Kindred Spirit
by Paul

Dawn's soft light woke me up. My head was banging and I felt very sick as I gently moved and lifted my head up off the pillow and groaned softly. 'Even this hurts,' I thought. I was shocked by a muffled groan that echoed mine.

I moved my head and looked over my shoulder and nearly had a heart attack.

A woman’s eyes looked back at me. Startlingly bright blue, they were very wide eyes and very pleading.

They were the only thing on her face that I could see. The lower part of her face was covered by shiny duct tape from just below her nose across her face and under her chin. Lots of layers of it stopped her from making much more noise than a grunt.

A leather collar with rings on it at all four points of the compass encircled her neck.

I think she realised my look of confusion and grunted and gesticulating with her chin downwards made me turn over properly and look in the direction of her movements. She was naked, her marvellous breasts (for there is no other way to describe them) were both looped with thin cords round the bases which made them rounded balls with hard nipples pointing at me. I automatically reached out and ran my thumbs over them and gently rolled them.

The eyes went wider and the groans got a little more strident and mixed with a longing sound.

I looked further down her body trying to remember how she got here or who she was. I sat up for a better view. Still stroking the firm orbs I noticed her arms tied to her sides and her wrists to her thighs and that the rope was looped round her waist digging deep into her stomach.

Her pussy was shaven and either she was on and had a tampax inserted or there was a wire inserted into her pussy.

I picked up the box at the other end of the wire and pushed one of the buttons and her grunts grew more eager and little hip movements began as she looked at me and shuddered. Pushing the other button I watched in amazement as she started humping the bed which was a little difficult as her legs were tied at ankle and knees.

I was impressed but very confused as I looked around the bedroom; mainly as it wasn't mine and it was very girly.

Her body was slightly plump but the ropes added to the curves by digging into the soft skin. But it was superb. She was about thirtyish, blond with a cute if a little hot, sweaty, horny, pissed-off face.

Her groans as I held her boobs in each hand and reveled in their firm smooth bounciness increased and became more frantic. Bubbles of snot came out of her nose as she wailed into orgasm and her hip movements became more frantic. I was glad she was gagged as the noise she was making would bring someone running to her aid. Picking up a tissue I wiped the mess running down the duct tape covering her mouth.

I decided to untie her as she must have wanted to go to the loo. I unfastened her legs and asked, “Do you want to go loo?”

She nodded and tried to stand but had to wait while I eased the large plastic egg out of her. Love juice poured out of her vagina as it slipped into my hand. As I hadn’t turned it off I wasn't surprised she came when I switched it on. It bounced on the palm of my hand like an evil bomb.

I heard her pee hitting the water in theth loo followed by a groan that was either an expression of her relief or as a sign that she had realised she couldn’t wipe. Her little squeals of what I think were, “Come here you big stud,” drew me to help by wiping her.

Holding her under her arms I lifted her and asked, “Do you want untying?”

She sort of nodded and I followed her back to what was, I hope, her bedroom. After undoing her hands and the tight rope round her tummy I looked for the knots that were corded deep into her breasts. Finding them, I knew that I wasn't going to get them undone so I looked for a pair of scissors; but before I did I realised I just wanted to touch them one more time. Standing behind her, I reached round and cupped each one and gently squeezed them until she moaned and leaned back onto my chest and groaned.

Her hands reached into my boxers and pulled my rock hard erection out and rubbed it with her thumbs. She then walked out of my embrace and went into her top drawer and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and a box of condoms. Walking back to me she handed me the condoms and locked a cuff from each of the pairs on to her left arm: one round the wrist and the other just above the elbow. She then placed her arms behind her leaving me with no doubt of her intentions. This was so weird. I was in a position of power but she was doing the commanding.

The cuffs were the new rigid type so as I clicked the one on her upper arm tight and then locked its twin onto her right arm I realised she was into this in big way! I finished the job at her wrists and awaited developments. I tried to cast my mind back to the previous night and a vague recollection of meeting this woman in a hotel bar. I watched as she moved herself back into the same position as before and started to play with my erection again. She had good hands and I moved my hands round to her front and began working on her nipples. Squeezing and pulling at them made her groan and pull a little harder at me.

I realised she was looking at our reflection in the mirrored wardrobe doors. Her face was red and the silver duct tape was shining with her snot. It was a great sight. She was a superb-looking woman. She shook her head and pulled out of our embrace and leading me by my erection took me over to her bedside table and pointed with her head into the drawer.

There were another two pairs of cuffs laid in there. Pulling one out she shook her head and I placed them on the bed. She then nodded as I pulled the next pair out. These had a longer chain between them than the other pair I had placed on the bed. She sort of lifted her leg like a horse would to indicate a lameness and I bent down and clicked them onto her ankles.

She walked in a short-stepped way in front of the mirror again and indicated with her head for me to resume our position. I picked up a condom and dropping my boxers rolled it onto me. I moved forward and ran my dick up and down her arse cheeks and then bending her over, I ran it along between her labia lips and felt her juices aiding its slide. Placing both hands back onto her breasts made me realise why she was gagged.

The angle wasn’t quite right for penetration and her arms were going to be in the way so I moved her over to the end of her four-poster bed and lifting her wrist-cuff like the police do, forced her forward so she bent over onto her mattress. Becoming more inspired I grabbed the other set of cuffs and locked it round her right ankle and the fancy ring that was grooved into the foot of the right-hand post of the bed. Grabbing some of the rope off the floor which had secured her wrists with pre-handcuffs, I looped it round her left leg and ran this out to the base of the other post and drew her legs as far apart as the chain on her ankle cuffs would go. More rope was attached to her side rings on her collar and they were run out to each of the front posts at the bottom to stop her lifting her head off the bed.

