Old Nicks House
Old Nicks House
by Paul

Chapter One

"A hostage has been killed"

Bugger it!  Failed again.  I looked up from the Rainbow6 Part three game I was playing on my computer to saw the door to the outside world open.

Two of ST Pete’s finest swagger in with a dazed looking brunette shuffling between them.  She looked about her and saw me for the first time.

Her hands were cuffed behind her and attached to her belt from which a chain went down to her shackled ankles.  Dressed in a bright red jumpsuit, she contrasted sharply with the pure white shirts of the two deputies and their sharp haircuts.

They glared at me and I smiled back.  We had no love for each other.

"This is Lorna Anson, Docket 2212/212, age 27."  He threw the folder he carried onto the desk.  I stood and walked around towards her.

I took her arm and moved her to one side and removed the cuffs from her wrists and ankles.

Handing them back to the two tossers I watched them look hard at the girl and then walk out of the entrance hall.

"Pompous bastards," I said and looked at the prisoner.  "Hi there.  My name’s Jude and I am your reception officer.  I will be your case officer as well."

She just looks at me blankly.

It wasn’t an unusual thing.  She was quite beautiful.  Her dark eyes and pale skin were saying kiss me!

"Where am I?"

I sighed; you would think they would tell the prisoners wouldn’t you?  I meant to say they bring them down here and I think they just do it to stop the moaning and complaining.

"You are in the lower state holding facility zone 23."

She still looked blank.

"Anyway, let’s get you processed."  I walked to the desk and picked up the folder.  She was listening to the country music on the speakers in the ceiling and smiled.

"Is this part of my punishment?"

I laughed.  "Could be, couldn’t it?"  I looked at her and smiled.  "Come this way."

We walked into the main part of the building.  "In here please."

She looked around her as we walked into the room.  A bare table was bolted to the wall with a box of rubber gloves that made it obvious what was going to happen here.  She stopped and looked hard at me.

I turned and sat on the edge of the desk and said. "Strip off your clothes please."

Her eyes wide, she stuttered, "But shouldn’t a female officer do this?"

"Well as we don’t have one here it might be difficult.  But don’t worry I have done this before so it’s not a problem."

"For you maybe," she grumbled.

"It’s not that unusual for you to resist but it is pointless.  I can have others come in here and do it for you but I am the case officer in charge of your stay here and I will be doing things of an intimate nature for you and to you.  So make it easy on both of us and just do it!"

I looked at her and waited.  She sighed and nodded at me and unzipped the jumpsuit turning her back to me as she shucked it down and realised the thing that most do.  It’s better to take your shoes off first.

She glanced down and saw me smiling.  And she grinned back.  I threw her the chair and she sat on it unfastening the Velcro strips that held them tight.

I looked at the two-way mirror and wondered if the boss was watching.

She had a plain white bra and panty set under the tee shirt she’d now pulled over her head.

She paused and looked at me.  I smiled and nodded.  Reaching behind her back and unsnapping her bra she eased it off her breasts.  

I deliberately looked away and picked up the box of rubber gloves and pulled a pair out with a snap.  Looking around I noticed her standing naked with a hand over her breasts and one covering her crotch.  She looked scared and my heart went out to her.

"Okay then!  Bend over and place your arms on the table."  She looked scared.

I greased up the gloves and looked sternly at her.  She sighed and turned to the table.   

Bending over she stood bolt upright and turned and slapped me across the face.  As my finger was still deep in her anus I was at a disadvantage.

Her hands flew to her face.  "OH GOD I am so sorry!"  I was still stuck in her bottom.  And grabbing her arm I turned her and pinned her to the table.

"Please don’t hurt me!" she sobbed.

"Lorna I don’t want to hurt you I just need my finger and hand back, unclench will you?"

I felt her do as asked.  And then I eased my hand out from between her cheeks. 

She was in tears.  "Oh I am sorry; but it was such a shock."

I tried to smile and prayed the boss wasn’t watching.

I should have placed her back in irons and reported her for a hearing and punishment.  "Would it be easier if I tie your hands out of the way?"  

She thought about it; and looked at me and nodded.  Good oh!  This was more like what she should be like.

I tied rope around her wrists in a figure of eight and bent her over the table and used another length to pull them strappado-style over her head pinning her to the top.  Tapping my boots against her ankles I forced her legs wide apart, hearing her whimper.

