by Paul


I thought I did.

Well we have been married for ten years and I knew her when she was married to my best friend before he died in a motorbike crash.  Their son Dominic was now as close to me as if he as mine.  So you would think after these years together I would be able to say with a lot of confidence that I know her.

It all started after Dominic joined the army at 16.  The British army has a Junior Leader Battalion at Shorncliffe in Kent.  And although I missed him I noticed that Diana seemed to be more distracted by his absence.  This caused me a little bit of worry due to the men's magazines always saying that women go funny when the children leave home.

Diana is 36 and still very attractive.  She was married to my best mate Dave.  He married her when she was 16 and everybody said that it wouldn't last; but it did until the car driver didn't see him and killed him at the tender age of 27.  Diana was left with a child at 23.  It took us a few years to realize that we had fallen in love and the nice thing was that both our parents and Dave's gave us their blessing.

Now on to the problem at hand.

Our sex life was average; if not the best in the world it was at least satisfying to make love to this beauty.  Diana looked after her body and we always seemed to be touching and holding hands.

I noticed that Diana seemed to be spending a lot of time on the computer that Dominic had left behind in his room.

She told me that she was improving her skills as she wanted promotion at work so I didn't think anything about it.

That was until she seemed to be walking round in a dream.

Worrying is a man's normal occupation.  My first thought was she had met somebody in a chat-room.  But every time I walked into the room she hit the close button.  So I needed to get into the computer.  She was at work one night and I used the time to my advantage.

Still you feel scared what you will find.  How would I cope if I found that she did have a lover or something like that?

So taking a cup of tea up to the room I opened the desk and turned on the computer.  Sitting while waiting for it to go through the startup was hell and I nearly turned it off again.

The screen lit up and a picture of Bart Simpson barring his bottom to the camera was the first thing I saw.

"Dominic!" I groaned.  He finds weird things funny.

I checked the documents box, a list of things that Diana worked on last showed up.  All were normal word documents and few outlook and exel projects.  I clicked on a few of them without taking much notice.

At the top was a picture file.  I sat and wondered, was it a picture of her cyber-love?

I clicked on it and it told me that I needed a disk.  I looked at the desk and noticed one shoved under the base of the computer.  Inserting it and re-clicking on the picture icon I waited while it loaded.

When it came up I nearly fell off the chair.  A dark-haired beauty sat tied to a chair, naked except for very tight ropes digging deeply into her skin.  It bore a striking resemblance to Diana.  I looked more closely.  God it did!  I sat back and studied the image.  The hair was a bit shorter and the mouth more generous, but it could have been her.

What caught my eyes were the ropes as they disappeared between her pussy lips.
More was wrapped around her breasts causing them to form balls on her chest.
Her nipples and aureole were bulging out and the colour of them was most attractive.

I realized that I'd become erect.  And so I unzipped my jeans to release my aching prick.  'Oh god this is horny,' I thought as I closed that picture and opened up the disk to see what else was on it.

 The disk was full of more pictures of women, all nude and all tied tightly.

Now I am broad minded and I like to think that I am a man of the world but Christ!

So my next thought was that this disk maybe was Dominic's.  He had been a little adventurous in his searches so I looked at the net and on the address history list I found a huge file of bondage sites.  Hog-tied, Insex, Rope Marks Bedroom bondage etc.  This was quite scary.  I just didn't realize that Diana could be interested in this sort of thing.

It had to be her as the dates on the list were as fresh as last night.  Opening up the site list it was easy to get into the sites as Diana has left the passwords enabled. The Insex site had a hell of a lot of photos looked at.

Some of the women in bondage are quite good looking and the type of torture endured made me shudder.  How could Diana be interested in this sort of thing?
She has always been quite the feminist and although she is a great mum and wife I wondered if I ever knew her at all.

I sat and looked through the sites archives and although it is admittedly a horny site you had to see the suffering in context.  It was extreme and a little frightening to see this sort of thing on your computer.

But what to do about this was a huge question I didn't know how to answer.  I pondered the problem.  It sat on my mind all that night, even when Diana went off to complete her studies.

I sat on the edge of the bed actually feeling sick.  How the hell do you approach the woman of your dreams and say, "Hey you want to be tied up and fucked do you?"

And to be totally truthful did I want to get involved in this?  I mean what it if it was just a fantasy?  Or what if Diana was scared by the fact that I have been snooping on her web watching?  So it became a game of spies as I sneaked onto the computer to see what Diana is looking at.

I did find that as I looked more and more at these sights I found them growing on me.  This went on for about two weeks with me getting more and more frustrated in more ways than one.

Things came to a head when Dominic was about to return on leave.  Diana started to ask questions on how to get rid of old work on the hard drive as she had finished and apparently needed to free up some space.

I let her suffer as she got more and more frantic.

