Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 6

Katie remained in the dog house freezing from the cold and how she was still wet from her “shower”. She was quite worried about the two boys coming over to see her naked but as of now she was alone. She wanted to be warm and have clothes, she didn't want to go to school naked, and she wanted to take her leash off but most of all she wanted Sam. While she thought back to her brief glimpse of hope with Sam her sister came back with a bowl of water, wearing an extra jacket from before reminding Katie how cold it was. She also had changed her jeans and Katie was humiliated remembering her squirting in the back of the cab.

Marie looked down at her sister in the dog house naked except for a leash and her heart broke. She couldn't believe how terrible she'd been to her sister in such a vulnerable state. She knew that for the rest of her life she would consider that her worst moment. She knew that it was up to her to protect and take care of Katie since her parents wouldn't.

“I brought you some water, I tried to bring it in a cup but dad insisted it be in a bowl.”

She sat down in front of the dog house and tried to keep her eyes focused only on Katie's face as to not remind her of her nudity. Katie crawled forward shivering and her sister pulled her forward to rest on her leg as to hopefully provide some warmth. “Katie, I want you to know how sorry I am. You needed a sister and I was a monster. I will be here for you through this, I will take care of you and protect you. I know that doesn't change what I did or what your situation is but I do love you and I promise to not make this any worse for you ever again.” Marie was tearing up out of guilt and Katie wrapped her arms around her waist for a hug.

Katie wanted to say it was okay but Katie wasn't sure if anything was okay so she just said “I love you too, Marie, Thank you.”

Katie's nipples were hard from the cold and was embarrassed about them sticking into her younger sisters legs. She pulled back but it just made her colder. Marie being perceptive guessed at what was bothering Katie. “Katie, I'll never judge you for anything happening to your body for as long as this lasts. After this moment I'll never talk about your nudity, or your body's natural reactions to certain stimuli, and when I hold your leash it will never be with force. Of course, if you need or want to talk about it i'm here to listen and support. If you need something just ask and if you need to talk I'm here.”

Katie could tell how guilty her sister felt and although she was embarrassed about her sister talking about her nipples and pussy she knew the words were with love. “Thank you, Marie, this is awful and I've never felt worse but having you here makes it better and I appreciate it.” Katie crawled forward and rested again on Marie's lap and as promised her nipples went unacknowledged.

The moment of calm was interrupted by a police officer carrying a large black duffel bag arriving in their backyard.


“Yes this is her.”

Marie had wanted to say something sarcastic about whether there were any other naked prisoners running around but thought better of it and Katie couldn't stand another man seeing her nude. The officer didn't acknowledge just pulled on the leash and Katie came out on all fours and the got to a kneeling position she was about to cover up when the officer stated “Any attempts at cover will be assumed as an attempt to conceal contraband and is grounds for a cavity search.” Katie's hands darted to her sides as Marie felt awful for her sister. The police officer was a tall blond man and stood there in a black uniform.

“This is the first of what may be many security checks. Given her security level we must make sure everything regarding her restraints and housing is up to code.”

Marie nodded and Katie was feeling like less and less as everyone talked about her and not to her. He continued “This is my initial inspection-” mid sentence without even acknowledging Katie he pushed down on her back causing her to drop to all fours, pulled out his scanner and he scanned her anus all while still talking to Marie. He heard the beep and let go. Katie was mortified and Marie was feeling uncomfortable seeing her sister's degradation but said nothing as he was the police. “-I'm going to make sure everything is done right and understood properly to keep 12215 paroled.”

He opened the bag and pulled out a tape measure and measured the length of the leash. “Just like I thought a four footer. These are fine in the prison but for a parolee the code strictly says 3 feet.” Katie realized at she wouldn't even be able to kneel at that length she'd always be on all fours when at home. He pulled out his cuffs “I've got to keep her restrained during the leash switch.” He forced Katie to the ground driving her tits into the grass and cuffed her as he removed her leash and put on the shorter one and attached it to the hitch in the ground. He then removed the cuffs. Katie was tearing up from all the humiliation and how she wasn't even acknowledged just pushed, pulled or shoved. She was right she couldn't kneel anymore and had to remain on all fours. Marie was trying her best to not look at her sister's naked body as if one person not focusing on her nudity made it better. Marie noticed the two teen boys from next door back at the fence staring at Katie's behind and slit so she stood directly behind Katie blocking their view. Katie looked behind her and saw the teens and appreciated her sisters protection but was still upset at how much they had already seen.

