Mailgirls: Downward Spiral
by Penance

Part 1

Evolution, change over time. The mailgirls program had seen it’s fair share, but now, Neal, my old assistant, had been named head of the program and he intended to “streamline” it. For too long, he said, there had been too many hands in the pot and as a result too many rules, often contradictory, had been created. Now, with him as the new head, there will be only one voice and as a result more consistent rules and regulations making the experience better for all parties. I wondered if that included us, the mailgirls, the naked female employees tasked with delivering messages and packages all over the building for the amusement and morale of the other employees.

“First the mail tubes...”

How I ended up in the program all those months ago, 'on a temporary basis', seemed like a dream or a nightmare at this point, or maybe my old position as head of software development was more like a dream now. Would anyone who saw me naked running up and down the halls believe that I was once holding a management position? It wasn’t my fault I ended up here, and at this point I believed I was set up, but it’s too late now.

Many months ago the mailgirls program was being announced as an employee morale booster, after the company heard about it from another company, Cambridge Inc, who had ran the program already and experienced a great deal of success. I almost quit in protest but I was given certain assurances like how every girl would be a new hire, hired specifically for this job, could quit at any time, would be well aware of it’s duties and requirements, and would be compensated more than fairly for their duties, including a generous wage, benefits, free lunch, and even financial planning assistance, to help them deal with more money than they'd ever known before. They even said if the staff’s productivity boost didn’t meet or exceed the cost of the program it would be terminated after the pilot period. I mulled it over and decided that if these women were fine with it then I should be too.

I basically forgot about the program as a whole as it hadn’t yet started and I was tasked with creating a investment assistance mobile app for our company. My plan was to create it for Apple and Android, but it had been overruled and I was instead to make it for Blackberry. I told them no one used Blackberry anymore, but they seemed to just not care and it felt almost like they didn't want me to succeed. They gave me not even a quarter of the budget I had asked for, but when very few clients downloaded it, I was deemed a failure.

I was called into a meeting on a Friday with senior management: eight of them on one side of the table and I was seated about three feet back on the other side of the table. I was given the option of resigning or being leader of the mailgirls program for one week “just to get it going” and then getting my own position back and a sizable bonus.

I was going to resign at first but my boss told me “I couldn’t in good conscious write a recommendation for you, given the size of your monumental failure.” I freaked, I had worked here since I got out of college I had no other work history, no family, and had been pretty much married to the job. With no viable way of getting a new job and no one to support me, I had no choice but to choose the mailgirl program over being evicted and homeless.

“Great, you start today. Just sign here.” I signed. I was in such a daze over my predicament I didn’t read it at all. Then they all just stared at me. “Ahem,” said one of the members of senior management. “Get into uniform” another said, looking at me like I was some type of idiot.

I realized they intended for me to strip right there. “May I go to my office?” I asked nervously.

“No, you may not, also for the time being your work area while not on duty will be the communal mailgirls locker room. Your office will repurposed for other duties until you’ve finished with the program.”

A lot of things were going through my head, my sizable mortgage being one and my house being taken away leaving me homeless and my credit ruined, and the other being seen naked by everyone in this building. One week of nudity seemed like it was better than being unemployed and homeless. I tried to tell myself it would only be a week and then it all goes back to normal. I started to tear up as I realized how trapped I was. I felt like a failure. I tried to be a modern woman, trailblazing my way through the company, I had even been the first female manager in the company’s history, but now I was letting myself be objectified, doing a job anyone could do, except I was a young woman who was deemed good looking enough to be moral boosting to the work staff while nude.

“Hurry up, Ms Perkins, you’ll get no special treatment.” It felt so weird hearing my name, even in a memory, I think that might have been the last time I’d heard it.

I stood from my chair and first removed my jacket, tears streaming down my face. That wasn’t so hard, of course I was wearing a blouse underneath.

“Don't make a show of it. If everything isn’t off in the next minute I rescind my offer and your employment will be terminated immediately.”

I don’t know what I expected, I realized they didn't care about me at all, nor had they ever. They wouldn’t have done this to someone they cared about or even someone they respected. I was just my tits and ass to them, and I guess soon they would be getting a lot more of that and my womanhood as well. Womanhood was what I used to call it, or my flower, now it was simply my pussy, I had no respect for myself either anymore.

I stripped my blouse quickly tearing several buttons, I was scared and crying harder. Underneath I tore off my tank top, then removed my shoes and then pulled off my panty hose and skirt. I had done it all so quickly, but now I couldn’t help but go slow as I reached behind myself and tried to remove my bra. It just wasn’t unsnapping, and in slowing down I noticed all of senior management staring at my pale exposed flesh. My bare stomach, arms and legs all on display and they were about to get a lot more. Finally it came undone exposing my breasts to the room. My tears were flowing more than ever. All but my most private of areas of my milky white body was exposed.

“3 seconds”

I slipped my thumbs into my panties and dropped them to the floor and stepped out. My womanhood and brown untrimmed public hair were now on display to the team.

“Your jewelry too. Nothing may separate you from the other mailgirls.”

I removed my rings, earrings and necklace, all while leaving my breasts and flower on full display. One of the men moved around and grabbed my garments and jewelry, I backed away, nervous about him being so close to my naked form. He stepped back behind the table. There I was naked as a jay for all of them. I moved to cover myself.

“A mailgirl feels no embarrassment at her nudity, and knows exposing herself is for the benefit of the company.”

I placed my arms to my sides. They were clearly enjoying themselves.

“You know, we should have really given you the mailgirl interview before to know if you were even qualified.”

“I think we should do that right now” said another management member.

“Dry your tears. From this moment you may not cry, you are to be happy and cheery, your exposure boosts moral and therefor productivity, and you must be proud of that.”

I dried my eyes and put on a smile even though inside I already knew this was a mistake. It’s only a week I told myself. I already had the position I knew, I could see it in the way they stared at me, this would just be for torture, and since I had already accepted the position I knew I’d have to answer the questions how they wanted even if I didn't agree.

“You are the 14th interviewee for the mailgirls program. You will be addressed as 14 in any and all interactions within the building whether business or personal. Is that okay?”


I was being further objectified by being stripped of my identity, people would be feel bad for staring at Karen’s bare ass, but 14's didn't matter. I smiled as instructed with my hands folded behind my back. It’s only a week I told myself again, it’s this or I lose my house I told myself again. I let them soak in my body and tried to steel myself against their stares. They’d seen it all the moment I stripped, it doesn't matter now, I tried to tell myself.

