Rita and Sue
by Paul

Part 1

“Oh god, here we go again!” sighed Sue. Her eyes took in the suspended form of her naked friend’s body as it hung in the man’s ropes. Hog tied and suspended from a crane in the middle of his huge cellar, Rita's moans and groans as the man drove another orgasm out of her perfect naked body made Sue wince.

She didn’t deny that her close friend was having fun, and she didn't think she shouldn’t be having fun. Rita had asked her to come and make sure that she was safe as she surrendered to the man for her weekly bondage sessions. But it was starting to get a little annoying. ‘Why should she get all the fun?’ Sue asked herself as the man rammed a dildo in and out of the drooling pussy that hung six inches from his face. ‘What about me?’

Her friend’s head was covered by a black hood and taped over with silver gaffer tape and she shuddered as he jammed a vibrator onto her clit. Her little whimpers, exploding into writhing cries, caused her body to begin twisting against the ropes, making the shackles in the crane clink and chime.

Sue had to admit to herself she enjoyed watching the things he did to Rita. But she wouldn’t admit it to anyone that she might want these sorts of things to happen to herself. ‘I mean it’s degrading to women; and hell, he might take advantage of me. But then again… anyone showing me any sort attention would be nice.’

Her low esteem and lack of self-confidence came from the fact she thought of herself as fat. In real terms she wasn’t, but she did have huge 39FF boobs and she did carry a little more weight than most of the skinny models you see on TV. Her body made her feel like the men she knew saw her only as the big-titted fat bird, who hung out with Fit Rita.

Rita had been her friend since junior school and they did everything together: holidays, night outs, dates and now this. Rita had discovered that her best orgasms came from her desire to be dominated and tightly bound. She had always joked with Sue about the dark fantasies that roamed her mind. Then one day out of the blue Rita had asked her if she would come with her to meet a man she had been chatting to on the internet. They had both thought maybe it might be a little dangerous for her to go on her own. So Sue had offered to go as her chaperone and she would have her phone set to 999 and her container of mace in her hand at all times.

In the end she hadn’t needed to worry. The man was a gentleman. ‘Funny thing to say about someone ramming a huge dildo into your friend,’ Sue thought, but it was true. He understood Rita’s needs and came up with new and different ways of expanding Rita’s fun. He was a quiet calm man who both of them had come to trust. His house was huge and very expensive. Tastefully done out above ground, its cellars and underground vaults all expensively furnished and equipped.

The first day Rita had booked a two-hour appointment with him where she had explained her desires and all her fantasy world to him. He had smiled and just made her feel at home, and told her it was okay to feel as she did. He had accepted that Sue needed to be there for Rita’s protection and he even warned them that the mobile phone plan was not good, as the cellar’s depth blocked out all signal.

He then gave Sue a land-line phone for her to ring with.

Rita had liked him from the start and when he said, “Do you still wish to start today,” she had jumped up and exclaimed, “Lead the way!” His smile said it all and he passed her a leather collar to buckle around her neck.

He had watched as Rita asked Sue to buckle it really tight for her as her fingers where trembling far too much to do it for herself.

He then stepped behind Rita and taking out some cord from his pocket had tied her wrists behind her, and then using some more had drawn her elbows nearly together.

Clipping a lead onto the ring at the front of the collar he had passed it to Sue and said, “Follow me.” His voice carried such a commanding presence that Sue automatically did as asked. He pressed a button and the floor of the hallway dropped away and they walked down a flight of large steps. Stopping at the bottom he turned left and pointed to a doorway.

“Sue, you can wait and watch in there if you like.” He opened the door. Sue realised it looked just like the interrogation rooms in NCIS or CSI with its glass wall and video cameras.

“You can have a record made of this day if you want,” he told them. Rita looked flushed and seemed very interested, Sue thought. Her friend’s excitement brought a small smile to her lips.

“I would like you naked now. I can do it or Sue can do it for you. You choose,” he said as he took Rita’s lead from Sue and pulled her into the room at the other side of the glass.

Sue heard Rita gasp. Rope and leather equipment hung from pegs and loops of rope hung down from the ceiling. A brazier burned in the corner and its moody atmosphere added to Rita’s excitement.

