Abandoned Farmhouse
by Peter Loaf

Met Him out clubbing, Moll Flanderís place
jennyís torch singing, with sexy grace
By Moll delivered
To timbers shivered
Spread-eagle songbird, her state of grace

High wide and helpless, hypnotic voice
She shows her feelings, the subbieís choice
I feel her lustfire
Her raging desire
Her sex wide open, bring in the boys

Dozen fleet sailors, from Oakland docks
jenny keeps singing, forest of cocks
Spread-eagle stretching
jenny juice letching
My Master the bouncer, muscles like rocks

After itís over, and cleared away
I find myself flirting, sexy display
I send Him the sign
Returns it in kind
A date weíre making, anchors aweigh

My Master Masters, but not unkind
Restraint my weakness, I like the bind
Not needing pain
My spreading wet stain
Fantasies filling, out of my mind

Me and my Master, big handsome hunk
The ride out from town, packed in a trunk
Foam peanuts squeaking
Pussy juice leaking
Hard tied and naked, the dirty skunk

Hogtied and helpless, back of a van
The road is bumpy, spam in a can
The darkness complete
A trunk full of meat
My mouth packed solid, part of His plan

Hard tied and naked, packed for a trip
Tight silken bindings, my limbs to grip
My protests humming
My air Iím chumming
Bumpy road bouncing, a goodly clip

Finally Heís stopping, the motor dies
Roughly unloaded, delivered prize
Hogtied and horny
Though it sounds corny
Clicking lock opens, dazzle my eyes

Farm house abandoned, no one for miles
My hunky captor, he slowly smiles
Wrist ankle bindings
The silken windings
His trousers bulging, his sneaky wiles

On trunk Iím seated, spread eagle pose
The wood Iím staining, his twitching nose
My secrets open
Subbie lust copiní
Mountain Man Freebie, the fate I chose
Abandoned Farmhouse