"John, you don't know how to clear files and cookies do you?" she asked over tea one night as I sat reading the mail.

I looked up and smiled, "Why?  Do you have something you don't want anyone to see?"

She squirmed a bit and looked away.  I grinned at her and couldn't help but tease her.  "Oh babes, you haven't been looking at have you?"

Diana turned bright red.

"You have, haven't you?" I burst out laughing.  And she got redder.

"Oh my god you perv!" I laughed to let her know it wasn't a bad thing.  She sort of smiled and looked away relived as I said, "Tell you what I have no wish to see big willies so I will wipe it off for you."  I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  Could this be a way to clear the air on this?

You also have to remember that she didn't know that I knew.

So after tea we went up to Dom's bedroom and Diana started up the computer.  To say she was like a cat on a hot tin roof was quite the understatement.  I waited for the Bart Simpson cartoon to flash his bum.

"Okay, sit to one side and I will show you how to do it."

She slid down the bench.

I started by opening the cookie file and dumping it into the bin.

Diana watched intently as I opened the history file and deleted it.

Then I opened the Internet files and pretended not to notice files like Tit Torture, Breast Bondage and Pussy Whipped.

These were dumped to the bin as well.

I ran the Norton wipe over all the files.

"There you are...all gone."

She breathed a long sigh and asked "Are you not mad at me for looking at willies and things?"

I smiled, "No darling, it's not like you are having an affair," I paused for effect, You're not, are you?" I placed a little quiver in my voice at that point.

She placed a hand on my thigh, "No darling I am just curious that's all!"

"Just to be sure you are clear do you have anything on disk?  If so I will have to wipe these one at a time."

Diana looked a little worried but pulled out the disk from under the computer.  I opened it and by "mistake" double clicked on the picture that I knew looked like Diana.

 "Oh shit," I said as the computer started to unload it from the disk.  Diana's face was a picture of dread, panic and fear.

I smiled to myself thinking, 'get out of this babes.'

The photo was the first one that I found.  You would think that I did this deliberately, and yes you would be correct.

I looked at her and said, "My god, Di, who did this to you?"  I looked at her for effect.  "And you say you are not having an affair!" I stood as if to walk out.

The look of panic on her face was wondrous.

"Please, please John, that isn't me.  You have to believe me that is not me!"

Putting on my thunderous look and a scowl I looked at her with disbelief.  "Do you want to explain yourself?"  I looked at her and saw fear in her eyes.

Diana looked at me and sighed, "I found this picture by mistake.  I was looking for a book called 'Of Human Bondage'.  And this came up as a pop in when I clicked on the wrong file.  The similarity of this girl and me startled me, how much she looked like me.  I saved it to show you.  But later I lost my nerve but kept thinking about the image."  She sighed.  "I felt empathy with the image and that is what made me start to look at the net in a new way."

I looked at her as I wondered about the state of my wife's mind.  To be honest, I wanted to try these things as I could see the horny implications.

"I want to know something Di.  Do you want try these things?  Do you want to be that girl tied to that chair?"

She looked at me as if not knowing what to say.

The way her eyes glowed as she said, "OH YES I DO" let me know that she was very serious about this.  I smiled at her.

"Do you have any rope hidden away?"

She shook her head.

"Right.  Then we will have to go get you some tomorrow won't we?"

She nodded, a little smile of anticipation on her face.

We both didn't sleep very well that night.  We both seemed to be pretending to be asleep.  I could tell that Diana wasn't though.

The next morning was a Saturday.  And believe it or not it was bloody hard to find a shop that sold rope.  B&Q did but it was very pricey and when we asked for a lot the nice man who worked there recommended the ships chandlers in the marina.

Walking into the shop was a new experience for us both, there were just so many different types to choose from.  I could see Diana shudder as she ran her fingers along the lengths of rope to judge which were the best for her.

We ended up with a couple of full coils of a type of cotton para cord and quite a lot of a harsh hemp-type rope which the guy said was for use as hand rails for rope fencing.

Diana was bubbling all the way back to our house.  We hadn't really talked about what we where going to do but she showed me a German website that gave demos of how to tie.

Carrying the bags into the house I noticed she hurried upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom.  Placing the bags on the bed and going downstairs to the kitchen I picked up the large carving knife and returned to the bedroom.

Cutting the rope into manageable lengths I coiled them up and waited for my wife's entry.

The sight that greeted me was a totally different Diana.  She was dressed in grip top stockings and her hair up in a bun, looking stunning.  She wore bright red lipstick and her face was made up beautifully.  She was nude except for a smile.

She carried a camera in her hands.  And holding it out said "Happy Birthday darling."

As it wasn't my birthday for a couple of weeks I believed she was talking figuratively.

It was a new digital camera and I looked at her as she laughed and told me, "You don't think I would be taking photos like we are about to take to the chemists do you?"

