Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Five

Ann was there to meet us on our return to the 6th66. A worried look was on her face.

"Jude we have to place Lorna on light duties until Monday as St Pete’s is closed with it being the weekend.  The boss is coming over first thing Monday to review the case.  He isn’t very happy!"

We helped Lorna down and walked her back up to my room.  As we unclipped her and massaged her aching arms Ann showed me that the prongs were both now dripping in juice.  Ann’s frown said it all.

Lorna was complex to say the least.

Ann walked over and ran a bath and we eased her into it and left her to bathe herself.

Chatting in low tones we cleaned and put the frame away.

"She is weird," I said wiping the prongs with a disinfectant.  She seems to accept the ropes and things and it even seems to turn her on.  She had an orgasm in a tight hogtie yesterday so it’s not as if she doesn’t get it."

"Maybe St Pete’s got it wrong?" Ann asked holding out her hand.  I took it and smiled at her.

"Well that’s a possibility but how many times has that happened?"

Lorna dried herself off and came out of the bathroom naked.  And that again confused me; if she shouldn’t be here you’d think that she’d have been wearing a towel in the least.

Ann passed her a tracksuit and again Lorna threw us a curve ball.

"Do I have to wear this?"

"What do you want to wear child?" Ann asked in her matronly voice.

"Well I’ve been naked since I got here and it’s what feels natural now."

Ann gave me the look and asked what we both wanted for our dinner as she was the chef of the day today.  I ordered bacon and eggs and Lorna just asked for the same.

Ann left us giving me a ‘good luck’ kind of glance.

Lorna moved to the bed and picked up the cuff and attached it to her ankle.  I felt her watching me as I finished packing the last of equipment into its box.



"Am I dead?"

I looked up from my knees.  Stunned!  I noticed a tremor at the side of her mouth, a little quiver in her voice.  ‘Surely she must know.’  I got up and looked at her.

Moving over to the bed I held out my hand.  She took mine.  And I sat beside her.

"What makes you think that?"

"Just that this all seems like a bad dream or at least a crazy erotic ‘just eaten a lot of cheese’ type dream.  I can’t be dead.  I have a child and a husband who said they would wait for me!"

"Oh love, I don’t get it.  Didn’t they tell you up in processing?"

Watching those lovely eyes well up with tears almost broke my heart.  She was so beautiful.  Her body gave a huge sob.  Her mouth tightened and her eyes went wide.

I held her tightly to me and felt her heart bump against her ribs.  The tears and the heartfelt moans made my own soul quiver as Lorna slowly subsided and began to gently sob.  Rolling her on her side I lay behind her and covered us with the duvet.  Folding my arms across her breasts I held her tightly to me.

It was about five-ish when Ann came into the room carrying our food on a tray.  She placed it in the oven and looked across at Lorna.

"How is she?"

I pointed to the cell and we walked in there.

Ann looked horrified.  "But how could she not know she is in this world now?"

I shrugged, "It will all come out on Monday.  What more can we do?"

Ann stood and went into the bedroom to stroke Lorna’s face.

I’d managed to get Lorna to sleep using a meditation thing we are taught.  It was mainly used to suppress pain in a prisoner.

Ann was here for her tied time.  It was a thing she had to put up with now and again.

To stay as an inmate she had to be tightly tied for at least one hour a day.  Her rules; not mine.  Plus to be honest I was at a loss as how to treat Lorna.

The whole revelation had thrown her treatment into a haze of confusion.

Ann stripped of her overalls and stood in front of me.  Her body was a little saggy but still superb.

Placing a rope harness round her chest and lashing her arms up between her shoulder blades, I watched her struggle.  "Yep secure!"  Ann groaned as I used thin cord around the base of each breast to help them stand out from the harness.  Applying a pair of soft leather ankle cuffs I opened the cell door and guided her inside.  I glanced at the bed and saw Lorna watching us with blank eyes.

Ann’s short hair helped as I wrapped a head harness with ring gag into place.  Tying a cord to the ring at the base I helped Ann sit on the floor under the hoist and attached both ankles to two separate chains.

I used the remote control as Ann shuffled on her bum and then lay flat on her back.  Both her ankles were lifted and spread as slowly she inverted and cleared the floor. 

I stopped her when her mouth was at my crotch height; with her legs widely spread and her pussy accessible to lips or vibrator.

Good days have been spent like this.  One of the good things about being down here is although it can hurt like hell nothing can kill you.

Attaching two nipple clamps I pulled her body forward slightly so it pulled them taut all the time and tied them to a ring in the floor.  The cord from the head harness went behind her and pulled her head backwards into an uncomfortable arch.

Bending my head I licked the outstanding nub of her clitoris and listened to her moan.

Sucking hard upon it until she was near to her climax, I licked it again and left the room.

Lorna looked at me as I closed the door.

"Jude, can we talk?"

I held my hand out and helped her to sit up.

Again I noticed that her nakedness didn’t seem to bother her.  I passed her a tee shirt and watched her breasts rise as she lifted her arms to pull it over her head.

"So I am dead."

"Well your body is.  But your soul isn’t.  You arrived down here in the stage in life where you were happiest; so your body took its shape from that memory."

"How old where you the last time you can remember?"

"Twenty-seven.  Can we eat?  I’m hungry."  She walked over to the table and I brought out the food.

"But if I am dead how can I be hungry?"  She pinched herself and yelped.  "And how come I still feel pain?"

I smiled at her and placed the plates on the table.  "Okay this should have been explained up state.  Your soul contains all your vices and quirks.  This is why you are down here and not upstairs with the god-fearing lot. 

Did you do bondage outside up state?"