The officer then pulled out a book the size of a dictionary and handed it to Marie. “Here's all official codes and regulations regarding her parole. It will elaborate upon the information your family received earlier.” Marie knew her dad had read none of it and decided she'd read all of it to protect her sister. Katie was trying to retreat into her own head but things just kept getting worse and worse. He then pulled out what she was knew was coming another stationary scanner. “This goes on the outside of her room. She must sign in on return from school as well as signing out every time she leaves. Without scanning the routes will remain closed and a penalty will be incurred.”

Katie knew that meant her device going off and she dreaded the thought of more public orgasms. The officer then pulled out a power drill and attached the scanner to the outside of the dog house. A small solar charging unit sat on top of it making her question as to whether it could go inside to save some humiliation pointless.

“I need to verify it's operational.” Katie lowered her head filled with shame and crawled over so her rear was facing the scanner and backed up. She could feel her anus press against the cold plastic and listened for the beep as she stood on all fours in front of the police officer who could clearly see her breasts hanging down. When the beep didn't go off she humiliated herself further by spreading her cheeks. Marie tried to just block her sister from their neighbors sight and after Katie spread they heard the beep. Katie wished she could run or cover but there was nothing she could do.

“Turn around.” Katie went from facing the officer to pointing her rear at him further humiliating herself.

“Spread again.”

Katie tried to hold back the tears as she did as instructed. She exposed her asshole to the officer and Marie. He bent down to get a better look. “Okay, had to make sure the barcode was done right. You're gonna need this washed so the scabbing doesn't interfere with the reader. Roll over.”

Katie felt more and more subhuman, being given instructions like a dog and discussing her exposed anus like it's no big deal. She rolled over keeping her legs pressed together trying to preserve some dignity.

“Spread your legs as far they will go.”

Katie spread her legs exposing her pussy as much as possible to the officer.

“I see the device is holding well. Please grab it.”

Katie wanted to protest and Marie wanted to speak up but they both remained silent for fear of punishment for Katie. Katie reached down and grabbed the ring around her clit and moaned slightly feeling more aroused than before.

"Please move it around to make sure it's well in place.”

Katie couldn't believe how much dignity she had lost when she moved it in a clockwise position around while moaning and proving it couldn't be removed. Then he pulled a remote from pocket and without warning he pressed the button.

“Please no!...” transitioned into moans as she came violently in front of the officer and Marie in her backyard.

The officer having verified it's operation said “I'll be going now but I will have many more visits sometimes more than one in a day. If anything is not up to code there will be penalties which may include more community service, corporal punishment, and/or imprisonment as I see fit.”

Marie seeing how depressed her sister looked as she lay there panting and ashamed turned to the officer. “Can't you treat her like a person, with respect and dignity?”

“She's a maximum security offender, we are instructed to treat them as such and it's been shown that this treatment has made them less aggressive and therefor reduces repeat offenses. Have a nice day.”

Marie wanted to keep going but decided not to. Katie retreated back into the dog house to escape prying eyes and the cold and her sister sat down again and Katie wrapped herself around again and started bawling or her sisters lap. “Marie I don't think I can do this. I can't handle the humiliation, I can't go to school, no one has seen me naked before and now everyone will.”

Marie started rubbing Katie's back. “Shhh, it's going to be okay hun, I will take care of you. You can do this.” Marie honestly wasn't sure her sister could handle it, she didn't think anyone could especially not someone as modest and easily embarrassed as her sister.

Marie opened up the book holding it up as her sister continued to cry and she saw just how many codes and regulations there were for her sister. Marie realized she was becoming the big sister and was okay with it because her sister needed it. She flipped through and there were chapters on hygiene, community service, hair styling, acceptable home activities, food and drink, literally everything a person could do in a day was covered. Marie started with the beginning and a long list of banned substances followed, including the usual guns, knives, weapons, drugs, chemicals etc. and moved on to hygiene stating after a daily bath requirement there was also a requirement of no pubic hair at all, meaning even stubble, the book read “as when allowed to grow aids in the hiding of contraband.” It even went as far to say someone else had to do it because sharp objects could not be held by the parolee.


“Yes Marie?”

“When's the last time you shaved?”

Katie got embarrassed “3 days ago...”