"I didn't think we would be taking photos, darling."

"But of course we must; how else would we remember this day."

I tapped the side of my head and replied, "Up here, darling, but if you insist..."

Diana moved to the side of the bed.  Bending down she watched for my reaction as she picked up a long length of the harsh hemp.  "I want to tie myself first so you can get an idea of just how tight I will need you to tie me."

I got the feeling she'd practiced at some time but decided not to question her on this point.  She doubled up the rope and fed the two ends through the loops she'd created.  This went around her tummy and she took her time pulling it really tight until it dug deeply into her flesh.

"Stand behind me darling."

I did so and she pulled the rope between her pussy lips as she held them open with her other hand.

"Thread them behind my waist bands please."

I did so with difficulty due to the sheer tightness of her own tying.

"Pull it tight please."

I  tugged at the two ropes making her grunt.


I pulled until she stepped back.

"Knot it off in the back."

Tying it off I held out the two ends to her and Diana wrapped them around and around her stomach, pulling tightly at each wrap.

I watched her face as we did this.  A look of bliss, no more than that, adorned her face.  It seemed to me that she was experiencing total acceptance of this "something" that she'd been seeking for a long time.

"Okay, I want to do my chest," she said as she picked up some more of the rough rope.  Again she doubled it up and placed it over her neck leaving the two lengths dangling between her breasts.

I remembered the camera and began to take photos as she made a harness out of the rope.  Tying it behind her shoulders above her breasts then going under them she knotted it under them.  Then she began to tie each breast by wrapping the rope around the base.  Diana's lovely breasts were large, heavy and just starting to sag.  The rope made them perfect round balls of red, swollen, compact, firm, joy.

Then she tightened them up by looping the ends through the ropes to pull them all tight.

I stood with her as she looked in the mirror at her image.

I smelled her arousal.  She looked at me and kissed me.

Her eyes glittered as she moved to one of the posts on our bed.  Standing with her back to it she held her arms behind it as she asked, "Your turn my husband.  Make me suffer!  Tie me to the post.  Tie my elbows first.  I think they could actually meet."

Picking up some of the soft rope I did as my more knowing wife did and doubled it up and used the loop to pull her elbows in until they touched.  This seemed to force her chest tighter into the bonds that she'd put into place.

"Okay?" I asked, running the rope down to her wrists and tying them as well.

"Oh yes, I'm fine my lover!"

Diana's body was glowing with a sheen of sweat.  Her breathing had increased and her nipples were actually throbbing with each heartbeat.  I bent and taking one in between my lips gently pulled on it and flicked it with my tongue as I sucked, all at the same time.

It was a sight to behold - her body straining against the bonds.  Capturing the image on camera I moved around her taking photos from all sides; and then showing her them on the screen.

Diana's excitement was tangible now as I moved between the images.

She looked at me and muttered "god, I need a fuck!"  I was more shocked by her use of a word that she normally hated so much than by the that fact she was bound.

Smiling to myself I asked if she wanted untied.
"No way; I need you to do something more to complete this for me."  She nodded to her legs so rope went around her ankles and the base of the bed.

Standing behind her I looked at the way she was tied and taking up some cord tied the crotch rope to her wrists.  While there I couldn't resist taking both breasts in my hands and massaging them.

Diana groaned and moved her hips.

"Can you gag me and use something to blindfold me?" she asked as I sat on the chair by the window.

To gag her I picked up her panties out of the wash basket.

"No, don't you dare!"

I smiled at her and said, "You want the whole treatment don't you?"

She opened her mouth and winced as I balled them up and pushed them deep into her mouth.

 More photos and then I pulled a pillowcase over her head and using one of my belts strapped her neck to the post thus holding the pillowcase tightly to her face.

 Finishing the disk off I asked if she wanted to be alone for a while.  She moved her head as much as she was able to.  So with a squeeze of her dissented breasts I left the room and went the computer and opening up our photo package began to run the images through the printer.

I was very pleased with the images.

Quietly moving back into our room I caught Diana mid-orgasm and I sat stroking my erection.  The sight was so horny.  Her bright red breasts bounced slightly as she breathed in deep pants.  Hips were pumping.  And the gagged sounds were so erotic.

She held her breath and let out her normal long groan and orgasmed.  She slumped on her arms.  I wondered if I should free her from her bonds.

 So shortly I undid the belt and pulled the pillowcase off her head and kissed her eyes.  She opened them and grimaced a smile at me.  I waited for her to spit her panties out.

"Water" she gasped.  Picking up the water bottle she always keeps by the bed, I tipped it up for her to drink.

Waiting for her to drink her fill I stroked her nipples.  She groaned and moved her breasts against my hands.  I kissed her hard.

"Let me off this post and I can do something about that," she said bobbing her chin towards my straining cock.

Her elbows were slightly discolored as were her upper arms.  I rubbed them for her to regain her circulation.

