Attic Vigil
by Peter Loaf

Breakdown on highway, walking five miles
Light on a hilltop, end of my trials?
Moonless and cloudy
Big hearty Howdy!
Gripping my elbows, face to the tiles

Expert His binding, hands high in back
Rope under cushion, practiced attack
Some tape on my lips
My body he strips
Helpless and naked, things going black

Wet dreaming virgin, fantasy date
Waking up captive, Im pervert bait
Thunderstorm booming
My pussy blooming
Helpless in bondage, in blackness wait

Night in the attic, a time to think
My arms held useless, my tears I blink
My skin growing chill
Hes breaking my will
Night in the attic, my sexy stink

Bound boobies aching, my nipples tight
His ropes restraining, my pinioned flight
My pussy prepares
His step on the stairs
High hot and horny, the blinding light

His hard cock pointing, his big red bone
My pussy dripping, helpless alone
His hard leather crop
No way I can stop
His captive to use, my sins atone

A week His captive, I know the drill
Magic elixir, little blue pill
My titties swollen
Larding my colon
Pheromones stinking, filling the bill

Humming my protests, sat on His lap
Gripping bound boobies, ramming my crap
His pony cock plumbing
Subbie state dumb-ing
Passion juice spraying, beer barrel tap

His throaty chuckle, His squeezing grip
My clenching anus, His seed to strip
Masterly training
Attic floor staining
Fingertip slipping, for clitty tip

His breathing ragged, matching my own
His chest hair gripping, my circuits blown
Then down on my face
My last virgin place
Subbie lust raging, riding redbone

Sharing orgasm, two come as one
His ropes restraining, Hes just begun
My mission complete
My maidenhead beat
Freed by my bondage, My game is won

Attic Vigil