by Peter Loaf

Sitting at homework, getting it done
Betty is coming, our week of fun
Our folks gone cruising
Ourselves amusing
Timing it perfect, her motor gun

The door swings open, she’s standing there
Her body swaying, her messy hair
Her lipstick smearing
Her big eyes tearing
Mascara streaking, wild eyed stare

“I’ve been bad Arshie, truss me in this”
Reaching to steady, Betty is pissed
Three sheets in the wind
“Pleash help me I shinned”
I help her to couch, liquor breath kiss

Take her to toilet, passing out drunk
I give her a bath, smells like a skunk
“Breakfast served Honey”
“Bad little bunny”
“Finish your story, that Jughead lunk”

Getting up slowly, head in her hand
Stagger to toilet, I understand
Washing and combing
Confessing to roaming
Steady unsteady, from cheater-stan

“I dated Jughead, he had some shine”
“We went out drinking, parked in the pines”
“The night is moonless”
“Soon I was clueless”
“The Football teamers, forming a line”

Archie A

“Waking up hogtied, back seat of hell”
“Linebackers horny, better not dwell”
“Gang bang deserted
“Some were perverted
“Left me on campus, hollowed out shell”

“Need absolution, forgive my sins”
“My penance paying, our new begins”
“You are my lover”
“Never another”
“How about it Archie, can we stay friends?”

“Sure we can Betty, your penance here”
My grin lopsided, “Never you fear”
“Assume position”
“My Holy Mission”
“Spanking then shanking, mouth puss and rear”

On my lap climbing, bend and present
Her panties missing, her rising scent
My boner prizing
It’s supersizing
Her fingers gripping, away we went.

Archie B