Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 3

The door opened and Sam immediately stepped out first. Katie had barely felt the warmth of her hand leave her before Sam had joined the line of prisoners in front of them. Katie stepped in line behind her and then other prisoners joined behind them.

The prisoner behind Katie whispered into Katie's ear "nice ass, I'd have loved to see how you got this beating. Was it Sam? I bet she broke you in real good." as she started to caress and squeeze Katie's still very sore and sensitive cheeks. Katie looked behind her at tall dark woman abusing her and in her fear Katie reached out to Sam's shoulder, looking for protection from this beast of a woman. Sam turned around shoving away Katie's arm and shouted "What the fuck do you want, bitch?"

Katie was shocked, she knew Sam had to put on an act but it was so cold and mean it didn't feel like an act at all. Katie just tried to point to the woman behind her who was still squeezing her sensitive behind. This alone made her want to cry, and Sam's coldness started the tears to well up in her eyes. Sam saw what was happening and shouted to the tall woman "Trina, what the hell do you think you're doing grabbing my meat?"

Trina said "I just saw what you did to her ass and was admiring your work. How many times did you spank her before she gave you the goods?"

Trina had mistaken Katie's fathers work for Sam's and that was probably better for their charade. Katie didn't like seeing Sam so mean and cold but if that's how she had to act to keep up the facade and still protect her she would gladly take it to save her from more abuse.

"That's none of your damn business, but she now knows the pecking order. Do i need to teach you the pecking order too, or are you gonna get your hands off my bitch?"

Trina removed her hands from Katie and Katie smiled widely at Sam for saving her. Trina saw the smile and looked questioningly. Seeing Trina's look, Sam then proceeded to slap Katie hard across the face. "Don't you smile at me ,whore. I'm saving that ass for me that is all, I don't care about you or your feelings one way or another."

Katie was now rubbing her and face and sobbing quietly. Katie wondered to herself was this really an act, or was Sam's affection from before the act? Either the guards didn't notice or more likely didn't care as Natalie wasn't present, but it didn't matter as they were now at the showers and the time of the ritual was at hand.

They entered the showers and Katie noticed not a single guard. All the faucets were running, creating a hot steamy environment with at least two dozen woman present. Katie walked towards the center of the room and as she got there the other woman encircled her. Now it was just her and Sam in the middle of the room with all eyes on them. “This is gonna be good,” said a young Asian woman to a larger black woman.

“Looks like we missed the warm up,” she snickered back after seeing Katie's bottom.

A devious looking red-head also was licking her lips “I bet she isn't even out of high school.” Katie thought about facing everyone when she went home and it sent a shudder through her spine. Even though all the women were nude Katie felt like she was the only one naked.

Sam grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around putting her on display to all the other women. “As you can see this new bitch here is mine and no one else may claim her, every-”

The redhead came forward “i will trade anything for her.”

“Excuse me?” said Sam.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but I've never seen a peach this ripe, I'll trade anything, any of my women, drugs, booze, you name it, I can and will give you whatever you want.”

Sam's eyes flickered for a moment. The redhead thought it was enticement but it was fear, fear for Katie.

“Not that this tramp deserves any better than what you put your women through,” Katie did not like the sound of that “but I trained her just how I like, Terra, and I had to give her a good beating to get there, so I won't be parting with this 'peach' any time soon.”

Terra nodded and backed away but not before shooting Katie a look that sent chills down her spine, a look that made her feel like a thing not a person.

Sam continued, “As I was saying, she is mine and none of you will be touching her, is that clear?” The other prisoners nodded, although it was understood that without the ritual it meant nothing. Sam looked at Katie, Katie looked at the floor. “Who do you belong to?”

“You.” Katie said meekly.

Sam grabbed Katie's left breast “who does this belong to?”


Sam grabbed Katie's right breast “...and this?”


Sam then grabbed Katie's ass and she squealed in pain, the other women snickered. “And this?”

“You!” Katie exclaimed.

