Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 4

Katie entered after Natalie and when once in the room she saw five middle-aged men sitting behind a long table. She realized no men seeing her naked had been this close since this whole ordeal started, and they were the school staff. She suddenly became very agitated, she hated women seeing her naked but at least they were of the same gender and now she had five male strangers in the same room as her ogling her.

She really wanted her hands to be free to cover herself but she knew she probably wouldn't be allowed to cover anyway. Natalie attached the handle of the leash to the ceiling, keeping Katie from being able to run. Natalie then removed the cuffs, and Katie was about to rub her wrists but they were re-cuffed at the front ant then attached to a chain hanging down from the ceiling. Katie now had her arms stretched above her and her entire body displayed.

One of the men spoke. “Why have we been called so abruptly? It takes months to get to this stage, and you know that, Officer Jones.”

“I called because this girl is a straight A student at her school, class president, and aside from her single crime-” Katie realized that she would always have this on her criminal record, and was horrified of one of her naked photos from earlier being the mug shot they used “- she has been a model student and citizen. I believe given her short sentence and the need to get her back to school before she's missed too much, would make her an excellent candidate for parole.”

A different man said, “I see a one week sentence with about 6 days remaining.” An evil grin spread across his face. “Is she aware that her parole will convert her sentence to community service, and only after her community service is complete will her sentence be deemed complete?”

“Yes she is.”

Katie hated being talked about like she wasn't in the room, but she was glad community service was the worst of it, she had done that in her free time before this so it was no big deal to her. She still wished Natalie wasn't discussing it like she had any idea what was going on but it didn't matter. Katie knew she had to agree to keep Sam safe.

“Approximately 150 hours of community service will be necessary, as well as any other conditions, does she understand?”

“Yes, of course.”

That seemed like a lot but Katie knew she could handle it.

“She will be under strict house arrest until she completes her parole, school and home will be her only allowed locations without authorization and authorization is incredibly unlikely, is that clear?”

“Yes, she knows.”

Katie realized her community service would have to be done at school but if that was the case, so be it.

“She is aware she will have to carry prisoner identification and a tracking device at all times?”

“Yes, she is aware.”

Katie noticed they were all reading her file which confirmed her mug shot included her bare breasts.

“All in favor of parole for prisoner 12215?”.

Katie was just a number to them, but she guessed it didn't matter because they all voted in favor. Katie got a huge grin, she'd be free and Sam would be safe and after 150 hours of community service she could come visit all the time. Natalie undid the leash from the ceiling and balled it tight to have control over Katie and then undid her cuffs.

“Prisoner 12215 step forward and sign and you will officially be a parolee.” Katie stepped forward and signed, excited to be free and back in school. She was terrified of her family and of facing everyone who saw her naked, but she would be clothed soon and can start recovering. Natalie led her to the next room that said parolee processing. She entered as did the five men. Inside there was a woman in there in a nurses outfit. She also noticed a table in the middle of the room long enough for a person to lay on, and she also realized there were straps for the arms, legs, and midsection.

“Prisoner 12215 lay on the table.”

She gave Natalie a quizzical look, but Natalie just started forward, pulling Katie by her leash.

“We must give you a clean bill of health before release.”

Katie guessed that would be necessary so she got up on the table and winced as she laid on her very sore bottom. '12215 again,' she thought, 'Do they not know I have a name?'

Natalie removed her leash and Katie hoped that would be the last of her indignities. She was strapped in at the arms, midsection, and legs. Katie winced and guessed that this was because she was still considered a dangerous criminal. The nurse, without much care or effort, checked her pulse and her breathing. She also fondled her breasts under pretense of a mammogram.

She then pulled out a thick thermometer. Katie opened her mouth for the thermometer but instead the nurse grinned and walked around back and pulled on a crank that pulled Katie's legs up into the air with her knees now touching her face, exposing her puckered asshole. Katie gasped as the non-lubricated thermometer was shoved roughly into her asshole. It was much thicker than the nozzle from earlier and burned twice as bad. It was also many times more humiliating as seven clothed people including five men, watched.

Natalie and the nurse could all see the thermometer sticking several inches out of her ass. After several grueling minutes it was pulled out. “She's fine.”

Katie was outraged she had to be strapped down for just to be embarrassed more but wasn't going to screw this up by protesting. She just wanted clothes again. The table against her naked skin and her bare bottom up in the air for all to see was making her upset, but she fought to remain calm.

“As you know, you are required to carry a tracking device and prisoner identification.” Katie nodded not sure of it's relevance.

“You are also required, as you know, to remain in uniform until parole has been completed.”

Katie's eyes shot wide open “WH-what do you mean?”

“You have already signed off and this was discussed with you earlier by Officer Jones. You are a maximum security prisoner and as such are considered highly dangerous. Until you have complete parole and are deemed reformed you are to remain in your current prison uniform.”

Katie started tearing up again. Until she had completed 150 hours of community service which could only be done at school she'd remain completely naked. She knew if she could only get one hour a day she'd be naked the entire school year.

“Although I'm sure you've read the provisions, I want to remind you that as a student you are allowed to go to school, but as a dangerous criminal around school children several precautions may be taken at the school's discretion. At the very least these parole guidelines are in effect at all times and you may wear nothing under any circumstances. This includes clothing of any kind, shoes, socks, gloves, jewelry, hair accessories or any other accessories.” Katie was in shock and tears flowed out of her eyes. Natalie wished she could comfort her but there was nothing to be done and she maintained a blank stare.

