Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter Two

Following Lorna into the room I saw her shoulders lift a little.  It was just like a normal one bedroom flat except for a door to the right that did look like a cell door.

"I take it you live in here.  Do you?" she asked as I closed the door behind us.

"No we both do."

She paused, looked around and asked, "And where do I sleep?"

"Where I choose.  On the bed, in the cell, or at the foot of the bed against the wall."

Turning her around I unfastened her wrist cuffs and let her arms drop.  It took a while for the circulation to recover and when she finished her rubbing I asked if she was hungry.

"God I am!  My stomach thinks my throat has been cut."

I laughed and said, "Okay well it’s serving time at the canteen but as you’re in solitary I will go fetch it.  You’re not veggie are you?"

She smiled that half smile again.  "Nope I could eat a scabby horse!"

"Oh I think we can do better than that.  Explore your new home while I am gone"

I opened the door and left her to it.

Deep in the bowels of the 6th 66 is a room with a bank of monitors.  Two officers were always on duty so every move she made would be watched and analysed.

Wandering into the canteen I found it full of warders and a just a few prisoners.  I went up to the server.  She was also an inmate, she was dressed in normal chefs clothes as she was once was.

The food is superb (as you would expect due to the fact we get a huge choice of chefs).

She looked at me and smiled, "New inmate then?  Is she nice?"

"Not jealous are we?"

"Jude you know that you can have fun with me anytime!"

I smiled and pointed at the steaks that she was cooking.  "Two of those will do for the time being Ann.  But maybe at the weekend if you’d like..."

Bob the senior warder looked at me and smiled.  We all had our favourites here and although Ann was forty she loved me.  I liked her too.

Carrying the plates back to the room I looked at the light over the door and saw it was green.  This was a relief as it let me know that Lorna wasn’t standing behind the door with a knife or a stool.

Lorna was sitting, waiting, and watching the door.

Putting the plates on the table I pointed for her to sit down and join me.  I opened a table top cupboard and passed the condiments out too her.

We sat in silence and ate.  I could see her looking at me occasionally just to see if I was looking at her breasts.

I was ignoring her on purpose.  I would see them all the time so you tend to get blasé about it.

Not they aren't nice or anything, but, when you have been doing this job for awhile... well you have seen them all.

The food was soon gone and I washed up in the sink the corner.

Deep in thought Lorna sat and watched.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"Jude this not like I imagined it would be. I thought it would be more prison-like."

"Would you like it like that?"

"It’s not that.  It’s just... well, I had brought myself to get used being in a cell.  But this is like home."

"Well you have a session in the cell there in twenty minutes so go to the toilet and we will begin."

I pointed to the door in the corner.

She looked at me and stood and went to the toilet while I went and opened the cell.

She looked through the door about five minutes later.  Her eyes were wide and full of fear, or awe or lust, or something?  Edging into the room she looked at me.

I pointed to wooden bed.  "Lay face down on there please."

She did.  But looking up at me she scowled.

Taking lots of rope off the pegs I sat beside her and started tying her legs at the ankles and knees.

Lorna was looking over her shoulder at me as I tugged at the knots.  Then taking her arms I roped them at elbows and wrists and was pleased to see that her elbows met.  I then did the classic hogtie thing and drew her kegs up to her wrists and tied them off.

By now she was in a little pain and discomfort.  And she looked at me with something bordering on disgust.  I then tied her waist and linked it to her elbows and pulled her up into the air.

I turned her around and looked at her face.   Confusion and pain were etched on it.  I stroked her face.

"Want a gag?"

She nodded and I applied a length of duck tape over her pouting lips and turned her a few twists and walked out with her still spinning in the air.

Locking the door I walked out and did some paperwork.  I had a slight feeling of unease about her but put this down to her being new and spirited.

"Still, back to work."

When I walked back into the  cell Lorna’s face was tear streaked and her eyes looked pleadingly at me.

Bending so I could look into them I gently took hold of her nipples and rolled them between my fingers.

Her eyes went wide and she screamed at me through her gag.  Rage, lust, frustration, or pain I don’t know; but dipping a finger along her crack and finding it slick with moisture I rubbed her clit and she groaned and shuddered.

Slipping my finger into the edge of her vagina I rubbed the inside edge making her groan and slightly bounce on her ropes she was hanging from.

Little groans and moans escaped her gagged mouth, eyes wide and nose flaring she started to come.

I sat and watched as she writhed.  She was beautiful with her face bright red and sweating.

Lowering her onto the floor I untied her and eased her legs down and rubbed life back into them.

Picking her up still gagged and with her arms tied I moved her to the bathroom and unfastened her arms.

She moved her hands to her mouth and I took hold and said, "Wait we will soak it in the bath and it comes off easier."

She had a brooding look and I was struck by her body language.  This was not someone who has had an enjoyable orgasm.  She appeared to be more ashamed by her weakness.

Maybe she needed to be given permission to come.  Oh well, that’s why she was here.

Walking into the bathroom where the bath was already running I stripped to my swim shorts and climbed in with her; sitting behind her and enjoying the warmth as I poured water over her head.  I let her ease the tape off her mouth.  Lorna seemed to enjoy her soak and relaxed a little.

I had desires and wants and decided that as I couldn’t have her, a little time with Ann would be nice.

Lorna waited for me to dry her and then looked at me as if unsure about what would come next.

"Right, you can have some free time.  Now I am going out for a while so you get to look after yourself.  One rule is that before you go to bed you need to be secured into it."  I pointed to a handcuff on a long chain.  "That is long enough to reach the toilet and the kitchen.  If you need a cuppa help yourself.  Watch a video or a DVD.  I don’t but you can.  There’s no TV due to lack of picture."

She looked at me. "Where are you going?"

"I am just going out to see someone.  You need to start a diary.  Use the computer.  There are also games but no email."

She looked at me and just nodded.

"Right I will see you in the morning.  So you get to sleep in the bed.  Enjoy it while you can."

I looked in her eyes trying to judge her mood.

I put my hand to her face and walked to the door.


I stopped and looked back at her.

She shook her head.  "Nothing; doesn’t mater!"

Placing my palm against the pad I waited for the door to open and stepped into the corridor.

‘She looks lost,’ I thought as I walked down to Ann’s room.