“Is that a tone you're taking with me, whore?” Sam asked before slapping Katie across the face. Katie started to tear up again. “Stop crying, you little slut.” She then cupped her hand around Katie's pussy without touching the labia. “And who's pussy is this?”


Sam then reached a finger into her own pussy before shoving it in Katie's mouth. Katie was mortified, “Do you like the taste, slut? Of course you do, it's my perfect pussy. And finally, who does that mouth belong to?”

“You...” Katie gargled as the finger was moved in and out of her mouth.

“On your knees!” Katie dropped to her knees while all the other women licked their lips, some were openly masturbating. Katie couldn't see how she could deal with this, but knew she had to keep this up. “You know what to do.”

Katie then grabbed Sam's naked ass pulling her towards and began to insert her tongue deep into Sam's pussy she started to move her tongue wildly while sucking on Sam's clit. Sam was trying to hide her intense pleasure by remaining cold and stoic but she had to put a hand on Katie's shoulder to steady herself and then everyone in the room knew just how talented Katie was.

“Sam's building already? This meat must be a pro,” said the Asian girl.

Terra turned to another girl that was badly bruised “You might be my number two bitch soon, if I have my way.” The girl said nothing, she had nothing but an empty look like no one was home. No one noticed as Terra slipped out of the back of the shower while everyone was busy watching the show.

Sam was starting to moan loudly as Katie continued to work in and out now using her fingers while suckling and using her free hand to massage Sam's right breast. Sam now had both arms resting on Katie's shoulders. Katie couldn't believe what she was doing. She was horrified at her talents, her exposure, that everyone was seeing her, but she was also excited that soon she and Sam soon could just be themselves alone in the cell cuddling. She hoped that was the Sam that really was and not the one who slapped and yelled at her, and also she was incredibly turned on. Katie felt like a slut and felt even worse for liking it.

She increased her speed to try and end this sooner but Sam took one hand off her shoulder leaned over and slapped her really hard on her Katie's very sore ass. Katie let out and a yelp and a tear trickled down her face. “I cum when I want to cum not when you want me to cum, is that clear, skank?”

Katie looked up into her eyes and nodded. When their eyes met Katie thought she could see a hidden softness behind the cold exterior and knew that the true Sam was the one that held her earlier. Regardless of what pace it was at Sam knew she would cum soon anyway and she did. Sam let out a screaming orgasm which almost masked the sound of the shower door slamming open.

Natalie burst in screaming. “Everyone except you two,” pointing at Katie and Sam, “against the right wall”. All the inmates lined up facing the wall with their naked posteriors facing out. Katie knew that Natalie thought she was saving her and she also knew that she had to protect Sam's secret. She knew that to Natalie this looked like the new straight high school girl virgin was being sexually assaulted by the hardened criminal, and worst of all she knew Natalie had a soft spot for Katie. Katie got up out of Sam's crotch and looked at Natalie. Katie could see she looked a mixture of upset and angry.

Sam looked deep into Katie's eye's and mouthed “I'm sorry”. Before Katie could let Sam know how she felt Natalie grabbed Sam by her arm hard and slammed her against the opposite wall of the other inmates. “You had your last warning, bitch! You're going into solitary!”

“Whatever, you dirty pig. I don't need no one but myself.”

Katie began to sob, and Natalie got more angry, thinking it was from the forced sex show, but Katie was crying because her girlfriend was being taken from her and she couldn't do a thing about it. Then it hit Katie that she just thought of Sam as her girlfriend, was she really a lesbian? After less than 24 hours in this situation?

Natalie pulled out something that looked like a cell phone, and grabbed Sam by the hair. “Bend over inmate, I won't tell you twice!”

“Why don't you make me, pig?”

Katie was freaking out. Two people in the world that actually cared about her and they were at each others throats. Natalie bent Sam over at the waist by pulling her hair down and inserted the device between Sam's ass cheeks and Katie realized it was a scanner for Sam's bar-code.

“I can't get a good read, spread your cheeks.”

“No, you cunt.”

“Excuse me?” She wrenched Sam's hair back and forced her neck into an incredibly uncomfortable position while still having her bent over at the waist. “Spread them now!”