“For the tenure of your service you will be driven to work, and will remain nude from the moment you get in the vehicle, to the moment you are dropped off again at night. Is that okay?”

How would I go to the vehicle? Would I have to strip outside?


“In addition to be stared at and admired, your body may be critiqued in your presence; for instance all mailgirls must have their hair done in the same style, done up in a bun…”

That wasn’t so bad, I guess.

“… and any hair below the neckline is strictly prohibited and would be pointed out to you for immediate correction. Is that okay?”

Oh god I’d have to shave my bush and expose my womanhood even more.


This whole time the ones not asking questions were just staring at me, examining every inch of my front.

“Unless addressed you may not speak aloud except in direct response to your addressing or to other mail girls and then only if no one else is present. You must also address all other non-mailgirl personnel as ma’am or sir respectively. You also will receive no courtesies you will not hear please or thank you, only orders. You are also not to make eye contact with the non-mailgirl employees. Is that okay?”

They really intended to strip me of everything. At this point I didn’t know what was worse. The nudity or the agreeing, smiling, and pretending I was okay with all of this. “Yes... Sir.”

It also occurred to me that all the other interviewees almost certainly had their clothes on during the whole interview process meaning this added humiliation was just for me. Just keep smiling I told myself; cry when you go home.

“You may not use any of the restrooms outside of the mailgirls’ locker room, also you may not sit or rest anywhere outside of the mailgirls’ locker room, nor may you eat or drink anywhere outside of the mailgirls’ locker room, and all of these may only occur during your break. This is all for the comfort of all other employees. Is that okay?”

They were trying to create two classes of people, mailgirls and everyone else. By keeping us separate in all ways people would forget about the needs and emotions of mailgirls and they wouldn’t care. I would be working in the nude all day, without reprieve except for a small meal break.

“Yes, sir.”

These men wanted to play God and I was letting them, I was more ashamed of letting them do this to me than I was of actually doing it. I need a place to live I told myself, it was this or homelessness, I’ve worked too hard to let it all go away over one mistake I told myself.

“This job will be physically demanding and may involve walking, running, lifting, climbing and other activities, would you be able to pass a physical fitness test?”

I did not like where this was going. “Yes, sir.”

“Then I believe we’ll start that right now, and to save time we’ll also move on to your history survey at the same time.”

Oh god, I knew this would be even more humiliation.

“Perform 20 jumping jacks.”

I stood there and bit my lip nervously temporarily losing my smile.

“Now, 14.”

I tried to smile again as I jumped, knowing that this would make my breasts bounce and my ass jiggle, also spreading my legs exposing my womanhood even more. I moved my arms and legs and almost started to immediately build a sweat from nervousness and embarrassment, more so than the jumping, but also from the jumping. It’d been so long since I’d exercised.

Another management team member began questioning me on my history, I thought it would be work history but I was very mistaken. The rest of the team admired my body’s bouncing, jiggling and spreading. How could I let them do this to me?

“Are you a virgin?”

I winced at the question and wanted to blurt out it was none of their business but here I was doing naked jumping jacks for their amusement, I was defeated.

“…no, sir.”

“You’ve had vaginal sex with men?”

I wanted to tell him obviously, that's what not being a virgin means but clearly he was just trying to further my suffering by asking.

“Yes, sir.”


“No, sir.”

I had no problem with lesbians but that was not my persuasion.

“So you’re straight and had no female partners of any type?”

“Yes sir.”

I finished my jumping jacks with my body already covered in a light sweat. I could also feel my nipples stiffening which I’m sure was amusing the assembly.

“Perform 20 push-ups.”

I dropped to my knees and then to the ground trying to be as graceful as my nude state would allow. For most of the room, except for those at the far end of the tables who could see my profile, this was the first this was their first glimpse of my ass, I tried to face the ground to not see their faces as I did my push ups.

“Face us as you do them.”

I should have known I couldn't even suffer privately. I faced them, smiling as was my job. My breasts ached as they hung towards the ground, I’m sure they enjoyed the site. I dropped down and winced at my first push up, I really hadn’t had time to work out in so long. I noticed my legs were starting to get slick at my own vaginal wetness and sweat, oh god I hoped they didn't notice.

“Have you had oral sex?”

I couldn’t believe they were asking these questions. I wondered if they asked this of the other girls or whether this was just to lower me, making it clear how low I had fallen. It also occurred to me the fitness test, if the other girls even had to do it, was performed fully clothed, the ultimate humiliation reserved for me.

“Yes sir.”

I don't know why I answered honestly, I guess it really didn’t matter. I just kept doing my push ups, I was sweating now and was getting embarrassed at the idea of being a mess. Plus my legs being pressed tightly together along with all sorts of other sensations was making me wetter.

“Given or received?”

“Both, sir.”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

“No sir.”

That was also the truth, I had been asked but always declined.

I was half way through my push ups and now covered in more than just a light sweat. My breasts ached as did my arms and legs. Every time I dipped my nipples pressed against the cold tile floor sending shivers through my body.

“What size breasts do you have?”

“34B sir”

I had always thought they were plenty but now have exposed like this I wondered if they were a little small. I have quarter sized nipples and they were very much erect right now.

“And your waist and hip size?”

“26, and 34 sir.”

It felt so humiliating cataloging all my information for them and they were very much writing it down. Only one week and then back to my old job I kept telling myself. I finished my push ups and stood with sweat now dripping down my body and I could feel my vaginal moisture trickling down my leg. I somehow was still smiling as directed. I hoped I didn't smell. This was hell.

“20 sit ups.”

I laid down on the cold tile floor my butt shivering but I put my legs in front of me and pressed them together firmly blocking view of my butt and the lips of my womanhood which was now spread from arousal. I wasn't turned on but my body was taking all these sensations and was taking cues on it’s own.

“Cross legged sit ups.”

Oh god no, I couldn't believe how cruel he was being. Maybe I should just take a chance and try and find a new job, I had thought, but I was not going to get anywhere near what I was making now without a recommendation, especially given 5 years of absent work history.

“Yes sir.”

I crossed my legs spreading my pussy, I remember that was the first time I started to lose sense of my values, I was just a thing, but only for a week I thought to myself, they could down see my spread pussy, even my anus was exposed in this positions. I couldn't believe what they were doing to me, what I was doing to myself. I performed my first sit up moving my breasts closer to their eyes. Truly everything was on display.

