Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Seven

We had a great day out at the compound that I regularly supplied with new recruits.† Lorna seemed to be more aware since her talk with Angela and we all had a great afternoon in the cafť run by Annís friend.† Her chocolate ice cream was positively devilish.

A couple of the elephants had walked by the fence and Lorna was agog with the beauty of this place.† But mainly she got to see that although most of the souls here were living the lifestyle they also got to walk about unfettered and how they wanted.

I also told Lorna during one of our conversations that afternoon that there were other camps for the real devotees of S&M and the real freaks that were into the harsher side of life.† They were in much darker areas where the moods matched the souls there.

"You see," I said, "the† god squad say that the subjection of all people and especially ones who are willing to be subjected to the will of others in a sexual way mustnít be taken into heaven and as its not a greater crime in the bossí books thatís how you get to live out this reality.† The really bad heinous criminals are all placed in a sub-world where we donít want to go.† So we are all here in a sort of mid-world in between heaven and hell.† Dammed if you do and dammed if you donít sort of thing!"

She was fairly quiet on the way back.† Ann was asleep in her seat and I put the radio on.† It only had two stations WDR and DWR, so pretty much same, same, all country on one and classical on the other.† Oh how I missed the BBC.

The sun was going down on a lovely day, as we pulled back up at the 6th66 and I parked the land rover in the yard.† Helping Lorna down I woke Ann and said goodnight to her as she was helping train a new master tonight which amazingly seemed to be him tying her up and whipping her.† Oh the things she goes through to train people!

We walked back down the corridor to our room.† She looked at me and smiled as I opened the door.† I bowed and let her in.† I turned on my computer and did some paperwork as she showered.

I looked up as she entered the room.† She looked stunning in a pair of heels and her chains.† The look in her eyes made my heart jump.

"Jude if I had to stay how do I decide my level of bondage and could I lower or raise the amount I suffer or does my master have a total command of me?† And if I stay could I stay with you or do I have to go out to the compound?"

She looked at me through lowered eyelashes.† "I would struggle to share you with Ann and what would happen when you get more people like me to assess and tutor."

I looked at her and smiled, "It wouldnít matter because your stay here will be over I think.† It seems to me that we have made a mistake and you will be back upstate soon.† You will still be dead but at least youíll get to see the ones you love grow up."

Gently she sat on the bed and asked, "Jude I want to make love to you."† She paused and looked up.† "I need to be touched, I want to thank you for being so understanding and trying your best for me."

My eyes followed her as she stood and walked over to me and held out her hand.

The chains rattled and she looked at them and smiled.

I knew that I shouldnít do this really and hesitated.† But in the end I gave in as she dropped to her knees and unzipped me from my combats.

Softly her hands took me and rolled me between her fingers and bending her head she took me in her mouth.

As her tongue lapped at the underside of my growing cock it felt so right.† Her head bobbed and I groaned and felt my knees buckle.

The dayís events flashed before my eyes and I saw the girl in the stocks and Lorna in her chains.

Taking me by the dick she stood and led me to the bed and walked backwards onto the bed before easing me down so that I was on my back.† As she lowered herself on me and bent down to kiss me.† The feeling of her chains as she ran her hands up my body and began to raise herself up and down on me added to the experience; and I climaxed far too soon.

Lorna just kept up her rhythm and I grew hard inside her again.† Deep feelings were growing inside me and I secretly hoped that she was here for the right reasons and that we really did have it right; but deep in my heart I knew that she would be gone tomorrow night.

We made love and it was just that: love, or so it felt.† I was now totally confused and lost in her eyes as she looked at me and smiled.

"This is just to say thank you and is a way for me to see if this for real."

ĎOh great,í I thought, ĎI am an experiment.í

We made love for ages and slowly fell to sleep.

I woke and rolled over, looking at her as she softly sighed and cuddled in.

Ann was still teaching the new master his trade so I got up and made coffee and toast.

Softly stroking her shoulder I woke her and received one of those rare smiles a man gets from woman.

The morning passed with me tidying and talking to her and gently getting her ready.† Lorna was free and dressed in a blouse, trousers, low-heeled shoes and a scarf.† Ann had brought them to her just before dinner and had wished her luck in whatever direction she decided to move.† She hugged Ann as we climbed into the land rover for the drive to the big house.

