Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Four

The house sat in its own grounds at the top of a hill.† Its turreted walls cast a shadow in the midmorning sun.† The truck turned up the long drive to the gatehouse. Its drawbridge was down.

I looked at Karen the female warder Iíd been chatting to.† She smiled and looked at me with that awe inspired look that this place usually generates.

"First time then?" I asked.† She nodded.

Its bright walls and lush gardens were not what you would expect if you believed all the stories you heard about this whole world.† Itís not full of grannies and retirees, as you would expect.

Most of them go further south and good riddance to the moaning old bastards.

The bus rumbled over the wooden beams of the bridge.† And the drawbridge was pulled up as soon as the wheels dropped onto the red bricks of the yard.

The truckís driver and guard climbed down and lowered the steps at the back.† Karenís bloke was the first one off and clipping a slipknot lead around his erect dick she smiled at me and led him off to the shower rooms to wash off the dust.

I shuddered and had to admit to myself Iíd not fancy being in his place.† And such a nice girl she seemed, too.

The shrew was lifted off the restraints and dropped to the ground.† It must not have been pleasant hanging in mid air all that time.† Then the redhead and the bloke behind Lorna were helped down.

He had a sort of a smile and looked very red.† Lorna walked backwards down the steps and nearly fell as her ankle chain brought her up short.

Heavy smells are the norm here and the lavender bushes were giving off scent as I applied two nipple clamps and walked off pulling a stumbling Lorna after me.

The side door was wide enough for her to walk forward between the two walls.

We turned and went into the reception area and I led her to the showers†† Un-gagging her I was startled by her outburst.

"Jude, what the fuck is going on?† That dirty bastard spunked all over my back and arse.† He kept rubbing it up and down my crease.† I hate you for this how can I be treated like this?† You are not running a proper prison here!† You lot are perverts!"

"The tying up bits not that bad and I can stand that.† The bloody judge said that I was going to a social experimental prison but this is not right.† Capital punishment went out years ago.† That small woman had been whipped."

"And these things!"† She wiggled her breasts and nodded at the clamps.

She continued on as I pulled her to the shower.† Turning it on and stepping into a waterproof cover all pulled her in with me.

She had to shut up then, as the water pressure was so strong it would drown her.† I soaped her and made sure I washed her back off well then walked her out the other side and dried her down.

"Ouch," she said as I dried her hair off vigorously and then styled it.† "Why are you not talking to me?" she asked.

"You never gave me a chance."

I rubbed her nipples and kissed the left one.† "There thatís better now isnít it?"

"No it bloody isnít!"

"Lorna we are here to see the boss and sort this out.† There are others here to be interviewed the same. But some are here to ask to be treated more harshly; the red head has finished her initial detention and assessment and has applied to move here to with the Boss.† So the choice in the end is always yours."

She looked at me as I released the dildo clamps and eased out the two prongs from her body.

She smiled and walked to the toilet.† "Thanks!" she said with ill grace.

The ironic thing was that as she waited for me to wipe her and dry her she didnít see that as a problem.

I ask her to spread Ďem and reinserted the prongs.

"Okay when we see the boss be nice and explain why you donít think you should be here; I also need you to be polite and not confrontational do not piss him off.† Call him sir and above all be nice to him he is the one who decides your fate!"

Lorna looked at me and smiled, "And if I decide to tell him how you have treated me?"

"Then thatís what you decide to do."

I pulled the bar up into her and settled the dildos deep in her.

"Look Lorna I feel a lot for you and was going to ask to be the one you are posted to as I am allowed two personal prisoners who are assigned to me.† Annís one and you would be the other."

"OH FUCKING GREAT! I am to be your personal plaything!" she stormed.

I shook my head and wondered just how she coped in her life on the outside.

She sat down in the lobby and looked at me funny.

"What now?" I sighed.

"Did you mean that about keeping me as your personal prisoner?"

I nodded my head as the ginger-headed woman was wheeled into the room.