“Sue, can you undress me?” she whispered. “If he touches me I’ll come!”

Sue looked at her friend and nodded. She had undressed her friend before when she was drunk or ill, so it didn’t really bother her. (The fact she was stripping her friend naked in front of a man, a complete stranger, didn’t really occur to her until later, when they were back at their flat).

As Sue started to undo the rope around her friend’s wrists the man stopped her. “No!” She looked up, startled. “Take her jeans off first, then her panties. Then I will tell you what to do next.”

Sue followed his orders, undoing Rita’s trainers and easing each one off. She helped her friend balance as she pulled Rita's shoes and socks off. Then she unbuckled the belt and eased each leg out, folding the jeans and placing them on a shelf. Looking at her short-haired friend she realised just how sexy she looked: arms drawn back behind her and a thick leather collar holding her chin up, legs bare and her sweat-shirted body contrasting with the white flesh of her legs.

Kneeling down she looked up at Rita as she hooked an index finger into each side of her panties.

Eyes glowing and with her breath panting slightly, a flush on her face as Rita nodded to Sue. “Yes, please!” she mouthed.

Sue noticed the smell of arousal and watched as a strand of her friend’s juices glistened as her panties pulled away from her mound.

The man passed Sue a pair of handcuffs and told her to lock them on Rita’s ankles. Sue shuddered herself as she felt each click run up her fingers as the ratchets closed around the narrow ankles before her.

Rita let out a low moan and looked at her with something Sue had never seen before – pure lust. ‘God I could do anything to her now!’

A buzzing sound came from above and a wire terminated with a snap hook came into view. “Sue, unclip her lead and clip that onto the ring on her collar.” He ordered.

Sue very nearly rebelled and told him to do it himself. But the look in Rita’s eyes stopped her. She did as she was told, and she watched as he pushed a button and Rita ended up on her tip toes, uncomfortably balanced to prevent hanging from her neck.

“Okay you may undo her wrists and elbows.” He strolled round them as Sue undid the knots and unrolled the wrappings of rope.

Without being asked she unzipped the hooded top and eased it off her friend’s arms and with trembling fingers unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it onto the ground. Rita quickly reached around and undid her own bra and handed it to Sue, who folded all her best friend’s clothes and placed them with the jeans.

She sat and watched for the next 60 minutes as her friend was tied up and tickled. He finished her off with a series of loud orgasms that had Rita panting and coming.

Sitting back in the office drinking tea with a now showered and dressed Rita, they discussed their next visit and Sue realised just how surreal this whole situation was. But she also knew just how much it meant to her friend, and to be truthful the image of her friend hanging in mid-air turned a little part of her on.

* * *

Rita had been in rapture for the whole of the next week, telling Sue over and over just how great it felt to be tied and used as her new master did. “The whole concept is overwhelming," she told Sue, "I come like there is no tomorrow. You should try it!”

Sue declined but agreed to go with her for her next appointment. Rita’s excitement was contagious and both looked forward to the next weekend when Rita had booked a whole morning session. Rita had been in contact with him all week, asking for him to step up the experience as she wasn’t scared and now trusted him. (Enough for her to ask for specifics that the man was happy to provide.)

The man met them dressed all in black, a menacing air to his welcome.

Rita stripped in his office and was locked into shackles, with her wrists behind her, using the same old style like what the slave trade used. A thick canvas hood covered her head before a neck collar was locked over it, holding the hood in place.

Rita was then made to walk in front of him, guided by a cane tapping on her flanks. The man drove her fast, making her stumble against the shackles. Once downstairs, which took ages as Rita had to feel each step with her toes and edge right up to lip of the step as the shortness of the chain prevented her from taking them normally, she was placed into a cell and the door locked.

The man looked at Sue. “Could you give me a hand with something?”

Sue looked a bit perplexed.

“Rita has asked to be left like that for an unspecified length of time. So you might get a little bored. So come and explore my cellars.”

Sue couldn’t see any point just watching Rita wander around a cell bumping into things so she followed him.

As they walked the man chatted about normal things.

'He really is a nice bloke who cares about his customers,' Sue thought as they walked down a long corridor and went down another flight of stairs. “God, how big is this place?” she asked.