“Do you have any stubble?”

Katie got even more embarrassed thinking about Terra inspecting her earlier “...No I don't think so.”

Marie realized tough love would be needed sometimes to get Katie through this. “Check for me.”

“You want me to touch my...?”

“Katie you're naked outside, leashed in a dog house, we can get over our fear of saying pussy or vagina. Just rub over it in case you missed any stubble, it's forbidden.”

Katie was humiliated. Rubbing her hand up her pussy and felt a few small hairs. “There's a little...”

“Okay i'm going to have to shave you.”

“No, please don't. No one will notice....”

“Katie, it says forbidden and they can check. I'm not going to embarrass you i'm just going to give you your bath and then shave you.”

“You're going to bathe me?!”

“Katie this book is really strict, it says what you're allowed to hold and it forbids any chemicals which according to this since it can be toxic includes soaps and shampoos. I know I gave you the washing over with the hose earlier but honestly Katie I can still smell your juices and you just came again and are covered in sweat.”

Katie couldn't believe her sister's mouth and started crying harder from her embarrassment. “It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's not my fault!” Katie was screaming as she was losing control. All she could think was how the device kept her constantly aroused and the abundance of orgasms that was Marie's fault and the officer's. She let go of Marie and retreated back into the dog house.

“Shhhh! Katie do you want Dad coming out and spanking you again?”

“No...” Katie's memory of the pain and humiliation was enough to make her shut up.

“then I suggest you quiet down. I'm going to get a tub, some soap and a razor, i'll be right back.”


“I'm sorry for my reaction. I just can't help it and until yesterday I didn't even know what this felt like.”

“It's okay I didn't say it to embarrass you, I was just explaining. I know it's not your fault.” Marie rubbed her hand through Katie's hair to calm her.

“Can you ask Dad if you can do this inside?” Katie knew it was a long shot but asked anyway.

Marie knew there was no way in hell but said “Sure I'll ask.”

Marie went inside and noticed many empty spots on the walls where all the photos of Katie used to be and even the family photos with Katie had been taken down. Her dad had removed them all as soon as word of Katie's “fight” and “parading around naked” had hit his ears. Marie wondered how her dad could be so cruel. She knew her sister was tricked and then stripped against her will and hadn't gotten her clothes back since. Marie brought them home in a bag when Principal Jacobson had given them to her and at the time looking at them on the ride home from the bus gave her a wicked smile knowing her sister had been taken down a peg. Marie hated herself for it. When she got home she saw all the photos down from the walls and her father explained her sister's arrest and even went into detail about her “whore” ways like shaving herself, he told her about the vicious spanking, and Katie walking around prison naked, which Marie knew Katie had no choice but to do but once again at the time it brought Marie joy. Marie felt like a traitor to her sister. She thought to herself how that a sisters' bond should be her strongest bond and the way she acted was unforgivable. Her dad threw the clothes away just like the rest of her sister's stuff. She walked by her sister's former room which now just had a doggy bed in it. She then walked by her Dad in the living room who was reading and her mother who sat their quietly and hoped to get by without anything besides the bare minimum interaction.

“How many times has she fucked since she got back there?”

Marie got fiery but held herself back. “None, father.”

“Pacing herself, I see.”

“Katie needs a bath. Can I bring her inside?”

“No that whore may not step foot inside my household you know that. How many times are we going to have this discussion?”

Marie wanted to scream but instead walked away. She reached the basement and grabbed an old iron tub, some soap, shampoo, and a sponge off the supply shelf, and brought it upstairs and went to the bathroom and found Katie's razor from her “secret” hiding spot behind the sink, which Marie had found quite some time ago but decided to ignore. She also grabbed some perfume of her own for Katie to use.

Katie meanwhile was shivering, the leash her only covering and the dog house her only shelter. She couldn't imagine sleeping out here. She started to freak out about getting sick and how that could add to all her other torment. She couldn't believe she was about to be bathed and shaved by her little sister. She kept thinking about her sister talking about smelling her vagina and started to get even more self conscious. It was even worse being constantly aware of her clit from the ring keeping it aroused. She thought about school tomorrow and how that could compound her humiliation. She couldn't wipe away the tears fast enough she didn't know how she'd make it. She also realized she had to pee and the thought of having to go in her backyard was enough to keep her tears from stopping. She was about to relieve herself when she heard the door start to open.