“I don't take orders from no pig!”

Katie was watching her friend and lover go at it and decided to walk over. She got down on one knee and she softly grabbed Sam's ass and spread them for Natalie. She also massaged Sam's stomach with her shoulder hoping it would provide some comfort and Natalie couldn't see it. She knew to Natalie it would look like revenge but she really wanted the pain to stop for Sam.

The machine beeped and then Natalie forced Sam to the floor and cuffed her. None of the other inmates could see what was happening besides Katie but the tell tale beep that only the scanner makes and the sound of cuffs let them know things were not going well for Sam. 'Sam's softer than we thought, maybe she'll be on show next time' was the unspoken universal thought.

Sam faced Katie, tears forming in her eyes, not of pain or humiliation or the thought of being next but from knowing Katie would be free by the time she was released from solitary and also of fear for whatever may come Katie's way without her protection. As Sam was being pulled up she mouthed to Katie “Keep safe, and stay away from Terra. I love you.”

Not sure about her feelings but knowing Sam needed it Katie mouthed “I love you too.”

Sam was then handed to another guard and removed from the showers. Katie was a mess, tears running down her face. Her first protector had unknowingly removed her second, and now she was alone again. The clothed guards reminded her of her naked self.

“Everyone back to your cells,” Natalie ordered.

Everyone except Katie marched out and that was when Katie noticed Terra's absence. Katie realized Terra had set Sam up but it was too late to do anything. Katie wondered just how dangerous this Terra was. Natalie grabbed Katie by the hand and pulled her in for a big hug. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Katie sobbed on her shoulder.

“An inmate came and told us everything. I knew she meant you immediately and rushed here to help. I'm sorry I was too late honey. I want you to file a full report of what happened, we'll protect you from that monster for the rest of your sentence and make sure she gets her just desserts.”

Katie wasn't sure what to say she knew she had to protect Sam's secret but she also wanted to save her. Katie worried about Sam and was going through extreme internal conflict, she continued to sob while barely hearing Natalie.

“In the meantime another inmate has volunteered to take you in. She's a model behavior inmate so there's no need to worry. Her name is Terra.”

“No!” Katie screamed, snapping out of her trance.

“What is it, Hun?”

“She'll hurt me!”

“What makes you think that?” Natalie said, sounding worried.

“Sam told me she's dangerous.”

“Sam, the girl who assaulted you? Of course she did she probably didn't want you making a friend with someone who'd protect you!” The irony cut Katie like a knife. “Now I'll take you to your new cell to fill out your paper work.”

Natalie began to take Katie by the arm and Katie’s bare feet were being dragged. “Please listen to me!”

”Katie, I know you've been through an ordeal but filing a report is the first step to recovery” before Katie knew what was happening her bare feet were burning from being dragged and she was at the door to Terra's cell.

“Please listen I am scared and I don't want to go in there. She set Sam up and did this to get to me. She is going to be worse than Sam was, I promise.”

“These are very serious allegations, Katie. Terra is a model prisoner unlike that monster Sam, what you're going through is called Stockholm syndrome, when a victim starts to sympathize-”

“I know what Stockholm syndrome is believe me and this not it, I am going to be violated worse than Sam did to me, in fact Sam didn't even violate me it was an act to prevent the other inmates from coming after me!”

“An act?” Natalie's face turned from sympathetic to angry “So what else was an act? Your little miss innocent virgin act?”

Katie was hurt that Natalie didn't understand or want to understand. She had thought Natalie was her friend, but now she realized that to her she was nothing but another naked prisoner in prison. Katie, who had felt almost comfortable before naked in front of the clothed Natalie now tried to cover herself feeling embarrassed. Katie wondered if she was right, was she really miss innocent or was it an act and Sam just brought out her true self.

“You've already been transferred in the system to this cell, I can't put you anywhere but here.” Natalie opened the door and forced Katie inside before she could say another word or be stopped. Katie fell over onto her breasts when she entered from being pushed so hard. She felt betrayed by Natalie but now she knew she was in for worse.