“Well when my father built it he realised the quality of constant temperature. The upper wine cellar is about 5 degrees C so I have to heat it. This level is heated by thermal heating from the ground as is the lower level."

He unlocked a huge door and they entered a big vault-like room. In the middle stood a solid block of stone pierced by a door with a grill. The man unlocked it and pulled out a metal tray holding what looked like a body wrapped in bandages like a mummy.

Sue felt startled. She knew that Rita loved being tightly restrained but this seemed a bit extreme!

It was strapped to the tray every ten inches with thick leather belts. The man explained, “This is Heather. She likes strict bondage, the longer the better. She has been here for 12 hours.”

He began unbuckling the leather straps and with a look encouraged Sue to help. When they had undone the mummy, which Sue noticed was shapely underneath all that wrapping, he helped it sit up.

Motioning Sue to hold its head he started to unwrap the thick gauze bandages from the feet up. Sue looked at the head and noticed a tube sticking out of its mouth. As it became exposed she could see that the woman’s skin was mottled from the weave of the bandages.

When they reached the hips Sue had to hold the woman upright while she gained enough strength to stand. “Heather has been in there for about twelve hours and for a body to lie this compact, it makes the legs go very wobbly.”

'Having that great thing stuffed up her might not help either,' Sue thought as she noticed the base of a large vibrator.

The unwrapping process had gotten to the top of Heather’s breasts and Sue decided she must be fairly old from the shape and texture of them.

The bandages where off a little while later and Sue was very surprised to see a large rubber ball stuffed behind Heather's teeth with a tube through a hole. The woman was quite old from Sue's point of view, about 45, but very beautiful and with a cracking body.

The woman shrugged her arms and started to move about. Making stuffed moaning sounds she looked at the man with pleading eyes. The man laughed and just passed Sue a drinking bottle with a tube.

Sue guessed where it went placed it into the end of the tube and squeezed some fluid into her mouth. The woman’s eyes smiled at her as she squeezed some more.

Passing Sue a set of rigid cuffs and telling her to put them on the woman, he started to wrap all the bandages up. Sue looked at the woman and she shrugged, turning her back to Sue, closing her wrists together.

Clicking the right one on first Sue, moved Heather's left one to the base and clicked it closed making sure there were no gaps. 'I quite like the power of this,' she thought as she retightened the other one.

“If you can, will you remove that dildo for me?” the man asked.

Sue looked between the woman’s legs at the base of the dildo and thought why not, as she knew that Rita wanted her to tie her up back at the flat they shared, self-bondage wasn’t enough for her now she had tried the real thing.

Grasping it she pulled on it and realised it was stuck. 'Her lower lips are as dry as her mouth,' she thought, and diddled Heather's clit to try to turn Heather on and provide the needed lubrication.

Heather groaned and widened her stance. Gently moving the dildo up and down and twisting Sue felt it give. Heather's eyes widened and she gave a low groan.

The man laughed and said, “Go on… finish her off!”

Sue looked shocked; he just grinned at her and shrugged. She thought, 'What the hell, why not?' Reaching up she squeezed the long hard nipples, pulling on the dildo and diddling with her thumb. 'I wonder if this makes me a lesbian,' she thought as she rammed it home.

Heather groaned loudly and staggered onto Sue’s shoulder. The dildo slurped out and Sue looked at the girth. “Bloody hell! No wonder it took some getting out.”

The man just grinned. He helped the woman stand upright. Passing Sue a pair of leg irons he watched as she clicked them on Heather tightly, maybe a little too tightly.

Smiling to himself he pointed to a door. “Take her to the kitchen and feed her for me, will you? Go easy getting the gag out. The weetabix and milk is in fridge. Make yourself a drink. I'll have tea with one sugar please,” he smiled at her.

Sue smiled back and taking Heather's arm pulled her along slightly quicker that she was able to walk with the short chain connecting the cuffs. Inside the door Sue realised it was a lift. Pushing the button for ground floor she felt the floor buck and they were off.

The lift actually opened out in the kitchen. Sue helped Heather over to a chair and lifted her arms to go over the backrest.

Noticing a chain with a lock-off bar at the base she looped it over the cuffs and threaded the chain into the slot thus holding Heather's arms behind the chair.