Marie carried the tub outside. Marie saw Katie shivering and realized how awful the cold water was going to be. Katie seeing her sister with the tub knew her dad had said no. Marie took Katie's leash off and Katie was once again completely naked. Katie rubbed her neck as Marie then filled the tub with the cold water from the hose and told Katie to get inside. Katie looked around and saw no one watching since those two boys had disappeared. She got into the freezing cold water, lying on her sore bottom and she winced as soon as it touched the cold iron.

“Marie can I please do this myself? No one will ever know.”

“Katie the officer could return at any time and we can't take any chances. I'm sorry, but no.”

Katie was shivering really bad as her sister squirted shampoo into her hair and started to rub it in. On one hand the pampering felt nice but on the other it just made her feel like a child or a pet. Marie continued to rub Katie's hair and work the shampoo into a rich lather. Aside from freezing in the cold water Katie decided she didn't quite mind. Until it stopped and her sister rinsed her off by spraying her with the hose again.

“A little warning next time, please?”

“Sorry it's not very often I give people baths,” she said as she tried not to giggle.

Katie realized it was now time for the more humiliating part. Marie poured the liquid soap onto the sponge and started to rub it onto Katie's right arm and once a lather built up she dunked it in the water and moved onto the left arm. Katie was feeling less and less like a person as it seemed she was just touched used and examined by any one who felt like it. She missed her dignity.

Once the arms were finished, Marie fished Katie's right leg out and repeated. Marie really didn't want to say anything during this whole process both for her and Katie's sake, while Katie's laying on her sore bottom and having her sister feel up her entire body wasn't sure what to do or say either. Katie was getting especially nervous when Marie worked her way up Katie's leg but stopped right before her pussy. She then repeated on the left leg and Katie was remembering how badly she had to pee. She already pissed herself once in front of her sister and vowed not to do it again as if somehow that would help her remain dignified.

“All right... on all fours.”

Katie groaned as she flipped over. She knew her sister was doing her a favor but this was ridiculous, she knew one of those perverted old men from the parole board wrote this book to extend the torture beyond their prison walls. She was now on all fours again as she had been most of the time since she got home. The cold water was making her shiver and the cold sponge against her back almost made her jump. Marie would stop just before each asscheek but the water would drip down her crack partially soothing her still sore tattoo.

Marie felt truly awful for degrading her sister further but had no choice in the matter. She knew once she finished her sister's back it would be on to more sensitive area's and she wasn't sure how she would react. Anytime she thought about stopping she remembered that what she did to her sister at the restaurant and knew she had to keep going.

Katie realized her back was finished and dreaded what was next. Her sister rested one hand on her back and reached under her and washed her stomach and then moved up to her breasts. As the sponge rubbed over her breasts her already painfully erect nipples seemed to get even more erect and she let out a moan. “...” Katie opened her mouth trying to come up with words to explain herself but came up blank and just started crying again.

“Shhhh, it's okay, No judgment I promise,” said Marie, trying to comfort her sister.

Katie let out a sob and then tried to calm herself she tried breathing and remembering her sister was protecting her so was able to calm down. Marie then took the sponge and started rubbing Katie's sore ass. The cold against her still-stinging bottom was helpful but it was also incredibly embarrassing having her sister rub her ass even with a sponge in between. Worse yet her sister was resting her free hand on the right ass cheek while she cleaned the left and then reversed. She felt gross having her sister touch her there.

“Um... Katie?”

Katie wanted to pretend she couldn't hear her sister and just pretend none of this was happening, she couldn't bear her shame right now and knew whatever comment came next probably had to do with her vagina which she knew was up next but instead it was worse.

“Katie? The skin around your assh... I mean tattoo is peeling real bad. I'm going to scrub it down like the officer said.”

“Marie... No. Please.” Katie sobbed.

But it was too late Marie was scrubbing around her anus peeling the lose skin and pressing against her sensitive tattoo as well as around her sensitive passage. She was feeling horribly degraded. Finally her sister stopped. “Um... it should be a lot more comfortable now.”

Finally the sponge started rubbing her inner thigh and Katie moaned again and continued to moan as Marie rubbed against her labia and then her other lip and the inside of her other thigh. She then rubbed up and down the slit and Katie let out even bigger moans in between sobs while her sister tried to calm her by rubbing her back with her free hand. It was only made worse by how sensitive her vagina still was from her ordeal earlier. “It's okay, Katie, I love you and will never judge you.”

