Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 7

Katie found herself eating dinner with Sam, it was a small Italian restaurant and they had a corner booth with candles lit, making for quite the romantic atmosphere. Katie wasn't even sure what they had been talking about she just knew she was giggling and smiling.


“Yes, love of my life?”

“Tonight's the night, I'm ready.”

Sam reached out to hold her hand across the table. “Are you sure? You know I'd wait forever for you.”

“Yes, I want to give myself to you, all of me. I love you, Sam.”

Sam smiled seductively. Katie had never seen anyone so beautiful.

They finished their meal and drove home. When they entered Sam's apartment, Sam told Katie to take off her clothes and wait there, and a few minutes later Sam called for Katie from her bedroom.

Katie slowly walked, so nervous about finally giving Sam her virginity, her jaw dropped when she entered the room. There on the ground was at least a dozen naked women. Sam was sitting on the face of a small blond girl. While they were all intertwined in a circle of naked flesh, mouth to pussy and so on, with one girl's pussy free, and Sam's mouth free. Moans filled the room and it was lit only by candle.

“Katie, are you ready? Join us!”

“Are you kidding?! This is not at all what I wanted!” Katie started crying.

“Don't worry Babe, my mouth is all yours,” Sam said, winking.

“I only want you! This is gross, this is cheating!”

“This is what lesbians do, Katie! You're a lesbian now so get used to it, we're all disgusting sluts!”

“I'm not a disgusting slut!”

“Then why are you naked and wet, Katie?”

Katie looked down. She was naked and her legs were slick with her own juices. 'Am I a disgusting lesbian slut?' she asked herself.

She woke up panting and in shame. “I'm not a lesbian slut!” she spoke without thinking.

“What?” Her sister, who had been holding, her said groggily.

Katie was so nervous Marie had heard what she said, Marie had made her feelings clear on lesbians the day before and she couldn't lose her, she was the only support she had. To Katie’s relief Marie rolled back over and fell back asleep.

The clock read 4 a.m. For the second day in a row Katie had woken up naked, and whether for worse or better it didn’t feel any more normal. She might have had her exposure, her first kiss, her first orgasm, and her first love in the last two days, but she was still a shy modest girl on the inside. Instead of being herself though she was a probationed prisoner forced to be naked day and night, with a constantly erect clit because of a small metal ring wrapped around it that served as tracking device, and also had the ability to give debilitating orgasms. She had a barcode tattooed around her anus to be scanned for monitoring purposes.

She also recently discovered she was a lesbian or at least was in love with a woman. She guessed the dream had something to do with guilt over that. She had always been taught that gays and lesbians were sexual deviants and were going to hell, but she always thought love was love. She wondered if she was wrong or if maybe it was just something more for her dad to make her feel miserable about seeping through to her unconscious . She only knew she loved someone and that person was Sam, and she was a woman. She wished she could talk to her sister about it. She felt alone in every way.

She appreciated what her sister did for her even after all she'd done against her and her feelings on lesbians. Her sister was risking their father’s wrath by sneaking her cold naked body inside in the middle of the night. She just wished her sister had let her wear something, anything. The chances of someone coming in the middle of the night were low. She tried to not move and wake her sister up. She thought of maybe very gently getting up and then putting on clothes just for even a minute, no one would know but her, she thought.

She thought about running too, but the idea of orgasming the moment she left the yard meant she probably wouldn’t get far. She tried to think of anyway of getting out of going to school naked. She thought of maybe throwing a tempter tantrum and just refusing, but she knew her sister would use the remote to force, because she thought getting all the hours done with as quickly as possible was the best bet. Katie thought of faking sickness, she had spent many hours naked outside in the cold, but she didn’t want to experience any probing by a doctor, which she was sure would happen if she pretended to be sick. She racked her brain.

Katie then noticed a dampness in her lap. She was soaked in her vaginal juices, she must have secreted all through the night. She imagined having a constantly erect clit would do that. The thought of her forced arousal for almost all the next year made her furious and then depressed. She had no control over anything anymore. She realized she’d soaked her sister too, which would just mean further embarrassment. She then realized something horrifying. The whole room smelled like her secretions. She started to panic, if her parents could smell the room they’d know she was there or had been there.

