Air Dancer
by Peter Loaf

Spy in suspension, down in the crypt
Hanging for hours, her body stripped
Questions she’ll answer
Passionate dancer
Snapping and cracking, with whip equipped

Toes searching useless, the floor below
The captive dreading, the pain she’ll know
Probing her bottom
Promising Sodom
Her pussy swelling, starting to show

Tickle puss finger, high up within
Hanging and helpless, questions begin
Spreader bar strapping
Her ankles trapping
Pussy juice dripping, he’s bound to win

Resolve is slipping, watching him strut
The whip comes snapping, her milk white butt
On thin air dancing
Her fear enhancing
The cracker snapping, she cannot shut

Pussy lips swelling, dripping her cream
The whip comes slapping, splitting her seam
She tries some flying
Her screams and crying
Passion comes slashing, as in a dream

Tied high and helpless, spread red and wide
The cracker snapping, right up inside
Pussy exploding
Resolve imploding
Orgasm forcing, cracker applied

Dancing and prancing, shudder and kick
The whip song pausing, bending to lick
Nipple tips twiddle
Finger fuck diddle
Mind bending pleasures, switching to stick

The swishing bippy, slicing her cheeks
The welts spring vivid, pussy juice leaks
Pheromones floating
Inner thighs coating
His apron tenting, his organ peeks

Red head and dripping, hard as a rock
Stepping through spreader, fisting his cock
Welted ass gripping
Pussy thrust ripping
High wide and helpless, shock after shock

Riding his pony, the pain abates
She knows her future, that pain awaits
Passion storm brewing
Knows what he’s doing
Spy under question, open the gates

Air dancing puppet, dripping his seed
The bippy swishing, hanging in need
The spy well broken
Secrets soon spoken
High wide and horny, needing to breed

Air Dancer