“Is your brown hair its natural color?”

I wanted to shout that obviously the carpet matches the drapes but I just mustered a weak “yes, sir.”

I performed more sits ups, sweating more, aching more, and with my legs spread like this my pussy dripped even more. My pubes were a wet mess.

“Is your anus bleached?”

It took all my strength to keep smiling and not scream “Excuse me?” At the top of my lungs and then to not say “What do you think?”

“No sir.”

“See that it is.”

I just kept doing my sit ups, knowing the show I was giving them, I guess it really didn't matter what I wanted or thought.

“Yes sir.”

“We’ll cover the cost.” Another piped in, as if that was my major concern.

“Are you experiencing vaginal wetness?”

Of course they could already tell, but they wanted to pretend I was enjoying this.

“Yes, sir.” My humiliation knew know bounds it would seem. I finished my sit ups. Now I was exhausted. I laid there an extra minute not realizing he extra time I exposed my pussy and asshole to their gaze. When I did I shot up and stood their awaiting their next command and/or inquiry.

“Okay, now your first test as a mail girl. Cleanliness is incredibly important. Clean the area where you performed your exercises.”

On the floor was the outline of my body in sweat, and towards the bottom was of course towards the bottom was my pussy juices as well. I looked for a mop or anything but they threw a small hand towel in front of the table 3 feet from me, I walked forward to grab it and then turned around exposing my backside to them.

“Oh before you do that I forgot, bend forward and touch your toes.”

Of course they waited for my ass to be facing them before they have this command. “Yes, sir.” I bent forward and touched my toes, exposing my asshole and pussy again to them.

“Now get cleaning.”

“Yes, sir.”

I got down on my hands and knees, well aware they could see everything and wiped the entire area until you couldn't tell I’d been there. My body was still covered in sweat and my pussy was dripping, meaning every time I moved there was a new area to clean. It took a lot longer than I thought. I knew they were soaking in my breasts, ass, and pussy, the only good part of not facing them was I didn’t have to smile and could let the tears run a little.

“Okay, 14, you’ve got the job, after you meet the last few requirements. However your first task is to stack these chairs and return the meeting room to normal. Hurry, time is of the essence.”

“Yes sir.”

They stood from their chairs and I ran over and bent down to grab The first chair knowing my cheeks parted as I bent and put that chair on top of the next, then lifted those two which was twice as heavy onto the next one. Taking longer left my cheeks parted longer exposing my asshole and pussy more, so I tried to be quick but now three of them were very heavy. I lifted those onto the fourth. My sweat covered body was making me lose my grip and by the time I tried to lift the fourth I slipped. I fell to my knees and was in a lot of pain. I was hoping doing them in a row like this would be quicker but now I had to get up, still smiling of course, and run to the next chair, and move it back to stack, then run to the next one and bring that back to the stack. I kept doing this, and each time the person standing behind that chair got to see an eyeful of my posterior.

Finally done and now even more sweaty.

“Now follow us to the mailgirls locker room.”

Realizing what that meant I turned around to see the first member of management open the door to the hall. My nudity had been limited to this room to this point but now I was going to be seen by everyone else in the building. Everyone was about to see all of me. Worst yet I was supposed to smile and feel no shame.

“Hurry, 14, all mailgirl activities will be on a timer for tight scheduling.”

For a brief moment I considered grabbing my clothes and running but I didn't even know where they were taken. I thought maybe If I pointed out how my sweat was dripping and needed to be cleaned I could delay the inevitable but figured it didn’t matter, this was going to happen eventually. I walked forward stepping bare into the hall. I almost let a tear drop but kept my smile up. Only a week I told myself again.

“By the way, 14, the rest of the mailgirls don't start till Monday so you’ll have to pick up the slack.”

I realized I had already known that but hadn't let it process. I would be the first one everyone saw naked, I would also be the first everyone saw performing these demeaning tasks, and worst yet I would be the only person these people actually knew in the program because the rest were all new hires.

“Okay, sir.”

This hallway was empty luckily but it led to the main office floor, where everyone saw me walk in head of software development and now would see me walk out a naked mailgirl.

They were all walking quickly, some pretty close to me, feeling their clothes rub against my naked skin was just a further reminder of how terrible things had become. Only a week, I said again to myself. I tried to slow down and give myself a brief reprieve but the suits behind me kept a fast pace keeping me at the same pace.

They opened the next door and there were hundreds of cubicles all lined up and all about to see me. The first head poked up probably to see what the suits were up to but then he saw me and gawked. There I was, the head of software development, naked walking along the fully clothed management team. He told the person next to him, and he poked up and then the next and so on, until every eye on the room was either on my breasts, pussy, or ass. Everyone knew me, I had even given out some assignments before, but now here I was lowest of the low, A naked sweaty mess.

I was so nervous and scared, I started pulling on my fingers, one of my nervous habits, everyone was staring at me, I wanted to cry but couldn't, I wanted to run but couldn't, I wanted to be doing literally anything else. One of the suits felt the need to stop our traveling caravan. “No!” I wanted to scream but one of the suits stopped and turned me to face the room. I bit my lip nervously but then went back to smiling but I felt like even if my face was smiling my eyes screamed of terror. Walking through the room would have been bad enough now I was stopped to be openly gawked at.

He grabbed the intercom mic and proceeded to address the room. “Please, settle down. A lot of you probably have questions, and I intend to answer them. You probably know this woman, she now goes by 14 and is a member of our mailgirls team. She has chosen to rectify the monumental failure that was her app launch by joining the mailgirls and making sure the program goes off to a great start. Please address her only as 14 and as you would any other mailgirl as you have read in your mailgirl procedure booklets. She is not special because she used to be one of us. Please note 14 is not at full presentation standard and will be made better for your enjoyment,” he said, pointing at my pubic hair.

I was in shock. some of the more friendly faces seemed to want to ask if I was okay, but most others seemed to just want drink in my nude form. The next suit then grabbed my arm and we started walking again. I was ashamed but I just kept walking. I'd made a terrible mistake. Soon everyone had seen me. Every step pushed the slickness between my legs down further. We then got to a room that would serve as the mailgirls locker room. It was an abandoned office that had once belonged to a now antiquated division. There were many small cubbyholes on one wall, showers on another, and toilets with no stalls on the third wall. In the center there was a table like you'd see at a doctor's office. A young woman, my age, fully clothed, was in the room.