She sat up and desperately started poking her sister. Marie stirred, looking pissed at being woken again so early but then remembered the situation. She looked at her sisters exposed tits for a brief moment before realizing what she was doing. Katie winced, feeling ashamed.

“What?” Marie mouthed, trying not to yawn.

“The smell!” Katie mouthed back.

“What?” Marie mouthed again not understanding her sister’s lip movements.

Katie knew her sister was probably her only ally left but she still felt mortified having to explain her concern over the way her vagina smelt. “The smell” she mouthed again hoping her sister would understand this time.

Marie still couldn’t understand her. She did however realize how soaked her pants were. She embarrassingly thought she might have wet herself in the night but then realized what it was and what had caused it. She then realized what Katie was on about. The room smelt like pussy, and if they didn’t figure out something soon they were screwed.

Marie got up quickly and stared directly at her sister's crotch, she was soaked. Her legs shined from all the juices. Katie wanted to cover herself very badly but knew she couldn’t. Katie started to cry again. Marie had a lot of problems to solve and nowhere near enough time. She had to shut Katie up, get her cleaned, get rid of the smell and get her outside all without waking her parents.

Marie grabbed Katie's arm and yanked her to her feet. First things first. She grabbed a bunch of tissues from the box beside her bed and handed them to her sister. “Wipe,” Marie mouthed.

Katie’s eyes welled and filled with shame, as she reached between her legs and started to wipe her legs and pussy free from all the juices. Marie was looking at Katie with an impatient look. Katie wanted to ask her to look away, but that impatient look intimated her. She just rubbed her thighs up and down and then her slit, all while her sister watched.

Marie knew what she was doing. Going soft on her sister wouldn't prepare her at all for what would likely be the most awful day of her life. So she watched, as everyone else would, and hoped it might help her sister build a tolerance towards the stares she was bound to receive.

The tissues were soaked and Katie's legs still had her juices on them. Katie looked at her feet, defeated and humiliated, and mouthed “I need more…”

Marie handed her another handful and Katie took them in her free hand. She wiped the rest of the juices from her legs and pussy and reached behind her to wipe what had dripped down her asscrack, Katie’s tears were dripping down her face but her sister showed no softness.

Once she was as clean as she was going to be Marie then took her by the arm into the hallway, Katie still had tissues in both hands that reeked of pussy.. She guessed she wouldn’t be able to throw those away inside for risk of being caught, but she was still mortified to carry them. Going from zero arousal ever to being constantly aroused was a rather tough transition for her.

Marie then turned around and went back in her room and closed and locked the door. Katie started to freak. She was naked in the hallway and her parents could catch her at any moment. She wanted to bang on the door but she couldn’t so she just curled up in a ball on the ground and cried.

Katie heard a fan turn on, an aerosol can being sprayed, window opening, and a drawer being opened and closed. Marie then opened the door, looked down at her sister, and yanked her up off the ground again. Marie had a fresh pair of pants on and held her soaked jeans in just two fingers like she was disgusted to touch them. Katie was embarrassed all over again, but also hurt that her sister couldn't just change in front her. Marie had known what she was doing then too, trying to toughen her sister up still, she would be the only naked one and had to deal with that.

She guided Katie down the stairs. She stopped in the laundry room and dropped her pants in a fresh load of wash. Katie wished she wasn’t taking chances like this; any extra time in the house was extra time to be caught. They tip-toed, trying not to make any noise or wake their parents.

Finally they were out the door and Katie was naked outside in the cold November air again. It was still dark out. Her nipples stiffened once again. Marie guided her to a trash can, and they disposed of the tissues. Katie was too mortified to speak, so she hoped Marie would say the first words. but she was silent. Marie then brought her over to the hose, Katie dreaded the hose after what happened yesterday.

“Put out your hands,” said Marie.

Katie was thankful the silence had been broken. She put out her hands which were covered in her juices and Marie sprayed clean. Katie's nipples ached again, and she was shivering from the cold air and water.

“Marie, I’m scared.” Katie was still adjusting to the more civil relationship they’d developed since her sister’s change of heart, but she had to talk to her or someone.

Marie had been trying to be tough on Katie hoping it would make her stronger in the coming days but she knew that her sister needed warmth now. “I know, I am too.”

“What… What if we just ran?”

Marie wanted to give it some thought but between the lack of a car and Katie’s clitoral stimulation device, there were really no options.

