Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 5

A secretary then walked into the room and stepped right over Katie’s curled up sobbing form as if it was nothing.

“12215's parents have agreed to pick her up.”

Katie was scared her father wouldn't agree so at least she had that.

“Officer Jones, please restrain the prisoner.” Natalie then grabbed a new leash, a much thinner collar connected to a metal chain, and placed it around Katie's neck. Katie still hadn't recovered from this ordeal and when Natalie tried to get her to come along she could only follow on all fours. She continued to sob and while if she was given the moment she needed to catch her breath she might be able to get up but no one cared. After a long hallway they finally they to a security door allowing Katie the moment she needed to get up. She couldn't believe Natalie didn't warm her for any of this. She knew if people thought Sam was a rat it'd be all over for Sam so she had to do it but she should have know what she was walking into.

They then got to a door marked “Exit” and Katie knew that meant exit to the outside, and she was going out naked.

The other men then left but one handed the device to Natalie and then turned and said, “12215 You're the first woman here to ever take parole since our nudity policy kicked in. You must really care about your studies more than modesty, ha, ha.”

Katie felt even worse now she almost felt tricked and she did feel insulted, she wanted her modesty back more than anything besides Sam. Natalie opened the door and Katie just stood still not ready to enter the outside world.

“Katie, come on.”

“You didn't warn me about this! I'm going to be naked in front of everyone, I can have orgasms in public without my control, and have a permanent tattoo around my... anus.”

“I told you it would be cruel I didn't warn you about the rest because you would've never forgiven yourself for not helping Sam so you were gonna go through with it either way there was no need to have more hesitation.”

“I thought you were my friend.”

“Katie, that hurts! I've protected you and now I’m protecting someone you care about.”

Katie didn't want any of this to be true and the worst part is if she wished for none of this to ever have happened she would've never met Sam so she can't even wish for that. She just wiped more tears from her face while Natalie still held the door open.

“We have to go Katie.”

Katie just stood there starting to hyperventilate. Natalie pulled the device out of her pocket “Don't make me use this.”

Katie couldn't believe she'd threaten like that, especially coming from another woman, one that was supposed to be her friend. Katie took one bare footstep into the outside world and then another and Natalie closed the door behind her. Natalie held her leash firm and they walked to the curb. The pavement reminded Katie of the being walked out of the school the day before and it felt really uncomfortable under her feet and the cool November air caused her to have erect nipples again.

They were incredibly uncomfortable as she was in every way: physically and mentally, her ass was sore from spankings, her anus was sore from the tattoo, her feet from the pavement, her nipples from the cool air, her stomach from having not eaten, her eyes from crying. She was covered in sweat and her legs in her own juices and of course she could still feel the metal ring around her clit giving her a small amount of arousal.

After what seemed like ages her dad's car pulled up. Out stepped her father and her younger sister Marie. Marie was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans of course, completely covered as needed in the cool November air. Marie had always resented Katie for being the perfect one and was loving every minute of this. Marie looked her sister up and down, enjoying that Katie was as naked as she could be except for the leash.

Natalie said,“Mr Smith, here's your daughter, you have been given all the proper information as well as acceptable routes. Do you accept custody of your daughter?”

“She's not my daughter, she's a whore, but yes I accept.”

“Okay let me just sign her out then. Katie, bend over.”

Katie realized what signed out meant and bent over. She felt the cool plastic of the scanner against her anus and shivered while her sister giggled and her dad looked in disgust.

“Katie, I can't get a good read.”

Katie sighed and spread her ass cheeks which were still sore reminding her of her dad's cruelty and finally heard the beep.

Her dad looked even more disgusted, but Marie loved it, “That thing's cool! Do we get one of those too? You know like the one that gives her orgasms in case she becomes a threat?” Marie said with cruelty in her voice.

“No but one will be installed at your house for when she checks in and when she leaves.” Katie knew there was no end to this humiliation. “She is now officially in your custody.”

Natalie tried to hand the leash to her father “I touch nothing belonging to a whore.”

Katie couldn't believe the cruelty her father was showing but her sister just snickered and took her leash. Natalie also handed her the device that controlled the clit ring. Marie held a firm grip on Katie's leash almost choking her. Natalie also handed a piece of paper to Marie and explained “If you're ever stopped for any reason this explains her nude mandate.”

