Katie, Class President
by Penance

Part 1

The sign read "Mandatory Assembly All Students 3rd Period" and underneath it said bold letters “Subject: Fighting on school property”. Katie read it as she walked into school and was nervous whether this would require her participation. Katie, Short for Katelyn, was class president of the senior class and was often needed for this sort of function. Katie hated having to be in front of everyone especially when she was forced to give a speech or pretend to support a cause or function she didn't care about at all. She only ran for president because her parents forced her to, and she only won because no one else ran.

Katie was a very modest girl who hated the idea of people looking at her and always wore clothing representative of her very old fashioned upbringing. Katie always covered everywhere but her hands and her head. She stood about 5'2”, she was very skinny, very pale, and had short brunette hair. She'd never believe it and nobody really acknowledged it, but she was pretty cute. She was much too concerned with her paleness and small boobs to think that was possible, and her shyness caused most of the other people at the school to see her as a geek.

The bell rang and she took off for homeroom. Sitting in her seat during the morning announcements she groaned when she heard: “Katelyn Smith please come to the principal's office.” She took the hall pass from her teacher and left for the main office hoping it would have nothing to do with the assembly.

The principal, Mr. Jacobson, welcomed Katie into his office. “Miss Smith, thank you for coming. I bet you're wondering why I called you here. I need you for today's assembly.”

Katie groaned in her mind nervously knowing she'd probably have to address the school.

Mr. Jacobson continued, “As you know, fighting between both the young men and women in our school is at an all time high. This is a very serious problem and for education's sake it must be stopped.”

“How do you expect me to stop it, Mr. Jacobson?” Katie didn't understand how she could be useful where a member of the staff seemed just fine.

“I don't, Miss Smith, I expect our new policy to do that, but our new policy would look a lot better if it had student backing and was introduced by a student. You were the obvious choice.”

Katie swallowed and said “Okay... What is the new policy?”

“Well Katie, I've talked it over with the police chief, the district attorney, and the school board and it was agreed that any person found responsible for starting a fight on school property would have to serve a week in jail, and depending on the circumstances the other participant would serve from one day to the full week as well.”

Katie was shocked. “.But Mr. Jacobson, don't you think that's extreme?”

“Katie of course it is, but we're hoping with such a strong deterrent we'd never have to actually use it and with everyone's favorite class president delivering the news at the assembly I'm sure the students will understand its time to buckle down.”

With that pronouncement Katie was dismissed and she went to her next class anxiously. Katie couldn't believe she was being forced to essentially tell the whole school if they get in a fight they're going to jail. She hated fights and all violence, but she thought detention was more than enough of a punishment.

While she walked back to class one of the class bullies and a notorious fighter gave her a dirty look. Sandra loved to bully Katie, often making fun of her clothes, and on more than one occasion made Katie cry. Katie hurried back to first period to avoid any unwanted confrontation. First and second period rolled by so quickly it seemed like minutes in between her meeting with Mr Jacobson and the assembly.

She nervously waited off stage as the principal called for the students to quiet down, then he called Katie to the stage. She received very little applause, mostly from other geeks. She looked at her notes and stuttered as she spoke “Thank you all for coming. as you all know its November and we've only been back to school a few months but we've already had almost 50 fights. That's more than one fight a day. So the school has decided to implement a new rule in hopes of stopping this.” She swallowed and tried to hold back and impending panic attack. “Anyone participating in a fight on school will be forced to go to jail for one week”.

The auditorium gasped, fell silent and then all booed. She felt like they were all booing at her and blaming her and some of them were. She started to tear up and ran off stage. Mr Jacobson then went on stage and without even speaking about the rule dismissed everyone.

Katie entered the hall wiping her tears around the same time everyone else was exiting the auditorium. She immediately felt everyone's glare towards her. Sandra approached her.

“you think people should go to jail just for throwing some fists?” She got right into Katie's face.

“No, I was just saying what they told me to...”

“I'm sure you were you little goody two-shoe bitch.”

Katie was getting scared and upset. Then Sandra said the sentence that would change Katie's life forever. “Hit me!”

“What?” Katie was shocked.

“I said hit me!”

“No I don't fight, please leave me alone!” Katie was really scared.

“Bitch, I said hit me right now or I swear to god I will strip you naked right here in the hall in front of everyone!”

Katie tried to run but by now they were encircled by people and Sandra grabbed her arm. Katie knew she had to be kidding, 'No one could be that cruel,' she thought. But then Sandra reached for the bottom of her shirt and with almost no effort pulled it right over Katie's head.