“Katie, I know this is going to be the toughest experience of your life, I won't pretend it’s not, but we can’t run. We’ll get caught, and you’ll go back to jail. I know you don’t deserve this or anything that’s happened, but we’re just going to have to get through it. You’re stronger than you think.” Marie truly didn’t know if Katie was strong enough or that the Katie that came out the other side would be the same one that went in, but there wasn’t really anything else to say or do.

Katie was terrified. She wasn't strong at all, she knew that, and even if she was she wasn’t sure anyone was strong enough for this. She wondered what Sam would do in this situation. She knew Sam was a lot more confident than she was and stronger too, both qualities that made Katie feel safer when Sam was around. She might have been able to power through if Sam was there to hold her at the end of the day.

Marie then told Katie to turn around, so she could spray her legs clean, of course she saw the barcode around Katie’s anus and knew that would be a source of bullying material. How any of this could happen to someone as innocent as Katie made Marie start to question her faith and the divine nature of the universe.

She sprayed Katie's legs and rump, cleaning it of the juices around then had Katie turn back around to spray her front and of course the source of the juices; her pussy. Katie was freezing, from the air and of course the water. She started to feel an orgasm build as the water sprayed into her pussy and exposed clit but it was over before it started. Katie really regretted not letting Sam be the first to touch her down there, at least one willing orgasm to offset so many others forced upon her.

“Marie, I’m sorry I ruined your pants again, and made… your room smell.”

“Katie, my pants will be fine and I think the room is already aired out, it's more important that you're inside where it’s warm.”

“So… You won’t leave me outside tonight?” Katie was crying again.

“Oh I couldn't, I wouldn’t, I’d don’t care about the mess or smell…”

Katie was still very embarrassed to be discussing her vagina so openly.

“… I just want you to be safe.” Marie knew that sooner or later whether by sight, sound, or smell they would get caught, but they’ll deal with that when it comes. Marie noticed the sun coming up.

“I have to get back in. I’ll be back asap.”

Katie knew what that meant and got on the ground in an all fours position, looking miserable as ever but not complaining. Marie put her collar on, and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Katie huddled inside the dog house, trying to get warm. Dreading the coming day, which would be the first of many, all of which would probably be the worst of her life to that point.

Marie was inside and back in her room quietly before her father’s alarm went off. Everything she did as she got ready made her feel guilty, a warm private shower inside instead of a cold spray of hose outside naked for the world to see, wrapping herself in a towel instead of having to air dry in the cold, doing her hair and make up, instead of Katie’s messy hair and no make up allowed. She got to close her door and put her clothes on in private, instead of her sister who was naked always in public. Every piece of clothing made her want to cry for her sister, from her socks and shoes to her undergarments to her pants, shirt and sweatshirt. She got to have multiple layers and her sister had nothing. She sprayed her perfume but carried it with her. She heard her father getting up and getting ready but really she had the strongest urge to just tear into him so she grabbed her book bag, stuffed Katie’s probation guidebook inside it, grabbed two breakfast bars and went outside. She felt the weight of the remote in her pocket, and sighed knowing the power it held.

Marie tried to not cry as she saw her sister there shivering in her dog house. Katie came out of the dog house and Marie handed her the breakfast bar. Katie nodded in thanks. She had a look of terror in her eye. As school drew closer, she started to panic more and more. She thought of all the horrible things she’d have to do, or could be done to her. She tried to hold back a panic attack.

“I’m not hungry,” Katie said.

“You need to eat.”

“I can’t eat. I’m too nervous,” Katie confessed.

Marie opened the wrapper and held the bar to Katie’s mouth. "You have to eat.”

Katie took a small bite. She chewed and swallowed. She finally started to eat the whole thing. Marie was scared, there was such a short while between now and school. She wouldn’t even be able to protect Katie once they got into school. Seniors and sophomores were on different floors for the most part. Katie finished the bar.

“I got this perfume, I thought it might help,” Marie said.

Katie knew she was talking about her pussy and got embarrassed again. Katie just nodded and Marie sprayed her all over. Katie noticed she was spraying extra towards her lower half.

They heard a honk out front. Katie gasped, knowing it was Lisa here to pick her up.

“Marie, please don't make me go.”

Marie got down on her knee and held Katie in a tight embrace. “Katie, one day this will be over. You can move away change your name if you want and not let this define who you are, but if you want to wear clothes and get that ring off, then this is what you have to do.”

