Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Six

It had been a long week.  I was sitting here on my bed looking down at the source of all my problems.  She was beautiful and so pale and wispy as she lay there with her hair flowing out on the pillow.  Soft murmurings escaped from her sweet mouth as she dreamed of something.

I stroked the base of the collar around her neck.  She smiled in her sleep and shifted slightly.

I moved the sheets up over her nipples and up to her shoulder.  Moving over to my computer and turning it on I opened her file.

I reread it for the fourth time and still didn’t see how she could be here by mistake.  The assessment from the St. Pete’s team tended to be a little brief.  But that’s the way it has gone due to the demand in the rise of bondage-loving people up north.  As the number of people taking part in bondage rose, so did the number coming down here into the south.

We had a rush through here about two years back after a film called The Secretary.  A lot of people watched it and played games of bondage and domination.  As too did the number of people arriving after the film 9 1/2 Weeks.

Some didn’t like it here and we had the same problem as I seem to have now.  But when I read Lorna’s file it clearly read BONDAGE.  Her appearance in front of the sub court was in handcuffs and ankle chains.  ‘MMM.’ I thought and looked across at her.

The door opened and Ann walked in and over to the kettle.  Clicking the on switch she moved over and sat beside me.  "Tea?"

I nodded and she rubbed my shoulders.  "Ann how did your court appearance go?"

"It’s so long ago I can’t really remember.  They asked about my bondage life with Norman my husband and I told them.  When they told me about here I nearly climbed on his desk and did a strip.  But then when I waited for Norman to come here it turned out he turned into a born-again Christian.  And because of that didn’t come down here.  It was because of the guilt over my death!"

"How did you die?"

"It’s in my file darling!"

"Nope; tell me in your own words."

She poured water into the teapot and walked over to me and sat at my side.  Her hand went to my neck and she kissed me.  "It was my fault.  I loved being tied up and it was the old days; no winches or handcuffs, just rope, just imagination.  We had a big new house.  It was well before the Great War.  Queen Victoria was just crowned.  And Norman and I had been married for thirteen years.  No children; me or him I don’t know.  His ability to make me suffer was known among our staff.  Cook was also enlisted in my suffering.  Anyway she was a harsh woman.  When I played I was the slave and when I was mistress of the house that’s what I was."

"Roles and roles then?"

"Oh yes.  But I only felt alive when tied up.  Anyway I got so I liked the really scary type bondage, you know like being tied up in the cupboard while Norman entertained his business friends.  Being dropped by a carriage tied in a rope harness and arms tied so tight behind me I ached before I got out, so the five miles I had to sneak home passed in a blur.  Norman decided to up the anti one night and I was tied into a harsh rope harness; breasts bulging and then he tied my ankles and knees.  He stood me on the top of the low wall on the roof.  And he left me.  Just walked away from me.  I managed to keep my balance for two hours before he came for me.  Thing is Jude I liked it."  She looked at me as if to see if I was judging her.

"Go on..."

"Anyway when he untied my legs I was so desperate for him I rubbed up and down his leg with my sex and drenched his trousers.  Norman loved it when I was lustful.  And then came the end. We went to Scotland to his father’s castle.  And it was so lovely it had its own dungeons and things.  His father was a lusty hearty 60 year old and to be truthful they both had me everyway they could.  I spent the whole time there tied up and made love too.  I was in the dungeon one day looking at the irons and things and Rab was showing me the rack and I asked to lay on it and try it.  He did so and soon I was stretched over the middle roller.  He climbed between my legs and made love to me.  Oh Jude it was so sexy.  I came and came.  He left me like that for a while and came back down with Norman and they both had me at the same time.  Oh how I came!  I imagined I was an old-fashioned witch being tortured to make me confess.  They untied me and locked me in a cell.  About two hours later they came back and soon I was trussed like a turkey to a pole.  They carried me up the stairs to the open area in the middle of the yard.  I had an orgasm as they carried me up.  All my dreams where coming true.  Norman untied me.  And then they both retied me in a hogtie that was so tight I couldn’t move an inch.  Oh how it ached.  If only we had these vibrators that we have now.  Then they eased me into a cage that was only just big enough for me and I was hoisted into the air where they made me suck them both off.  When they finished with me Norman rubbed me through the bars and gave me my last orgasm and then the cage was lowered down the well.  They stopped just above the water.  There were some brackets the cage seemed to sit on.  And the chain they had lowered me on piled up loose on top of the cage.  Once my eyes got used to low level of light I started to see things and noticed the water was about six inches below the cage.  Anyway after about ten minutes I was bored and started to struggle against my ropes.  I was working myself up to a huge orgasm when the one of the brackets gave way and the cage dropped into the water.  Anyway as I dropped into the water I orgasmed and was dead before I realised it, I think.  Apparently Norman was so upset he never touched another rope again."

"How did you turn up in front of the court?"

"Naked and tied as I was in the cage."

"But, no cage?"

"Nope!" she shook her head looking at Lorna.  "Why?  What do you think happened to that poor child?  She is so confused you know.  I think she likes you but she also likes the bondage a little as well."

"I don’t think she should be here.  I know that much.  Still, we will see on Monday."

