Trial Landing

By Paul


   Looking at the woman lying on my bed you would believe that I had forced her to do the things that caused her body so much discomfort; her arched shoulders with her head forced back by the cord in her hair. But it was her idea, after a long flight to the small island of Samoa. My chief stewardess had asked me out for a date as we were stopping for the night due to a small problem on the number two engine. And after a couple of drinks we arrived back at her room to, as she put it, rumple the bed. She picked up her overnight bag and the small case she carried.
   Back at my room she told me that she trusted me and needed me to do her a small favour.
   Kissing me as she walked into the bathroom she asked me to unpack her case and lay out her things.
   Unzipping the bag and lifting the top jacket off, I found a lot of very unusual things in the space below: yards of cord and rope, a rubber ball with a strap through it, and a leather hood.
   Turning as she entered the bedroom, I gasped as she was wearing a little leather corset and stocking suspenders. Her arms were covered in kid gloves up to her shoulders. Katie was in her late twenties, tall and a natural red head if her lower-haired area was right.
   "I have a confession," she told me while sitting down on the bed, "I want you. I want you to dominate me. I love bondage and I think you are the man to give me what I need on my body. Have you done anything like this before?"
   I shook my head as she picked up a long length of coarse rope and played with a loop tied in the end of it.
   "Just listen to my instructions and you will be a master before you know it."
   'It must be a joke.' I thought as she held out the rope to me.
   But it wasn't. She held out her arms to me as I moved towards her. She turned around and placed her wrists together for me to bind.
   The rope was soft cotton and very supple. Katie had looped the spare end through the loop and told me to pull tight and then wrap it round and round her wrists then to wrap it between her arms and cinch it down until the bonds were tight. "There is no point tying loose ropes," she said as she instructed me to pick up a longer length off the bed.
   "Would you like to see me orgasm on my own?" she asked. I must have looked shocked as she laughed and checked that I was OK.
   "Sorry, this is a bit of a shock to the system. Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.
   "Then in that case, yes, please."
   The fact that the trousers I was wearing where getting very tight wasn't missed by my strange friend as she kissed me and turned again to face away from me. "Tie a rope around my waist very tight and leave a lot to spare." She waited until I did as she bid and then spread her legs and instructed me to place the rope between her lower lips. "Tie it off at the back, run it back twice so it goes along both sides of my lips and then back over the middle, and then pull it really tight."
   Doing so, I couldn't help but smell her arousal; the lips of her cunt were soaking. I had to pull the ropes tighter and did as told. The whole situation was a definite turn on. Picking up the rope that Katie indicated, I followed her instructions and bound her ankles and knees tightly, using a short length and bending them, tied them together tightly, thus doubling them up underneath her.
   Katie's breath was quicker now as she guided me in her evening's fun. I had to carry her to the closet and by tying rope under her arms and over her shoulders then back onto the loop above her breasts. This made a bra shape. That I had to touch her breasts didn't seem to worry her and it was so hard not to take advantage. But I reasoned that the girl trusted me so there was a chance to get rid of steam later. Katie them told me how to link all the rope on her waist to the shoulder harness with two loose ends coming out over her head. The next instruction shocked me, but I did as she said and by placing the ropes over the large hanging pole pulled her into mid air. "Watch me struggle and I will come for you. This will give you some idea of how harshly you can treat me in the future," she paused and then continued, "If you get the gag off the bed it will give you some satisfaction as well."
   Moving over to the bed I picked up a leather bound ring to which a strap was attached; this went behind her teeth and when the strap buckled up left her with her mouth held open. The ring was big enough for me to guess its purpose.
   Undressing was a little weird as we hadn't really even gone out on a date before and here was a suspended naked beautiful woman hanging by her shoulders at crotch height. The fact was that I was bloody nervous. Still it was too good to miss and after gently playing with the girl's nipples, I positioned myself in front of her mouth and edged up to her pointing my now rock hard penis at the forced open space. Katie used her tongue expertly as I thrust deeper and deeper into the warm cavern that could offer no resistance. Looking down at the bound form I realised just how horny the whole situation was, she was working on her own orgasm as she tried to bring the cock in her mouth off, just with her tongue. She was rocking her body as best she could on the ropes that were digging deep into her pussy.
