The Apprentice
by Peter Loaf

Apprenticeship serving, fresh out of school
Pretty young virgin, easy to fool
The business learning
Ambition burning
The Prince’s whispers, his dark eyes cruel

Business proposal, the bottom line
Assets allotted, contract to sign
A bribe presented
Escape prevented
Face down and helpless, the finest kind

The Sultan sitting, watching her squirm
Spread eagle bondage, apprentice learn
Her eyes are pleading
Intentions reading
Milky white body, a fortune earn

His smile is evil, his hands explore
Camisole shredding, her panties tore
His harem stocking
Dental vice locking
His head cheese smelly, deep throating whore

Hands on her body, secrets exploit
Helpless and virgin, girl from Detroit
Spread eagle holding
Passion unfolding
Tabled objections, fingers adroit

Pussy lips plumping, anus probing
Face down spread eagle, prince disrobing
Her hymen intact
Switching attack
Stretching her open, senses strobing

Cock in her colon, smacking her ass
Billions she’s earning, screaming young lass
Apprenticeship serving
Bonus deserving
Suma cum laude, top of her class

The Apprentice