by Peter Loaf

The ancient Romans, glimpses in time
Nubian beauty, a fresco find
Princess Apalia
Eyes seem to fail-ya
Amazon pony, covered in grime


The wall’s been covered, two thousand years
By ash-fall buried, it brings hot tears
Long dead forgotten
Slave girl begotten
Champion of champions, thundering cheers

Princess Apalia, pony girl pride
Harnessed and ready, the whip applied
Beauty in motion
Her sexy potion
Decade un-beaten, can’t be denied

Daughter of Heroes, the toast of Rome
Riches and comfort, just can’t go home
A wager taken
The senate shaken
Her owner’s fortune, the golden pome


The hill exhausting, her heart to burst
The crowd was screaming, their cheers rehearsed
The weighty riders
Strength from inside her
Final crest reaching, Capitoline cursed

Storius grateful, freedom to go
Pony girl plaything, freedom to know
She buys a villa
Nothing vanilla
Hot and hard stallions, her private show

Nordic blond giants, her team today
Asses presented, up on display
Her whip hand is quick,
Her pussy is slick
Hot horny ponies, her favorite prey


Hoof-boots retaining, unnatural gate
Her slaves to service, her pent up hate
The Circus spinning
Her stallions winning
The crowd is raving, excited state

After the paddock, back to their stalls
Her sexy caress, gripping their balls
To rape wrack tying
A dildo prying
Snorting they whinny, giving their alls

Her studlys serviced, stumble to bed
Her tired knees wobble, planning ahead
Her pussy sated
Her rage abated
Training tomorrow, a picnic instead

Mare and four stallions, river flowing
She’ll wear her harness, subbie showing
Helpless and horny
Make a good porny
Five happy fuckers, carnal knowing