Katie wasn't sure whether to say goodbye to Natalie or not, but never got the chance as Marie started pulling on Katie's leash.

“Oh by the way she has one hour to get home before her route lock kicks in on her tracking device.”

And those were the last words Natalie got to say to Katie before Katie was being dragged away on the rough pavement by her sister holding her leash. Her dad had yet to acknowledge her but she was glad that it was only about 5 to 10 minutes driving home, so the full hour was more than enough. Her dad got in the car and started it and Katie went to get in the back. She'd always had the front seat before being the older one, but now wasn't a time to argue with her younger sister.

“What are you doing?” her sister said.

“Getting in.”

“You wouldn't want to get your leaky vagina juices all over dad's seats would you?”

Her sister would never talk like this if she knew her Dad could hear her but he couldn't from inside the car. Not wanting to argue about her vaginal fluids and add to her humiliation Katie just stared at her feet. “Can-can we put a towel down then?”

“No, Dad asked me to walk you home and you've got a brand new leash, my little Kitty, to show you off in.” Kitty was Marie's favorite nickname for Katie because Katie absolutely hated it. Her sister pulled her back hard by the leash and then knocked on the window and gave her dad a thumbs up and just like that he was driving away.

Katie was crying again . “pl-please Marie, call dad back.” Katie had little confidence talking to her sister, who she always thought was prettier, before and now she had absolutely none.

“Listen Katie, you're my sister and I want to help you, but for 15 years now all I've heard is to be more like you and now you've proven to be a bigger screw up than I ever could and I intend to enjoy it.”

“Marie, none of this is my fault. Let me tell you everything.”

“Katie, we've only got an hour to walk home I think we should get going, I wouldn't want you to be stuck on the side walk cumming in front of strangers.”

Katie realized she had less allies in the outside world than in prison.

“Start walking.”

Katie just wiped her tears and started walking down the pavement bare foot, bare every thing except for her leash being held tightly by Marie.

“Sis, aside from that wonderful spanking Dad gave you, you've got some pretty nice buns, you should be happy to show it off,” Marie said as she followed closely behind Katie.

Katie was about to be paraded on a leash through town naked and on a time limit, and she didn't need any of this from her sister. She turned around and said, “Marie please stop, you have no clue how awful this is. I'm naked, and have been for more than a day now. I've been spanked, stripped, assaulted, humiliated, made to humiliate myself and pose grossly, I-I have a bar code tattooed around my anus and you know what you're right I am leaking but I can't help it because they attached this device to me-” she pointed to her partially exposed clit, something that made Katie feel dirty “-and now I'm being walked on a leash naked in public. Please sister, I'm so cold and exposed, just call us a cab, I'll pay you back for it and do whatever you want.”

“What I want, sister, is for us to walk home and we will. Don't make me use this.”

She pulled the controller from her pocket. Katie knew pleading for mercy was a lost cause she didn't want another orgasm so instead she just dropped her head.

“For mouthing off to me you must be punished.”

Marie grabbed both Katie's nipples and twisted them violently. Katie roared in pain but just took it, she knew she had no power. She just turned around and started walking. The road they were on that led from the main road to prison was very gravelly and hurt Katie's bare feet and soon would connect with the main road where people would be sure to see Katie.

Marie was loving her new found power over her older 'perfect' sister. Marie had never been a bad girl and a normal person would never see the difference between her and Katie's behavior, but Katie always had one grade point higher, one more chore done, and always up early for church and never argued or disobeyed, Marie on the other hand sometimes swore, liked to sleep in and had twice argued with her parents about it, and they always compared her to Katie and made her feel second best, now she'd be able to get her revenge and then some.

She yanked Katie's leash hard. “Hold it.”

Katie turned around but didn't look her sister in the eye. “Get on your knees and beg me and maybe I'll call a cab.”

Marie gave some slack for the leash and Katie dropped to her hands and knees, she knew this was probably a ploy but couldn't pass up a chance to not be exposed. She still couldn't look her sister in the eye. “Please, Marie, I beg you call a cab, I will do anything you want for as long as you want, I'm in real trouble here emotionally and only you can help, please save me.”