Then gently I eased a finger into her pussy wiggled it about and confirmed it was empty; nicely moist and warm, but empty.  Then probing her anus I stood and pulled her legs closed and unfastened the rope holding her arms far above her head.

"There that’s done; come this way!"  She followed looking at her prison clothes that were crumpled in a heap in the middle of the floor.

"Jude, what about my clothes?" she asked as we went to another door and I opened it.

‘Women are weird,’ I thought as I told her there were clean ones this side of the door.  She hadn’t asked to be untied.  The rope I’d wrapped round her wrists was still in place.

We walked down the corridor and entering a dressing room I walked her into a small shower cubical.  Pulling off my shirt and trousers leaving me dressed in a swim shorts I grabbed a load of shower jell and shampoo.

Lorna looked at me and scowled.  "I can do this myself."

Turning the shower on I tied the loose end to a ring and looked at her.  "Okay you need to get a grip.  Shut up and accept that you are here for a reason."  I held out my hand and squirted a load of shower jell onto it. 

Turning her around I started to lather her shoulders and just heard the words, "Well if this is what driving a car without insurance gets you I’d hate to think what a serious crime gets!"

I love role play games and smiled. 

Washing her hair I continued down her back to her luscious bottom.  She seemed a little aroused and had parted her legs as I lathered between her buttocks.

Turning to face me she watched me as I lathered her face and sluiced the soap off.  Then I started on her breasts and chest areas.

I watched her nipples harden.  A flush came to her face and chest.  And she sighed and moved so her chest was resting on my hands.  I soaped them hard and she groaned.

I continued down the slope of her stomach and to her crotch, lathering it without touching her lower lips or clitoris.  Her eyes were languid.

Lips parted and her breathing quickened.  And I washed her off with the shower attachment. 

She looked so sexy with that pout.

Then her eyes snapped open and it was as if she has just remembered where she was and was instantly turned off.  "Weird!"

Untying her wrists from the wall and then from each other I pointed her to the toilet and stood and watched.

She looked as if she was about to object then sighed and sat down.

I smiled and averted my eyes.

A few noises later she stood and looked at me!  "Right what's next?"

"Walk this way and we will get you dressed and into your cell.  You are in solitude mode until we sort out your preferences."

She looked around her as we walked down the corridor to the dressing room.

Pictures of the sort of thing we do here adorn the walls and we paused as she looked at them.  "Err... Does this sort of thing go on here?"  She pointed to an interesting item.  I nodded and walked her to the changing room.

"Okay here is your uniform for today."  I pointed to the collection of clothes on the table.  I notice she wasn’t too worried about being naked as she picked up the leather corset and laughed!

"YEAH right!  I need to see your boss!"


"You are taking the piss where are the cameras?"

"What cameras?"

Lorna then goes on to name what I presume to be a TV show where people are tricked with hidden cameras.

We don’t get good reception down in this neck of the woods.

"Look put it on.  You are here for a long time and you don’t want to start with a bad record and after all you asked to come here."

Her look of disapproval gave me an idea that I was speaking a lie.

"Okay if you are scared of being raped I can get a witness to what we are doing but this is supposed to be a bonding session between us and you need to get your head around it.  I like you and think this will be not as long a sentence as you think it will be.  But you do need to be obedient!"

Snapping her head around she snarled, "I am not a fucking dog!"

This rocked me a little but it could be part of the role play.

"Okay look I don’t need to be nice to you.  But I feel you need it.  The rules are that when everybody leaves this room they will be dressed in these clothes.

She looked hard at me and sighed.  "I will be mentioning this to your boss when I see him!"

Picking up the collar first I held it out to her.  It was soft and supple, black leather creamy to the touch even though it was brand new.  Lorna took it in her fingers and held it smoothing it between them.

She lifted it to her neck and folded it around and buckled the two snaps tight.  It looked good on her but I would say that I suppose.

Coming next, the wrist cuffs and upper arms ones which I had to buckle on, as they sat tightly above her muscles and touched her arm pits.

She moved to the table herself and picked up the corset.

Matching the cuffs and collar in its blackness it shone and she stepped into the middle of it and I looked at her.

"What?" she snapped.

"You need to put on the stockings and the boots first or you cannot do them when laced into the corset."

