Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 2

Katie wasn't sure which situation she'd rather be in right now; being forced to perform oral sex on this violent woman or dealing with her parents, they both sounded horrible. The cell door opened and Katie got off the bed.

“Rain check,” Sam chuckled. The guard grabbed Katie's arm and started to take her away. The female guard was silent as they walked, she didn't feel prisoners were worth speaking to.

“Do I have to see them?” Katie asked.


“Can I put clothes on at least?”

“No you may not”

Katie was not sure how this day could get any worse. She was being forced to see her parents naked and in jail after being almost sodomized on top all else she had to endure on her worse day ever.

After a long walk that wasn't quite long enough she was led into a room labeled “Visitors”. Katie immediately noticed her parents, seated in metal chairs. She then noticed there was no glass between them like she had imagined there would be. She was not thankful for this.

Katie placed an arm across her breast and a hand over her pussy ashamed of being naked in front her parents. “Mom, Dad, this is so horrible, I'm so humiliated and...”

“Shut up you little harlot and uncover yourself. You have no problem showing the whole town your slutty body, you can show your family,” yelled her father.

“Dad?” She started to cry.

“Don't speak I said!”

Katie shut up as ordered and dropped her arms to her sides showing her parents her tits and pussy.

“I don't know where we went wrong but its quite clear you have some serious problems and deserve this.”

“But dad I was tricked...”

“Shut up! You are not permitted to speak to me. You have humiliated me and this family. Mr. Clark today told me today about how his little Judy got into Harvard. I had to tell him how my daughter got into jail. parading around naked in school and in public and starting fights, you've brought great shame to this family. You are no daughter of mine. Me and your mother need to discuss whether you'll have a place to stay when you get out.”

Her dad's words caused Katie to feel overwrought she started to cry, knowing she had no sympathy from the two people who were supposed to love her most and that when she would be released she might be homeless.

“Quit your crying, you little tramp. You deserve a lot more than a week in here for what you've put us through. Now get over her and apologize to both of us.”

Katie couldn't believe she was being forced to apologize for what's she been through and what its done to them. 'What about what it's done to me?' she thought to herself. Katie walked closer to them giving them a better view of her nude form. “I'm sorry, Dad”

“Do not address me as your father, we haven't decided what your place in this family is yet.”

Katie wiping her tears said “I'm sorry sir.” Her mother always remained silent when dad was angry so Katie couldn't tell whose side she was on. “I'm sorry Mom.”

“Mom?” her father said. “That's 'I'm sorry ma'am'. Don't think it's gonna be that easy, whore.”

“Please stop calling me a whore.” she mumbled with tear filled eyes. She had spent her whole life trying to be good and pure and living up to her dad's view of an ideal female image and being called these names cut like a knife.

“You shave your cunt like a little whore so you must be a whore!”

She almost shot her hand over her pussy but decided better of it, her shaving was just supposed to be her little secret so she could feel better about herself and now its just the source of more shame.

“Get over my knee.”

Katie had never been spanked she hadn't acted up since she was very little and learned to be obedient to her father very early. “Please no father I....”

“Did I say speak or did I say get over my knee?”

“Please no, I'm sorry!”

“Shut your mouth!” Katie's father stood up and grabbed her arm, then sat and forced her over his knee so she was lying flat facing her mother. She looked up at her mom hoping for mercy or even just a look that said 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry'. “Don't look at her, she can't help you. You're getting what you deserve. No one can help you, you are alone in your sin. Switch to the other side. As you know I'm right handed and I want to make sure you get what you deserve.”

Katie got up slowly and accepting her fate laid down on her father's knees facing the wall. her naked breasts rubbed against the rough texture of his pants causing her nipples to grow erect and she was extremely embarrassed, knowing her mother could now see her bare bottom. She looked around the room find something to focus on instead of her family disowning her and the pain that was about come but all she noticed was the cameras in each corner of the room catching every angle on tape for the whole staff to see.


His hand came down fast and hard hitting both cheeks causing her to arch her back as she cried out in pain.

“OWW! Dad please stop!”


“OWWW!” Two more blows came down just as hard one for her right cheek another for her left. She knew this was only the beginning and already her butt was very sore.




“OWW! DAD PLEASE IT HURTS!” This time her father hit both cheeks as hard as he could paused and repeated twice making sure each had enough power to cause agony. Her butt was already completely red. Every smack caused her nipples to scratch against her father's pants causing them to grow more erect and in turn making them more painful.


