Amateur Status
by Peter Loaf

In isolation, head in the mask
High heels that wobble, tough is my task
Ear buds that deafen
Keeping me guessiní
Deaf blind and silent, no questions asked

Moll Flanders Follies, Amateur Night
Been watching for years, loving it tight
A trip to Bayonne
The choice was my own
Hobble step wobble, robbed of my sight

A wall of cold metal, bumping against
Hand bound I wander, struggle and twist
A contract the prize
My elbows he ties
Subbie lust bubbles, my nipples kissed

Rough fingers finding, my swollen lips
Tickle my clitty, my passion drips
Spreader bar buckled
Clitty hard suckled
Waddle duck herding, coming to grips

A pussy spanking, by nipple held
High wide and open, my clitty belled
His touch so knowing
My fuses blowing
Pussy proud captive, oyster half-shelled

Deaf blind and silent, senses enhance
Subbie space tourist, bondage romance
PD the piper
The garden viper
Some music playing, starting to dance

Dancing the tango, always so hot
Sexual promise, bubbling pot
A dip with a grope
Itís too much to hope
Moll Flanders Follies, hitting the spot

A dance weíre sitting, sharing a chair
His lips come suckle, in season mare
Riding His pony
So stiff and bony
Amateur status, under His care

My bottom spanking, in double time
Tightly Iím gripping, subbie sublime
Seeding my pussy
Dripping and juicy
Passion storm screaming, my mountain climbed

Amateur status, lost with that bang
Contract so handsome, come meet the band
Six figure reward
And never get bored
Slave girl in heaven, public demand

Amateur Status