"Oh, right then, I am so sorry!"  Sarcasm dripping with every word.  "But I have never worn anything like this before."

"What do you normally wear then?"

"Jeans and tee-shirt and trainers."

Lorna continued to dress by pulling the stockings up and then lacing up the small ankle boots.  She buckled the attached ankle cuffs over the top of the knots she’d just tied.

Stepping into the corset she tugged it up over her hips and struggled to get up her ribs and under her breasts which sat on a slight shelf.

"God this is tight," she said smoothing it over her slightly indented stomach.  She smiled a little, "It’s like dressing up when I was a child."

I looked at her and said, "That’s not tight."

Walking behind her I slowly started to lace the corset up asking her to breathe in.  She did as asked and slowly her waist came down in size.

I bent down and pulled the stockings tight clipping them onto the built in suspenders.

I pointed to the mirror.  "What do you think of that then?" 

She laughed, "Oh great, I look like a bimbo!"  

‘I like this girl,’ I decided.

I thought she looked great but being staff one cannot say that.

She sat against the table and looked hard at me!

"So tell me, what's next?  I will not work in a brothel!"

I paused and smiled at her.  "It doesn’t work like that you are her for punishment and you need to understand that.  And I want to help you and I have to make it clear I am one of most easy going officers here and as you are in my care so relax, go with it."

She still looked skeptical and I looked at the clock.  "Okay, well we have to go," I walked to her and lifting her hands up behind her back I locked her wrists to the rear of her collar and padlocked them on the ring at the back.

We walked out to a land rover.  Lorna was very aware of her nakedness and was taking a look around her at the same time.

It’s not what you think it would be; open, wide areas and lots of pine trees.  Dark and deep it is not.  I walked down the side of the land rover.  Opening the door to the cage in the back, I helped her in.

She sat down on the seats and I held her still where I could strap her in.

The open top lent itself to talking.

"My god this is huge!" she said as we turned onto the river road.

To the right was a large building she looked down at it.

"B block; it’s for general sinners, on the left is the running track.

We now entered the road beside the river.

We passed a work team laying a new brick road.  A wolf whistle from one of the prisoners was followed by a scream as he was lashed by a whip from one of the overseers.

Lorna looked shocked.

"Did he have to that?"

"Discipline!  Now you see you aren’t that badly treated yet don’t you?"

She shuddered and we continued passing more work parties and a few exercise units.  More buildings and compounds followed.

"This place is huge; how many inmates?"

I looked back over my shoulder, "Thousands and thousands."

Her long hair was flowing on the breeze through the mesh in the cage, the sun shining through it.

She was beautiful.

I look back her as she says "How come I have never heard of this place?"

"I think you possibly will when you’re done.  The river is deep and fast so don’t even think about leaving that way."

"How long to where we are going?"  She looked at the long road up the hill to the big walled compound at the top.

"You are looking at home for a while.  It’s called compound 6th66.  Can you remember that?"

She nodded, looking at the walls.

Parking the rover at the gate I opened the door to the cage and let her out.  She stood and straightened up.  I looked at her and had a feeling that she shouldn’t be here.

The red gate opened and we walked inside.  The courtyard was empty except for a gallows, purely for effect. There were also stocks and a few posts which were not.

The woodchip and sand floor was perfect for exercising either horses or prisoners.

Lorna looked about her and shuddered.  "How long am I here for?"

"As long as it takes.  You decide in the end.  Your actions and reactions will tell us when you are ready for general wing where you will be matched up with a fellow inmate."

Lorna waited for me in the small reception room.

As we entered the brightly lit corridor and moved down into the depths of the prison she looked at the doors and asked, "Is there someone inside each door?"

"Well at the moment we are waiting for a few more but yes we are about full.  Six are to move to the general wings later this week."

"Why do you paint the floors and ceilings red?" she asked as we climbed the stairs to the top level.

"Ambience and hygiene really; you don’t see the blood as much."  I smiled at her.  She shivered and looked down in disgust. Or was it lust?

"The real reason is that the governor got a huge discount on red paint along time ago and the colour stuck.  He is an art fan but I have to admit he is led towards the darker shades of red."

Placing my hand on the finger print pad we waited as the door unlocked and swung inward. 

"Well this is home for a while."