The radio was playing soft country rock as the DJ actually gave out a dedication "for all the undecided out there and may you be of sound mind and firm body."

Lorna looked at me.

"Sorry that was Annís idea she likes you a lot."

Lorna smiled and looked around.† "I think I preferred the transport last time I came up here,"she smiles and nodded at the radio.

I laughed aloud and turned it up.

There were a lot of white Rolls Royce cars parked outside the drawbridge and a couple of St Peteís Police stood outside the gate.

I parked up at the side and opened the door for Lorna and smiled as I walked past them, "Fuck up big time boys didnít we?"

They just glared at me.† One good thing about being down here is you donít have to be perfect.

The castleís flunky rushed out.† "Main conference room and be quick as the meeting is about to start in five minutes!"

Lorna looked at me and smiled, "Thank you for being so kind and caring Jude."

I nodded not trusting myself to say anything.

Opening the door and entering the room was one of those moments when it goes quiet.† The big top table had my boss and a few of his minions and there in the centre was the second in command of upstate and his advisers.

My boss coughed and we sat on the chairs in the middle of the room.

"We are here to try to sort out the problems we have been presented with.† Lorna came here with a B&D docket and we have taken her in with the best intentions of the underworld.† My staff has looked forward to integrating her with the master slave program."† He sighed and looked across at the other side.

From there the uncomfortable shuffling of papers and the fact that they were not looking at us told more than the silence that followed.

"We are not that sure that Lorna has been placed by you correctly.† And although Master Jude has attempted to gently integrate the subject into our system she hasnít shown any natural inclination to be part of our world.† So we should like you now to please offer up a reason why when you tell all the different branches of these lower states that you run at 100% accuracy and we are the ones who get it wrong all the time just how you have messed up."

The boss leaned back looking pleased with his speech.

We were all hiding smiles as the large bearded man stood up slowly showing his age and leaned on his walking stick.† "We at St. Peters receiving and allocation unit wish to apologise to Lorna Anson without reserve.† The spirit on duty the morning of her arrival with us has been moved to another area and we would like for Lorna to come back to the north with us now."

He started to move away from his desk and his minions stood as if to follow him.

"Whoa boy!"† The boss stood and pointed at the chair.† "We are here to have an inquiry into what went wrong as well as sorting this all out."

A snort came from one of the bossísidekicks as the whole lot of them sat down fast.

Lorna squeezed my hand and looked worried.

"How did you get it so wrong?"

One of the assistants got up and pointed at Lorna.† "She arrived in handcuffs and shackles on her ankles.† When we did the arousal test we found that she was 35% aroused and had a nipple hardness rating as well.† So we sent her straight down here as we are now trying to up our through put times by 12%."† He looked down at the file in front of him.† "We are still not convinced that although we now know that Miss Anson was in the back of a police car and on her way to a special womanís holding prison for low category prisoners.† And we now know that she wasnít actually enjoying the whole experience and this is what has caused the confusion.† And we also have another problem that must come up.† The charges of owning a car without insurance and a valid driving licence are all to be dropped due to a glitch in the court system.† So technically, Lorna was going to be released in a few days time.† But she did actually drive the car with no insurance and although this is an earth crime she still did a wrong.† We can see what the courts cannot."

He looked at Lorna with a typical St. Peteís sneer.

"I hate omnipresence," I whispered in Lornaís ear.

She giggled and we received another look.

"Still we are able to offer her a place in a lower crime holding facility in upstate Cromvel.† Then after 5 years of bible and citizenship training we can accept her to the Freelands."

He looked across at the bossí desk. Where the boss looked a little red-faced.

†"So even though you have cocked this all up you are till purposing to keep her in custody after her return back to you?† She may as well stay here."† He bristled and looked at me and Lorna.

"Oh no she canít, you have said she should return to our world and thatís how it will happen.† She will do the heaven-man ship courses and then and only then will she have full rights to the kingdom."

The boss looked at me and spoke to me, "Jude my boy..."†

Thatís why I like him--sixty years dead and he still calls me my boy!

"Yes sir?"

"You need to talk to your client and advise her that she will not be seeing her family for another five years due to their error."† He pointed and the pontificating prat who was now hovering between his chair and standing with outraged indignation.