Katie thought about Sam and knew that if she ever wanted to see her again that his is what needed to be done. She looked down at the ground and meekly said “okay…”

Marie undid the handle of the leash from the post and Katie got to her feet. “Katie… the scanner,” Marie said, embarrassed for her sister. She always wanted to allow her sister some dignity.

Katie got back on all fours and backed up. She spread her cheeks, knowing the scan rarely worked if she didn't. She felt the cold plastic against her anus and then she heard the beep and sighed. She got back on her feet. She took a deep breath and they both walked towards the front yard.

There was Lisa in a station wagon. Carol and Cindy were also in the car. Katie shuddered, remembering what Lisa had done to her. Lisa had a huge smile on her face. She popped the rear door of the station wagon and then got out herself. She was all smiles. Marie wanted to hit her and Katie wanted to cry.

“Hey, Katie, big day, am I right? Anyway my mom said she doesn’t want me driving a dangerous criminal to school, but I told her I made promises so we compromised.”

She pointed towards the open back door. Inside was a dog cage, made of thin metal bars. Katie already knew what that meant.

“So if you want to be driven to school, instead of riding the bus. You gotta ride in back in there, for our protection, but we both know how much you like the backdoor so it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Don’t worry though, I didn't tell anyone about you assaulting me.”

Katie winced, remembering Lisa’s finger inside her. She wondered how Lisa could speak so casually about her assault and then call her self defense an actual assault. Marie wasn’t sure what she meant by the ‘backdoor’ comment but saw the uncomfortable look on Katie’s face.

“Let’s let bygones be bygones, right? Although if I had to guess I’d say your punishment worked out in your favor. You know, getting to cum like a freight train for ten minutes sounds pretty good.”

Katie wanted to just disappear remembering her shame, cumming in front of everyone for something that once again wasn’t her fault.

“Lisa, today’s a really tough day for Katie, can we just go easy, please?” Marie asked. She really wanted to ask Lisa if she wanted to see what her insides looked like but she felt she had to play nice for Katie’s sake. Marie asked Katie if riding in back was all right and she simply nodded. No cars had driven by to notice the naked leashed girl yet and Katie would like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Katie walked towards the back. Marie hugged her sister briefly and got in the back seat next to Cindy. Lisa’s sister Carol was up front. Katie had to make a humiliating decision whether to ride with her ass and pussy facing the girls or the rear door. If she chose to ride facing the rear door so she faced front it meant her lower half would be the first thing everyone would see in the parking lot. She sighed and decided to get in with her ass and pussy facing the other girls in the car, so she backed herself in.

The cage was very cramped. Her ass was all the way to the back and she had to sit on her feet. She was bent down with her arms barely fitting and having to have her elbows tucked back under her breasts just to fit. As she backed in all the way to fit her head in, she felt one of the thin metal bars digging in between her pussy lips. She was so frustrated at more unwanted sexual stimulation. She moved forward to try and give herself reprieve but that forced her head out a little.

Lisa was right in Katie’s face as she went to lock the cage door. “Excited?” she whispered as she tied the leash to the top of the cage. Katie let a tear drop and then Lisa locked the cage and closed the car door. Locking the cage door forced Katie further back into the cage, and the bar was once again crammed against her pussy. Her clit and the metal ring attached to it rubbed against the metal bar to the point she was worried about cumming if the ride was too bumpy.

Cindy and Carol were all giggles talking about how they thought this week was going to be boring. Marie just pouted, stuck between wanting to protect her sister by getting her a ride to school and wanting to hurt all those that wronged her.

“All aboard the naked girl express!” Lisa exclaimed.

“Lisa, shut the fuck up.” Marie shouted back.

“Last one I promise!” Lisa said playfully.

Katie ran away in her head. She didn’t want to think about being naked, leashed, on all fours with her open pussy, ringed clit, ass and barcoded anus facing the girls in front of her, while also in a cage. She wished she had left Natalie on better terms even if it hadn’t been in the best way, she had tried to be a real help. She wished for the time she could end the day with Sam’s snuggles instead of a dog house. She was jerked back to reality when the car started moving. Her face hit the cage and yanked on the leash as the car backed out of the driveway. She wanted to tell Lisa to be more careful but knew she probably was doing this on purpose. As they started driving forward she was forced the other way, digging the bar deeper into her pussy. It was cold steel against her sensitive lips and she was so frustrated at being turned on all the time.