“Thank you for coming in early, Lisa, I know you start Monday but circumstances dictated we needed you sooner. 14 needs the works.”

I stood there meekly. I was scared, I knew I'd made a mistake but now I was in so much shock I couldn't speak. I was in a daze and brought over to the table. I was signaled to hop on and I did. “Lay back.” said the woman and I did.

I looked to my side and saw many of the office workers standing outside the door watching what was happening. The suits parted to give a more a clear view, they all looked at I felt like my eyes screamed but I couldn't move. The woman dipped a stick into what I knew to be hair removal wax and started to prepare it to be spread. I knew this was coming but they gave me no warning or signal, I guess they didn't have to, I was stuck.

“Wait. This program is for the employee's moral, not just our own,” said one of the suits. He reached the side of my table, grabbed it, and turned it so my lower half faced the doorway and all the employees so everyone could see my pussy clearly. Just keep smiling, I told myself, cry when you get home. I tried to run away in my head, it was this or homelessness I told myself, but I knew that what I'd done to myself was worse than homelessness, but I felt having gone this far, one week of it wasn't any worse. While he did that she placed my finger nails in a solution that washed away my nail polish, she filed them down to dull basic fingernails, and then removed my make up, I couldn't be any different then other mailgirls I guess, or have anything special about my appearance.

She then stepped back and grabbed the wax. I felt the wax being spread all over. It was extremely hot, then the woman applied the waxing strip over the area. She pulled and I screamed. Everyone laughed, and truthfully I was thankful because for one moment I was distracted by the pain and the tears running down my face could be excused as from the pain when really they were from this terrible experience. In total she did three strips over my pubic area, including above and around my vagina before I was completely bald around my pussy. The shame burned more than the wax, now everyone had a clear view of my pussy and my parted labia. The employees were certainly enjoying themselves.

“Flip over and get on all fours.”

I froze at the command. If I could do it all over this would have been one of many times I just ran, but I was in such a daze from the pure humiliation, just a second later I did as commanded. I exposed my asshole and pussy to the eager gazes of all those gathered at the door. It didn't even have to be a rule, I could never look these people in the eyes again. She then spread the wax up my ass crack and I howled in pain as the final strip removed any remaining hair down there.

I started to move, but I was stopped. “What now?” I wanted to scream but I just nodded. There I was on all fours newly bald pussy and asshole exposed to the eager gaze of all the office workers. I wanted to cry but I wasn’t allowed. I didn't even know the penalty for breaking the rules, if I did and they fired me after doing all this then I ruined my life twice over instead of just ruining it once by doing this to myself.

“Time for the bleaching.”

Oh god they were going to make my anus as pale as the rest of me.

“How quickly will this take hold?” Asked one of the suits.

“Her asshole will be within regulation by the time she starts Monday. The creams we gave the other mailgirls to use at home, takes a couple weeks but this is fast acting although it will burn quite a bit,”Lisa said.

They were talking about my own asshole like I wasn't there. The whole time they were talking everyone was just staring at me, and I could feel how slick my legs were, I shouldn’t have done this. Then it occurred to me the other girls had a take home kit. Meaning they were given time to prepare and I was the only person who would undergo this process.

Just then I felt her gloved hand rub a sterile wipe over my anus, the alcohol burnt my freshly waxed area, then she rubbed the cream over my anus, it didn't feel bad at first but then I felt the burning start to intensify and I wanted to howl in pain after about a minute. I gripped the table trying to deal with the pain. The whole time everyone was staring at me, and I couldn’t acknowledge how I truly felt. I should have just resigned. Homelessness would have been better but I couldn’t turn back, I thought the worst must have been over, and I only had to do this for a week I told myself again.

Finally I was tapped lightly on the ass by Lisa and told to turn over again. I sat there legs wide, staring at everyone looking at my nude form, my bare breasts and freshly waxed pussy. I sat on my burning asshole trying to ignore the incredible pain.

“One last thing, the drug test.”

They intended for me to pee in front of everyone too. This humiliation was just for me as well, everyone else was sent to a facility for this. At this point I lost even my forced smile, I would like to say I had a strong debate in my head but at this point I was so defeated and humiliated, Lisa held out a small container in front of me and I just did it, I peed naked in front of all my coworkers. The stream just flowed from me, all eyes intent on my bald pussy and the urine flowing from it. The humiliation I experienced was the worst so far and my asshole still burnt quite a bit. What have I done to myself? Once I was naked it just felt like everything was a small increase from the precious humiliation and not worth quitting over since it's already gone this far but now where I am versus then it’s so much more even if one step at a time was just small increases. I’m a fool.

When I was done I was stepped down from the table. I still was in a daze, I was led to the shower area and was given a quick rinse with ice cold water, all the sweat and my vaginal juices washed off and it provided some relief to my anus but it was over quickly and I stepped out.

I wanted to ask for a towel but since it wasn't offered I knew I wasn't getting one. My hair was a mess but maintained some semblance of a bun. Lisa guided me back and I just let her do what she wanted, she bent me over with my asshole and pussy facing the still assembled crowd.

“The results are great and I imagine all the color will be gone by Monday but I’m going to put a temporary fix to help everyone who might see 14’s puckerhole.”

I felt her gloved hand put makeup around my anus. I truly had lost everything. I was 14 now.

I walked in today fully clothed business professional, Karen Perkins, head of software development, with perfect hair, nails, and make up, now I was naked mailgirl, 14, with a bleached asshole and a bald pussy, no make up, dull nails and messy hair. Everyone had seen me naked, my tits, ass, asshole, and pussy, everyone had see me waxed, everyone had seen me bleached, everyone had seen me pee, and everyone had seen me showered.

The suit told the workers it was time to get back to work and that included me too. They groaned and went back to their desks. I could see many erections through their pants and while I guess it should have embarrassed them, it embarrassed me more. My asshole still burned too.

“Okay, 14, it’s time to get to work. The company we based this on used armbands but we feel it would a crime against our other employees to block even a single square inch of your skin from their view, so we use these inner ear pieces to communicate all messages. It will tell you where to get packages, where to pick them up and how long you have. Remember use the stairs, no elevators for mailgirls. Be prompt. You have a time limit and it will affect your performance review. Too many late pickups and you will be terminated. You will be here until all packages and mail is where it should be. Hurry or you will be punished."