   The whole experience brought about my orgasm. Holding her head I pushed deeply into the back of her throat and shot a full load, its warmth and strength making my knees buckle.
   I sat back on the bed and watched as she bounced and thrust her body against the ropes that held her so tight until with a long low set of groans she climaxed and shuddered to a limp halt. I thought she would want untied now but she shook her head at that suggestion.
   Her next idea was that she would hang there while I went to the reception desk and ordered room service for the morning leaving her to hang around as she put it. I did so and must admit that the fact that a beautiful woman was tied up waiting for me held a lot of erotic thoughts. I arrived back to find her in the middle of an orgasm.
   Sitting and watching the show I noticed the way that the ropes dug deep into her soft skin and the whole way that her body was fighting the taut bonds.
   The aftershocks took at least three minutes to stop.
   Katie finally opened her eyes and asked if I could let her down.
   After untying her from the rail and removing all the ropes, she needed help to the loo as she had bad pins and needles. A shower and a pee were all she needed to recover and with a laugh told me "Let's do a harsher thing now."
   Her instructions were precise.  I wrapped cord around each wrist and folded her arms up behind her back until her wrists were between her shoulder blades and the cord that was dangling from them went over her shoulders and then crossed either side of her neck and ran down to a ring on the back of the corset she was still wearing, then the two ends went around both elbows, pulling them until they touched. The strain showed on her face as she waited for me to tie off the ends to her wrists pulling them together as well. This thrust her breasts out and made her stand upright. Katie's next instruction was to place the hood over her head and lace it up tight making sure that I pulled her hair out of the back. Her kinkiness was a little shocking even to my broad mind as she asked me to read her next orders from the letter on the desk, as she wouldn't be able to say much as there was a large wedge gag in the hood.
   Katie's jaw was forced wide by the rubber bit and then a strap sewn into the underside of the hood clamped it tight. The hood looked good on her as the laces that I tightened up at the back of the hood pulled the leather skin-tight. A stiff collar held her neck upright as I locked the final fastening of the lace knots away. The sight of her naked body and covered head was more than erotic to me.
   The letter held a list of things she wanted me to do to her in the next two hours.
   Bending down to attach a pair of handcuffs (carried by the crew to subdue drunks on the flight) to her ankles I couldn't help running a finger over the partly-shaven mound of her pussy. She shuddered and parted her legs as best she could. I took my finger away and blew on her exposed clit.
   The feeling of power that it gave me worried me a little as I led her over to a chair by the closed curtains. The small steps that she had to take made her breasts sway from side to side. Bending her over the chair's high back I tied cord from a ring on the front of her collar to the front bar on the chair bending her double. Uncuffing her ankles and roping them to the legs at the back so they were apart finished off the first line of the letter.
   Next was a little pain as Katie had described it. Using my hand I spanked her vulnerable arse until it glowed red. And then her final wishes. I covered my now hard penis in cold hand cream and positioned myself behind her rectum and pushing hard sank fully into her bowels. Small muffled groans came from the hooded girl as she thrust back against me as I started to fuck her. Both of us exploded together.
   The efforts of the night had drained me, so as I untied her we decided to give ourselves a little rest.

   The next night we were back home, her home. Katie lives in a nice old Victorian house in the local market town. To suit her little odd habits she had altered it. The coal cellar was transformed into a dungeon of which the KGB would have been proud. The beamed loft also had lots of interesting additions that she was very proud of.
   Katie showed me around with great pride and told me that as she had started two days off, they would be spent as my prisoner. As she spoke, she unfastened and removed her dress.
   We went into the dungeon and started the day with her first pain. The post she stood against was narrow and allowed me to pull the harsh rope around her waist, tightly indenting her stomach. More of the thin cord ran above her breasts tight into her armpits lashing her to the post there.