“DAD PLEASE I'M SORRY!” she cried. Both blows reddening her butt further the pain was becoming excruciating and she wasn't sure how much more she could take.


“OWWWW!” She couldn't beg anymore knowing it would go unanswered but she also couldn't hold her screams in the pain was too much.

SMACK! This was his hardest one yet and on pure instinct she fell forward over his knee and ran to the corner where she rubbed her very sore bottom. The smallest touch hurt but she couldn't help but try to comfort herself. She looked over at her dad and he was fuming. He stood up quickly and screamed “ YOU THINK THAT'S ALL YOU DESERVE?!”

“Dad please it hurts so much I can't take anymore!”

“YOU DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF PAIN!” He then started to remove his belt. He raised it above his head and started to approach her. Katie was terrified and cornered, as he stood right in front of her she fell to the ground in fear.

She landed on her very sore bottom causing more pain and as he was about to strike she peed herself in fear. Katie laid in a puddle of her own pee terrified, humiliated, and in terrible pain. As she closed her eyes praying for this to end the door shot open and Officer Jones entered. “Visiting time is over.”

Her dad turned to the officer and said “You said we had a half hour!”

“New policy. Fifteen minutes. Say your goodbyes as this is your one weekly visit and you may pick up the prisoner upon her release next week.”

“Bye tramp. We'll pick up where we left off if we decide to pick you up.” Her mother looked at her for a brief moment and the turned and followed her father out the door that led to the visitor's entrance.

Katie was curled up on the ground tears on her face and still laying in her own pee.

“Katie its okay, he's gone now, you're safe.” Officer Jones rubbed Katie's back as Katie cried it out. “You have 15 minutes to yourself in here to get yourself together. I lied about the 15 minutes to your father.”

Katie almost smiled through her tears, she was starting to see Officer Jones as her guardian angel as she'd saved her again. “Thank you.” she said as the tears started to slow.

“I'm sorry you had to go through that Katie, you didn't deserve it.”

"Officer Jones, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

"What's your first name?”

Officer Jones paused, not sure of the right thing to do. "Natalie. You can call me that in private but don't ever speak it in public we'd both be in a lot of trouble.”

“Thank you, Natalie.”

"Can you stand?”

Katie's tears had almost stopped “I don't know, I'm in a lot of pain.”

Natalie looked at Katie's butt for the first time and saw that it was redder than bricks. “I'll help you.”

Katie started to stand using Natalie as a crutch she stood in her own pee and felt disgusting knowing her feet, pussy and the front of her legs were all but covered in it. As soon as Natalie stepped away Katie slipped on the puddle due to her wobbly legs and landed butt first in the pool soaking her ass and back of her legs. Her butt was of course very sore and this sent a shock through her entire body. “OWW!” She screamed out in pain and disgust.

“I don't think I can move...” Katie said feeling embarrassed.

“Okay, I've got you Hun.” She put on rubber gloves and reached under Katie legs and neck to lift her.

“Please don't, you'll ruin your shirt, I don't want you to have to touch me.”

“It's okay I've got a spare one to change into. I can't leave you like this.” Natalie wasn't much taller or bigger than Katie but she was a lot stronger. She lifted Katie's naked body off the ground with ease and carried her out the prisoner's entrance.

“We've got to get you cleaned up. I'll take you to the showers.”

Katie wanted to be clean more than anything besides clothes so she was glad to hear it. Katie rested her head on Natalie's shoulder and the feeling of human contact seemed to make things a little better. Before long they had reached the entrance to the cell blocks.

“Katie you have to stand now I can't let anyone see me helping you. It'll paint a target on you and they won't let me work your cell block anymore. Now just lean up against this wall I'm gonna go change my shirt in the officer's lounge over there” She laid Katie down on her feet. Katie used an arm to lean against the wall, not wanting her sore butt to touch it. Katie started to think about Natalie and that even with all her appreciation of her she was still very jealous. She got to change her shirt in private when she probably had a t shirt on under her uniform or at least a bra meanwhile she was nude.

Natalie came back with a clean shirt and started leading Katie. Katie was still very wobbly and took baby steps to the shower entrance which was right next to her cell block. “Katie, this is the prison shower, normally you would be sharing this with the women from your block but I think you earned a private one today.” The room was pretty big like the one in her high school. Katie thought back to school and how she'd always went to a stall to change into her gym clothes and never showered at school at all. All that time keeping her body private and now the whole school has seen her naked.

