Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Three

Ann looked up at me.  Sweat was glistening on her face.  Her eyes were bright, with lust and sexual bliss.

She was laid on her back, roped into a harsh rope harness so tight that she had trouble breathing.  Her breasts were bound into tight balls both adorned with clamps made out of two wooden blocks with screw tighteners that made her nipples swollen and so sensitive that orgasm was just a lick away.

A rope around her neck and waist held her in place in the centre of the bed with both her ankles pulled over her head up to the top corners in an out stretched V framing her face.  I smiled down at her as a drop of my sweat dripped onto the ball gag and ran down to the corner of her distorted mouth.

She groaned at me and clenched on my semi-hard cock.  With the little movement her bonds allowed her she began to massage me back into hardness again.

"O Ann, not again!"  She nodded and with her eyes smiling began to moan as I picked up speed and plunged deep into her while pinching at her buttocks and then began to spank her taut ass cheeks.

More sweat dripped and she looked at me in that wide-eyed here I go again look.  Oh god she is so horny. 

I lay there panting and sweating beside my tied paramour.

"Do you need untying?"

"No I don’t not yet anyway.  I am enjoying this too much.  You spent too much time with the new intakes.  Jude, can you please spend more time with me?"

"I have a job to do.  You have yours.  Geeze!  Babes it took me years to get here."

I traced my fingertips along her taut thighs and on to her pussy lips.

"Jude, what's troubling you?"

One of the reasons I liked Ann was that she was perceptive.

My hands trembled a little.



"There’s something about her that’s not right.  She gives me the right responses but I am not totally sure she is where she should be."

"Well she is off in front of the boss tomorrow so he should know whether or not she should be here or not."


I leaned over on one elbow and kissed her left nipple.  

"Darling this is why you are number one."

 I held my hand out and stroked her face.   I noticed a tremor in her legs and started to untie them.  And then unfurled them, massaging them as they came down.

I retied them together and kissing her told her that I had to go settle Lorna in for the night; and then I would be back.


"Yes darling?"

"Gag me please."

I smiled and held out a penis gag.  Her eyes lit up and she opened her mouth.

Lorna looked at me from under the duvet as I walked in.  "Hi," she said and smiled at me.

She lifted her leg and showed me the cuff locked around it.  And smiled.

I smiled back and sat on the bed.  "You have to see the boss in the morning so sleep well and I will be in at 7 to wake and feed you."   I kissed her head and turned off the light.

"Jude?"  I looked back at her. "Thanks!"

"No worries."

I locked the door and went back to Ann’s room.

The night finished with Ann, a ring gag and me moaning quite a bit and it wasn’t about the electric bill.

I awoke at 6 HMT and untied Ann as she had to make breakfast.

Eating a bowl of cornflakes and sitting talking with my fellow warders was the normal way to start the day.

But today I had to get Lorna ready for her meeting.

Entering the cell I saw she wasn’t in bed but followed the chain into the bathroom.  As there were no locks the bathroom door allowed me to enter just as she made a typical male noise of a fart.

Her blushes and averted eyes were so old fashioned that I smiled.  I unfastened her ankle chain and passed her all the soap and things she needed and went to get the equipment needed for her trip to the Governor’s mansion.

"Please make sure your hair is nice," I said as I caught her drying her hair.

She just looked and smiled.

I had a feeling of unnerving energy.  What was she planning?

When she came out of the bathroom I nearly gave a wolf whistle.  Her hair shone and its length and colour were startling.

The door light came on and I opened it.  Ann carried a tray in and set it down.  She smiled at me and I introduced her to a now shy Lorna.  Her hands covered her pubis and breasts.

I needed a hand to place her into the gear for the trip.

Ann smiled at her and asked her to sit down and we all ate breakfast together and by the time we’d finished Lorna seemed comfortable with her nudity again.

She stood and looked at me.  I went to the door and opened the supply room door and brought out the first of the ironworks needed.

Eyes wide Lorna looked at the metal collar and the body frame attached.  Holding it out I opened the frame and she stepped to me and as Ann took the weight she turned and I eased her into it.

The gear here is so modern it has shape-changing properties.  And then it fit around her and locked in and tightened up.

Ann moved around and eased the flesh to fit.  The head cage strapped over around her forehead and the gag swung in and locked and as Lorna opened her mouth to accept it she looked pleadingly at me.  A collar made of the same shiny steel locked into place around her neck.  A flat bar ran down the centre of her back to a waist belt.  This also locked tightly into her flesh.  I applied a pair of handcuffs to her wrists to keep her hands from interfering with anything we had to do.  A rod circle was then joined around her chest on to a ratchet at the back.  This went tightly under her breasts.