Katie felt slightly comforted but still felt incredibly embarrassed. Every time Marie worked up and down it would graze Katie's already engorged clit and make her even more aroused, increasing the frequency of her moans and pants. Katie realized she was building towards an orgasm. “Marie... stop... please.”

Marie realized what her sister was trying to say but couldn't and stopped. So she dropped the sponge and tried to non-nonchalantly sniff the air and decided she couldn't smell the juices anymore.

“Okay, just one more thing.”

Marie grabbed the razor and made the judgement call of not spreading shaving cream around her sister's pussy and decided she would just use the razor to spare her sister at least some embarrassment. Marie started reaching under Katie with the razor and shaved from front to back over her inner thigh. “Okay Katie I'm gonna need you to hold a finger over your labia so I don't nick it.”

Katie quietly cried some more and as she moved one finger to her labia, her finger rubbing against her already engorge clit almost sent her over the edge right there. She couldn't believe he sister was shaving her pubic hair. She felt each row of short stubble get shaved off and when the moisture bar of her razor head started touching the finger over her labia causing her to inadvertently rub herself slightly allowing more moans to escape. Katie hated that she liked this feeling, she had to admit to herself she wanted to cum she couldn't take the constant arousal, but she refused to orgasm in front of her sister again. Marie then moved to the other side of her pussy allowing Katie to release her labia much to her own relief, she wasn't sure how much worse her constant arousal could get.

Katie got out of the tub and was freezing before she even had time to try and rub her body to try and warm up Marie had already put the leash back on. Katie was going to protest but decided it wasn't worth even bringing up. She just stood there on all fours, wet, leashed and naked in her backyard. She also knew she couldn't hold in her need to pee any longer.


“Yeah, Katie?”

“could you turn around I... need to pee.”

“Of course.”

Marie turned around, knowing how humiliating it must be for her sister to even have to ask that. Katie moved to the right side of the dog house as far as the leash would allow, spread her legs and began to piss, feeling more degraded knowing her sister could hear the noise of her urine hitting the grass below her. She had just started when she heard “Oh my god!” and the sound of three girls laughing behind her.

Marie turned around to see Carol, Cindy, and Carol's older sister Lisa, who was in Katie's class standing behind Katie. They were giggling and staring at Katie's spread legs, barcoded asshole, tight pussy and the stream of urine pouring out of it. Katie had been holding it in so long she couldn't stop even as they watched her. She wanted to die right there of pure humiliation. They continued to laugh right until she finished.

Lisa was wet just at the sight of what was happening. She almost reached inside her skirt just to give herself a little tease. Lisa wasn't a lesbian nor did pissing turn her on, but she wasn't really even straight either. Lisa only cared about one person, and that was Lisa, and the only thing that turned Lisa on was pain, and more specifically seeing others in it, especially humiliating emotional pain. Lisa had been with several male partners before and she got off more on the embarrassment of a guy who came too quick and got that look of embarrassment as he looked for an excuse for his behavior than any guy who could actually had endurance. The reason she was going to night school to be a nurse was simply because she liked seeing people at their most vulnerable.

Lisa was there when the fight between Sandra and Katie broke out and watched in glee as it all took place. She was the one who had undone Katie's bra during the fight, not that anyone knew that. Lisa had masturbated furiously all night at the thought of the most modest girl in town handcuffed and marched naked through her school. When Lisa had found out that Katie had gotten out of prison early but on parole and with a nude mandate she knew she had to see it and what better excuse than driving her younger sister to see her friend Marie. Katie only knew Lisa as a girl in her class who she took biology and art with, and her sister's friend's sister. Lisa had every intention of getting to know Katie much better.

Katie wasn't sure what was worse turning around to face her humiliation or leaving her ass and pussy exposed to them.

“Marie, could I get some tissue please?” Katie groaned as she realized she now had to wipe herself in front of them.

Marie was reaching into her pocket when Lisa spoke up “No worry I have some.” Katie was about to turn around gratefully to accept the tissue when she felt the tissue press against her pussy. Katie was mortified as she was standing there on all fours leashed while someone who was practically a stranger was wiping her pussy. To make it worse Lisa also rested a hand on her still bruised ass. Lisa took her time moving up and down Katie's slit making sure to graze her clit with each motion and Katie would release a small moan.