Katie turned on the faucet and the hot water poured down on her wiping away the tears, urine, and sweat. Natalie stood in corner watching her and when Katie noticed she was reminded of her lack of privacy. She knew she couldn't overstep her boundaries by asking her to turn away so she just grabbed the soap and started to lather up.

“I'm sorry if me watching makes you uncomfortable, Katie but I have to. If you want you can tell me your story to keep your mind off it.”

Katie realized how much she needed to vent and so she did retelling her story from beginning to end as she cleaned herself off. She started to clean her privates off with the bar of soap and as she rubbed she started to get a tingly sensation. She paid a little extra attention but when she noticed officer Jones saw what she was doing she moved on. She was so tempted to keep going but she knew it was wrong and it was too embarrassing. She kept telling her story and at times she'd tear up from the painful memories but she kept going wanting someone to know her side.

Katie was almost clean when she realized the only thing left was her butt. She had put it off for last trying to avoid pain but she knew she had to clean it after landing in the puddle of pee. She tried to scrub ever so gently but it still stung as she washed her ass. Katie stepped under a large vent that served as a drying as towels weren't allowed. At that point her story had ended where Natalie saved her from her father.

“Oh my god, you poor thing. I am so sorry Katie, I know that doesn't help or fix anything but I am so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Can I have a hug?”

“My god, of course!”

Katie and Natalie hugged with Katie crying on her shoulder. Being in her embrace made things feel better for that moment. “I'm sorry Katie but I have to take you back to your cell now.”

“I understand.” Katie was led through the cell block and all the prisoners leered at her eying her nude body. Katie was exhausted from her day and at this point and almost didn't care. They were already at her cell when Katie remembered what Sam had planned and started to panic. She was about to tell Natalie when a page came over the prison intercom. “Officer Jones to the officer's lounge please.”

Natalie pretty much pushed her in and left to answer the page. The door closed and Katie was now trapped.

“My, that ass is red. I bet you're hungry after a beating like that.”

Katie turned around to see Sam standing behind her. Sam reached behind her and squeezed violently on both of Katie's bruised sensitive cheeks. It hurt enough she was about to scream and when she opened her mouth Sam shoved her tongue inside. Katie was mortified not only at the pain or violation but that this would forever be her first kiss.

She always dreamed about her first kiss being after a long walk on a beach with a handsome young man or even just a quick peck after a cute first date but for the rest of her life she would have to remember her first kiss as being forced upon her like so many other firsts this day had brought. Katie tried to pull away, but Sam pulled her closer and resisting only hurt her bottom that much more. Sam's tongue massaged her own and Katie wasn't really sure what to do. She could go along out of fear or she could resist and possibly have something much worse happen.

She decided resisting would probably only make Sam angry and force her to do worse things sooner. She tried moving her tongue the same way Sam was but Sam pulled back. “Does kissing a woman really disgust you that much?”

“No... I mean, I'm not a lesbian and I don't want to do this but...”

“Well you are gonna do this, there is no wants for you any more just my wants . So kiss me like you'd kiss a man!”

“I've never done that either...”

“Wait, what?”

“This is my first kiss. I've never done anything romantic or even held hands. I'm sorry if I was doing it wrong, but I don't know what I'm doing.”

Sam took a step back, she had a look on her face that was almost guilt. She had assumed that Katie had at least gone down on a guy even if she was a virgin, she hadn't realized just how innocent Katie was. All her other bitches had been low life scum she felt no guilt over forcing to eat her out constantly but this was a high school girl with a one week sentence who didn't seem to have a bad bone in her body. She thought about letting Katie live her week out in peace, but then Sam thought about the ritual. Every new bitch had to go through the ritual. If they didn't they were fair game for any other prisoner to take. The ritual was the first week of a woman's sentence they were forced to go down on their dominant partner in the shower while everyone else watched and cheered on the dominant partner and hazed the new prisoner. Obviously some women were tough enough to hold their own and not be made anyone's bitch but Katie was certainly not one of those women.

Sam had always loved the ritual, dominating violent criminals in front of everyone else. She had never had a cellmate she hadn't forced into that position. No matter how much bigger or tougher seeming they were Sam was able to dominate them and make them her sexual slave. It's how she became known as the toughest con on cell block D. She would definitely lose her reputation if she didn't do it and the other women would definitely want Katie as their own.