I smiled as he had to be a little careful because he was nearly down here.† (A slight case of fluffy handcuffs, and busty blonde prostitutes.)† Well, he was a Conservative MP.

"Sit down you prat," the boss said.

Standing I led her out to a side room and informed her that the only way she will see her family will be after the 5 years.† "But you promised that I would see them if I returned to the north."

"You will my dear but it will be a short while."

She teared up.† "But I may as well be dead!"

"You are!"

I regretted saying that as soon as I did.

She thought about it a while.† "Do I get a say in any of this?"

"A bit of one, yes, you want to speak to the court?"


On our return I stood and asked the court to hear from Lorna.

She stood and looked at my boss.† "If I cannot see my family grow in the next five years which are the best years of my sonís life then there is no point me returning up there.† I ask that I stay here with Jude.† I accept and welcome any form of bondage that you wish me to be in."

A roar of anger came from the white desk.

This was only quietened by the main man holding out his hands for silence.

"My dear girl this offer is only open once.† The whole reason for our being here is your discomfort at being here as is reported.† I need you to prove to me that you can live the lifestyle of this world so I propose a series of tests.† You will be placed in bondage and we will use our arousal tests on you."† He looked at Nick and Nick nodded.

"When?" I asked.

"Now.† It will take just a few minutes for us to get the testers out of the cars."

"Can I consult with Lorna?"†

He nodded and I walked back out of the room.

"Two things Lorna.† Can you honestly say you want to stay down here and can you be aroused enough to pass these tests?"

Lornaís eyes were glistening with her tears.† "Jude I have done a lot of thinking.† I am dead and to watch my son grow without being able to touch his hair or kiss his knee better when he grazes it would be more traumatic than the thought of not watching him.† Can you imagine the pain of seeing him without being able to help him?† No.† I want to stay here with you.† And we will only see if I like this by taking the test!"

I nodded and walked back in now more confused but knowing that I needed to get her past these tests.

The room was now buzzing with anticipation.

The boss looked hard at me and Lorna as this was a total new area.† Well in 60 years I hadnít known this to happen.

I looked at the old bearded man.† "Sir my charge wishes to accept the conditions that you have stipulated."

"She will be measured at three stages.† I will decide the moments."

We both nodded.† "Just remember last night," I whispered.

She smiled.

"I will begin."


She looked at the people in the room gulped and started to undo the buttons of her blouse.† Taking it off she folded it and placed it on the table.† Her bra followed and both breasts dropped free into the sight of the top tables.† I looked at them seeing their different reactions: lust on our table and hidden lust on the others.† But one of the others was looking away.† And he was the one sent to collect the meters.

Lorna unzipped her trousers and stepped out of them.† I noticed that Jorge was now gone from the top table.† Removing her panties Lorna stood bravely in front of all the eyes watching her.† She slipped out of her shoes and looked at me.


She did as asked and placed her arms behind her back.

I was now worried that we never really did any of the Domination aspects of this world.

Dr. David was back with the meters and he placed them on the top table.

I was a little confused as I thought omnipresence would tell them if she was aroused enough to stay here.

St. Peter coughed and looks at me.† "We will measure her now."

Dr. David stood and picked up two items.† He then walked over to her and applied one to the left nipple.† She started to move away from him but I shook my head and she straightened up and offered her nipple to him.

"12%," he said.

He asked her to wipe a thin cloth across her lower lips.† She did so and I watched it go a light green.

"Hardly," he said and walked away.

Jorge walked in with armfuls of rope and a bag of tricks.† He placed them on my desk and smiled at me and motioned with his eyes at the bag.

I nodded and stood.† Picking up a ball gag I held it out towards her, hoping that she wouldnít shake her head.† Iíd decided to help her to stay.† And to do it I knew that I might need to cheat a little.

ĎOh well, just another reason for me to be down here,í I supposed.

She opened her mouth and I had to ease her jaw to get it in behind her teeth.† I buckled it up tight wondering if I might be loading the dice against her if I caused too much pain.† Next came rope.† I got so absorbed in what I was doing making a rope body harness and making sure it didnít go through her lips but stayed on either side.

Turning her to face the tables I tied her wrists palms together knotting it harshly.† Moving up to her elbows I then tied them tightly together watching her breasts lift and separate.† Placing my hand in the bag I pocketed some items and asked her to bend over the table and spread her legs.† As she was facing the top tables they would see her facial expressions.