“Stop that!” yelled Marie.

Katie who hadn't the nerve to speak was grateful for her sister's interruption.

“Oh I'm sorry, I was just trying to help. I'm a nurse, well going to school to be a nurse, I've dealt with this sort of thing before.”

“I appreciate it but please keep your hands away from my sister, in case you hadn't noticed she already has it pretty rough.”

Carol interjected “Oh come on, Marie, you said we could come over and play with Katie.”

Marie tried to play it cool. “Maybe another day. I was getting ready to put her to bed.”

“Come on can't we just a little? My sister had an idea and I thought it would great for all of us, even Katie.”

Lisa spoke up “To avoid Katie riding the bus, I thought we could all drive in together everyday.”

Katie got excited at the idea of not riding the bus. Marie was cautious, she knew Cindy and Carol weren't emotionally mature enough to understand what Katie was going through and Lisa was a wildcard.

“What's the catch?”

“No catch... Well no catch really, I want to help Katie. For instance I notice how red Katie's ass is, from a spanking I imagine, I can help with that.”

“What do you mean?” Marie asked.

Katie rotated to facing them deciding to hide her ass and pussy but exposing her breasts as they hung down. She was too ashamed to look them in the eye. Even as they talked to Marie they stared at Katie studying every inch of the bound naked girl.

“I have a whole kit they gave me at school, I have some cream that's really good for bruises. Let me put that on and it will go from a bright red to a healthy shade of pink. People at school might not even notice.”

Katie groaned both at the idea of Lisa putting cream all over her ass and everyone at school staring at it. Katie was on her way to another panic attack when Marie having weighed the idea of her and three other teenage girls vs. a busload of teenagers including boys and an adult bus driver said “Okay, but you have to promise to drive us everyday. Even if you're sick Katie never rides the bus.”

“Deal. I would never want that to happen anyways, imagine all the terrible things that could happen.” Lisa said with an almost sickening smile. She ran off to grab her kit and came back. “May I remove her leash?”

“I've got it.” Marie said she knelt down to take the leash off Katie's neck.

She whispered in Katie's ear “Just play along and let her do this. We both know this and a free ride is better than the bus. Please don't cry again, it's not that big of a deal she's going to be a nurse.”

Katie wished she could have the free ride and not some stranger rubbing cream all over her bare ass but she hadn't had anything she wanted since her last moment of cuddling with Sam and doubted that would change anytime soon.

“Katie, lay flat against the ground and spread your legs,” said Lisa.

Katie moved far away enough from her pee spot, everyone giggled except Marie knowing why she was moving, and did as commanded. The feeling her hard nipples and wet pussy gave as they pressed into the cold grass caused her to release a moan, to another round of giggling from all but Marie. She spread her legs and Lisa scooted up on her knees til she was a centimeter away from her ass and pussy.

Lisa's bare finger grazed Katie's pussy “on accident” and came up covered in juices. Katie let out another moan and Lisa said “Woah, maybe you do like this.”

Before Katie could protest and as tears started to well, Marie was right in Lisa's face. “I will fuck your shit up.”

“Excuse me?” said Lisa.

“Her pussy is never to be touched, by you or by anyone, okay? If you pull a move like that again, don't tell me it was an accident, I will fuck your shit up and you'll still drive us in because otherwise I will fuck your shit up again. You can have a bruised face to match her bruised ass. Are we clear?”

Katie had never seen or heard her sister like that before. She hated that she was talking about her ass and pussy but she was protecting her.

“I'm sorry Marie, it really was an accident, and I had just meant that she must partially enjoy this is she's so wet. I'm sorry it was in poor taste, but we both know on some level Katie must like this, if she's this wet.”

“That's between her and her conscious, not for you. Fix her ass and then never touch her again, do you understand?”

“Yes, okay. I got it.” Carol and Cindy were shocked silent, Lisa gritted her teeth and knew there would be time for revenge later but for now she had to play along until she could get Katie alone.

Lisa opened her bag and spread the cream all over her hands. Lisa knew she should be wearing gloves but decided this would be far more humiliating for Katie. Katie gasped as she felt the cold cream hit her ass and Lisa worked her hands in circles rubbing it in all over Katie's ass. Marie was noticing the difference as her sister's ass went from bright red to lighter and lighter shades. Marie hoped what she was doing was worth it, she was now her sister's guardian and would have to make tough decisions for her. She already didn't trust Lisa but the bus still seemed worse.