As thoughts raced through Sam's head Katie wasn't exactly sure what was going on, one minute she was about to be sodomized and now Sam was just staring at her. Katie looked at her bare feet not sure of what to do.

“Are you being honest?”

“About what?”

“You're here for a week over some stupid high school fight and you've never done anything with a guy?”

“Yes, I swear I'm being honest.”

Sam grabbed Katie's ass hard and it hurt badly. “Promise?”

“Yes, I promise!” Katie screamed.

“Tell me about the fight.” Katie retold her story for the second time not crying as much as when she told Natalie but still tearing up.

“Katie, I'm sorry I stole your first kiss and I'm sorry I almost forced you to go down on me.” Katie wasn't sure if this was a trick or not but she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“You're not like the other women I've celled with. They've all been terrible people who deserved to be in here and deserved what I did to them, they were murderers, child abusers, and other scum of the earth. I told you before why I was in here, attempted murder, but I didn't tell you the circumstances. When I was your age I had my first girlfriend, yes, I am an actual lesbian not just a prison one, her name was Michelle, we were young and in love. She was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything, and I dreamed that we would spend our lives together. One day on a drive home from the movies we were hit by a drunk driver. I survived, she didn't.”

Katie was always taught homosexuality was wrong but she never actually thought it was, she was starting to feel bad very badly for Sam and sat her very sore bottom down next to her.

“I was destroyed, I felt like a piece of my soul had been stolen. I wanted justice and placed my faith in the courts, but when I testified that she was my girlfriend, it became clear the judge was homophobic and he threw the case out. That night I set out to take vengeance myself. I went to the driver's apartment to kill him for what he did to my soul mate but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I broke down on his apartment floor with the gun still in my hand and he called the cops. I was arrested and that's how I got here. I knew I could never love anyone again so I set out to make sure no one would ever make me. I lost sight of who I was and what I used to have but you remind me so much of her, Katie”

Sam reached out and hugged Katie. Katie wasn't sure what to do she knew she was wrong about Sam now but she didn't know where this would take her. She decided to return Sam's embrace and their naked breasts pressed together as each put their head over the other's shoulder. Sam's nipples became erect and as they rubbed against Katie's so did Katie's. Sam went to kiss Katie again but Katie pulled back again.

“I'm sorry, I know you don't like woman, but there's stuff you should know.” Sam explained the ritual to Katie and how it would protect both of them. “... I know this all sounds horrible to you but if you don't want much worse to happen to you it's what you have to do.”

“I can't do that...”

“I know it seems that way and I won't force you but I can't stop the other women from making you do it to them if I don't claim you.”

The words “claim you” rang in Katie's head, once again she was being treated like property and not a human being.

“They will do much worse to you, I promise, and I really don't want that to happen to you Mich... Katie”

Katie thought about the possibilities and realized as horrible as it sounded it was really her only option. “Okay... I'll do it.”

Sam felt guilty about the impossible situation and worse about what she had to say next. “It can't look like your first time tomorrow so we need to practice.” Sam could tell Katie was shocked. “It won't stop til you get me off and they'd know if I was faking, plus if it looks like I'm your first they'll know you hadn't done before and that won't look good for me.”

“What about me?” Katie said, not realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“Katie, I'm still here for 3 more years I could die in here if I people thought I was going soft.”

Katie knew her conscious couldn't bear the thought of being responsible for someone's death. “Okay... do you want me to start now?”

“Only if you're ready.”

“...Okay.” Katie backed off towards the end of the bed while Sam laid back knees spread in the air. Katie wasn't as scared as last time but she still didn't want this to be her first sex act. She looked at Sam's parted lips, they were glistening. She knew Sam was turned on and the smell of her sex was in the air. Katie wondered if it was because she reminded Sam of Michelle. Katie crawled forward on all fours til she was right in front of Sam's pussy. She took a deep breath and just stared at Sam's beautiful shaved pussy for minute. Katie realized she too was getting wet but didn't know what would cause it, she'd never really been aroused before today and she didn't think a situation like this warranted it. She continued to stare and started to lower her head down. She stopped right before her mouth was on Sam's vagina. She started to panic when she thought through the entire situation because she had so many things conflicting in her head she couldn't tell at all what she wanted. She was completely distracted in her head when she felt Sam's finger grab her chin. Sam's pulled her chin up so that their eyes met.