She looked up at Terra and who was laying ass up on the bed with her legs spread. Katie could clearly see her bar coded asshole and pussy. “I was wondering when you'd get here. Well, since it's your first day here ’Ill let you take your pick as to which to eat first, ass or pussy?”

Katie was mortified. She still hadn't gotten up from the floor and this woman wanted her to put her tongue in her anus? 'That's disgusting,' she thought. She gave in to Sam out of feelings, and a vagina is a lot different than a butt. She wasn't touching Terra either place no matter what.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I won't do it!”

“I saw your talents with Sam and I think you will, I'm letting you even pick where to start and I think that's very generous of me. Say 'Thank you, Mistress'.”

“Stop it please you're scaring me.”

“Stop?You don't know what you're getting yourself into but that's okay, you'll learn.”

Katie stood up and covered her breasts and pussy. It hit Katie that she'd lost her girlfriend and her only other ally and she was all alone. She got up and started to cry again. She would fight all she could but she knew that if even Sam was afraid of Terra things couldn't bode well for her.

Terra rolled over and stood up “I got rid of my previous meat for you, now she'll only be able to service me in the shower, and you two will split that of course. You get me all to yourself the rest of the time. I'm even addressing you! My last bitch just knew what was expected and knew what would happen if it didn't, she was more of an appliance than a person really, but you stay good and I might even learn your name. Say 'Thank you, Mistress'.”

Katie shook her head and Terra walked over to Katie, who started to tear up more. Terra grabbed Katie's arms despite resistance and held them above her head. Katie couldn't believe how strong Terra was despite how slim she was. Katie continued to struggle but couldn't move her arms a bit.

“Kick me and this gets much much worse.” Terra started looking her over from bottom to top. “Now let's see, my new pet, very pale ,good, small smooth feet, good, skinny ankles, good” She grabbed both of Katie's arms with one hand and still held a strong grip. Katie felt like cattle being examined before the slaughter and it felt worse with her tears being ignored. Terra ran a finger up Katie's right thigh and then her left. “slim smooth legs, good,” She took another finger and traced from Katie’s belly button and ran down to right before her vagina, Katie winced thinking she was about to be penetrated but instead Terra then stopped “smooth tight abdomen and shaved pussy, good.” She then forced Katie’s legs apart despite Katie's resistance and felt in between her leg and her vulva. “Shaved all the way around, good.”

Katie thanked her lucky stars for not getting penetrated but couldn't believe Terra thought she could do this, just feel her up and take stock of her like a thing not a person.

Terra lifted Katie's right leg up giving her a better view of her pussy “Tight virgin pussy, good, won't last very long but good.”

Katie was now in full water works mode, sobbing loudly. She couldn't take this probing and she missed Sam, she missed her normal life, her family when they still cared, and school when they hadn't all seen her naked, she wanted to run away.

Terra put Katie's leg down and then moved on. “Sexy hips, good, small perky breasts, good.”

Katie wanted to kick her. She was gonna fight, she couldn't cry any more and she'd take what happened over being passive any longer. But then it hit her this all started when she punched Sandra. She hung her head again and the fight that was just there subsided. The tears continued and still went unacknowledged.

“Small pink nipples, good.” Terra flicked both, another reminder of Sandra. Katie's nipples began to stand. “Very easily erected, good. Weak skinny shaved arms, good.”

The constant repetition of 'good' seemed like a checklist. It was like each one ate away at Katie, making her into an animal being given one final bill of health before being sold and slaughtered.

“Cute innocent looking face, good.”

'How could someone look at my face and ignore the tears, am I not human?' Katie wondered.

“Nice silky brown hair, good.” Terra then grabbed Katie's mouth, forced her jaw open, and grabbed Katie’s tongue. “Smooth tongue with talent, good.”

Katie thought it was finally over but then a final indignity remained. Without saying anything Terra spun Katie around. “Smooth full ass, good. Bruised, good.” She then bent Katie over and placed Katie's hands one on each ass cheek. Katie knew what she wanted and without saying anything but still sobbing spread her ass open for Terra. “No bar code, good, round pink asshole, good.”