Katie was lost in her own thoughts pleading and staring at the ground and she didn't notice Marie was now in back of her. “My, look at this tattoo, I bet dad just loves knowing his little angel has a prison identification bar code around her little pucker hole. I can see it perfect right now but spreading your ass cheeks must of made it easier earlier for that guard. I bet dad wishes he got that on home video as a proud moment. I wonder how many times you're gonna have to spread to get scanned until your done with parole?”

Every word hurt Katie more. “Oh and you're not really pleading at that height, get lower.”

Katie lowered herself so that her tits were scratching against the gravel making them even more sore. “Please Marie, I'll be your slave-”

Katie never meant to say it like that but her sore tits and her dilemma made it hard to think.

“See Katie, that's the problem, you already are.” And just like that Marie yanked up on her leash pulling her to feet “Let's go, we have a long way to walk.”

Katie wasn't surprised it was a ploy but still was very hurt by what her sister had said. Soon they were almost at the main road and Katie could see cars passing by frequently.

“Well sis, take a deep breath, you're about to be famous.”

Tears filled Katie's eyes as they hit the main road. She was shivering from nerves and cold and didn't want to walk farther but Marie walked ahead and yanked on the leash.

“Here, kitty, kitty, don't want to have to punish you so you better start moving.”

Katie. both due to fear and the leash being yanked. turned onto the main road.

“I think you should thank me for not punishing you.”

Katie knew following orders would keep her out of trouble. “Thank you, Marie.”

“Thank you for what?”

”For not punishing me.”

“And how would I have punished you?”

“You would press the button.”

“And what would that button do?”

“It-it would give me an or-orgasm.”

“How would it do that?”

“It would cause the device to vibrate.”

“And where's the device.”

“It's att-attached to my... clitoris.”

“Oh my, you skank, well you're welcome.”

Katie hated this torture. and soon cars were flying by honking at the naked leashed girl and Marie made sure to stop and wave at everyone. Katie tried to cover herself but Marie made it clear that would not be tolerated. “Are you trying to hide a weapon, kitty? I'd hate to have to have use this because I fear for my safety or have you sent back because you can't comply with protocol.”

“Y-you know I'm not dangerous Marie.”

“I hear prison changes people sis, sorry,” she said and winked. Marie of course knew Katie was no danger to anyone nor had she ever been but she just loved rubbing it in.

Katie dropped her hands to her sides exposing herself once more to each passerby. Katie was only slightly lucky in the regard that the street was far too busy for any passerby to slow down or stop without causing an accident. No more than a minute of walking on the street and at least two dozen cars had honked while yelling humiliating thing “Like nice puss!” “I'll take you for a walk any day!” and Katie noticed they were passing a local fast food place.

“M-Marie, I haven't eaten since yesterday, wo-would you mind, getting me some food please? I-I'll pay you back.” Katie worried about the time limit but she was starving.

“You'll pay for both of us but yes I can see it in my heart to feed you.” She pulled Katie by her leash to the door.

“Ma-Marie can you um-please go in a-and get it and I c-can wait out here...”

“No can do Kitty, I'm entrusted with the public's safely who knows what mess you could make roaming free.”

Katie couldn't believe she was even suggesting this but she stammered, “What if you ti-tied my leash-” Katie hated that she just had to call it her leash, she felt like a pet "- to something so I can't...”

“Sorry sis, that just won't do but now that I think about it this is your first interaction with people since you got out, and I don't want to take any risks.”

Marie walked behind Katie. “Give me your arms.”

Katie not even wanting to know just let her arms go limp, and then Marie tied Katie's arms into her leash behind her back. meaning she couldn't cover at all or move her arms. She also didn't know how she would she eat. Marie then opened both doors as everyone inside gasped at the nude tied girl. There couldn't have been more than eight people inside besides staff, but not a single one was eating while they all saw Katie. Katie hung her head in shame.

They got up to the counter and the young female cashier said “Uh, She can't be in here like that.”

Marie pulled out the note from earlier from Natalie and handed it to the cashier and the cashier read it.