As I was running blind with this I spanked her rounded buttocks hard six times on each.

The doctor jumped up.† "You shouldnít use violence towards a woman.† This has gone to far!"

St. Peter looked at him wincing as I made her grunt into her gag and shook his head.† "Dr. Starkey, we know your stand on morals and the maze of their complications but this is what they do down here.† It is part of the test.† Miss Anson will suffer this as part of the suffering that is dished out down here.† That she may get sexual arousal out of it is the reason she is down here thatís the whole purpose of this place."† His scathing look summed up his thoughts.

I pointed at the table and asked Lorna to sit upon it.† She did so gently.

"I want these tests to be fair," I said as I held out a nipple clamp to her left nipple.

"Ah now young man I must stop you there," St. Pete remarked.† "One of the tests we use is a nipple hardness test and if you place one of those on her then she will be hard from the clamp!"

I bowed to acknowledge that heíd sussed me.† He even smiled.

"We will test her now."

The doctor came over and pulled on a rubber glove.† Lorna moved to the edge of the table and parted her legs as the wipe was run up and down her lips.

He the placed the gauge on her left nipple and looked at Lorna -- who I must say looked delectable with her lipstick showing off the blue ball in her mouth.† He smiled at her and went to sit down.

The cloth was a medium yellow.

" 51% on the nipple and medium on the swipe test."

"Okay I have just one more stage to go.† After assessing Lorna I found her to be most responsive to harsh bondage; so I will place her into a hogtie.† Then we will wait five minutes for the strain to take effect.† If she isnít aroused by then I will untie her and you can return her to your world."

I held up a butt plug.† "Is this acceptable?"

"I think it will cause her more discomfort than pleasure so yes I think it will be.† It doesnít vibrate does it?" St. Peter asked.

I banged it against the table and said, "Nope; no batteries."

As Lorna hadnít moved I asked her to bend over the table so sheíd be facing them.† Then using a tube of lube I greased both the plug and her anus.† Slipping something out of my pocket I pushed it into her moist vagina at the same time as I ws working the plug into her.

"Oh yes she doesnít like that itís a very fair test," Dr. Starkey proclaimed to everybody.† He bent down in front of her to look in her eyes.

Old Nick looked across at me and grinned.† I almost could hear his voice saying, "They just donít get it Jude, do they?"

The plug was finally home and the base sat flush.† Helping Lorna lay on the table I wove her hair into a ponytail mixing a short length of cord with it.† Then crossing her ankles I pulled them up as far as I could and tied them off to her elbows.† It was so tight that only her head and stomach are touching the table top.

I resolved this by tying the cord in her hair around her ankles and pulling her head back and up.

"Well done my boy," Nick said as he walked up to her and saw the strain in her eyes.

"Okay we will go for refreshments and on our return do the final tests on Miss Anson.†You must all agree that her suffering will either be her downfall or her rescue!"

St. Pete nodded and leaving a guard from both worlds to watch over her we went for coffee.

Nick looked at me with a grin.† "Jude, omnipresent doesnít work down here, hence the tests.† They donít really know and also they cannot† read your mind so do your best!"

"Boss you donít mean cheat do you?" I smiled.

"Jude Iíd never ever ask one of my staff to try to bend a set of rules."† He grinned at me and walked over to the table containing the food.

I joined him and listened to the god squadís chat.† It seemed that they were happy she would be coming back with them.

†I smiled to myself and walked out.†

We all walked back into the room and guess what -- she was still there.† ĎGosh I am good,í I thought.

When we walked back into the room Lorna looked at me with tear-filled eyes and the strain had begun to show.

I smiled at her and held out my hand and touched her face with a soft touch.

She smiled up to me.

The doctor soon walked over and held the nipple thing over her left nipple and applied it.

And then he walked around and swiped her puss and carried it back to the table.

There was a silence and the whole top table stood and St. Peter said, "Oh well she is yours."

He wandered out and I moved over and undid her hair and ankles straightening her legs gently.† Nick came over and helped me stand her up.

He kissed her lips and said, "Welcome to my house."

I squeezed her breast and kissed her lips over the ball gag as I unbuckled the straps and eased it from between the sore jaws.

"You passed babes.† You passed."

She smiled a look at me.† "Take me home, Jude, take me home!"

And I did.