Terra then ran her finger around Katie's anus, another place she'd never been touched.

“Smooth, good.”

Katie was beyond not believing the depths she'd sank to, she knew this was her fate, who could care about a nothing like her? Then she remembered last night and how she cuddled up right next to Sam and Sam held her in her arms. They shared a night that was more special than any other Katie had experienced in the middle of so much pain. Sam cared and even with the space in between them that's all she needed.

“Sam...” Katie mumbled through sobs.

“Excuse me?” said Terra, who very clearly heard what was said. “There will be no mention of anything unrelated to servicing me, speaking of which...” She removed Katie's hands from her butt cheeks and leaving her bent over spun her around. Terra then lay back on the bed.

Even though Katie couldn't bring herself to stand up Sam was the only girl for her and even still she would've rather waited if not for the ritual.

“I guess my pet is in need of some obedience training, but because of that tongue I so crave ’Ill take it easier than usual.” She sat up and pulled Katie over her knee.

Katie who was trying to not give Terra the satisfaction of hearing her, plead couldn't help herself. “No please not this I'm already so sore I can't take another spanking.”

“Do I need to get my pet a muzzle?”

Katie kept quiet and just cried silently. Her breasts rubbed against Terra's lap and Terra gave each a cruel twist. She then started spanking.







Six lighting fast hard spanks for both cheeks sent Katie wailing in pain. “Owwwwwwwww!” Katie sobbed even though she tried to hold it in! Her already sore ass was already on fire and this was just a warm up.





Katie couldn't take the pain “It hurts! Please! OWWW!”


One final lighting cracker of a spank came down. Katie wailed and then just sobbed. Each shot had hurt just as much as one of her dad's but it was twice as bad because of the bruising and tenderness that was already there.

“That was a warm up. I can train my pet all night, but I would prefer being serviced all night.”


“No talking, just doing. Either my pet will stay she is or start doing her tricks.”

Katie got up, her face covered in snot and tears from crying and sobbing. She hoped Sam could forgive her, she started to bend over into Terra's lap.

“Oh my goodness I've been a terrible owner, I haven't even let my pet outside.”

Being called pet and Terra calling herself owner was really starting to get Katie. She then thought how they only let their dog outside at home when he needed to... Katie then realized what she meant. Terra wanted to punish Katie mentally and physically, both for not servicing her quick enough and for bringing up Sam. She wanted Katie to forget life outside the cell and that she wasn't more than a pet. “Go outside and then you get a treat.”

Katie had lost all resistance she went over to the toilet and peed for Terra's amusement. She squatted so her sore ass wouldn't touch the rim.

“My pet should keep her legs spread so Mistress can make sure she did a good job”. Katie spread her legs so Terra could see stream of urine flow until it ended. She wasn't sure how to clean herself as there was no toilet paper here like in her old cell and thought it was probably another precaution against hiding contraband. She noticed a buttons next to the toilet labeled “1” and “2” making an educated guess she pressed “1”. A rod with a clear cup at the end then shot up out of the side of toilet and the cup suctioned onto Katie's pussy. Katie let out a gasp as it sucked on and then from the rod shot a jet of water into her pussy cleaning out the urine and also almost bringing her to orgasm as it shot deep into her. After it had drained out the suction released and the device returned to the toilet.

“My pet should press 2 if it wants to have done a good job.” Katie didn't know what would happen and was scared but more scared of Terra. She pressed “2”. A second rod and cup shot out of the other side and this one stuck between her cheeks and sucked. The feeling was bizarre and violating, and Katie was scared of what was coming when it hit her. A small nozzle had left the center of the rod and was forcing itself into her anus. She almost shot off but a look from Terra and the suction held her in place. It was now fully in her rectum, it burned and Katie couldn't help but feel even more awful as she never imagined ever having something go in there. Then it started shooting water out of the nozzle filling her bowels with water and she realized she was getting an enema. It felt disgusting, and then cup that suctioned around her anus was also spraying water now so she was received water in and out of her asshole. Terra just sat there with an almost bored look on her face like what was being done to Katie was nothing. More than ever Katie wished Sam was there to protect her. Finally it stopped and the nozzle removed itself from her anus and it all drained out of her.