Carol then approached Marie. “Are you ready to be the most popular girl in school?”

“What do you mean?”

“You're going to be a sophomore escorting in your leashed naked senior sister. Everyone is going to think you're a total badass and want to be your friend.”

Marie got stars in her eyes; unfortunately one day was not enough to get past her insecurities and the idea of everyone thinking she was the coolest girl in school, regardless of the circumstances, was enough to make her blush. Even if it was at her sister's expense.

While Marie was distracted Lisa started to work her finger in between Katie's butt cheeks. Katie was already crying from being assaulted by a stranger. Lisa whispered

“Don't say a word or I will make you ride the bus no matter what your sister does and then whatever your sister does to me, I do to you.”

Lisa's finger applied the bruise cream around the tattoo, constantly swirling inward getting closer and closer to Katie's asshole. Finally she had her finger right on top of Katie's anus. Katie gritted her teeth and clenched her sphincter as Lisa started tapping as if she was knocking at her backdoor. The bruise cream acted as a strong lubricant and she penetrated with her middle finger right down to the top knuckle and wriggled it around. Katie started crying harder and squirming trying to get the finger out of her anus without making a scene. In her squirming she accidentally kicked Lisa. Her finger came out of Katie's anus and Lisa looked pissed.

Marie noticed the commotion and asked “What happened?”

“Sorry it was an accident, she... tickled me.”

“It was not an accident, she kicked me on purpose. I demand an apology.”

Katie was too scared and humiliated to say what really happened. “I'm sorry that I kicked you, Lisa.”

“That's not good enough.”

Marie realizing that if Lisa were to tell someone Katie kicked her there could be serious repercussions. “What sort of apology did you have in mind.”

The words that came out of Lisa's mouth came out in a way that one would think she was ordering a food. “She should eat my pussy.”

“My sister in not eating your pussy, she's not some gross lesbian, she's never even been kissed.”

“I'm sure it's not so different than prison.” Lisa laughed.

“She has never, and will never eat pussy. My sister is not some disgusting dyke, okay? But how about I punish her here in front of you.” Marie reached in her pocket for the remote.

Katie was feeling incredibly hurt. She was laying on the ground with her head in between her knees not looking at anyone. Still remembering Lisa's finger slithering inside her anus. She realized she could never reveal Sam to her sister and that made her realize that she was completely alone. She was just some gross lesbian to her sister, she needed so desperately to tell her sister about her girlfriend and now she realized she never could because then she would lose her sister. On top of that now her sister was gonna give her some form of punishment in exchange for not having to eat the pussy of a sociopath who had just assaulted her anus but she couldn't say anything.

Marie turned to Katie. “Katie get on your knees and spread your legs as far as they will go.”

Katie looked up and saw the remote in Marie's hands. Katie started shaking her head no.

Marie's voice got really firm. “You will do it now or should I call your probation officer and say you assaulted Lisa?” Katie felt so alone and humiliated as she got on her knees and spread her legs exposing her pussy even more so than usual.

“Hands behind your head.”

Katie was crying again as she put her full frontal on display. Marie turned to Lisa. “Do you know what this does?”

“Yes I guess that is punishment enough for now but I want her leash on and I want to hold it. Courtney, please get this on tape.”

“With pleasure.”

Marie grit her teeth knowing this was better than the chance of her sister getting reported for hitting someone but realizing that the deal with Lisa was a deal with the devil. Marie put Katie's leash on as she let out a whimper that broke Marie's heart. She rubbed Katie's shoulder briefly as she handed the leash to Lisa.

Courtney was holding the camera as Lisa bent down and gave a peace sign right next to the nude and leashed Katie. Courtney took a photo of that and then turned it to camera.

“I think I've picked my senior photo” said Lisa with a sneer.

Katie balled some more as the thought of this being in the yearbook along with who knows how many other nude photos of her would be taken this year.

Marie was about to hand the remote to Lisa. “No I think it's better if you do it,” Lisa said.

Marie realized Lisa was trying to punish both of them, not just Katie. Katie looked with pleading eyes towards her sister who felt so much guilt as she pressed the button. Katie fell backwards onto her ass as the vibrations in the device kicked in, and she started spasming as she orgasmed over and over to the delight of Lisa. Lisa could feel the spasm through the leash and it made her feel powerful. Marie looked towards Lisa as she waited for the cue to stop torturing her sister. Katie had pulled her legs up to her breast as she lay in the fetal position moaning and crying.