She could feels eyes on her anus and pussy. Because of how she was positioned she couldn't turn around but she knew it must have been Cindy. Almost immediately Cindy asked, “So what did having a tattoo done around your asshole feel like?”

“Cindy!” Shouted Marie before Katie could cry.

“What, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together I thought we should get to know each other!”

Katie wasn’t sure whether she could find words to even talk to her. In her head she knew she’d cum in front of this girl dozens of times and she’d seen every inch of her body, but she still was just a modest girl and being in an immodest position didn’t change that.

The car fell silent except for the radio and the car’s engine.

“Why would Route 20 be the only acceptable route, it always has traffic in the morning?” Marie wondered aloud. Katie could only see out the back and luckily to this point the car behind them seemed to not notice her yet. Katie thought Route 20 was to make cars notice her but on top of that was something much worse. Lisa kept slamming the brakes, slamming the bar deep into Katie’s pussy arousing her further and further. It wasn’t long until Katie was biting her lip to keep herself from moaning. Every stop was like electricity shooting through her whole body. As she started to pant, she opened her eyes to see the driver of the car behind them gawking at her, he couldn’t see anything important because of the way Katie was positioned, but he could tell she was naked and aroused. Katie was mortified.

“Can I ask a question?” asked Cindy.

“Why don’t we let Katie be? This is her first day and we could be doing this for a long time, I’m sure there will be time for questions when she’s a bit more comfortable,” Marie replied.

Katie wasn’t sure if she’d ever be comfortable. She realized how close to this edge the bar had her and it caused her to tear up. She wished it was Sam that was toying with her pussy. She then felt guilty about the thought. She wished she had been eased into sexuality instead of having it forces on her. Two days ago, no one had seen her naked since diapers. Now hundreds had, she’d been stripped in front of a crowd, handcuffed, searched, photographed, forced to pee in front of strangers, spanked, peed herself, gotten her first kiss forced on her, her first cuddle session, eaten pussy in private and in front of a crowd, got spanked again, had an enema, been collared and leashed, had a thermometer shoved up her ass, had a ring placed on her clit letting other people force orgasm on her and had her first in front of an uncaring parole board, a barcode tattooed around her anus, been forced to walk through town naked and leashed, had dozens of orgasms against her will, been hand washed and shaved by her sister, forced to live in a dog house, and of course Lisa massaging the bruise ointment onto her bruised ass before having Lisa shove her finger up her butt, then blaming her for kicking her and being forced to orgasm another dozen times and now here she was in a cage having the bar digging into her pussy, on the verge of cumming and so close to the school parking lot, where she would be going to school naked. She wasn’t at all prepared for this or anything that happened. She wanted to just run away.

“I just wanted to ask her if she’s going to use this to get boys?” Cindy giggled.

“Yeah he’d have pretty easy access,” Lisa laughed.

“I don't like… I don’t want to date.... I just want to be left alone…. Please why are you guys so mean to me?” In between each sentence was a moan but still the outburst shocked the car. Katie wasn’t sure where this courage came from.

“Are we so mean to give a ride to school even though we have to see your winking puckerhole and smell your gross leaky vagina?” asked Carol.

The comment stung and it was made worse knowing it was true. The bar was digging deeper and Lisa slammed the brakes again. Marie wanted to stick up for her sister but wasn’t sure what to say.

“Please stop, I’m going to…”

“Going to what?” asked Lisa. Lisa knew exactly what she was doing. She drove over edge of the road so she was on the rumble strip. Now Katie was bouncing up and down with the bar digging deep. She let out a scream and had the most frustrating orgasm of her life. She would have collapsed but she literally couldn’t move.

“Did you just cum?” asked Carol.

“Sure smells like it,” said Cindy.

“Her pussy is like pulsating, begging for more,” said Carol.

Lisa was laughing. Marie was embarrassed for her sister and Katie cried. That was her first orgasm not caused by the remote. She wished she would have a first that didn’t make her wish she could disappear. Saying nothing seemed like the only option because literally anything else was too mortifying to say. She just closed her eyes, she would have prayed for the ride to be over but the end of this trip was worse than even this horrible moment. Marie looked back for the first time after trying hard not to and saw the bar deep between her sister’s lips. There was literally nothing she could do given the crate’s small size but she also knew Lisa did this on purpose.

