And Now My Darling
by Peter Loaf

Lake Huron choppy, like open seas
Lake island cruising, stiffening breeze
The sail cloth stretching
“Mackinaw fetching!”
“Non swimmer safety, my mind to ease.”

“Your lifeline wearing, lashed to the boat!”
“Captain Paul’s orders, don’t get a vote!”
A bowline cinching
My fate he’s clinching
Anchored off Cockburn, a bay remote

The lifeline simple, a hempen rope
My safety promised, a girl can hope
The lake awaiting
A stranger dating
Blind date regretting, oh what a dope

The stormy weather, riding it out
The anchor dropping, swinging about
Down in the cabin
The Captain grabbin’
Safety line binding, my unheard shout

Bound by a sailor, bundle of girl
A pirate’s captive, His flag unfurl
Panties removing
Chuckles approving
Pussy lips naked, no hair to curl

I try to reason, I get His look
I know my danger, fish on the hook
To table lifted
With mustache gifted
Tongue long and limber, liberties took

“And now my darling, a little tune!”
Dizzy with passion, he starts to croon
Louie on trumpet
Lips on my strumpet
Sensation sending, over the moon

Bucking and screaming, bundle of need
Orgasm threatens, needing to breed
His trumpet buzzing
My vision fuzzing
Pussy lips pinking, needing His steed

My girlfriend Zelda, my queen to jump
Knowing my weakness, for bondage hump
Subbie lust addict
Bondage mechanic
Date made in heaven, my pussy plump

A final nuzzle, filling His head
His breath expelling, my pussy red
My vulva inflates
He opens my gates
Standing up proudly, carried to bed

Lusty tight bundle, down on my face
The mattress muffles, carefully place
My butt in the breeze
My wide open crease
My pussy touching, making His case

The storm is raging, both in and out
Bound in a bundle, I cannot pout
His toy for playing
His power staying
Come dawn it’s over, trophy dismount

Next night regatta, the perfect gent
Visit the ballroom, gala event
His smile assuring
His scent alluring
Master me Master, I know how bent

Back in the city, Zelda I call
“My blind date sexy, I had a ball”
“How “bout some dinner”
“Three-ways a winner”
“Meet us at Lesbos, And we’ll do Paul”

And Now My Darling