Two upside down U’s were the fitted over the top of her breasts and into the rod via ratchets.  These were tightened down until both breasts were swollen into semi-round packages.

Lorna’s eyes were wide and scared as Ann held out the crotch straps which had two rubber dildos attached.

Ann lubed both up and after a struggle to get Lorna to spread her legs we managed to get them entered into the outer reaches of her twin holes.  As she got used to them I would click them deeper into her.  I hoped she would just accept the inevitable and when she sat down she slowly drew them into her body.  The ratchets on the belt automatically took up any slack.

Next thigh and ankle cuffs were clicked into place.  Lorna was trying to say something.  I opened the gag.  "What?"

"Do I have to do this?" 

"Yes, you do."

"But..."  I pushed the large rubber wedge back into her mouth and clicked its rubber cover tightly into place.

Ann looked at me with a curious look on her face.  She then rubbed a finger across the gap between the crotch strap and Lorna’s pussy lips.  Dry: Lorna wasn’t even turned on.

"Could be fear," I said as she frowned at me.  "Not everybody’s as kinky as you!"

I grinned at Ann and she stuck her tongue out at me.  Ann loves these types of things she even went to the design bureau to help them make new and unusual harnesses and frames by testing most of them.

She shook her head.  I knew she wasn’t happy and would ask her later about it.  Ann picked up the wrist and arm bar.  This attached to the collar and after uncuffing her wrists I lifted her right arm out and clipped that wrist to the horizontal cuff.  The left followed and then Lorna gave a squeak as the bar extends as far as it could pulling her arms as wide as they could go.  She was stretched out in a cross shape.  (The boss sees it as an ironic statement.)

Chains were fitted between her ankles and thigh cuffs.  Short in length they allowed her to move in very short steps.

Ann looked at me and asked, "Shall I give you a hand to get her to the transport?"

I nodded and went to put on my "seeing the boss" uniform which was much like a police uniform but in red leather which unnerved me every time I had to go to the Governor’s mansion.  I felt like a ponced up batman.

I was glad I’d decided to let Ann help me to get Lorna down to the transport.  Going through doors was tricky with your arms outstretched; a bit like a dog with a huge stick that cannot suss how to get through a door.

Watching Lorna sidestep within the limits of the chains was quite amusing and even she got the funny side of it as she slapped me behind the ear as she sidestepped down the stairs to the courtyard.

Ann bowed to me and left us by ourselves as two more warders came into view with new prisoners to see the boss.  One was a woman about thirty-seven, a redhead and natural.  She had huge breasts and lots of flesh.  But attractive.  The two breast rings made them really bulge out

The other was a short shrew-like woman, very thin hardy any breasts but a well-whipped bottom.

They all looked at each other and then looked away.

I started up a conversation with Mick a old hand here and the mentor of the shrew.  "What did you do wrong to get her?"

He paused and smiled, "I asked for her she is a ex prison warder from Australia a hard bitch but she loves this.  Not me though she was married but it seems she want to go to the woman to woman section."

We both raised our eyes surface-wards.

The redhead’s warder wandered over.  He was new to the game and very lucky to be here really.  And he knew it.  Doffing his cap he asked if he could join us.  He was a very old man of seventy summers but hung like a donkey or so the rumours go he was here on trial.  His English was of the old type and I struggled to understand him.  But it’s the variety of this place that makes it interesting.

The doors opened and the truck pulled in.  I looked across at Lorna and saw her eyes wide.  There were about fifteen prisoners already on the truck.

There was a mixture of men and women all in the same gear as our three but the men had their balls and dick encircled in a ring that kept ‘em hard.

The last three men were taken off the truck and brought down the large staircase at the back

I helped Lorna up the steps and up to the restraining equipment.  This consisted of two large bars which were on the level of the prisoners arms.  By folding her wrists forward a ring behind them slid onto each bar and when I then put the rings on her belt up to the waist high bars it was just a matter of pushing her up tight against the prisoner in front.

Mick then placed the male prisoner behind her and pushed him tight to her.

Lorna’s eyes were a picture wide and panicky as his erect penis sat right into her bottom crease.

The redhead followed and then the shrew.  She was only short so her feet dangled in mid-air as the large black man who was the last man was shoved tight up behind her.  Locking devices were then placed on the bars to stop them sliding off and out the back of the truck.  (This actually did happen a few years ago and the boss wasn’t happy.)

We all joined the rest of the prisoners’ mentors in the air-conditioned coach and off we set.

The day was a hot one and I worried about Lorna’s fair skin.

The ride to the boss’ house was a long one.  And I was glad not to be a prisoner: it’s dusty and not much fun.  But in the bus we all had a good time and as I talked to one of the male prisoner’s female guards I soon stopped worrying about my charge.

I wondered what they would think when we saw the house.