The car started to slow. Katie knew what that meant but chose to keep her eyes closed. She felt the car turn and a for a brief moment, Katie wondered if maybe she opened her eyes she’d wake up in her bed with this all a terrible dream, but instead she opened her eyes to see a sign reading Johnson Memorial High School: Home of The Panthers. They were in the parking lot. Two Goth kids hiding behind a tree smoking were the first to spot her. The girl dropped her cigarette with a shocked look on her face. She pointed and the guy turned around to see Katie in the back. After another turn they were in a parking spot.

Lisa tried to get out quickly but Marie got out quicker. “I got it!” Marie said in a tone that even Lisa knew to beware. Carol and Cindy got out as well. They stood back as Marie went to her sister.

Marie walked around back. At this time more and more students in the parking lot were walking towards the school and some were noticing Katie and letting those who hadn’t noticed know what they were missing. Lisa honked the horn drawing more attention to them. Marie opened the rear hatch just a crack so Katie could hear her voice but leaving the lower half of the door covering Katie’s lower half in the all fours position.

“Katie, I know words aren’t going to help right now, but I love you. Try and imagine what a perfect life would be a year, or two or five from now, and just keep telling yourself how you need to get through this to get there.”

Katie thought about that for a moment. She thought of a big secluded house in the middle of the woods. She thought of a king size bed she shared with Sam. She thought of working from home as… a writer maybe? She wasn’t sure. She thought of a chocolate lab puppy named Snuggles. She thought of a dresser filled with clothes of different colors, but all covering her everywhere. She thought of Sam being the only one who saw her undressed, and her clit free from this god awful device. ‘Sam. A big house. A puppy.’ Became her prayer.

“Thank you.” Katie said in a shallow breath. More students were surrounding the station wagon. Katie tried to keep her eyes on her sister.

“I wish I had more time to give you but school starts soon. I’m going to count to five and then open the door.” Marie counted and Katie wondered if being a sex slave to Terra could be that much worse than this. Then she remembered how much just one digit up her rear had bothered her when Lisa did it, and shuddered at what Terra might have done. She wondered how safe she would really be here, though. She could hear dozens of voices mixed together, no words were clear but they all seems so threatening to Katie. Too soon the count was over and the rear door opened like a gate at the entrance of hell. Lisa, Carol, and Cindy stood in between the crowd and Marie. The crowd wasn’t swarming them, they seemed to just want to stand back and watch.

Katie was caged, with her arms tucked under her breasts and her legs tucked under her as well. Her leash, tied to the top the cage, was her only covering. Although she was obviously naked to the onlookers no one could see any “private” part yet.

‘Sam. A big house. A puppy. Sam. A big house. A puppy. Sam. A big house. A puppy.’ Katie thought over and over as Marie opened the door at the front of the cage. Katie poked her head out freeing her pussy of the intruding bar. She sighed in relief for a brief moment. Marie undid the tie in the leash. Katie stepped forward letting her arms out of the cage and but stopped short of baring her breasts to the onlookers. She hated this but she was so uncomfortable and had to get out. She fidgeted, an arm movement that revealed her right nipple, The crowd gasped and giggled. Katie teared up, she wanted clothes so bad. This wasn’t even a large fraction of the school population either, she thought about how so many more would see her soon.

“One step at a time, Katie, I know it sucks but you will get through this. There is an end, we just have to get there.”

Katie appreciated her sister’s words but she wasn’t the one naked in a cage. She would never know what this is like, and oddly enough Katie was thankful knowing that her sister doesn’t know suffering like this. Katie mumbled "Sam. A big house. A puppy," as she moved one arm forward, revealing completely the breast she had previously hidden. The whole crowd stared intently. She heard the words “spank bank.” She didn’t know what it meant, but didn’t like the sound. Katie tried to reassure herself that some had to have been at the fight and already seen her but that just made it worse. She pulled her arm back and covered herself.

“Katie, we have to go now.”

“Marie… I can’t. Please.”

“I don’t want to do this but I will drag you out. You’re my sister and I love you but there’s no way out of this until you finish. You’re young and as soon as you finish your hours you got your whole life to get this behind you. Now please get out.”