What did he mean punished? If I got fired after doing all this to myself I don’t know if I could ever look at myself in the mirror again. He handed me an ear piece and I put it in. Only a week I told myself again.

“Package pick up on floor 3 inventory closet. 2 minute rush,” it said in my ear.

I was on the 1st floor, so getting to the 3rd floor in two minutes on foot was going to be very difficult. I was trying to think but just then one suit smacked my ass really hard.

“Run!” He said with anger in his voice.

I wanted to wonder if he could hit me like that but instead I just took off running, every employee I ran by watching my breasts and ass jiggle. I was getting wet again too, both in my pussy and by sweating. The running was irritating my asshole too. I am ashamed to say I wanted to rub it, but it hurt so bad I didn’t know what to do. I just kept running trying to ignore the pain and all the eyes on me, and there were so many. How was I supposed to smile for everyone when I wanted to cry or worse. I reached the stair well and opened the door.

“One minute remains,” the device in my ear said.

I was already starting to sweat hard. I ran up the stairs, and luckily since everyone used the elevators for at least this brief period I was on my own. I stopped smiling and let a couple tears drop but I kept at full pace. I went up the two flights and opened the next door.

“15 seconds remain.”

I ran to the inventory closet and knocked.

“5 seconds remain.”

I was for some reason terrified of the countdown, I just knew something terrible would happen if I didn't get it done on time.

It opened with one second left. The guy who opened had a look in his eye like he knew a naked woman was waiting on the other side of the door. He stared me up and down stopping at my breasts and pussy. He signaled for me to come in.

I followed, realizing this was the first time I was alone with someone since this started and my heart beat a little faster. I was already moderately sweating. He leaned back against the counter.

“Bottom shelf, blue package in the back.”

I knew he purposely put it in the most horrible position but I did as he commanded. I bent over knowing full well the view I was giving him of my ass and pussy. Reached all the way in the back fishing around I grabbed the package, it was small enough to hold in one hand. I knew he was loving the view but I let a tear drop knowing he couldn't see it. He came up behind me and I shot back scared he was going to touch me. I felt his erection brush against my leg.

“Woah there, I just had to program your next job.”

He said like he was insulted that I was scared of man coming up behind me while naked.

“I’m sorry sir.”

He paused like he was thinking of a way to get back at me.

“Hmm, 14, what is that smell?” He was talking about my pussy. The wetness had built and I knew the aroma was in the air. I hoped he’d be kind enough to ignore it. I wanted to play dumb but I knew the whole time procedure would bite me if I did.

“It’s my vagina, sir.”

“I believe you mean your pussy, 14.”

“I’m sorry, sir, you’re correct the smell is my pussy.”

“Well I’m glad you’re enjoying this as much as everyone else is.”

I knew my face betrayed my true feelings as the hurt flew over me, and tears welled in my eyes. 'It was my body reacting to being naked', I wanted to scream, 'I hate this', but before I could do anything, he waved his smart watch next to my ear. I heard a beep.

“2nd floor package drop off, training room. 1 minute rush.”

I took off running. Oh god, the training room meant all brand new employees. My mind was still very frazzled. Some employees saw me and smiled, I tried to look happy as required but I didn’t know if that was even possible. My asshole was still burning. One minute wasn’t enough time. My breasts and ass were jiggling, giving them a show. My asshole was burning really bad. I opened the door and started rounding the stairs letting a couple of tears drop. I could feel the vaginal fluids trickle down my legs.

“30 seconds remain.”

I was starting to really sweat now. God the burning was getting worse not better. I opened the door to the second floor and booked down the hall. Every eye was staring at my tits, ass, or pussy. So many eyes. So many. I saw the training room door.

“15 seconds remain.”

Brand new employees were going to see me and they wouldn’t know the old me. They would know 14 only, and I don’t know if that was worse or better. God I was in so much pain from the burning around my anus.

“5 seconds remain.”

I reached the door and luckily or unluckily it was unlocked. I rushed in. There were 15 young men, fresh out of college would be my guess, and then an instructor at the front. The young men froze and stared at me. The instructor walked over to me. I put on my best smile, even wanting to cry. He turned me to face the room giving them a clear view of my breasts and pussy. I put my hands behind my back. I was almost out of breath, my hair was a mess and I was covered in sweat, and of course the inside of my legs were slick with my own juices.

“Gentlemen, This is 14, she is one of our mailgirls. Their job is to take packages and mail and bring them around the building but really their job is so much more than that. It’s their job to make sure you enjoy your job. You’ll notice she makes no effort to cover herself and has a great smile on her face, mailgirls feel no shame and know they boost your moral…”

The burning was getting unbearable.

“… and therefor company productivity and it brings them great pride. We spare no expense to make sure our team is the best they can be. They are nude from before we open until after we close to make sure you always have that extra burst of energy and can pass that on to our clients. 14 is …”

I had no choice, it hurt so bad, I swear I had no choice, I licked my finger and started rubbing my asshole right there in front of the whole classes. At first I tried to be discreet slowly moving my hand behind me and rubbing back there but after feeling the slightest bit of relief, I kept going harder then before. To anyone else it might have looked like I was fingering my asshole but I was just trying to stop the burning by rubbing it.

“… our first… Is everything okay, 14?”

The class was staring at me in disbelief. First they see me naked and now I’m basically playing with my butthole in front of them. I stopped doing it but only because my embarrassment finally overrode the pain.

“Yes sir… The bleach was just burning.”

“Class, when I said we spare no expense I meant it. We want the mailgirls to be as pleasing to the eye as possible, just a little while ago, we removed all the unsightly pubic hair from 14 so you could get a better look at her pussy, perhaps without that you might not be able to see how parted her lips are right now…”

I can’t believe he was openly talking about my pussy in front of the class but I just had to deal. Just one week I told myself again.

“… And that’s something you should be able to enjoy. 14 what was burning?”

“The bleach sir.”

“You’ll have to excuse her, class, she’s not too bright. What was the bleach burning?”

The class snickered. I lost my smile briefly but tried to just not let him get to me. I knew he was trying to humiliate me but I had no choice but to answer.

“my … Anus sir.”

I don't know what was truly my darkest moment from this day but I would rank this one very high.

“Yes class, we bleached her anus, so you only see the very best of 14. Now mailgirls are the absolute bottom rung of the company but we do care about them.”