Katie started to cry and become terribly embarrassed. No one had seen this much skin on her since she was in diapers, but there she stood with only a bra. Her bra was tan colored and completely covered her breasts. Katie as upset as she was was almost glad her mom wouldn't let her buy the sexy bras she's always wanted to have.

“Do you think I won't go further?!” screamed Sandra. “Hit me or I swear to god there won't be an inch of you the whole school hasn't seen.”

Feeling she was left with no choice Katie punched Sandra right in the face. It had almost no effect but Sandra grew a huge grin. She jumped at Katie's legs and grabbed at her pants. Katie was trying to kick her away and fell to the ground. “Please stop!!” Katie screamed “you said you'd stop if I hit you”

“Ha ha, you bought that shit? No, you're gonna pay for what you're trying to do to us.”

Katie tried to crawl away, kicking and screaming, but Sandra pulled her out of her pants socks and shoes. Katie stood up and looked as everyone staring at her in just her underwear. Her panties were just as conservative as her bra, but now she was now showing all but her most private areas to the whole school. She was bawling her eyes out from the embarrassment. She hoped someone would come save her or break up the fight but no one was coming to her aid. She was alone, circled by classmates who hated her, and face to face with a bully who was hell-bent on having the whole school see her whole body.

Sandra walked slowly up to her as Katie tried to back away from the bully. Katie felt her back hit the wall of students. Before she knew what happened someone unclasped her bra and pushed her forward towards Sandra and before she could do anything Sandra grabbed the front of her bra and pulled it off.

Katie's beautiful tits popped out for everyone to see. She had small pink nipples on her small but very perky tits. She shot her hands over her breast as quick as she could and tried to crouch down and cover herself as much as possible. Everyone was laughing and pointing but for the first time the guys were starting notice just how sexy Katie was. Not that made them want to stop Sandra, it just made them cheer harder.

Sandra walked behind Katie and pushed her hard in the back. It didn't hurt but it made her roll forward and ended up putting her ass straight up in the air. Sandra grabbed her legs so she couldn't right herself. Her arms and legs were spread out so her breasts were now on display for all to see. Katie looking upside-down up at Sandra pleading with her eyes as she bawled praying for an angel to come and save her or anything to stop what she knew was about to come next.

Sandra grabbed her underwear on both sides but before she pulled she looked at the crowd. “Should I stop?” she yelled to the crowd. Not everyone but almost everyone booed loudly. Sandra left one hand on Katie's leg and crouched down to look Katie right in her crying eyes. “Sorry Katie,” she said with a wink and giggle. She flicked Katie's nipple causing it to go erect, a feeling Katie had never felt, and then in one swift movement popped up and pulled off Katie's panties. Katie breasts, pussy, and ass were now on display for everyone to see. She'd never told or showed anyone but she shaved her pussy because she wanted to feel more like a normal girl her age.

Katie was mortified. No one had seen her legs before, let alone her entire body. Her shapely beautiful ass was never noticeable in her big pants but now there was no need for an imagination. She couldn't stop crying and was having a panic attack. She was also terrified of what might come next.

“Stop right there!” screamed an adult from behind the crowd. It was Mr. Jacobson and he was with the school police officer, Officer Rodgers. They pushed there way through the crowd and saw the beautiful girl displayed for everyone to see. They couldn't say they didn't like what they saw, but as school officials they had to break it up. Officer Rodgers grabbed and cuffed Sandra as Mr Jacobson helped up Katie. It wasn't until he crouched down to help her up that he realized it was Katie who was the crying naked mess. He was overcome with guilt and felt like this was his fault. He took his jacket and threw it around Katie, covering most of her naked form.

“You're going to jail, Sandra” Said officer Rodgers, “and I can't say I'm not pleased it's you who gets to be the demonstration of our new program.”

“Yeah, well I'm not going alone,” laughed Sandra.

“What do you mean?” Mr. Jacobson also turned around to hear the conversation.

“I didn't even throw the first punch,” said Sandra. “She started it!”

The two adults turned to Katie. “Is this true?”

“No... Well yes... she forced me to!” Katie cried. “I had no choice!” she pled, hoping they would understand her situation.

Mr. Jacobson looked at Katie “And to think I felt bad for you. It looks like you got yourself into this mess, Katie. Rules are rules!” Katie started bawl again and Mr. Jacobson did something that surprised everyone, even Sandra. He took his jacket back! Katie stood there naked again in front of everyone.

