by Peter Loaf

The spider spinning, its silken trap
His prey entangled, her bottom slap
The fly detaining
The silk restraining
Debutant naked, in dungeon clap

In ropes she’s tangled, sticky and tight
Wiggle and jiggle, she tries to fight
The gag ball filling
The time she’s killing
Deep dungeon chilly, far from the light

Late in the morning, he comes to see
Dungeon door opened, she needs to flee
Fingers caressing
His priestly blessing
Spider web dangled, squirting her pee

Again deserted, blackness returns
A quiet tickle, captive discerns
Something comes crawling
The thought appalling
Gag garbled screaming, spider bite burns

The next time checking, limp as a lump
Goosing her pussy, she doesn’t jump
Spider bit nipples
Pussy juice dripples
His prey preparing, it’s time to hump

Cutting the cording, hauling her out
Her elbows gripping, no chance to pout
His rape rack waiting
His day for mating
Her ankles noosing, spread eagle rout

His stinger throbbing, pussy agape
His glands inserting, open her drape
Her nipples swollen
Her bells are tollin’
His phallus driving, rampaging rape

Her eyes are rolling, showing the whites
Spread eagle bondage, satanic rites
Her passion driving
Her time arriving
Thunder-clap coming, a flash of lights

Her juices squirting, screaming her need
His dong within her, implanting seed
Orgasmic thrashing
Orgasms crashing
The spider’s captive, well fucked indeed

Fever dream waking, hospital bed
Wrist restraints buckled, and Father Fred
His God he’s thanking
Memory blanking
Spider bite fever, nipples still red

The nurse appearing, “The saints be praised!”
“We thought you gonners, the dead’s been raised!”
The Father preying
His trust betraying
Arachnid waiting, one of these days