“If you don't want to or can't do this you don't have to. I can't and won't force you. Or if you want I can do you first” she said and winked. Katie realized the offer was supposed to make her feel better but having eat out a woman as her first sex act seemed bad enough she didn't want this woman to also be the first to touch her in that way.

“No, I can do this. I just need a minute.”

She stared and stared and then her mind carried her through everything that brought her to this moment and she started to cry. “I'm sorry, I can't, not right now.”

Sam reached around and pulled her up so that Katie's head was resting on her chest. Sam felt Katie's wetness as her vagina rubbed against her leg. She didn't say anything because she could tell how conflicted Katie must be. She kissed Katie's on the head and told it will all be okay. Sam rubbed her hair and they laid there just cuddling. Katie laid on her side so it barely hurt her bottom. Katie's head lay on Sam's left breast while she had both arms wrapped around her midsection, both breast pressed snugly against her ribs and she had Sam's leg in between her own legs. It felt weird for her having her vagina rubbing against Sam's hip especially with it being wet for the first time. She didn't want to admit it but it felt almost good and the comfort of cuddling with someone and having her head rubbed, for the first time today she didn't completely hate her life. She didn't know if she just liked the human comfort or if it was possible she might like women but she put that thought off for another time. Slowly Katie drifted off into a nice comfortable sleep.

She dreamed she was back at home and everything was completely normal. She went to school and everything was just as any other day, then in first period with Ms. Clark, the 22 year old teaching intern who all the boys leered over ,when her shoes disappeared. She kept quiet and looked around the floor for her shoes. Then shortly after her socks disappeared as well . She looked around for those too but didn't see anything.

“Ms smith is there a problem?”

“No Ma'am.”

“Good, then pay attention.”

She focused on the board and then looked down and her sweat shirt was gone and she was in a just a t shirt and jeans. She couldn't understand what was going. But then her pants were gone too. The desk hid her bare legs but she couldn't move an inch she was starting to panic. Not a minute passed and her shirt was gone too, there she was in just her bra and panties, in the middle of class. The class then started to notice and laugh at her collectively. Her bra then disappeared baring her breasts to the whole class. The teacher then turned around to see the topless girl. “What are you doing naked in my class?”

The teacher stormed over and grabbed her arm and just as her bottom half came above the desk her panties disappeared too leaving her completely naked in the class room. Ms Clark pulled her out of the class and even though it was mid period the hallways were filled and everyone was pointing and laughing at her nudity. The situation seemed so familiar to her but she understandability how that could be possible. She wanted to cover herself and scream but her body just wasn't reacting. She was dragged forcefully to the principal's office. She was pushed through the door and Mr Jacobson screamed “I'm so disappointed in you, dirty little tramp. You like being naked? Like an animal?”

Katie tried to talk or even scream to explain her supernatural situation but no words came out “Fine, then we'll treat you like an animal.” He opened his desk and pulled out a collar. It was very thin leather and had small metallic spikes running around it with a chain link leash attached. He put the collar around her neck and told her to get down on her hands and knees. She tried to talk but no words came out again. “Dogs don't talk, they only bark.” Her body complied even though in her mind she wanted no part of this humiliation and she got down on all fours as commanded. He gave Ms Clark the leash and she was lead back into the halls. All the students in the halls laughed at her once again as she felt completely humiliated being led on all fours. She knew everyone behind her could see her ass and slit and her tiny boobs hung down for everyone from the side to see. She continued being walked until they reached the auditorium. It was jam packed as every student watched her walked down the center aisle naked except for her collar and leash. She was brought on stage. She faced the crowd while still on her hands and knees.

“Everyone, you know your class president. She's volunteered to teach a biology lesson.”

Katie wanted to scream or run knowing what the implication meant but couldn't move. “Turn around Katie” She turned around so her ass and pussy faced the auditorium. She was now facing a camera which showed her face and tits on monitors around the auditorium. “Now lean forward so everything is on display.” Everything seemed so familiar to Katie but she couldn't understand why. She did as told and now her vagina and anus were on display for the entire school to see even though she didn't know why'd she do this. “This is the asshole and right below it is the pussy. Notice how both are just so perfectly pink and tight? Katie, the school needs to know more about the female orgasm. Stay in this position so your asshole stays on display and masturbate yourself to orgasm.”