I didn’t get much sleep that night as I lay beside Lorna her arm across my shoulders.

At last Sunday morning came around and I seemed to be asleep as I felt Lorna slip out of bed and go to the toilet and then ease back into bed with me.

Her hand encompassed my penis and she slowly played with it.  I pretended to be asleep.

She nodded off again still holding my dick.

I was up as the 9dm buzzer rang and I wandered down to the canteen and Ann.  She smiled and held out my breakfast.

"Boy, are you the subject of gossip this morning!  All the other warders were in earlier saying what a superb party you missed yesterday and how dumb you must be not to realise that you had an ‘Un-dead’ on your hands."

"Well me and the ‘un-dead’ one are going out later to have a look at the main prison blocks so she knows what she’ll be missing when she leaves," I said loudly as I carried my stuff back to my room.

Lorna was up and showered by the time I got back.  She’d placed a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.  

And then she looked confused when I removed them.

"I thought you would like me to wear them or something," she said looking hurt.

I placed the plates in front of her and gave an encouraging smile.  "The whole point of being here is that you want to wear them for yourself."

"The equation behind you being here is that you had a past bondage style life or that you had fantasies or at least when you died you where in bondage.  Anyway you are going to shown the next stage of your life here if you stay (which I honestly don’t think you will be doing).  This way you might understand the reasons and direction that the next thirty years might have on your afterlife here."

I pulled out a steel collar and a set of linked manacles that were really only for show.  These I attached to her and softly kissed her mouth.

Giving her a pair of high heeled shoes with ankle straps I helped Lorna climb into them.

"Okay we are going out!"

She smiled at me, "What, dressed like this?"

It wasn’t a statement; just a joke between lovers or friends.  My heart leaped and I smiled back at her.  Ann wandered out at the same time we did and the girls smiled at each other.  I still didn’t have much of an idea of what they’d talked about last night.

Ann was going to see some of the others whom I’d processed and climbed into the front of the land rover.  Lorna was locked in the back.

"Where we going?" she shouted above the loud wind rush in the cage.

Ann looked back and shouted, "To the place most end up after Jude and everyone here have accessed their needs."

We dropped down the hill back to the river. This time we crossed the bridge and rolled into the park.

This place is fun as it’s full of animals of Africa: lions, cheetahs, wildebeests, that sort of thing, and the huge elephant stocks that had been slaughtered by poachers.  These are here for the poachers.  This time they are doing the hunting.  Oh we give then a chance, one time we only chain them lightly other times we give then total freedom to roam.  But the animals get them every time. And that’s the shitty part about being down here the eternal bit: the old poachers have been killed, mauled and stomped on thousands of time.

It was about an hour to the female area that I placed women into.  The estate we pulled up to had a fence around it mainly just to keep out elephants who shitted everywhere.  And boy do they shit!

The gate opened and I pulled into the truck park.

Being still early not many people were up yet.  So I walked over to the outside shower and asked Lorna to stand under it. She did so and the dust was slaked off her body.  The door opened and Bob the leader of this camp wandered out dressed in a pair of shorts.

"Hi guys how’s the trip been?" as he looked Lorna up and down...

"This is Lorna."

Ann had already disappeared into the cook house to see one of her friends.

"Oh yes you are the undecided one," he said as shook her chained wrist.  "You would like it here if bondage is your thing."

He is a huge black man with a barrel chest and a willy to match; joyous and an excellently fair master who I normal place any lower levels with.  So that’s why he was looking a Lorna in such an interested way.

"Come on let me show you our newest opening."  He led us down the main street to a shopping arcade full of shops that were quiet now because of the earliness of the time.

Lorna looked eyes wide and asked, "You have shops here?"

"Yep we have women so we have shops."

We went to one of the apartment blocks.  These are around a square which has a whipping post and a pair of stocks in the centre.  The stocks were occupied.

I bent down and lifted the head up.  "Hi Jude how’s it going?" said the blond bombshell.

"Oh Helen what the fuck have you done now?"

She laughed, "Well you know how Paul is always combing his hair... well I hid his comb and then substituted it with one that turned his hair green."

She giggled and shifted her feet to ease the stance of her position.  I shook my head and we left her to it.

Entering the A Block I knocked on the door of 1A.  The door was opened by a fat girl in a harness which was digging deep into her flesh.  She also had a huge gag in her mouth and had to step to one side rather than invite us in.

"Kevin, meet Lorna.  He is going to talk to you with Angela and tell you about this place how it works and the way you would live if you stay.  You normally don’t get here until I have accessed you but this is so you know how the time would be spent here."

Lorna looked at Angela and saw the stumps of two vibrators sticking out of her holes and the nipple clamps digging deeply into her nipples.

"Okay, I will be at the café.  Angela will bring you to me there when you are finished talking."

Seeing the panicked look on her face I reassured her, "It’s fine.  They will not touch you unless you want them to."

Closing the door I wandered across the square and talked to Helen on the way back to the café.

She was a bugger that one.  Put Deep Heat on her hand once when wanking me off.  Ouch!!!

 I entered the café and chatted with the team there and awaited my charge.