“...She's dangerous?”


“Oh okay... I guess, what will it be?”

“We'll have two hamburgers and two large waters.”

They waited for a minute while Katie felt every eye in the building on her naked rear. Their food soon came and Marie went to a seat at the counter reserved for single patrons in the back. Katie wasn't sure what to do so she just stood there while everyone was still staring, some even had camera phones and were taking pictures. Katie tried to shield her face with her hair but Marie just pushed it back behind her.

“Quit being silly, soon everyone will have seen all of you there's no use pushing back the inevitable.”

Marie took out her hamburger and started eating while Katie looked on in hunger, unable to do anything with tied hands. “Marie... I'm really hungry.”

“Hold your horses, I'll feed you in a minute. In fact since you're so eager make it easier for me to feed you by getting on your knees.”

Katie got down on her knees with her hands still tied and rested her sore butt on her feet. She knew that even in cruelty Marie was right there was no modesty anymore she couldn’t push back the inevitable. She tried to hold her knees together tight but the clit ring was very uncomfortable so she spread her legs showing her sister her spread pussy and everyone behind her bar code and asshole. Finally Marie finished her hamburger and unwrapped Katie's.

“Kitty want a treat?”

“Yes please, Marie, I'm so hungry.”

“Then nod like a happy Kitty.”

Katie just nodded like she could fake happiness and Marie held the hamburger in her hand in front of Katie and Katie started to eat it, she took bites careful of Marie's hand as to not stir her wrath. The mess was getting all over her breasts as she tried to eat with just her mouth but in her eagerness to eat she didn't care and just wolfed it down as Marie laughed at her once mighty sister eating food out of her hand while naked and bound in public while everyone around stared at the spectacle. Marie then took the lid off the water even though a straw would've made it easier for Katie and made Katie drink every last drop aside from those spilled dripping onto her breasts.

“My, what a mess you made kitty.”

“Marie, is that you?” Two teenage girls Marie's age walked up.

“Oh hey Carol! Hey Cindy!”

They both walked up and laughed at Katie.

“Guys you remember my sister Katie, don't you?”

They looked down at the naked girl kneeling knees spread to clearly see her pussy with her arms tied behind her back and a mess on her tits and laughed. “Oh yeah we do, ha ha.”

“Just let me clean her up.” Marie went and got a napkins and started rubbing all over Katie's breasts. Katie's nipples were very erect and she let out a moan. All the girls laughed. Katie was trying to accept that her body wasn't hers anymore but still managed to let a tear drop over this indignity.

“How gross! She gets off on this.” said Carol.

“Well, if she gets off on it what else can we do?” said Cindy.

Marie's jealousy of Katie from their younger years had always made her over-compensate by trying to always look cool. She pulled the device from her pocket. “Well, if you didn't know the courts have entrusted me to make sure my sister doesn't hurt anyone while she's on parole. That's why she's naked and tied. And why she has this tattoo. Katie bend over.”

Katie bent down while while Marie stood over her pointing down between her parted cheeks, Carol and Cindy laughed at her asshole and the whole restaurant was still watching. Katie started tearing up more no matter how much she tried to hold it in.

“And most importantly why she has this. Katie, sit up and spread your legs wider.”

Katie sat up and spread her legs as wide as she could hoping for mercy, and her little pleasure center sprang out and the girls all saw her clit and laughed at it and the metal ring around it.

“What does it do?”

“If I press this button it gives her orgasms for as long as I want.”

“Wow that's so cool, can we get a demonstration?”

Marie hadn't planned on actually using it but she wanted to impress her friends. “Of course.”

“No, please, Marie, not here, not here, AHHHHH!” Marie had pressed the button and it vibrated intensely. Katie fell backwards as her hips started bucking, her juices were flowing, and she was convulsing, while everyone in the restaurant watched in amazement. Katie screamed out as she had an orgasm, and then another, but then she couldn't scream anymore as her arms were convulsing out of control causing them to pull on her leash and choke her. The girls were all laughing as Katie's eyes turned bloodshot she passed out during her third orgasm.

Katie couldn't remember exactly what was happening and she woke up what looked like she was in a completely dark room.