   Katie's instruction helped me as I pulled her elbows tight together behind the post and using the cord cruelly lashed them together and running the spare down to her wrists, used the last of it up.
   Katie then told me the next stage of her torture.  Soon after complying with her wishes I went to make us both a drink. The sight that greeted me on my return to the cellar was so exciting that I had to sit on the stairs and watch. Katie's legs where spread wide, both off the floor pointing towards the ringbolts set into the base of the walls with the weight of her body taken by the ropes that were digging into her skin.
   I have never seen such an erotic sight in my life.
   Three silver chains hung from clamps on her nipples and clit, joined together at a ring that was tied to a bolt on the wall, the weight of the chains dragging her tender flesh down. A large rubber gag fitted into Katie's mouth finished off the ensemble.  Her eyes where smiling at me as she shook her body as best one could tied so tight. The clinking of the chains and her groans made sweet music as she used the tormentors fastened to the tender parts of her body to bring about an orgasm that made my eyes water.
   I let her finish and then unclipped the clit clamp and using the wide openness of her position screwed her for two more orgasms (hers not mine). Katie's feet were going off-colour as I untied them.
   Waiting for a while, she showed me the cupboards in which she stored the equipment she had built up over the years. She told me how she had tried to find someone who could help her obtain her fantasies.
   Now I must admit that the whole situation was a turn on for me as well. Her ability to take pain and suffering that she inflicted to her own body was unreal, and the fact that I was getting my rocks off also made the whole affair enjoyable to me too.
   Katie decided that she would like for me to try to tie her into a harsh position of my own. The idea appealed to me, so after our drinks I prepared the next phase of our journey together.
   I decided to try one of my favourite positions but making it so Katie couldn't move as I took advantage of her. I started by fitting a wide belt to her waist and a thick collar to her neck that held her head up as it fitted her neck so snugly under her chin. Next came two straps that looped over her wrists and elbows pinning them behind her back.
   As I helped her lay on her back on the single bed in the cellar Katie asked me to gag her as she wanted to be totally helpless at all times. I did so using a large rubber penis shaped one that really forced her jaws apart. There was a harness attached to it that ran up both sides of her nose and buckled at the back; using a ring attached to the top I tied the cord to the bed head. Then more rope went from the rings on the collar and belt to the sides of the bed. This held her pinned flat to the bed, with her arms held under her body.
   Using the thick harsh rope I tied loops around each ankle. These went to large rings set into the wall above the bed's headboard and by pulling hard I managed to get both legs widely spread with her ankles well above her shoulders. Katie was sucking on the gag and moaning what sounded like 'fhhuck me."
   Now that was my intention, but for now I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could.
   The sight of her totally taut body was so tempting, the gash of her cunt shiny with her juices and her hard nipples pointing towards her knees gave me a huge hard on and an idea.
   Picking a ball of string up and cutting two lengths, I made two slip knots and by pulling on each nipple attached the cord round the base. The loose ends I tied around her legs so that if she lifted her leg it pulled the slip knot tighter. I left her like that while I looked at the different equipment that filled so many drawers. Her collection was vast, and we still add to it today.
   Finding the two vibrators on charge gave me an idea of what she got up to in her spare time. Still, now was fun time.
   It was about two hours later, after her twelfth near-orgasm, that I finally gave in and worked my magic, pushing the large vibrator into her now-distended anus that the smaller one had widened for it and turned the power on to full. Katie squealed out and nodded her head and looked beseechingly at me as I pushed myself deep into her red-hot cunt, pinning her tighter to the bed. Pounding into her I used my left hand to fuck the vibrator deep into her anus and rub the underside of my cock through the thin membrane that separated the two holes, her screams of "harder, harder" made me pull on the cords to her nipples with my teeth.
   Soon I felt her come with such a shudder that she made her internal muscles grip me so hard that I shot my load deep into her. I collapsed on top of her body, our sweat mingling, as we both tried to get our breath back. Rolling off her I looked at the picture of beauty. The strain on her must have been severe as the ropes and belts dug into the soft skin in deep lines that would take quite a while to disappear.