Sue smiled at the idea of how she was thinking like Rita. Just the opposite way round; did that mean she was turning into a… what was it called?

A dominate or something…

'Actually I do feel a little sexy,' she thought as she looked around the kitchen. It was massive with lots of gadgets and expensive stuff. Sue found the fridge and prepared the weetabix.

Moving back to the chair she unbuckled the straps on the gag and pulled against the strap that ran through the middle. Heather groaned and whimpered. Sue placed her fingers behind Heather's jaw, massaging the muscles until she felt them ease.

The ball dropped out into her hand. Heather groaned and moved her jaw together with a click.

“Thank you mistress!” she whispered in a husky voice. Sue realised she was thirsty and filled a glass of water and held it to Heathers lips.

Feeding the weetabix to Heather took longer than expected, and the master walked into the kitchen carrying a bag just as Sue wiped the milk off Heathers breasts.

He smiled and walked over and bending down kissed Heather on the mouth.

Sues eyes went wide and he grinned. “Heather is my wife,” he smiled at Sue. "She is someone for you to practice on as I think you would make a good Dom for Rita and any other woman that wants to be dom'd by a woman."

“What… you want to train me to be a Dom? I’m not even a lesbian!”

Heather laughed out loud. “It's not a crime to be one. I am only sort of one. The bondage makes it okay, you're providing a service so it’s not really lesbianism!”

Sue didn’t follow the logic.

“We would pay you a small wage as well," the master said. "We let women contribute to the running of this place. A lot of women come here as it’s safe, secure and very discrete. I would prefer to train you up and have a home-grown Dom than one we bring in.”

“But why doesn’t Heather do it?” Sue asked

Heather smiled a little coy smile. “Because, I couldn’t play the role! You have the ability!” She smiled at Sue who looked a little perplexed.

“It’s just the fact that you put my cuffs on me and locked them behind the chair; you can do this,” Heather explained. “I will be your trainer; you can tie me and your friend Rita. Hey, you get to Dom us both.”

Sue wasn’t so sure. 'Hell, I didn’t know what a Dom was until Rita brought me here,' she thought. She asked, “Can I think about it?”

They both nodded and said yes.

Sue sat chatting to Heather while waiting for Rita to have her fun. Sue found that she liked the idea but would have to think a little about how she would actually admit it to herself and the world.

And Rita. “Oh Rita!”

* * *

The ache in Rita’s shoulders was growing. It was, she had to admit, not as bad as the some of the other painful areas on her abused body, but unless Sue came back soon her arms were going to drop off, she thought.

She tested her bonds, starting with her legs. Her ankles were spread wide and tied to the bottom of each table leg. She tried to move them and the tops of her thighs. Not a hope.

Her waist had rope around it digging in and restricting her breathing, which is one of her turn-on's she had to admit, but she was getting a little sore.

She tried to lift her upper body but the strain on her muscles and the fact all she moved was her head made her relax. She had managed to turn her head and move her face out of the pool of drying drool that the ball gag had let out of the corner of her mouth, so if anything her situation had improved a little, she thought to herself with a smile.

The blindfold stopped her from seeing how long she had been stuck here, and she had to give Sue credit. She had come a long way from being just the friend who let her out of her self-bondage when it went wrong. (As it seemed to do with a far greater frequency as Rita tried harder to make her bondage more real). In fact, Sue’s friendship and forbearance were the things that made Rita continue in her search for the perfect master.

She was a little worried though, as Sue had been going out a lot during the weeks that had followed their first visit to the house of Master Matt. Sue had changed quite a lot really when she thought about it. Usually it was Rita who did all the groundwork on her body: breast ties, harnesses, inserting dildos and the applying of clamps all done before Sue applied the finishing knot or cuff to lock Rita into position. But last night when Rita had asked Sue if she was busy for a three hour “session” as she liked to call it, Sue had said, “Only if I get to do it all. I have been watching Mathew and think I can do it for real. And it will be I who decides when you come out of your bondage.”

Rita had agreed as one of the things she wanted was to not decide when she was undone.

Sue had last night proved what she had learnt by inserting a vibrating egg inside Rita and then perfectly ball tying her and leaving her sitting in her wardrobe. Then Rita had had to listen to Sue and Tom shag all night.