“Okay?” I askd, running my fingers up and down her sopping wet lips and dipping them into her vagina. A long low groan followed by gag speak of “fluckme fluckme now” gave me an indication that perhaps I was doing the right thing. So not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I went round the rear and enjoyed the view. She was glorious; all shiny and gooey. I moved round the bed and couching down looked at her face as it laid on one cheek on the mattress, and I asked, “Are you sure you want me to make love to you like this?”

She groaned and nodded. “Can I use you in every way I want?” If looks could kill I think I would have been banished to a monastery.

“Okay then let us begin!” I said and cracked my knuckles and then picking up her egg vibrator thing I placed it on a low setting and ran it along her lips rolling it in her juices, listening to her groans and moans as I pressed it hard against her clit.

Picking up a condom I rolled it over the egg and dipped it into her pussy and used the condom to pull it back out again. I did this a few more times until it was so hard to hold due to its sloppiness, so I pulled it out and thrust it straight into her anus. I did it with such speed she didn’t have a lot of time to block its entry. Then turning the on switch to full I moved behind her and started thrusting away at her.

The combination of the vibe in her bottom and her gripping me... it didn’t take long for her to come and I pulled out and reached down and played with her clit. I waited until she was bubbling along nicely and remounted her. The wait had had its effect and I was able to go on for two more of her screaming orgasms before I felt I was going to explode.

I stopped again and looked in her drawers and found what I was looking for: a rabbit. A huge pink rabbit. 'Lovely,' I thought to myself as I moved over to her and looked at her. “Do you want more?”

She groaned and nodded; her eyes were sort of glazed over and so I picked up some more rope and tied it round her waist and fed the loose end under her belly between it and the foot board of the bed.

Loosening the two collar ropes a little so I could get under them, I went behind her again and then inserted the rabbit as far as I could get it to go which put the clit stimulator on its target and pulling the loose end of the belly rope up and over the base of the rabbit I placed it in the groove of her arse and ran it up and over her shoulders. Her groans of what I hoped were appreciation rose in volume as I played with the multitude of switches on the rabbit's side.

Sitting on the bed I then moved my legs apart and shuffled up to her face. Easing the tape off her face took a bit of tender patience... pulling and easing, but we got there in the end. Spitting a pair of panties out of her mouth she croaked, “Water...”

“Later!” I said and moved my hips under her mouth and pulled on the rope attached to the rabbit.

She thrust her mouth down over my dick and surprised me by taking the condom off my dick with her teeth. I slackened the rope in my hands and she raised her head and spat the used condom onto the panties at the side of my legs.

Her mouth went straight back onto my dick and she started to work her magic, swirling her tongue round and round my glans. I pulled on the rope and she groaned and moved me into her throat. Her moans and groans added to my sensation. She started to move her head and I looked down and saw she had done a sword-swallowing act and her lips were now touching my pubic hairs. She used her throat muscles and started to milk me lifting her body to clear her throat and then taking a deep breath plunged back onto my shaft.

I then spent a while tugging on the rope attached to her rabbit, timing it so it was in hard while she was in on my dick and letting her up as she needed to breathe. A little nasty part of me that I didn’t know existed waited until she was about to come and as she went over the edge I pulled real hard on the rope and held her in place a little longer than necessary while I shot into her throat.

“Oh god that was so good,” I said pulling her up and off me as she lay panting and moaning.

“Harder on the rope again, please," she gasped, "Just one more orgasm, I'm so nearly there!”

So I pulled the rope really hard and gave quick little tugs until I felt her choke. Moaning and screaming she came again.

I lifted her off my stiffened dick as she groaned. I slid myself out from underneath her and eased her down onto the bed. Loosening the rope I pulled the vibrator out. Watching her hips making a thrusting moving motion I decided I could fill the gap of what she was missing. Moving back to the packet of condoms I picked up another and rolled it on me.

Easing onto the bed I then eased into her. Well when I say ease, it was more of plunge into a hot pool of lust with a sloppy squelch. I used her juices to lube the condom and pulled the egg vibrator out by the wire. I then thrust deep into her anus. Her moans and groans got louder as I held the clit stimulator of the rabbit tight against her and pumped like mad, not caring about the little squeaks coming from her.

Soon, oh too soon, I felt her clench and orgasm and I joined her in a hot sweaty mess on the bed. Finally I got my breath back and started to unfasten her ankles and collar from the bed so she could stand. Well I had to help her up and massage her thigh tops back into life. Next I unlocked her wrists and elbows; rubbing them and helping her ease them round to the front of her.

Grinning she turned and kissed me. And blushing said, “Thank you. That was what I have been looking for so long. I am Claire, by the way!” She smiled and held out her arms to me showing me her marks.

“How did we get to this stage last night? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but what happened so we ended up like this? I normally hide my fiendish side and I cannot work out how I ended up in this situation." I paused, "I mean to say thank you; this has been fun.”

She was laughing now. “I got you drunk. That’s how!” she moved over and picked up my jacket. "This dropped out of your pocket. I picked it up and you were blushing and when I looked at the cover I saw why!”

Looking down at the book I found myself blushing again. A naked tied-up woman on the cover of a John Savage novel stared back at me complete with a large ball gag and a body covered in harsh ropes.

“You seemed so embarrassed and cute that I decided to not pass up a gift horses in the mouth and take advantage of the situation. It’s hard for a girl to find a kindred spirit. Are you married?”

I smiled as I picked up the set of handcuffs opening the cuff... “Not yet, but will you accept my ring?”

The End

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