Katie turned around and there was Sam, but she was cast in light while the rest of the room was dark. She was naked and so was Sam but neither were bound and they both looked happy to see each other. Katie ran forward and gave Sam a huge hug, their breasts pressing together as Katie gave her a huge a kiss on the lips. “Sam, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you so much too hun, more than you'll ever know.”

“Sam, before when I said I loved you, I meant it, I know I now I meant it.”

“I know Katie, and I love you too.”

“Look what they did to me!” Katie said as she looked down and remembered what happened to her.

Sam said “Shhh, it's okay babe, you'll never be any less perfect to me.” Sam sat down and pulled Katie onto her thigh and wrapped her up in a big hug.

“Promise me you'll never leave again.”

Sam said, “I can't do that hun, but you don't know how much I wish I could. This part of your journey is for you to conquer and you are strong enough to do it don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

Katie realized this was a dream again but she didn't wake up this time. Sam grabbed her and started giving her a big open mouth kiss, while massaging Katie's breast.

”Katie!” “KATIE!””KATIE!” How was Sam yelling and kissing at the same time Katie wondered? Suddenly Katie woke up to the cashier girl from earlier giving her mouth to mouth CPR and chest compressions. Katie gasped for air as the girl backed up. Her sister had been the one screaming her name and she looked to be really scared. Katie opened her eyes to about twelve people standing around her; eight patrons, the cashier, Marie, Carol, and Cindy. Her leash was off she could feel it but she was still naked and being stared at. She then remembered the humiliating public orgasms and the and the choking.

Marie hugged the cashier and said “Thank you!”

Katie knew they didn't teach mouth to mouth anymore, but was grateful for someone actually trying to aid her and secretly she was grateful for the illusion of being Sam in her dream. After that dream Katie knew she had to stay strong for Sam.

Marie with tears in her eyes said “Katie I'm so sorry I went too far. I'm so glad you're alright. I'm calling that cab, we don't have much time!”

Carol said “She's fine, can't we just play some more?”

Marie still wanted to look cool so decided to say, “Not today, but come over some time and we will.”

Katie hoped her sister was joking. Marie had just blurted that out but she hoped to not fill that promise. Marie helped her sister to her feet and gave her a big hug but it only served to remind Katie of her nudity when Marie's clothing rubbed against her. Katie just stared at her feet again “Can you pl-please call that cab?”

Marie pulled out her cell phone and called for a cab while Carol and Cindy waved goodbye and winked at Katie, saying “See you later.”

Katie thanked the cashier who just looked genuinely sorry for Katie. Katie looked at a wall clock and realized they had 10 minutes to get home and she became a nervous wreck. “How long did the cab say til they'd be here?”

“...Ten minutes.”

“Oh...” Katie wasn't sure what to do. Marie asked the Cashier “Is there a towel we could take.”

The cashier came back with a long towel and Marie draped it over her shoulder, wishing she could put it on Katie but that would be breaking the law, and she then she stuffed the leash in her pocket. Katie's pussy was still sensitive from her 3 previous orgasms and was not looking forward to this car ride.

“Katie do you want to wait outside or inside?” Marie asked with actual sympathy.

Not sure where she'd want to be when the orgasms kicked in. “... outside.”

“Everyone please leave my sister alone.” Marie said as they left the restaurant.

Katie was once again all wobbly from her orgasms and other various torments she had incurred and she sat down on the grass behind some bushes and her sister sat beside her. Marie rubbed Katie's back while Katie was trying to hold onto the memory of her dream about Sam. She was also very cold as she was covered in more sweat. The grass tickled against Katie's vagina and anus and she was just trying to ignore that. Katie got knots in her stomach out of nervousness and she also had to pee from the large water her sister forced her to finish.

Finally eight minutes later, just as the cab pulled in, it started. Katie stood up and immediately fell down, the vibrations were more intense and she was cumming again. She fell down on all fours and pissed all over the grass and herself and was mortified. She also started cumming over and over. Marie ran inside again as quick as she could and came back with napkins. It was clear Katie had no control of her body so Marie wiped her slit up and down and Katie felt like a child. Marie picked her up and leaned her sister against her shoulder and opened the cab's door and laid the towel down in the back seat. She pulled Katie in who was moaning very loudly.