Tom had left to go to work at 6 am, so when she was untied Rita was glad for the long soak in the bath. She reflected on the fact that Sue seemed a lot more vocal than usual, maybe because she knew her best friend was trying to keep her groans quiet as only three feet and a thin mirrored glass wardrobe door kept her from discovery.

And then there was this situation she found herself in now. Sue had started with a slip knot around each of her breasts, leaving each rope dangling. Then she buckled a collar around Rita’s neck. Then to Rita’s surprise had asked her to bend over the table and after a lot of lubrication and gentle pressure inserted a vibrating egg into Rita’s anus.

Her wrists had then been bound, as had her elbows. Two clothes pegs then appeared on Rita’s nipples and quite quickly she had been lashed to the table face down. The breast ropes were made tight which increased the pressure on her nipples. All in all she found it very amazing that her friend had learned so much.

But the piece de la résistance was the pulling of her arms up and forward until they where now in strappado position. The vibrating egg was turned on and here she was. And its insidious rumblings where having the desired affect.

Sue glanced at her watch. 'She should be coming along nicely now,' she thought as she reached down to stroke the 8-inch rubber dildo sticking out from the front of the harness. She could feel every movement pass through into her pussy by the 6-inch one attached to it. The front plate of the harness pushed the attached vibrator onto her clit and she looked forward to turning it on. Heather had given it to her as a present for her becoming so adept at her new hobby.

Hobby… she thought it was almost becoming an obsession. The week leading up to Rita’s present predicament had been intense due to her taking a week off to train and have fun. And it had been fun. Every morning she had cycled off to Matt's house as if she was going to work.

She had been getting used to tying and using different types of restraint. But the next five days were going to be like a passing out parade for her. She loved tying Heather. Matt and Heather had spent hours with her and now she had a Mistress uniform and everything that went with it.

As Heather was into the SM side she had learnt how to use a cane, a multi-thong flogger, the riding crop and the belt.

Now sitting in a cell was her first guest. The tall older woman was dressed in medieval clothes. A heavy metal collar was locked around her neck, its chain locking her to the wall. Matt had explained all the women’s desired wishes came from her fantasy form and now it was up to Sue to make the customer happy.

Sue bustled into the room. Her costume was medieval, the corset and long flowing hoop dress would make her mistressing a little more difficult, but as Heather had said to her, it was all part if the fun.

The woman looked up. “Who might you be? Where is Sir John?”

“Sir John has sent me to prepare you, my lady. Will you stand?”

“If Sir John cannot lower himself to come into this hell hole then I will not be obeying any serving wench.”

Sue, taking her cue, stepped smartly forward and slapped the woman's face hard twice from side to side. Grabbing her hair she pulled the woman to her feet, unlocked the collar. She twisted the woman's arm up behind her back marched her down the corridor to the master dungeon.

The woman protested all the way until Sue picked up an apple from the sideboard that held refreshments. She gripped the woman's nose and when she opened her mouth to protest shoved it in with the orders, “Bite! But do not let the apple drop to the floor or it will be worse for you, my Lady Anne!”

Lady Anne looked with disdain and growled. This changed to a yelp as Sue forced her arm right up to her shoulder. “Now, my lady, for the time being anyway I will treat you with your title and the honour you think you deserve but I'd have you know that Sir John has a mind to dispose of you. And knowing Sir John, it will not be in a ladylike way!”

When they reached the dungeon Sue let go of the Lady Anne's arm and locked a wide iron collar around her neck; the width of the collar ran from the base of her neck to under her chin, forcing her head up slightly. Four chains ran off four loops on the collar and these disappeared through holes in the walls that were about seven feet above the floor. The weight of the slack in the chains made Lady Anne's knees bend slightly.

Sue grinned at Lady Anne. “Oh, is my lady struggling with a little manual labour? I can help you with that.”

She walked around the corner and watching on the camera pushed the button on the winches. Lady Anne watched as the chains all lifted at the same time. This was Matt’s modern take on the stocks. Soon Lady Anne was being held by her neck in the middle of the space; slightly on the toes of her calf-length boots. Unable to look down because of her collar, she had a weird feeling of detachment.