He walked over with a cup in his hand, turned me around pushed on my back, I fell forward and caught myself instinctively, giving the class a whole new view of my pussy and now my asshole.

“Isn't that just the prettiest anus you ever did see?”

The class loudly agreed, I was crying again but wiped my face. He then took the cup and let it drip down my ass crack, it was water and it provided sweet relief as it flowed over my anus. I moaned and then gasped at what I had just done. They all laughed at me again. He then handed me a towel and pointed to the puddle on the ground. I got down on all fours knowing they could see even more and wiped up the mess, it was water, sweat and some of my pussy juices. I cleaned it up as quickly as possible.

“Now 14 I believe you have something for me. It appears she already forgot her duty, class.”

They all laughed again at my dismay. I stood up and meekly handed him the small package. He opened it and inside was a blue marker. I had been through all this over a fucking marker. I wanted to rip his throat out, but I also wanted to cry more than ever.

“Class, 14 is the first of our mailgirls to report for duty but next week you’ll see many, we don’t want you to have to waste your time speaking to these empty-minded girls but you may have to give them orders and to identify them easily is important. Robert, so far you're top of the class, so please come up.”

Robert was a very attractive young man, tall with brown hair. but he was younger than me, it made me even more embarrassed as he got closer to my exposure. The instructor handed him the marker.

“Robert if you would write 14 legibly on her hip so we need not ask and simply command.” Robert got down on one knee his head level with my vagina and ass, I was so nervous, he rested one hand on my hip right above the curve of my ass making me very uncomfortable. He then wrote 14 in blue marker. I still couldn’t believe this was all for a marker. He sniffed the air and I knew it was because of my wet pussy, I was so humiliated, he wrote 14 in blue on my hip, small enough to not cover anything but big enough to be read.

“Thank you Robert, and class, remember these mailgirls are here to serve you all. Please review the mailgirls packets so you may be prepared to use them when you hit the floor.”

This is the second time they mentioned the mailgirls packet, I was quite angry with myself for not having read it, I never intended to harass what poor soul ended up doing this so I didn’t think it was important.

I just stood there as everyone stared at me, my anus still burning and my bald pussy still wet, my nipples were hard as rock, I was covered head to toe in sweat and my hair was a mess.

“That’s enough 14 for one day, time for us to get back to work.”

He waved his smart watch next to my ear.

“Package pickup 5th floor, I.T. Department, 3 minute rush.”

Three minutes to get to 5th floor?! I opened the door and took off running. The whole class loved the view of my jiggling ass I’m sure. I was getting worried I’d slip on my sweat, I was getting drenched. I ran down the hall and almost ran into a secretary but luckily she stepped out of the way staring at my ass as I ran by. I was so humiliated. Why has I done this? I wondered if I just quit right now would it be worse, losing my house and my job and having everyone seen me like this, I figured it had to be, only a week I reminded myself.

“2 minutes remaining.”

I reached the door and shot up the stairs, tears streaming my face. Three floors of crying might help a little, oh god I was really sweating and really wet, the air was so cold, my nipples hurt from being so stiff and worse yet my asshole was still on fire.

I had rounded two flights before getting the one minute warning, this was going to be close. I reached the 5th floor, wiped my tears and opened the door. As soon as I stepped through all eyes were on me again, my breasts, my ass, my pussy, every floor brought new people who hadn’t yet seen my shame, just one week I told myself for millionth time.

“30 seconds remain.” I was breathing heavily trying to maintain a quick pace, I knew I stunk of sweat and pussy, it was almost as embarrassing as being naked.

“15 seconds remain.”

I saw I.T.’s door, I slowed down as to not run into it and made it inside the door as the 5 second warning was kicking in.

The man behind the counter was new, I would have recognized any other I.T. employee, as they worked closely with software development. He wore a black polo and tan khakis, was younger than me by a few years and had black hair . He seemed to be almost as scared of me as I was of him by the way he was looking at my naked body but still this was so new to me that I was sure I still edged him out. He was staring directly at my pussy, if possible the nervousness was making me wetter. I never thought about being alone with people and it scared me. What if he tried to touch me? I wondered.

His eyes shot up like he was the one to be embarrassed. “Are you… A mailgirl?” he asked.

I wanted to scream “No, I’m the office nudist, you dumbass.” But I refrained, I was the lowest of the low in my new position and I didn’t want any more trouble than I was already in.

“Yes, sir.”

“And you’re naked… All day?”

I was hoping this wouldn't devolve into 20 questions, I didn't know much more than he did about the program.

“Yes, sir.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

He seemed like he was actually concerned with my well being, which was sweet of him, but I couldn't take chances. I decided that from then on I would try and treat my interactions like a sales meeting or product pitch. Be kind and try to make the customer happy, although I’m sure my body was doing that for me.

“My nudity boosts moral and therefore productivity, it makes me very proud sir.”

He was looking me up and down while I talked, he noticed my hair so completely out of place, my sweat covered body, my rock hard nipples, the blue 14 on my hip and of course my wet hairless pussy.

“So you don’t mind everyone seeing you naked and talking about your body?”

“It is my job to make you more pleased with your job, and if that is what makes you pleased than that makes me happy sir.”

I just wanted him to shut up and give me what I needed, but he was asking so innocently I don't think he knew he was torturing me.

“So you wouldn't mind me asking you some questions?”

I wanted to tell him he already had but he was ranked higher than me and I didn’t want to risk him mentioning me questioning his authority to anyone, even though he didn't seem to know he had any.

“Not at all sir, I am a resource for you.”

“So you like being naked in front of people?”

It’s one thing to ask if I was okay with it, now he wanted to know if I enjoyed it. This was awful.

“Only if the sight pleases them sir.”

“Do you enjoy it though, you know, being seen?”

At the time I thought 'This kid was worse than any person making lewd jokes or sexual comments, he just saw a naked slut and considered this casual conversation'. Maintaining my composure was getting very difficult. I wondered if I was going to get in trouble for taking so long in here.

“Yes, sir, I love my job and every part of it.”

“Is that why your pussy is so wet?”

I wanted to answer truthfully and hoped he showed mercy but this kid thought I enjoyed my predicament, so he was just asking like it was the weather.

“Yes… Sir, that is why my pussy is so wet.”

“So you like … that I stare at you?”

His eyes were back to my body.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then why are you crying?”

Oh no, I was crying. Tears were falling down my face, and he was seeing them. I panicked.

“Please sir, please, I beg you don’t tell anyone you saw this.”