“Legs spread, slut!”

Katie couldn't believe the way Lisa was speaking towards her but she knew this wouldn't stop until Lisa said so. So ignoring every instinct in her body she spread her legs again as she lay there cumming, she further humiliated herself as she started to hump the air as she came like she was bringing her pussy to Sam's waiting mouth. Katie couldn't believe that's what she compared this situation to. Katie realized she regretted not making love to Sam while had the chance knowing how long as it might be til she saw her next and whatever sexual torture she might endure til then knowing she had given her virginity to the woman she loved would have been a small consolation knowing what might happen to her for the rest of the year.

Lisa could see the moaning, drooling, naked, crying Katie laying on the ground trying to run away inside her head. So she knelt down with her panties under her skirt just above Katie's face and Katie realized she could smell her pussy, and Lisa started snapping her fingers to snap Katie out of her trance. Katie realized Lisa was dangerous and sadistic. Katie continued to cum and hump the air for what felt like forever. Lisa whispered to Katie “I hope you've learned not to defy me.” not loud enough for Marie to hear.

Marie had turned away out of guilt and shame while Courtney and Carol couldn't stop giggling. Katie's pussy was in pain from all the orgasms of the day. She was incredibly exhausted and the tears and juices flowing out of her body just couldn't seem to stop.

Lisa turned to Marie, after what must have been at least five minutes of pure orgasms. “You may stop now.”

Marie finally let go of the button and Katie laid on the ground panting and gasping for air.

Lisa signaled Courtney and Carol. “We'll pick you both up in the morning.” They all made sure to step over Katie as if it were nothing and didn't look back as they left.

Marie ran to her sister and grabbed her into a big hug. Katie cried over her shoulder for what felt like hours. Finally it came time for Marie to go to bed and to leave Katie outside to the cold.

“Katie, I love you but I have to go in.”

Katie just stared into the distance wondering if even getting up tomorrow would even be worth it. The only thing to look forward to was Sam and she was so far away, could she really put up with the humiliation, embarrassment, and torture for the next half year to once again be reunited with her love or would she just hope the cold would take her in the night. Did Sam love her as much as she loved Sam or had she moved on to another in her absence?

Just then she felt a tingling in her chest, like someone had grabbed her heart. She had to believe Sam loved her just as much and she loved Sam.

“it's okay. Good night,” she said to her sister. She loved her sister and knew she cared but her feelings on homosexuality would forever be a roadblock and prevent Katie from having any true confidant through this ordeal but Katie knew every night she would dream of Sam and she hoped that would be enough.

Marie couldn't take the pain of looking at her sister after what Lisa had forced her to do to her, so she walked back to the house without looking back. Marie felt horrible making Katie's pain about herself but she felt so much guilt and knew she would break down soon.

Katie curled up in the dog house dreading the coming day, freezing down to her bones, her naked flesh covered in goosebumps, nipples erect, pussy still dripping from earlier. She watched as one by one the lights of her house and neighbors houses turned off, but she laid awake, completely awake, fighting every hour, every minute, and every second until her public humiliation was exposed on a much wider scale.

Finally around what she would only guess to be 1 a.m. Her teeth chattering and her freezing body ice cold to the touch she heard the rear door open. Marie was tip-toeing into the back yard. She put one finger to her lips to indicate silence for Katie. She undid Katie's leash and signaled her to follow. They both went inside and they tip-toed to Marie's room. Katie saw the walls bare of any pictures of her and let out a gasp. Marie looked pissed as she tried to tell her sister to shut up non-verbally and then the dogs who must have woken up barked.

Luckily their parents did not wake up and they snuck into Marie's room. Marie set her alarm for 5 a.m. to give them one hour to sneak Katie back outside before her father woke up. Katie reached for a blanket from Marie's bed but Marie smacked her hand away. Katie realized sleeping outside wasn't a rule but being covered was. She was still thankful to be inside and warm. She wished she could thank her sister for her kindness but the thought of making any noise and waking her father terrified both of them. Katie lay on the carpet and Marie held her until she fell asleep. Visions of Sam danced in Katie's head for the four hour sleep that was the calm before the coming storm.

End of part 6

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