And she had another worry, the collar had forced her jaw tighter and she had nearly bitten through the apple. She had to use her lips to hold it.

Sue stood and watched the discomfort grow. One of the things on the customer's request form was humiliation, so that was what Sue aimed to give. Unlacing the bodice of Lady Anne's dress she ripped it down over her arms, exposing her breasts. Sue's eyes dripped with scorn as she told her, “Your udders are droopy, my lady. How many brats and lords have hung from these nipples?" And with that she pinched them between finger and thumb.

The customer's breasts were actually not bad at all. The apple dropped to the floor, bouncing across the floor. She spat the apple all over Sue's face. “You peasant, how can you comment on my body, you shouldn’t even be touching someone of my class!”

Sue smiled and walked away. She picked up the apple and took a bite out of it. “Peasant I might be, my lady, but 'tis you with your udders out for the kingdom to see. It will be you led naked to the place of your execution.”

Sue walked over to her and pulled the bodice down. And then the hoops and Lady Anne's bloomers, pinching her legs at the back to make her lift each leg so she could clear away the pile of clothing. As she stood in front of her and neatly folded them she could see that the woman was confused. With her neck held in place and her arms free she didn’t know what to do with her hands. Lady Anne clearly went to the gym she was toned, her body shaved and smooth.

Not unattractive to say the least. Sue grinned to the camera and mouthed, "Thank you, Heather." 'It’s a game,' she thought, 'and I am quite prepared to do this.' She also realised she was enjoying the power side of it as well as the job well done part.

Picking up the multi-thong whip she stood to one side and asked, “Will you admit to the charges of treason?”

Lady Anne looked at her with disdain, “Never!”

“So be it!” And with that she brought the lash across Lady Anne's thighs.

Her hands flew down to them to rub and Sue stuck the now defenceless nipples. Lady Anne screamed and as her hands shot back to her breasts her bottom got it.

“We have all day my Lady,” Sue grinned.

Day Two started with Heather and Sue fast-forwarding through yesterdays DVDs.

Heather was impressed, but not as impressed as the customer who had booked a weekend session with Sue. “You did well there, Sue!”

“It’s a little like drama. I get to play parts that are so different to my own character.”

“It's there, just hidden underneath.” Heather smiled at her and bent over and kissed her.

Sue was shocked but a little turned on and kissed her back.

Heather pulled away and said, “Okay. Today's customer is quite different. She will always be hooded; inside the hood she is gagged. The safe word will be a tune hummed, she will hum it when she walks in the room. The reason she is hooded is she is very famous so she needs here privacy.”

She handed Sue the tick sheet and said, “She is all yours, she knows you're under training but wants to try you as she knows all my moves now. Mathew is her preferred Dom, but he is away today on business, and I will be supervising you and watching Mrs. Stevens spend time in the tank!”

To answer Sue's puzzled look she added, “I will show you tomorrow when we have a free period."

Sue found herself getting into the role of Dom to the different women and found she loved being in Heather's company. Heather wasn’t bothered about being naked, tied up, orgasming in front of Sue. Telling Sue how to tie her, whip her, and what little moves enhanced the experience for her or the customer.

Heather introduced her to a woman called Claire. Claire was to be her rope and knots practice model. She was extremely attractive. Tall, lithe, and well-stacked, her dark curly hair was cut tight and she was beautiful. Sue found herself getting a little crush on her as she practiced her knots, this time with Mathew showing her and advising on where exactly to place knots so they caused or didn’t cause discomfort.

It was harder than it looked. At first Sue didn’t get the ropes tight enough, then she did them too tight and Claire had to ask for them to be slackened as she had lost feeling.

Sue found her fingers doing the walking… dipping in and out of the girl's pussy.

As she left that evening master Mathew grinned at her and said “I knew you had it in you, now go home and try it on Rita!”

So using the fact her boyfriend Tom was home on leave from the army she decided to make Rita suffer a little. And that was the first night she felt the power of letting her friend come or not. And now as she stood looking at the wide-spread pussy of her friend and the pure defencelessness of the way she was tied face down on the table she felt proud that she had made all this happen.

“It’s a new life! It’s the future!” she said out loud . Holding the strap-on in her hand she stepped up and slapped it deep into the wet pussy of her friend.

End of part 1