her. “Please, I don’t know how much more of this I can stand.” the younger woman says in a whisper.

“You will stand all that the program requires you to stand. That is the purpose of all these restraints.” says the older woman turning Becky around and beginning to bind her wrists together in a reverse prayer position, high in the middle of her back that Becky instinctually knows she will never be able to escape.

When Becky’s arms are tightly bound to her back Jewell pushes her down onto the mattress and begins binding her legs together using the second length of rope so that she ends up a monopod, tightly bound at large toes, feet, ankles, below the knees, above the knees, upper thighs and finally waist. When she is done she rolls the helpless woman over onto her back and sits astraddle her tummy to keep her still as she straps a large red ball gag in behind her teeth then uses some small diameter, strong cord to tie her nipple studs together leaving her big breasts in a painful cross-eyed configuration that Becky knows will hurt more with each passing second.

The last thing she does is go to the equipment table, picks up the big vibrator dildo, replaces its worn out batteries and returns to Becky who is trying her level best to levitate herself out of this madhouse.

Shoving the big dildo into Becky’s fear dried pussy she attaches the little hook on its end to her clit ring and turns it on once more.

The last thing Becky sees before her tormentor pulls the hoodwink down over her eyes is Jewell’s grinning face. “Sweet dreams snookums.” she whispers before turning and walking from the room.

After a long close-up pan of the restrained woman, starting at her hoodwinked head and moving down her tightly bound nakedness to her stretched nipples, her tortured clit, her stretched vagina, her lashed together twitching legs and ending at her bound together large toes we fade to black but with a continued sound track of the prisoner’s gag garbled whimpering and the continuous humming of the powerful vibrator.


“Good morning dear, how did you sleep?” comes Jewell’s voice in the blackness. The woman sounds well rested and ready for another day of fun and games.

We hear Becky groan and mumble something around the gag ball’s bulk.

Suddenly the light comes back and we see Jewel removing Becky’s hoodwink.

“Let’s get you ready for this morning’s enema, shall we?” she says, rolling the helpless woman over onto her still bound breasts and ignoring her gag-garbled screams as she unties the strictures around the younger woman’s legs.

When Becky’s legs are free, Jewell drags each ankle out to the two posts at the foot of the bed and lashes them there. Threading two more ropes under the screaming captive’s armpits, she pulls her tight and ties her down so that her nipple bound boobies feel like they will soon rip wide open from the pressure.

Shoving a triangular pillow beneath the spread-eagled prisoner’s hips, Jewel positions her for the first of today’s enemas. It is icy cold orange juice this morning and it hurts like hell at first but starts to feel better as the acidic liquid is absorbed and warmed by Becky’s body, providing her with both energy and badly needed moisture.

We see a close-up of the dildo, still rattling away inside Becky’s vagina and know that she must be exhausted by her night of restrained passion.

The camera pans around so that we can see how the prisoner’s belly is distended by the enema so that her stretched tummy carries as much weight as her still tied together breasts.

We see Jewell’s hand pick up a wide leather strap paddle and then watch as Becky’s poor welt marked ass absorbs a series of hard smacks that sets the poor girl off in a huge, flopping fish orgasm that eventually fades to black.


When the light returns we see Becky sitting on her bed, dressed once again in her tube-top and panties. When the door opens to admit the nurse she cries, “My God Jewell, when will this nightmare be over?”

Jewell walks to the bed and hangs up yet another enema, this one containing two liters of a jet black liquid. “We’re almost done Becky, this is the last day of your contract. Tomorrow morning you will be paid off and allowed to go.”

“What is that stuff?” asks the collared prisoner, looking up at the ominous black liquid hanging above the bunk.

“You do not need to know that darling, just think of it as something that will help you to stay off of drugs.” Says Jewell picking up a coil of rope. “Now stand up and strip.”

When the girl is standing nude before her tormentor, Jewell says, “Hold out your hands, I an going to tie them.” Becky complies, knowing she has no choice. When her crossed wrists are securely tied the nurse pulls her hands up and over behind her head then ties the bitter ends of the wrist rope around under her armpits so that she cannot bring her arms down from behind her head.

Next the bound girl is forced to sit on the bed and watch as her ankles are crossed and lashed together in so much rope that closing her knees will now be impossible. The loose ends of the ankle rope are then tied up to the front of the rope around the girl’s chest and snubbed so that Becky is left in a tight ball, her crossed ankles almost touching her chin.

Rolled over onto her back, Becky accepts a huge sponge and tape gag that she knows from experience will muffle her loudest screams. She looks up at the hanging bag of black liquid and wonders if she is going to survive this, her last day.

The latex covered fingers come and spread the hot Ben Gay grease on and into Becky’s exposed starfish. The greasy probe comes and is shoved high into her colon before the balloon is inflated, making her need to shit as desperate as it is impossible. The clamp on the hose is then removed, letting the black liquid flow down and into her bowels.

The onset of pain is sudden and worse than anything she has known all week. The black liquid burns like fire, convulsing the bound woman into paroxysms of flopping, rolling agony. The pain is inescapable and all consuming. Becky screams out into the sponge, which absorbs the sound, reducing it to a nasal humming. She struggles against her bondage, gaining nothing save rope burns and choking herself almost to unconsciousness.

Jewell, in the mean time is stripping down to her garter and stockings again before strapping on a huge ribbed dildo that is far too big to fit into its intended destination.

Rolling the helpless girl over onto her face, the older woman kneels on the bed behind her captive and begins to force the greasy cock into her dripping cunt, each rib feeling it might rip the girl’s pussy wide open as it pops into her glory hole.

We watch for a while as the big dildo ravages the captive, each thrust and removal making a thuppp-thuppp noise as the ribs do their dastardly work. The camera moves down to show how the nurse’s hands are squeezing Becky’s big breasts, almost milking her as the big dildo thunders in and out. In a close-up of Becky’s gagged face we se that her pupils are so dilated that she looks like little orphan Annie. Then, as the nurse continues to fuck her captive we hear Becky’s thoughts, 'Oh please Jewell, fuck me harder! I am almost there!'

Fade to black.


Becky sits on the bunk, naked and still chained by the neck to the head of the bed. Jewell walks in, wearing her starched white uniform and carrying Becky’s clothes. She walks across the room and puts the clothes on the bed next to the prisoner. “Get dressed, your contract is fulfilled and it is time you got out of here.”

Becky looks up at the older woman and says, “Do I really have to go?”

Fade to black

Aversion Diversion