"Tie my wrists for me please"

I did so by crossing them first.  Watching her bend over with wrists tied was a revelation because she did it with such grace.

Opening her mouth she bent to take the slightly weeping head between her bright red lips.

My knees suddenly went weak.  Slowly she built her head movements and actually managed to ease the end past the gag point on her throat.

Doing the humming thing she knew I liked, Diana bobbed her head along the shaft.

 I soon let the side down and spurted my load down her throat.

Diana continued to work on my semi-rigid prick and to encourage her along I ran my fingers through her soft hair.

Stopping her movements she asked me to untie her wrists and dashed of to the loo.  On her return I noticed that she'd removed the rope around her waist.  Most noticeable were the marks left behind.  The large weave of the harsh hemp left deep red grooves.  "What do you think?" she asked as I ran my fingers in the ruts around her waist.

"Very sexy.  What's next?" I ran my finger along her soaked crotch.

"Well, you could tie me face down and do what you sometimes ask me to let you do."

I paused.  Did she mean what I thought she meant?

I have always had a desire to make love to her anal hole, but previously she'd always cried off.

"I could not stop you darling could I?" she grinned, looking up through her eyelashes.

My grin answered her question.

"But you will be gentle, won't you?"

I pulled her to me, "Darling you will enjoy it so much you won't know I an there."

She gripped my dick and said, "I think that I haven't seen this fellow so big for a long while."

She was being a little bit cheesy but I frankly didn't care.

Diana lay down on her front gently due to her roped-up breasts.  Listening to her groans I tied soft rope to all of her limbs and tied her spread eagled to the four posts.

"Tighter!" she ordered.  I complied.

Soon she was bow tight.

It all got tighter as I pulled a pillow under her hips rising her bottom cheeks up and exposing her anus to the world.

I am fascinated as always by its star shape and discoloration.

"Could you do it with a condom?" she asked as I poured baby oil in the groove of her arse cheeks.  Working it into the entrance of her bottom I gently inserted the nozzle past her sphincter muscle and gave it a squeeze.

She let out a yip, "That's cold."

"Not for long!"

I spanked her left cheek.

"Oh you glorious bastard," she groaned as I pushed with my thumb.

"I suppressed a grin, "What did you call me?"

Diana shuffled a bit and relaxed her muscle and with a soft plop it disappeared inside, up to the base.

She deserved a spank.  So I did, hard.  She yipped.  And I quickly spanked the other globe.

Diana looked over her shoulder and grinned, "Oh you have become masterful have you?"

I gently started to pump my thumb in and out at the same time spanking her with my other hand.

Her hips started to dance and to aid her I shifted up the bed until my knee rested against her pussy lips.  Little grinds were made.  The feeling of her soft wet flesh was so horny as juice ran down soaking the bedspread.

I oiled up my aching prick, wanking the baby oil deep into its smooth length.

Wiping the excess in her hair I moved over her and holding the base of my shaft against her entrance gently pushed.

The strength of her resistance was surprising and actually bent my shaft before with a sigh she relented and I gained entrance.

I was halfway in when I stopped.  This was deeper than I imagined I could go.

Diana doesn't seem bothered, "How far in are you?"

I told her and she did something and I felt all resistance wan and sank to the base of my balls.

"Oh God, you have buggered me, master," she groaned.

I decided that I like the master bit.  Softly I began to pump while watching the way her anus pulled out as my head was behind the muscle.

"John, oh masterful one!  Hold my breasts please."  Now I knew she was taking the piss.  So I acted as a master would and squeezed hard at the same rate as I pumped deep into her.

"Please master, push my vibrator in." she begged.
Now that was something I did know about.  And reaching over, I opened the bedside drawer and pulled out her last year's birthday gift.

Flicking the switch on with my nose it slid in easily and the feelings made us both groan.  Its soft pulsing was so dammed different through her thin layer of skin that I almost came.

I slid a large book up to it to hold it in place as I needed both hands to hold myself up and to pinch her nipples at the same time.

My groan gave my weakness away.

"Now you know why I like my present?" she laughed.

I picked up speed and feeling her pussy muscles spasm as she orgasmed shot my load deep into her bowels.

Slumping across her back I heard her ask me to lift up a bit.

"I guess you forgot the condom," she muttered as I eased out of her with a plop.

I watched as sperm ran down to her pussy.  I wiped it away with her gag panties.

"I guess I might just forget to untie you," I told her as I wandered into the bathroom for a shower.

I was drying myself when I heard Diana orgasm again.

"Oh darling did I forget something else as well as the condom?" I asked while watching her hips hump away at the vibrator's insidious rhythm.

"Oh you bastard!" was the reply.  Such shocking language from a woman who is a Judge as well as my wife.

So there you go.  You think you know your partner do you???

I did.