He looked more ashamed than I did. He looked away. “If you’re not happy, why don't you quit?

“It’s a long story sir but I’m stuck, and I can get in trouble if people see me sad or crying, so please don’t tell anyone, sir.”

“I promise I won’t.”

He might be a decent human being I thought but I was so scared. I wasn’t even sure how any of this works, how many times could I get in trouble or be late, before termination? I was sure it wasn’t one but what if it was three strikes? I chose to trust him at his word.

“Thank you, sir.”

He still wouldn't look at me, I wasn’t sure if that made it worse or better but I knew he was trying.

“Please call me Justin.”

I started pulling on my fingers and rubbing the backing of my left leg with my right foot. “Sir, I’m not allowed to address you as anything other than sir, sir.”

“Even if I command you to?”

Now I was just confused and crying more, he was trying to be personal and kind but I was so nervous, another I.T. guy could be right around the corner or someone could walk in.

“Sir, I don't know, sir… Please, I'm scared. I’m so scared.”

I was sweating just from nervousness, and crying more than I had all day. He seemed to feel genuinely bad.

“Okay, can you tell me your name at least?”

He really was the best intentioned torturer on the planet. I pulled my fingers more, and then started pulling on my messy hair.

“Sir, I am 14, sir.”

“Is that why 14 is painted on your hip?”

“Yes, sir.”

Please just let it go was all I could think.

“Is that what your mother named you?”

He knew it wasn’t but I think he genuinely thought he was helping.

“No, sir, but now I am 14, that’s all I am, just call me 14, I’m at your service sir.”

I was about to break down, I was pulling my hair out, this had been the first moment I could let it all catch up to me, I had been so rushed before that only little bits hit me, now I was overcome.

He was just staring at my feet scared to look at me, but he didn’t know what I was doing, he could hear it in my voice though. He came out from behind the counter. I was bawling at this point. I fell to my knees. He grabbed me and held me, and even though I should have been upset at a man touching my naked flesh it was so gentle, that I just cried on his shoulder.

“It’s okay… Shhh… It’s okay…” and he repeated it trying to comfort me.

I could feel his erection on my thigh and I was ashamed, but I knew he couldn't control an erection at seeing a naked girl any more so than I could control my wetness, or at least that's what I told myself. If it was for any other reason I didn’t want to think about it, but thinking of my wetness made me realize I was covering him in my pussy juices, sweat, and tears. I pulled away. I fell backwards onto my butt. My legs spread giving him an intimate view of my hairless sopping wet pussy, lips spread, clit exposed and my excretions running down both thighs. He stared at it for a brief moment then looked away.

“I’m sorry… I was just trying to help,” he said as he backed up, looking guilty either over the erection, the holding, the staring at my pussy or some combination there of.

“You did, sir, you did I just don’t want you to get dirty sir.”

He looked down. His black polo had a had slightly darker area in the shape of me on it from all of my sweat , all up his torso and the his left leg had a stain from my vaginal juices and sweat. I was even more humiliated. He looked down at himself.

“Sir it was an accident, I’m sorry, please don’t get mad, sir.”

I was working myself up again, he seemed so nice and I ruined his clothes.

He looked up at me and his face broke into a smile. “It’s no big deal. I’ll change on my lunch break.”

“Thank you for not being angry sir.”

“You can stop calling me sir. You know.”

“It is my duty sir, anyone might be listening sir.”

His face showed he caught my meaning. I would have called him Justin if I knew there was no chance of being caught but it could happen. I couldn’t risk breaking the rules.

He extended his hand and helped me off the ground, I was embarrassed at how sweaty my hand was too. I caught him looking at my spread pussy again but I guess I couldn't blame him. He looked away but I could tell he was tempted. I noticed There was an outline of my lower half in sweat and juices on the ground. I was still crying a bit and pulling my fingers. I was still in the aftershocks of my panic attack.

“Sir, please allow me to clean your floor.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Yes sir, I do.”

I really did have to. Anyone who saw the outline of legs and a butt on the ground would know it was me, the only naked girl running around at the moment. I wouldn't want to get in trouble.

“If it has to be done, then let me do it.”

He was trying to be nice. I don't even think he was doing it to try and get laid.

“Sir I’m a mailgirl and only here for such menial tasks…” I was tearing up again. “…To take away from your productivity Would be the opposite of my job sir.”

He grabbed a rag and handed it to me. He seemed upset. I dropped to all fours and started cleaning and tearing up again. I realized he saw my ass for the first time at this moment. I looked over my should and he was staring at my ass and probably my exposed butthole.. He looked away nervously. I was nervous about making him nervous, I was there to be enjoyed, what if he told someone how I felt or how I made him feel.

“Sir, I’m here to be looked at, if it pleases you to look at my ass and pussy, please do.” Oh goodness I had said please do like I was commanding him, he was so nice but I was so scared.

“But, you don't like it, I can’t enjoy your beautiful body if I know you really don’t want me to and I know you’re just saying these things to stay out of trouble.”

He was smarter than I had thought and he called me beautiful.

I was so full of nervousness, The sweat was dripping off of me and I knew I was making the floor dirtier not cleaner. I was so frustrated I threw myself at the ground. I had been here almost ten minutes, the floor was still a mess, I was crying, and I was completely naked, and I didn’t know how many packages I had left for the day and how many more people would see me. I was just laying there bawling when he ran to my side.

“Why’d you do that? You could have hurt yourself?”

“I can’t get it clean, sir. I tried sir, I promise I tried. I’m too stupid to clean, I’m here only for my body sir..”

“Don't talk like that, I know you said your stuck and I believe you, but one day I’m sure you’ll be unstuck And it will be okay. Why can’t you get it clean?”

“I just keep getting my sweat everywhere and it drops faster that I clean it.”

“Why don't you clean yourself up first then?”

I wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that. I was only supposed to shower in the mailgirls locker room but could I just wipe myself down?

He handed me a fresh towel. He helped me off the floor, I slipped though to my knees again, and started to cry again. I stood again and he seemed to just be staring in awe at my body. He quickly remembered though and looked away. My hands were shaking and I was still pulling on my fingers. I tried to wipe myself but the towel was dry and rough against my skin and I kept dropping it. I was getting frustrated and couldn’t function properly. I couldn't clean myself to clean the floor, maybe I was just useless was all I could think.