“Hands behind your back” said Officer Rodgers. Katie, who was trying to cover herself with one hand over her crotch and another across her boobs, was forced to uncover herself and let everyone see her in her right side up glory. Any guy who said they didn't have a hard-on for this sight was either gay or lying. She was cuffed and alongside Sandra she was walked naked the longest way possible through the school to the front doors. The news of what happened spread like wildfire, and everyone rushed into the halls to catch a sight. Katie hung her head in shame and embarrassment and Sandra sported a huge grin.

Katie couldn't believe what was happening. There she was cuffed and naked and being walked out of her school, while dozens of students lined the halls to catch a sight of her in the buff. Sandra walked along side her, also cuffed but fully clothed. Sandra, no stranger to being arrested, was actually having a good time given Katie's predicament.

“I gotta say, Katie, with your small tits I was never really sure if you were old enough to be in our class, but now that I've seen that big ass of yours, I believe it.” Sandra laughed.

“Shut up you two!” said Officer Rodgers, even though Katie hadn't said a word. As soon as they walked out the front door Katie's body felt the cold and wind of early November and her nipples became noticeably erect. Her feet felt very uncomfortable on the rough side walk. This, combined with their school being on the town's busiest street with cars driving by every couple seconds and hundreds of people probably seeing her in all her glory made Katie feel even worse than she had inside the school. The question of whether the cars had noticed her was answered pretty quickly when many of the cars honked and some rolled down their windows to hoot and holler.

Katie, who had retreated into her head to try and not deal with the reality of most of the town seeing her naked was snapped back by Sandra when she said, “Katie, it looks like you actually are having a good time, you little slut.”

Katie didn't understand what she meant but then she saw Sandra looking at her chest and her painfully erect nipples. “Stop! This is the worst day of my life and its all your fault!”

"Shut up you two before I'm forced to gag you!” yelled Officer Rodgers.

They reached Officer Rodgers police car and he opened both back doors. Katie was placed on the right and Sandra on the left. He didn't remove either of their cuffs, leaving Katie no way to cover herself.

“Where are you taking us?” asked Katie.

“To the police station, dumbass” said Sandra.

“Actually, with the new program and punishment system I take you two straight to prison.” Officer Rodgers corrected.

Katie couldn't believe it she was on her way to prison. She started to think of her parents and what they were going to do or say, she knew her dad would be very angry with her.

“Which prison? asked Sandra.

“Sandra you're going to the Johnson minimum security facility for two days for being in a fight and for this repeat behavior. Katie, you're going to James maximum security for a week because you started the fight.”

Katie started to cry again. She remembered Mr Jacobson saying that the person starting the fight needed to be scared straight more than whoever retaliated, but this really wasn't her fault. Soon they were at the minimum security prison where it must have been lunch hour, because many of the employees were outside talking, smoking or drinking coffee.

“See you in a week, Katie,” Sandra said with a wink as she was taken out of the car. Officer Rodgers walked her in he then walked back out but started a conversation with a guard. Everyone was starting to notice Katie and stare and ogle and it seemed to be forever before Officer Rodgers got back in the car.

“I always thought you were a good kid, Katie,” Officer Rodgers said as he got back in.

“I am! This isn't my fault! said Katie as they started to drive.

“You started a fight after being the one to introduce the consequences to the school, that doesn't sound like a good kid to me.”

"She said she'd strip me if I didn't hit her!”

“Are you sure she didn't say hit me AND I'll strip you, because it looks like you kind of ended up that way anyway.”

Katie lowered her head and soon they were at the maximum security facility. Rodgers opened the door and walked her in cuffed. When they got to the front desk he said, “Prisoner drop off. Smith, Katelyn. She's called Katie.”

The female guard looked her up and down and said, “Looks like we can skip the strip search.” Both adults laughed and Katie wanted to die from humiliation. "Please sign this form, uncuff the prisoner, take her to that door, and you can be on your way, officer.”

He signed, took off the cuffs and before Katie could cover herself or even rub her sore wrists he grabbed her arm and led her to the door. Above the door was a sign that said “Prisoner Processing”. The woman opened the door and pulled Katie in.

There was another woman inside the room and the two women looked her up and down. “Well, normally this is where we'd strip you but looks like you've taken care of that."

Katie tried to hold back her tears and read there name tags, one read Neison the other read Jones. Officer Neison said, “In this room you do as we say when we say it, you are not in control of your life inside these walls, we and the other staff are.”

Katie meekly said “Yes ma'am”.

“Stand against the wall.” Officer Neison came up with a camera. Now knowing her humiliation would be immortalized, Katie couldn't hold back tears any longer.