   Quickly I untied her listening to her groans as I peeled the straps from her reluctant skin. Katie kissed me and after getting the feeling back in her arms and legs bent down and called me her Master.
   Later as we lay in her bed upstairs we discussed the night's events; Katie had chained her neck with a steel collar and padlock to the large bolt that was sunk into the wall. "I am your slave, Master; will you stay with me for the weekend?"
   "How could I refuse an offer like that? Yes, I'll stay." With that she snuggled into me and went to sleep. I found it difficult to get my mind around it at first; the whole thing was mind blowing.
   The next morning I awoke to a warm feeling on my erect cock and looking down found Katie attached by her mouth to the end of it.
   Still later we had a shower in which Katie washed me while she wore a pair of handcuffs.
   Breakfast came served the same way.
   Katie asked if I would help her get into her morning's attire, as she couldn't do it alone. The leather equipment was beautiful; a stiff collar went totally around her neck, so she couldn't look down. Lacing the corset around her waist took quite a bit of doing, as she wanted it tighter so that by the time we had finished she could hardly breathe. Then a harness that ran over her shoulders like a bra but with two rings through which both breasts were forced until the rings sat flat on her chest then buckled tight at the back. This caused her breasts to swell up and turn red. We then placed a single arm glove over both arms behind her back and I laced it up tight until her shoulders looked as if they would dislocate. This coupled to the collar so it wouldn't slip down. A pair of ankle boots that locked onto her feet completed the attire.
   Katie moved around the house all day like that and it didn't seem to bother her in the slightest that I used her helpless state to work off some steam.
   The first time was after a cup of tea simply by grabbing her wrists and forcing them upwards until her face was pushed onto the tabletop. Then her anus was exposed, so that got my sperm. Next came a request that she had made at breakfast. A pump-up anal plug was inserted and inflated until she could take no more, then by coating a huge dildo in KY. Jelly and with a lot of pushing and groaning on her part Katie was totally filled. Two leather straps were then buckled around her ankles and thighs thus holding them all in. Katie was then left to work her hips to bring herself to a climax. Her whole day was spent like that.
   The ability of that girl for suffering was unbelievable.
   We spent that evening as a normal couple; a meal followed by pictures helped my unease at our strange relationship.
   Morning can be a testing time in any relationship but not with Katie. Again I awoke to a blowjob and a very turned on girl asking for a lot of torment, as she was being a very bad girl.
   In the cellar corner was an old water tank.  It was quite small and to be truthful I hadn't thought about it as a thing of torture. Katie had me tie her into a ball using a lot of sticky tape that I thought would hurt more than the torment when we came to remove it. This was done by first wrapping her arms from top to bottom, and then she pulled her legs tightly to her chest and let me tape them to her body. More tape then went around her lower legs and arms as she folded them back against her thighs. Soon her body was totally wrapped in tape and with a struggle I placed her into the tank. All that showed was her head. Continuing with Katie's instructions I then tipped two bags of sand around her body totally filling the tank. Then I tamped it down until the surface was solid. Finishing the whole thing off, I placed a hose pipe on the top and gently turned the water on. This made the sand tighten on her body. Katie's orgasm was loud and long. What a girl, I thought, she comes from the tightness of her bonds.
   Now I knew that she would soon get hypothermia from the chilled sand so after she had shuddered in to her third orgasm I pitched the tank on to its side and started emptying it out. Katie told me to leave her for a while and I had a walk down to the newspaper shop. Still not believing my luck at finding her, I didn't rush.
   On arriving back at the house it took a lot of effort to get the tape off the now very stiff girl.
   We stayed as a couple for five wonderful years; until I needed children and Katie needed the tightness of her bondage more. We still get together for occasional fun but she is not as supple these days, and to be truthful, I can't be so harsh to her anymore. Still I think back to the times we had with fondness and an erection.
   And Katie is still looking for that person to take her to places dark and dangerous. So if a red headed stewardess looks at you and asks if you know how to show a girl a good time remember your handcuffs.