Katie felt wobbly and woozy from her ordeal and went over to Terra. “Fetch.” Katie got down on her knees and started to go for Terra's pussy. She wiped her tears and tried to pretend it was Sam's. She kept telling herself it was Sam's but she knew it wouldn't be the same because there wasn't feelings behind it.

“Stop! Random search!” They both turned and saw Natalie standing there. Natalie was worried since dropping off Katie, and to put her conscience at ease she had done some snooping. When she came back and saw the crying Katie on her knees she felt horrible for what she had said and done earlier. She grabbed Katie and pulled her out of the cell and told Terra she'd be back to deal with her. Katie wanted Terra to get her retribution right here and now, but decided getting rescued was better. She couldn't believe Natalie came through for her again after what happened earlier. Natalie had a look in her eye that was very worrisome.

“Nat... I mean officer Jones-”

“Katie just shut it til we get off the block.”

Katie shut up not sure what was happening. They exited block D and Natalie turned to Katie. “I'm sorry, I should have listened to you, I realize I'm one of many who have now screwed you over today, I take full responsibility for what Terra did.”

Katie thought about it and wanted to be mad at Natalie for it but couldn't because she was rescued by her too.

“After our talk I went to the one person who could corroborate your story, Sam,-”

A smile shot across Katie's tear stained face and feeling came back into her heart after she had worried she had lost all feeling

“- I visited her in solitary and after initially telling me to go fuck myself, I told her you were with Terra and she immediately confirmed everything and begged me to save you. I've never seen that side of her and after seeing what you could do to the heart of someone like Sam, I realized that everything you had said was true since the first time we spoke, and that you are as innocent as you seem. I'm sorry for doubting you.”

Katie realized Natalie and Sam had teamed up to save her, she still had friends. Sam had even showed her true self just to protect her even with the amount of danger she could be in. “It's okay Natalie, I understand, I wish you had listened at first but I understand and thank you so much for coming back.”

Natalie pulled out tissues to wipe Katie's face and helped clean her up. Natalie could see Katie's ass was in worse shape and blamed herself. “Katie if I report what happened in there I have to report what Sam said and that puts her in danger, otherwise you stay bunked with Terra and you're in danger. I have a way to get you out of here, out of prison altogether.”

Katie couldn't believe what she was hearing, was freedom on the horizon?

Natalie warned, “The alternative is almost as bad as here but you'll be safer and so will Sam.”

Katie didn't have to hear another word. “If it keeps Sam and me safe, I'll do it.”

“Okay we're going to the parole board, but the conditions they impose are very, very strict and quite cruel, and if you don't take them it's either back with Terra or turning in Sam, is that clear?”

Katie nodded. They entered a separate wing and after going through several security doors they reached what appeared to be an administrative office wing.

“Katie, you're a prisoner and there's strict precautions for prisoners in the administrative wing so I need to do this. After this point we'll be under audio and video surveillance so say nothing until we get into the parole board.”

Natalie grabbed what looked like a thin rolled up strap off the wall and unrolled it, Katie then saw it was a leash. 'My pet' rang in Katie's head in Terra's voice and a single tear rolled down her face. Natalie put the leash around Katie's neck and tightened it, but not enough to hurt or scratch. She then pulled Katie's arms behind her back and cuffed them. Katie was now leashed and cuffed and being led naked through the halls and the offices. Everyone just acted like nudity was no big deal. Katie wasn't sure if that made her feel worse or better.

The cuffs reminded her of how this all started and how less than a day ago her life was normal. She couldn't even bring herself to hope Sandra had suffered a similar fate. 'No one deserves this,' she thought. Katie wished her arms were free to cover her exposed breasts or pussy and hated how being under surveillance meant Natalie couldn't comfort her, all she could do was hold the leash tight and pull her along.

They then reached a door labeled 'Parole Board'. Natalie knocked and they both entered.

End of part 3

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