“Stop crying or we'll wait here all day til you do. The longer we wait for this the longer til those seven days start!”

Katie took a deep breath and wiped her face. “Face completely forward and look into the camera” A flash went off and Katie could see herself on the screen of a computer behind them. You could clearly see her face and tits. “Turn left.” They repeated the process and then had her turn to the right.

Katie was glad at least her bottom has was not on display, but her thought was premature. “Face forward.” The camera was adjusted enough to get a view of her full body. They had her go right and left again and then they had her face the wall to take a picture of her butt. Every inch of her body was now forever on that computer and she felt dreadful, thinking of all the people who might see.

“We need to check for weapons and drugs, shake out your hair.” Katie shook her head and nothing came out. “Good.” The two women put on rubber gloves. “Now open your mouth.” Katie opened her mouth and Jones held a flashlight up while the Neison started to probe her mouth with one of her hands. Katie felt disgusted by the rubber taste and that someone was putting hands in her mouth, only a dentist had ever had their hands there before. “Nothing” said Neison.

“Now its time for the fun part” said Neison. “Go over to that desk and bend over” Katie did as told and bent over, her pussy and ass now on display for the women. Katie couldn't believe she being forced to take this humiliating position and that the two women could see her most private areas.

“Do you know what a cavity search is?”

Katie's eyes shot open wide realizing why she was bent over. “Wait! Please! I've never been touched either of those places”

“You've never been touched where?”

“My private parts.”

“Private parts? What are they called”

Katie had never used the words aloud before and she felt embarrassed having to now. “My vagina and my anus.”

“Never heard of those before. Don't go all medical on, us call them what they are.”

Katie had never cussed or even used slang but she'd heard the words in school. She felt humiliated as she said “My pussy and butt”.

“Your butt?”

“My ass.” She felt dirty swearing but if she'd do whatever it took to stop herself from being violated.

“Getting better but could you be more specific?”

Katie couldn't understand why Neison was trying to make her humiliation worse. “My... Asshole.”

“You've never been touched in your pussy or asshole? You must be a liar if you just love to walk around naked at your high school” Neison then put her hand on the back of Katie's neck and pushed down hard and Katie braced herself for the horror she was about to face.

“Wait. Look how tight she is, she might be telling the truth,” said Jones, who up until now had been silent. Katie was grateful for the intervention but embarrassed that her vagina was being used as evidence.

“It doesn't matter, this is procedure,” Neison replied.

“She's just a girl, we can't do that to her, she's only serving seven days and she shouldn't have to give up virginity for that.”

“This is procedure. What if she's carrying something? We'll lose our jobs. I Have kids to feed!”

“What if we came to a compromise?”

“What sort of compromise?”

“Just follow my lead.” Katie was thankful for Officer Jones coming to her defense, but was nervous of whatever compromise she had in mind.

“Katie, this is a special exception that we've never done before. If you can not comply with this compromise we will be forced to perform the cavity search.”

Katie said, "Yes ma'am, I'll do whatever you say."

“Katie, reach behind you and grab your buttocks.” Katie reached behind herself and grabbed a cheek in each hand. “Now spread your cheeks.” Katie couldn't believe the words that just came out of Jones' mouth, that was the most humiliating thing a girl could do and to two complete strangers no less. Katie waited a few seconds trying to get the strength to cause herself more humiliation.

Neison yelled ”Do it now or I'm getting the Vaseline!”

Humiliated and scared, Katie spread her cheeks, exposing her perfect round pink asshole to the two officers.

“Katie, I need you two spread them wider, we need to see inside.”

Katie pulled harder on each cheek trying to ignore the feeling of degradation. She knew this was better than the alternative but she also knew she didn't deserve any of this to begin with. “Wider, Katie.” Katie pulled even harder waiting for this debasement to end. “Wider.” Katie was sure her anus would tear if she went any further but she did any way. At this point it was painful on top of humiliating but she hoped it was good enough. “Good Katie, now we just gotta take a quick look and check for contraband.”

Officer Jones grabbed her flashlight and held it up to Katie's asshole while Neison held an eye up to check inside. Katie wasn't sure how much more of this she could take, not only was she being forced to painfully spread her asscheeks to two complete strangers while naked in a maximum security prison she didn't deserve to be in, but now someone was actually looking into her asshole.

“Nothing, from what I can tell. ” Jones patted Katie on the butt and told her to stand and hop up on the table.