Katie wasn’t sure if she physically could get out, she was starting to hyperventilate.

“Marie… I can’t… I’m too scared.”

“One step at a time.” Marie grabbed Katie’s arm, baring her breast again, and Katie was mortified but it was out of the cage. “Just one more now, you can do it.”

Katie with tears in her eyes reached the other arm out, baring her other breast to the cheers of the onlookers. Katie wondered how any of them would feel in her situation. She was sweating from nervousness. She hated this, none of it was her fault. She was now arched forward. Her lower half still shielded from view but her bare breasts exposed for all to see. She was cold and her nipples were hard as rocks. All the boys were looking at her and she was ashamed. She heard things like “slut”, “whore”, “nice tits,” and “If she wanted my attention she sure got it.” Katie was mortified, she didn’t want his attention she didn’t want anyone's, she wasn’t a slut or a whore and she just wanted to be left alone.

“It’s not my fault.” Katie cried to her sister.

“I know, but we have to get going,” Marie said with very little patience.

Katie lurched forward, she didn’t want to reveal anymore. She didn’t want everyone to see her wet pussy, her ringed clit, and her barcoded anus. She was terrified. Marie now had her leash in hand and gave her a look that said “move.” Defeated, Katie lurched forward more. She put her arms forward stretching out so now her arms were resting on the edge. Marie thought of something and knew it was awful but had to be dealt with. She reached into her bag with her free hand, and pulled out some tissues. She handed her sister the tissues.

Katie grabbed them, looked at them, and wondered what they were for. Then she realized and pleaded with her eyes to her sister. “Marie… No, I can’t, please.”

“Katie, you came in the car and you’re soaked again, do you want to do this in this position where they can’t see your vagina or standing in front of them, because either way, it’s happening.”

Katie looked around at everyone. They were all staring at her but none could hear the conversation. She knew as soon as she made the motion they’d know what she was doing. Lisa and the girls were waiting with impatient looks. Katie couldn't understand how anyone thought getting out of the car would be easy. Just baring her breasts was difficult enough. She just wanted to run away.

With a look of sadness in her eye Katie reached back and started to wipe the juices from the sides of her legs. The whole assembly started laughing knowing she was wiping her pussy even if they couldn’t see it happening; at best they thought she peed herself, at worst they knew her shame. Katie wanted to run but her device meant she couldn’t get very far. She then wiped her slit up and down. Katie started to cry as she let out a soft moan when she accidentally tapped her clit.

She left the tissues in the car, it already smelt like pussy and couldn’t get much worse.

Marie held the leash firm. “Good, now let’s go.”

Katie slid her legs forward keeping them pressed together and swung them around. She was now in a seated position on the edge of the car. Everyone could see the profile of her ass, and of course her breasts were still exposed.

“Just take one step, every other will be easier after that.”

Katie was tearing up again, and everyone was staring in utter anticipation. Lisa wanted to masturbate right there seeing how tortured Katie looked but decided to store it away for tonight, in addition to any other humiliations she might witness today.

Katie said her silent prayer “Sam, A big house, a puppy.” And let her bare feet touch the ground. She then took a deep breath and took her first step, exposing her bare pussy to the whole crowd. There she was completely bare for all to see. Her parted lips on display and those standing close enough noticed the metal ring around her clit. Marie stood at her side with leash in hand and Lisa, Carol, and Cindy formed up alongside them. Katie started to cry looking at all the leering eyes and feared the crowd was about to rush her and started to wince but then Officer Rogers showed up.

“Police, coming through.”

The crowd gave Katie more room and officer Rogers came up to Katie. Officer Rogers looked up and down at Katie. Even though he’d seen her before it still bothered her since he was an adult and should have more respect. Marie had Katie’s leash firmly in hand.

“Katie, I'm here to walk you through the security measures for your arrival. Follow me. The rest of you get inside, school starts shortly!”

Everyone groaned and started to file in. Those that stood behind her all got to see her shapely ass as they walked by. Lisa, Carol, and Cindy headed inside as well. Lisa didn’t want to be associated with Katie as far as the administration was concerned, since it would make humiliating her easier. Soon it was just Katie, Marie and officer Rogers standing outside. Katie was freezing, covered in goosebumps, and her nipples incredibly hard. She teared up looking at the school she was about to enter.

End of part 7

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