Katie felt like she was in a trance as she put one hand back to her vagina she started working away rubbing her clit and slit up and down looking at her face on the monitors as she experienced feelings she never had before. She kept working at it knowing the whole school was watching this degradation. She bit her lip and kept going. She was three-quarters of the way to an orgasm when Sandra ran on stage

“Gonna cum, Katie?” she laughed. Seeing Sandra caused reality to hit Katie. She remembered everything and knew this was all a dream.

Katie woke up grinding her pussy furiously into Sam's leg and realized that was what was causing her orgasmic feelings in the dream. She was so close to cumming she didn't want to stop but she did not wanting her first orgasm in this situation. Sam was still sound asleep. Katie was glad as she was spared this major embarrassment. She reflected on the dream and thought about how even in her dreams she wasn't spared the humiliation in fact it was worse. She also so felt very dirty and sinful knowing her mind could take her such places, she felt unclean for basically masturbating even if it was in her sleep. She knew how angry her father would be if he knew of this situation. She started to tear up thinking about her father and how badly she'd let him down. Was she a dirty tramp like he said? Did this dream prove it? 'No, Katie, none of this is your fault and the dream is just your mind dealing with this trauma,' she thought to herself.

She snapped back to earth when she smelt her own feminine musk and was embarrassed. She sat up and her butt was still very sore. She looked at Sam, she was beautiful: perfect body, breasts, hair, she lay in perfect sleep like an angel. Katie couldn't believe that the Sam she first met and this woman were one in the same. She then noticed a glistening on Sam's thigh. She realized it was her own juices and upon closer inspection Sam's thigh was covered in it. Wanting to spare herself further humiliation she got up slowly and quietly and looked for something to wipe Sam' off with. She found nothing. She really didn't want to explain this to Sam or for her to even know. After looking around she realized there were no personal belongings and not even toilet paper.

Katie weighed her options and noticed it was 3:40. She knew from a report she had done a few years ago wake up time was 4 for prisoners in her town. She thought about what was going to happen later no matter what and knew what she needed to do. She parted Sam's legs and got in between them. She started licking Sam's thigh sopping up all her own juices. The thought that these were her own juices disgusted her but the taste wasn't actually bad, it was almost good. She was curious if all girls would taste this way or maybe all girls were different. 'What does it matter, you're only doing this because you have to, right? You don't actually like it?' she thought, starting to question things about herself. After licking up and down til it was clean she started working her tongue towards Sam's inner thigh she licked more and she heard Sam moan in her sleep.

Katie stopped right before the vagina. She was scared, turned on, disgusted, embarrassed, and for some reason she hoped she was good. She also knew that this would help protect Sam which she felt was really important although she didn't yet know why. She thought about her own body and thought about what she'd probably like. She felt guilty for thinking dirty but it wasn't like she had a choice.

Finally she gently pushed her tongue in to Sam's pussy. She started off slowly not really sure what would be best but when Sam moaned in her sleep she felt like she was doing it right and went with her gut. she then started working her tongue up and down, trying to penetrate as deep as possible, she reached under Sam's legs and grabbed her ass pulling her face deeper in. Katie thought it tasted great. She started licking around Sam's clit and Sucking on it. Sam was moaning loudly in her sleep. Katie was surprised she hadn't woke up yet. She kept licking away, Sam's moans felt like encouragement. Sam's hand grabbed the bed hard but then they moved to Katie's head pushing her farther in as her nose rubbed her clit and tongue penetrated deeply while moving wildly.

Sam was almost suffocating Katie in her pussy so Katie dug her nails hard into Sam's ass waking her up. Sam was convulsing all over. “That feels so good,” she moaned. “Put your fingers in.”

Katie figured if she was eating pussy then fingering it was no big deal. She took two fingers and thrust them deep into Sam's drenched slit she switched back and forth between sucking on her clit and working her tongue in as well as the fingers. “Oh my god!” Sam screamed. Katie's other hand shot up and started playing with Sam's left breast and nipple. She didn't know why she did it, she just figured it would feel good for Sam.

“I'm about to cum!”

Katie kept working and then as Sam's moaning grew louder and louder she then started squirting into Katie's mouth. Katie out of shock pulled back but all that accomplished was Sam squirting all over her face.