“Now Katie usually we have a vaginal exam as well.” Katie shuddered, she was saving herself for marriage and no one would ever touch her there until then. No one was even supposed to see that area she though to herself but this one terrible day had ruined all that. “I'm going to need you to spread your lips for us”.

“Ma'am I can't! That goes against my beliefs.”

“I can do it for you!” interjected Neison. “Katie, if you wish to not have the cavity search. This is what you have to do. We have to see inside you to verify the lack of contraband. We are not asking you to masturbate, but just for you spread your lips wide enough for us to get a look. I rarely ask anything twice and I'm giving you a chance here.”

Katie decided it was better for her to do it then have anyone else do it. She reached down with her right hand and spread her lips with her two fingers. Katie felt dirty for doing this and for slightly enjoying the feel even though she absolutely hated the situation. Her clit popped out and for the first time she felt her juices flowing.

“That's wide enough.” Once again Jones held up the flashlight while Neison peered inside. Katie had never even been to gynecologist no one had ever seen the inside of her vagina before.


“Okay Katie, looks like you've got nothing inside you but if you do remember that we took a risk here for you and if it comes back to bite us you'll be ruining our lives when we tried to save yours.”

“I promise I don't have anything,Officers, thank you.” Katie wasn't thankful to be in this situation but it was the only act of kindness she'd received since this hell started.

“There's one last thing before we take you to your cell. We need a urine sample.”

“Okay, where's the bathroom?”

Officer Neison laughed. “Right here.” She held a cup under Katie's vagina. Katie was still on the table and had given up all hope of dignity at this point. “You get a drop on me and I swear you will regret it.”

Katie was now forced to perform one the most private of acts into a cup in front of these officers. She tried to close her eyes and hide away in her head but realized she needed to pay attention to where she was peeing. She got over her nerves a started to let a stream go. She carefully aimed and got it all in the cup.

“Okay Katie we are now going to take you to your cell.” They opened the door on the other side of the room that led to the general population.”

“Wait, what about my clothes or a uniform?”

“Katie you're already wearing it.”


“This is a facility for maximum security violent offenders, to stop the flow of drugs and weapon all prisoners have to remain nude. You will be required to keep everywhere but your head shaved clean to prevent any hiding of contraband.”

Katie put her face in her hands and cried. Would she ever get her clothes back, she thought. Not only that but she knew because Sandra was in a minimum security prison she got to keep her clothes, even though this was all her fault. Katie thought about all the violent offenders who would be leering at her body and what they might do to her.

Confirming her fears, as Jones grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the door as she said, “Katie, I feel for you and I really don't think you should be here. That's why I protected you in there but in general population, in your cell, in the showers I won't be around to do that and for that. I am so sorry.”

Katie continued to cry as she was walked through the halls of the prison they got to cell block D. As she was being led to her cell all the prisoners went to their windows and stared at her. A few yelled such things as "Fresh meat”, "Oh that looks like a fine piece of ass” and “Mhm dinner time already?”

Katie was led to the last cell on the block. When she entered the cell there was another naked woman lying on one of the beds. She looked mid 20's, and had perfect breasts, much larger than Katie's, and a beautiful slender body with long red hair. Jones let her in and closed the cell behind her.

The naked girl looked up at Katie “You must be the new meat. A little young for block D, aren't you? What did you do?”

"I got in a fight at school.”

The woman laughed. “A fight? That's all? I'm here for attempted murder.”

Katie was instantly terrified she was locked in a cell with someone capable of murder. “My name's Sam. What's yours?”

“Katie,” she said nervously. Katie was still standing, too scared to sit.

“Well Katie, I always like to show my bunkmates some hospitality. You hungry?”

'Maybe she isn't so bad', thought Katie. “Yeah I haven't eaten since breakfast.”

“Then get over here and eat.”


“You stupid or something? I said eat.”

“Where's the food?”

Sam stood up, grabbed Katie by the hair, and shoved Katie's face about an inch from her vagina “Right there!”

“Please no, I'm a virgin and I'm not a lesbian.”

“Do I look like I care? I run this cell, hell, I run this block! If you want to make it through your sentence alive you play by my rules.” Sam lay back down on the bunk. “Now eat.”

Katie, fearing now for her life, got up on the bed too. She put her knees in between Sam's legs and cried as she started to lower head towards her pussy. She could smell it and although it wasn't unpleasant the whole idea made her want to gag. She stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes and aimed for Sam's pussy. When there was only about a centimeter left before she entered the cell door was opened and a guard, who completely ignored what was going on, simply said “Katie, your parents are here to see you.”

End of part 1

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