Lornaís eyes went wide.

She was tied on a wooden horse; its sharp edge digging deep into her lower regions and her body was wrapped in fishing twine.† Her flesh bulged out ham-like between the tightly tied knots.† Even her face was tied.

"OH my god," I heard Lorna moan between clenched teeth.

She looked at me, "Jude thatís so cruel.† What sort of man does that to a woman?"

"Lorna donít you get it?† She has asked to be put on the horse so the governor can see what she can take.† She wants to impress him so much.† Itís her only way to get in up here!"

And to be truthful Iíd never seen anyone do that before.† "Yours, or hers?" I asked the warder.

"Hers," he mouthed.

Lorna's look of disbelief told me her thoughts on the matter.† Then the chief dogsbody walked in and nodded to us all.

I quite like the dogsbody she was one of mine who moved on up the line.† Now she was a masochist of the highest order.† She taught me a few new tricks while I was in my first year here.

The main room is quite spectacular -- all pillars and arches.† A large open fire burned in the centre.

A man was naked and bound is twisting over it on a chain.† His screams were muffled by a huge gag.

Lorna recoiled from the sight and I had to whisper in her ear, "Itís fine; itís just a show!"

The boss was sitting in front of his desk a computer monitor to one side.† He isnít how most people seem to think he would be.† He was a little guy who looked like Robert DeNiro, dressed in a sharp suit and talking with an Italian accent.† He was nice looking but had wild eyes.

To his left was Mrs. Boss.† She looked after all the men in the system.† "Total bitch," but good at what she does, apparently; with deep cleavage and nice arse, Arreneís opinion not mine.

The boss looked at the redhead and stood up.† Moving down off the raised platform his flash suit and leather shoes made him look just like a businessman.† Little goatee beard and a sharp haircut completed the look.

He moved around the horse and smiled.† "MMM nice!† So Ellen, you want to be one of the girls up here, do you?"

His voice was soft and low with just a touch of French in the accent.

She nodded and watched as he pulled out a small knife and cut the line that was around her face.

"Oh yes master please," she almost moaned.

"Oh please," Lorna whispered in my ear.† "Is she a Groupie?"

"A what?"

"A groupie!† You know -- a chick who follows a star."

"Oh maybe," I admitted to being confused.† These new women of today bring you lots of new words.

The bossí wife was looking at the bloke that is Karenís charge and had just hit his dick with a riding crop.

Lorna looked at me with concern at his explosion of agony.

"Ha Jude, my boy, how is the pretty Lorna coming along?" he asked moving across to us.

He stood in front of her and looked deep into her eyes.† "SO do you like it her MŰn Cherie?"

His hand cupped her left breast as he did so and she shot back away from him.† Well tried; as her chains brought her up short.† I caught her and with the bossí help pulled her back upright.

"SO it is right what I have heard: you are not a natural!"

She looked at him with that angry look. "You grope me and expect me to just stand there and let you?"† She was winding up to say more when held out his hand.

"Lorna, Jude has explained to you that you asked to come here, hasnít he?"

"Yes, but the judge said it wasnít such a bad place for someone like me.† He said it was a special prison but this is nothing like what I expected."

"Judge who?" the boss smiled.

"She was called Hopper or Copper -- Big Black woman.† Dade Countyís only female judge.† You must know her."

Now the boss looked confused, "Not a big guy dressed in white?"

"Nope, as black as that lady over there."† Lorna turned and pointed with her outstretched left arm at a prisoner bringing in a tray of drinks.

"Jude, I think we need to do a little looking into this case donít you think?"

I nodded and led Lorna out of the room and back to the holding cell.†

"Hey I never got chance to tell him how badly I was treated!"

We were the only two to return on the truck.† I sat in the back looking out over the tailgate wondering what went wrong.

Lorna, gagged again, looked the same way and seemed to be at a loss.

ĎMe too,í I thought as we bounced over the drawbridge on the way out of the house.† The party was in full swing behind us.