She looked at me strangely.  "No. I had a few dreams about it though but that’s all.  I am an office manager and have to be in charge.  But I have a child; how can I be here?"

"Well you have to have a criminal record just to be referred into the court system.  Then you have to be analysed by one of the ‘flying squad’ as we call them.  Then you’re processed and sent down here.  So how you have slipped past the all seeing one I have no idea."

Lorna looked at me.  "Do you know how my family is getting on without me?"

"No.  That’s part of the downside of being down here.  You can’t look out.  We have videos and DVDs and things but say your child grows up to be an actor you wouldn’t ever see the films.  That’s the eternal damnation bit.  My children are all dead now but I have been down here 60-odd years."

"So why do you look only 30?  And why are you down here?"

I looked at her and smiled. "Well Anita and I where into bondage a long time.  She was my wife.  But apart from the bondage she was pure so she is upstate.  She’s happy with her circle of friends who helped her after my death.  You only find out about the people you love after they die.  Upstairs you get to look over them all the time.  It is really complicated.  But you might be transferred back up there now that we have found out about the mistake."

I looked at the clock.  Oops, I’d talked a bit too long!  Lorna followed me into the cell.  Ann’s hair and face were a mess from her drool and the room smelled of her sex.  Face red and arms a little blue she looked at me in a daze.  Placing a vibrating egg onto the open mouth of her pussy and clipping another onto the cord from her nipple clamps I picked up a soft leather strop and slowly whipped her bottom.

This game was quite fun because if she moved too much the egg falls out and then she can’t come.

Lorna sat on one of the chairs with straps attached and watched in silence as Ann hit orgasm after orgasm.

"So how come this can happen down here?  I thought enjoyment wasn’t allowed in hell."

Ann’s groans were now quite loud and she was pulling back with her neck to increase the pressure on her breasts.

"Okay there are three types of dead.  Heavenly dead, milk honey and all types of normal vanilla-type fun.  But, very, very boring.  Lower state dead which is here and other places like this for people who like bondage, other areas have different vices.  Prostitution and porn are another holding area which is quite full and fun if you are into that sort of thing which is quite popular if a little boring after 100 years.  And torment and hell dead where drug dealers and murders and all others including paedophiles and terrorists end up which is a very bad place to end up!  They just get the heat treatment in the way everybody expects. So there you have it."

Ann's groans now were interrupting my train of thought.  So I whipped it down over her exposed pussy knocking the egg out of the cusp of her lips and as the strop hit her clit her orgasm hit at the same time.

Lorna looked at me and shook her head.  "I’d never of believed that someone could come like that."

I stood and patted Ann's bottom.  "Come on, let’s sort you out some clothes.  You get special treatment until Monday!"

She looked at me and shook her head.  "No just keep doing what you had to do to me.  It will be easier if I have to stay.  But Jude we do need to  talk about this.  A lot more.  I don’t get this at all."

"We will ask Ann what she thinks.  I have only been here 60 years.  Ann has been here a lot longer."

Lorna helped me to untie and get Ann back into an aware state.

"Gosh you are good!" Ann finally managed to say.

Ann bathed and then still naked sat down and ate her meal.

Lorna said something to Ann.

Ann looked at me and said, "Have you something to do elsewhere?  I need some time to talk girlie talk with Lorna."

"Well that’s nice!  Thrown out of my own room, there’s no wonder I feel old and persecuted," I muttered.

Ann grinned at me, "Ha you old?  Try my age."

I exited and wandered down to the warden’s mess.  A naked blond with pneumatic breasts was behind the bar.  "Double white rum and coke please."  She lifted a chained wrist and pushed the glass into the optic.

"Yo, Jude, how’s it hanging man?"

"Hi Andrie," I nodded at the long-haired hippy type sitting on the bar stool.

I joined him.  We both watched as the barmaid dropped to her knees and used the coke pump which was set at a low level for the purpose of humiliation.  Her shiny chains rattled as she stood and served me with a slight curtsy.

"Where’s Moonbeam?"  She is his wife.  They are one of the few husband and wife teams here.  They actually died at the same time.

"Oh man she’s tied up somewhere."

The blond looked at me and asked, "Is it true that you might have an un-dead as a new inmate?"

I rolled my eyes.  "News spreads fast doesn’t it?"

"Yes man you are news in a huge way man!"

I sipped my drink, smiled and said, "Yes it is a interesting thing she is a bit of a mystery."

"Andrie, how did you and your wife die?"


"Well what's the process with sudden death?  I died in bed in bed in the middle of the night so it was expected."

"Oh man," his eyes glazed over.

"We were into outside bondage and pappy owned a farm in the hills near San Francisco, it was summer of 66 and we where hippy chicks man.  We both smoked grass and did the bondage thing man.  Anyway, one afternoon Moonbeam was chained to a tree somewhere and I had made love to her and left her for a private moment.  The only thing is when you are stoned all the trees are the same man!"

He rolled his eyes.

The barmaid laughed.

"It was like a bad dream man.  Total bummer!  And as I walked around all these trees carrying a chain harness we had made, I could hear rumblings in the distance.  I found Moonbeam by chance just as the rain started to fall and by the time I’d left her go and placed her in her harness it was really heavy man.  I chained her neck and we started to walk back to the house when WHAM!"

The barmaid and I both jumped as he slamed his fist onto the bar top.

"Lightning hit the chain between us and next thing we were here!"

"So it could be that my un-dead had been killed and jumped into a mistake at St. Pete’s?"

"Hey man its always possible here; anything is possible here."

I sat drinking my rum and then we played a few games of pool before I wandered back to my room.

‘I just don’t know,’ I thought as I wandered up the corridor.