Katie knew she was doing this for Sam so she couldn't back out but every word confirmed how much worse it will be “This is to maintain the safety of those around you at all times, ensuring that you cannot smuggle or carry any weapons. You may not go any place besides work or school without special permission in writing by the parole board, and obtaining permission under any circumstance besides illness or family member's death is highly unlikely. School administrators are your supervisors while at school and your parents/guardians are your supervisors while not at school, and they must each report weekly as to your continued obedience. If they are not satisfied you may be returned to prison to complete your sentence as well as any additional penalties for not complying with parole. They may also penalize you as they see fit for any minor transgressions.”

Her memory of her father's spankings sent a shiver down her spine as her sore bottom sat in the air for all to see. Katie continued to cry, she knew she deserved none of this and this all started because of things beyond her control and now to protect the one she cared about she had to take this more severe punishment or suffer under Terra who apparently would be worse than all this.

“You must adhere to a strict route when traveling to and from school, and your tracking device will alert us to any violations and there will be severe penalties. You are to be restrained at all times while not at school or home by at least a leash or similarly restraining device, the school may impose other precautions, to prevent you from harming others or escaping.”

Katie wanted to scream out she wasn't dangerous, but she knew it made no difference so she continued to sob in silence. She felt like she wasn't even in the room she was just being read a document and no one was even looking her in the eye. She was still just strapped to the table sobbing.

“Other precautions may also be taken. Do you understand what you have been read?”


“Let's get the prisoner tagged then.”

She heard a buzzing and realized it was a tattoo gun. She was gonna be marked around her asshole just like Sam she took little comfort in knowing they'd match but still knew she didn't deserve this. She knew better than to protest and argue though, so she just sobbed. Her knees still touched her head so she couldn't see what was happening but her butthole was straight up in the air for all to see get tatted. It was both physically and mentally incredibly uncomfortable.

“OW!” She felt the tattoo gun around her sensitive anus and it stung and burned terribly. She tried to pretend Sam was holding her hand and then she tried to put her mind somewhere else but all she could think of was everyone at school seeing her walk in naked and leashed on her first day back. And what if she still had to do her presidential duties? And her barcode hidden only by her asscheeks will be exposed by even a wrong step and it will be there for the rest of the year for everyone to see and make fun of, and for the rest of her life in general. She thought about her parents and sister seeing her naked all day when she wasn't in school and what sort of punishments she'd receive, would they even take her in? What happens if they don't?

She could just imagine the torment Sandra would give her at school, and how could she maintain any sort of modesty at all? It then hit her: She can't, nothing will ever be the same, she will more than likely be naked every day of school all year no matter the weather, and she'll be ogled and stared at all day, every day, and she will be away from Sam the entire time. She had never felt more vulnerable and alone. The stinging continued and burned while the nurse held her cheeks out to finish completing the circle and then it was finally over.

“Make sure it's to standard.” She then felt a cold plastic surface touch her anus and heard a beep. “It works.”

Katie continued to cry while everyone ignored her. “Now for the tracking device. Traditionally an ankle device would do but that would provide coverage which is forbidden. It also must deliver penalties for traveling outside of designated areas or when others feel threatened.”

The table cranked forward laying her down flat and then cranked apart spreading her legs apart exposing her vagina to all seven spectators.

“The device will be attached to the clitoris.”

Katie was not even surprised, her body had been violated by so many these past 24 hours she knew she had no dignity left. “First we must stimulate the clitoris” A small vibrating device was placed against her clit, even through tears she moaned in pleasure and everyone giggled at her. “now that it's properly stimulated and engorged we administer the adhesive.” She nurse's gloved hand reached under Katie grabbing her sore and sensitive ass forcing her very uncomfortably off the table. Her other gloved hand then grabbed Katie's engorged clit and rubbed a cream in a circle around it. Katie wished she had let Sam be the first to touch her there instead of in this humiliating room while others watched.

“Now attach the ring.”

Katie felt the nurse apply a small metal ring wrap around her engorged clit. Then she felt a hair dryer blowing on her clit and vagina and drying the adhesive. She moaned again to everyone's amusement.

“The device can be removed easily with this special cream, only possessed by the prison, but under any other circumstances it can not be removed at all, as long as she wants to keep her clitoris, that is.”

Everyone laughed and Katie just sobbed more. She now had her asshole tatted and a metal ring wrapped around her clit tracking her and slightly arousing her. The straps were then undone and Katie was lifted off the table. She wobbled around the room because normal steps made her incredibly uncomfortable with her clit and anus being so sensitive.

“12215 in order to better understand your situation I believe a demonstration is in order. He then pulled out another device with a button. He pushed it and the metal ring began to vibrate intensely. Katie collapsed to the floor and the vibrations continued while everyone watched in amusement. Her vagina began to get wet and then leak until she was overcome by a violent orgasm. She moaned and screamed and then began to sob violently. The entire ordeal took less than 20 seconds. She would forever remember this as her first orgasm. She so wished she accepted Sam's offer last night but it was too late. She grabbed her legs and curled into the fetal position, not caring that her ass and slit were on display.

Once again her tears were ignored “One of these devices will be given to your school and one to your parents. Also any time you venture out of an approved zone it will go off automatically. The stimulation will last as long as the button is pressed or as long as you're outside the approved zone.” Katie could just imagine having a violent orgasm in the hallway at school or in front of her family. Katie wondered if she could hold onto her sanity in this ordeal.

End of part 4

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