He grabbed a cup of water and brought it out to me. He put it at my feet. I bent over and slipped again. He looked like he felt really bad.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen,” he said in a panicked voice. I was just on the ground where I’d started. My mind was in such a daze.“Do you want me… to help?” he asked.

I couldn’t stand up, I was scared and nervous. What did he mean? Did he want to clean the floor again? “Sir, it is my duty to clean the floor.”

“But I could clean… you. No one will be back from lunch for a half hour so you don’t have to worry.”

I was defeated, he was the nicest anyone had been to me all day. I didn’t know what the rules were but I figured it would please him and therefore I would be doing my job. “If it pleases you sir.”

He seemed really nervous as he approached. He had another towel. He helped me stand back up, then he got on one knee and grabbed the first towel and dipped it in the water. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was naked at work and about to be towel washed by some guy I just met. He was really sweet to try and help though.

He started by nervously grabbing my ankle. He lifted and it spread my pussy open right in his face. I moaned and was humiliated. He seemed like he was trying not to stare but his jaw dropped. I was still pulling my fingers trying to dispel this nervous energy and hoping he wouldn’t mention the moan.. He looked back down and washed my foot with the wet towel and washed up until my knee. He then took the dry towel and wiped me dry in the same area. He then repeated on my other foot and this time made an effort not to stare when my pussy opened. He was nervous about working up my leg I could tell. He stood and took my right arm. He wiped down my arm without event and then dried that as well and then repeated that on my other arm as well. He made sure to wet the towel each time to make sure it was clean before moving on.

He was so gentle. I still hadn’t quite got my bearings yet but I was starting to worry about this being a mistake, not just in regards to my position versus his but what if he got the wrong idea. Still, he was very gentle, and treated me kindly especially when I was naked girl who just had a mental breakdown in front of him. I kept watching his eyes and strange as it was he was really trying to avoid staring at my ass, breasts and pussy. He then moved around to the front of me and he looked me in the eyes as he washed my face, he looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t.. He then wiped my neck front and back and started scrubbing my back, I blushed as he moved down and then got down on one knee meaning my ass was right in his face. I thought he was about to scrub my ass but he got up and he was held the towel, in front of my breasts.

“Is... It okay… If..”

He was so nervous.

“Yes it’s okay…. Sir.”

He started to swirl the towel around my breasts and in between, I let out stifled moans, and they seemed to embarrass him as much as me. He then washed my stomach pretty uneventfully, I realized I wasn’t crying anymore, or pulling my fingers and was breathing pretty normally. He got down again on one knee again and his face was level with my pussy again. He started working around my knees and then the front and back of my thighs, he moved inward having to spread my legs again as he started sopping up my vaginal secretions, I was very embarrassed but he took no notice or pretended not to at least. I let out moans again as he worked his way up my inner thigh. He then switched back to being level with my ass, my ass and pussy were all that were left.

“Is… It okay?”

“Yes sir, if it’s okay with you sir.”

I didn’t want him to clean my ass if he didn’t want to. He started rubbing my cheeks, in a swirly motion, working up and down, and he rested a hand on one cheek and then, panicked, took it off. It was almost cute at this point. He then worked the towel up my crack and I jerked forward, more out of surprise the revulsion, I fell to the all fours position and was mortified knowing my asshole was right in his face.

“I’m sorry! I should have asked.”

“It’s okay sir, you are doing me a great kindness.”

He seemed to get upset whenever I called him sir or spoke like I was reading a script but I felt like I had to. He seemed to take my words as an invitation to keep going though and scrubbed all the sweat from inside my crack. The soreness of my anus had subsided and the water helped the remaining irritation.

“May I ask you a question?”

“Sir you may ask anything of me.”

“I don't mean to embarrass you but… Why is your butthole so white?”

I guess he earned the question, all he had done for me but still I was embarrassed at speaking about my anus aloud.

“They… Made me… I mean… I bleached it so it might be prettier for you to look at sir.”

“I’m sorry that happened to you.”

He knew the first part was the truth, his words seemed genuine. I wonder why he cared. He helped me back up to a standing position and scrubbed around to my front scrubbing the 14 off my hip. I was nervous about getting in trouble now.

He stopped right in front of my pussy, it was still very wet and I knew he could smell it still.

“Do you want me to..”

“Only if it pleases you sir.”

“But would you be okay with it?”

“Yes sir.”

He was so gentle as he worked around the upper part of my mound, I spread my legs for him, he was shaking as he put the towel in between my labia and leg, I moaned again, and as he switched sides the moan increased. He then slid the towel over my slit, soaking up more vaginal fluid, but as he did he grazed my clit, and I came… hard. He wasn’t sure what he did at first, I fell forward and he held me up, one hand on my pussy, the other on my shoulder. He and I made eye contact the whole time as I convulsed in his arms, I squirted multiple times into the towel in his hand.

Finally I fell backwards and he caught me again, one arm wrapped around my back the other still holding the towel to my pussy, I was still squirting and there’s no way he couldn’t tell. I could tell the towel had gone from a cold dampness to much warmer. He lowered me to the floor gently, I was still convulsing and he was still looking at me. It was both the most powerful orgasm and the most intimate moment of my life.

When it seemed like I had stopped he took a fresh towel and dipped it in water and wiped my pussy clean. Still was he ever so gentle. He then took a fresh glass of water and even rinsed my hair, which was quite the mess as well. He was so quiet, I was scared I upset him.

Finally he spoke. “I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay.”

“You didn’t call me sir.”

“I’m sorry sir, please don't tell anyone.”

“It’s okay I liked it.”

He helped me back up, I wasn’t sweaty, I wasn’t crying, my hair looked decent, and my pussy had seemed to calm down. He took a blue marker out gave me a questioning look, I nodded and he drew 14 on my side. I had almost forgot. I started to build some courage. “My name is…”

The door swung open. It was one of the suits. He looked livid. “Why have you been up here so long?!” He smacked my ass really hard, and I was still not sure if he could do that.

Justin came to my rescue. “It’s my fault, I couldn’t get the smart watch to work properly. I told her she couldn’t go until I did.”

The suit's demeanor changed and calmed down. “It’s okay, son, just next time have her out of here in a timely manner, we can’t keep 14 all to ourselves.”

Justin handed me a package. “I think I got it.”

He waved his smart watch next to my ear.

“Software development, 2 minute rush.”

I took off running but all I could think was “Oh dear god no.”

End of part 1

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