Sam was now panting on the bed. She lay there trying to catch her breath while Katie wasn't sure what to do with the cum all over her face. “Katie that was amazing!”

Katie appreciated the compliment, but somehow it made her feel guilty. She'd never been good at anything besides school and now she was able to bring a woman to an earth shattering orgasm on her first try. She felt like a slut. She hung her head down.

Sam got up to a seated position and looked at Katie's face and saw the shame. “Katie you didn't do anything wrong and you have nothing to feel bad about.”

“My family would be even more ashamed then they are already. I'd never felt horny before today and I feel like my body and mind betrayed me as result.”

“Oh shush baby, your family is living in the wrong century and you finally let yourself have some fun. Did you at least enjoy yourself?”

Katie guiltily admitted “Yes, I guess, well kinda.” Katie felt flustered talking about and because Sam called her baby, did she think they were girlfriends? Sam was also the first to ever call her baby, another first stolen by today.

Sam giggled at Katie's embarrassment. She took her thumb and then ran it over Katie's face getting some of the liquid and sucking it off her finger. “Only one person's ever made me squirt before.” She said and smiled. She then started licking Katie's face sopping up her own juices until she was pretty much clean.

Katie, who was still in her own world, just let it happen until she got a kiss on the lips which brought her back to the real world. She didn't mind the kiss but it still made her feel badly about herself. She smiled weakly at Sam and looked down again but this time she noticed scarring on Sam's right hip. It was squared shaped. Without thinking Katie asked “What's that?” she said it with worry she was scared someone hurt Sam but then wondered why she cared so much.

“Oh, this its just a tattoo removal scar...”

“Tattoo removal?”

“Yeah its kind of embarrassing.”

Katie couldn't imagine what could possibly be considered embarrassing compared to her day. “Well I've told you my story and that was humiliating.”

“Okay...when they first made this a nude prison, there was no real way to keep track of the prisoners so prisoners would claim to be someone else if they got caught doing something wrong and then it was just end up a huge hassle trying to figure out who was who, or that's what they said. So one day they decided to tattoo barcodes on us against our will. We'd get strapped down and they would give us a barcode with our own individual serial number. It was degrading and it wasn't fair that we'd be given a permanent mark from our temporary stay. So one day a pro bono lawyer took it to the state supreme court arguing it was cruel and unusual, which it was, we couldn't wear a two piece bathing suit without everyone knowing we'd been to a prison for violent women. We won the case and the prison had to pay for the removal and they did but the same problem as before existed. So they took it back to court and argued the danger outweighed the prisoner's dignity and went for a compromise and they got it.”

Katie didn't understand. “What sort of compromise?”

“That's the embarrassing part..”

“It's okay, you can tell me, Sam. I told you all my embarrassing details,” she said, trying to make Sam feel better.

“Yeah I guess you did. They called me in with out telling me what was going on and made me get on a table and lay on my stomach. They then strapped down my arms and legs and then the two parts that held the legs down were folded out forcing my legs apart as far as they'd go. I couldn't see what was going on and I knew better than to ask questions but I then heard the tattoo gun turn on. Then they...” She paused. “Maybe its better if I just show you.”

She rolled backwards so she laying on her back with her legs straight up in the air. She grabbed an asscheek in each hand and spread them. It revealed a circular barcode running around Sam's anus. Katie gasped. “they argued anyone who saw it would be a doctor or intimate enough with the inmate so that they should know we were in prison. The judge agreed.”

Katie wasn't quite sure why but she took her finger and circled Sam's asshole with it. Sam giggled as it tickled but at the Same time was embarrassed. “I'm so sorry Hun.” Katie pulled Sam up and hugged her and they held each other for a few minutes. Katie started to worry it would happen to her and Sam saw the look on her face.

“Don't worry you have to have at least a 3 month sentence to get coded."

Suddenly the alarm went off which meant it was time for all the other prisoners to wake up. It also meant the showers drew near and that meant the ritual. Sam got up first and asked Katie if she was ready.

“As I'll ever be.”

“Just so you know, I might say or do some things that are just for appearances. I care about you very much but I have to protect us both.” Katie hoped it wasn't anything too awful but nodded as she understood. Katie stood up and rubbed her sore ass. Katie was quite nervous and Sam could tell so she grabbed Katie's hand to calm her. They both held hands as they waited for the door to open.

End of part 2

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