The male cab driver turned around “You said there'd be a naked girl and you had a permit for it you didn't say anything about this.”

“I put a towel down and will clean up any mess, just fucking drive!”

The cab took off and Katie was now in the fetal position grabbing her knees as she came over and over. She moaned loudly through tears as her sister rubbed her back. “Shhh, it's okay, it's okay.” Marie said, trying to comfort her sister who was now soaked in sweat and juices as she was now well past a dozen orgasms. Marie looked down at her modest, easily embarrassed sister, now completely naked, in the fetal position, with her bar coded anus showing, slit on display, while she climaxed over and over, and Marie felt like a monster, this was her fault. Marie pulled out the device trying to see if there was a way to turn it off and save her sister but there was only the one button and a place for batteries. Marie thought maybe pushing the button would cancel it out and pressed it and it only made the vibrations speed up even more and Katie moaned louder and squeezed herself harder as she squirted all over Marie's Jeans and the towel.

These were Marie's favorite jeans but she decided it wasn't Katie's fault but the doubled vibrations seemed to not stop when she let go of the button and Katie's squirted again and cried loudly. Marie just grabbed Katie's hand and kept rubbing her back even though that put her even more in Katie's juices.

They were about a block from their house when Marie pulled out the leash and said “Stop here”. Marie paid the cabby and tipped well and removed the towel and helped Katie's outside, even though Katie couldn't stand. “Katie, we're almost home. Dad can't know we took a cab so we just have to walk the rest.” She put the leash back on Katie while saying, “I'm sorry...”

Katie had no choice but to walk on all fours since she still couldn't stand while Marie walked next to her holding her leash. She continued to come as she must have been well past 30 orgasms. All the neighbors noticed the spectacle taking place. Finally they reached their lawn and Katie, who never had to do anything harder than walk on all fours while cumming non stop, was now free from the vibrations but being watched by all her neighbors as she felt the after shocks while laying on her lawn. Her sister pulled on her leash and brought her to the front door.

Her dad came to the door and saw all the neighbors. He announced to them, “Yes, this is my former daughter, she has picked up the lifestyle of a whore and has paid dearly for it.”

The neighbors all walked away not wanting to be part of a scene as Katie walked on all fours up the front steps.

“Marie we talked about this,” her dad said, “but she's a mess. There's a garden hose out back.”

“Dad, it's November.”

“She's a harlot, she's used to taking her clothes off.”

Katie couldn't believe her dad was doing this and she wondered what had been discussed. Marie pulled her around back by her leash as her dad slammed the door in her face. Katie hadn't gathered the strength to stand on two feet and was still convulsing.

“Katie I'm sorry but we've got to get you cleaned up.”


And then she was hit by the spray of an ice cold garden hose as she was washed head to toe. Marie sprayed her face, her hair, her back, her breasts, all over, working towards the rear. Marie hoped this wouldn't hurt as Katie was already shivering from cold and didn't need it any worse. She washed her inner legs, spraying away all the juices until she got to the pussy and sprayed it washed but also penetrated making Katie cry a little as she was still very sensitive. Marie also sprayed all over her ass and anus to make sure all was clean. Marie got down on a knee in front of the shivering soaked Katie.

“Can-can I go to my room now.”

Marie had tears in her eyes “Katie, Dad gave your room to the dog and now you have his...”

Katie started balling as she looked at the dog house she would now occupy.

“Marie, time for supper!” her father yelled out the back door.

“I'm sorry Katie. I'll be back soon... and I'm sorry I have to do this.”

She took Katie's leash and attached it to a post in the ground that their dog's leash used to go to.

“Marie, wait!”

“I'll be back soon Katie.” Katie tried to stand for the first time since her many orgasms and there wasn't enough give from the post to her collar for her to stand up. She could get to kneeling a the highest. She then saw her two next door neighbor teen boys staring at her and to hide crawled into the dog house, which she realized was now her room. Katie was on her hands and knees cramped down facing out of the dog house. She was shivering from the cold water covering her and missed her old life. She looked up and wondered how Sam was and missed her gentle embrace

End of part 5

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