Grandma's House
by Paul

Chapter 6

Ball gags x2
Rope of 3 different types.
Gaffer tape.
Nipple clamps.
Hoods x2
Dildos of various lengths etc 4
Butt plugs x3 including 1 electro.
Tens unit.
Straps x6
Leather harnesses x2

Sounds like a rape kit but no this is all what you have to take on holiday if you are going with Claire. Thatís also why we can only go in the UK if we are intending to play.

Anyway being a master and film producer is not easy. I mean for godís sake the pressure to come up with new story lines and different styles of bondage are to be honest so hard.

We have other problems us masters. My most difficult one is sitting glaring at me as I talk to you. Debbie!

She decided after watching us and hanging round Claire as she literally hung around in mid-air that she could be an asset to the business. Now! She has taken to bondage as a model, and although she has actually orgasmed in bondage she claims itís not from the bondage.

Peggy frightens her as she doesnít take much notice of her non-bondage role. And she just ties her up and brings her off. And the funny part of it all she lets her but plays up absolute hell later itís totally weird. Claire thinks she likes it really and fancies JC or even Peggy.

Anyway back to the moment. The cameras rolling and itís the final bit. All three women are tied to the posts in the middle of the yard. The yard is JCís as we are in Belgium and the big house is serving as a movie set. The end is a firing squad for the three prisoners. Yep! We are still making the nasty ending for the Arab market.

The girls are lashed tightly to posts and breasts thrust tight into the white tee shirts by the ropes. Arms tightly crushed behind them and blindfolds cover their eyes.

On the order to fire the three rifles crash and blood spurts out of their bodies and the film ends.

"Ouch that twanged!" says Debbie as I look at the fake bullet hole. The squib that imitated the bulletís strike was taped to her ample bosom and even Peggy and Claire agreed as I untied them all.

JC was smiling as he wandered back to the editing suite he has in his barn.

"I leave you to deal with our starsí complaints," he whispered as Claire shows me the bruise on her left breast.

"Thanks!" I just point to the young lad who is putting some things into a case.

"Blame him!"

He looks up at me and laughs, "Not me Englishman I told you it would sting a bit!" He laughs. "And you told me that they could take it," he laughs as the girls all spin towards me with accusing stares.

I smile and exit stage left.

Later in the evening Peggy has Debbie tied to a post. In the living room to demonstrate to her that you can lift one leg above the head of a tied victim if she was fairly flexible. Claire and I are watching the latest film on the monitor as Claire asks, "Do you think she likes it?"

"As she is your mate you tell me," I laugh and wonder why she does let herself be tied up. She still hadnít admitted to being turned on by what we do but she seems to like being with us.

JC moves over to my shoulder and watches a moment in the film where Peggy is locked in the cell with the straw mattresses and she has a heavy metal collar which is chained to the wall by a thick chain. She is gently stroking her clitoris as she watches Debbie sleeping on the other side of the cell attached also by her neck to that wall.

A look of lust is playing on her face. Debbieís soft face is a picture of innocence as she chews her corner of her mouth. We had decided to film it in real time as Peggy had wanted to do a woman in chains video and it had paid off. We† have been here for a week now and we are rushing a load of filming† as I want to have Claire to myself for a couple of weeks and Debbie had offered to look after the dogs for us, I think she wanted to play by herself as well.

The dogs get on well with the two Alsatians that JC uses for security which makes our life a bit easier; especially as Debbie was becoming a useful actress and filmmaker. She hated to see herself but by working with JC had improved the quality of the scripts and direction.

JC had brought in the man with the squibs and although her knows a little of what we do he comes and does the job and goes home. So on we go having a lot of fun and making a nice living.

Anyway back to the film. Peggy is still looking at Debbie on the bed and stands and walks over as far as the chain on the collar would take her and stands looking at Debbie and softly whispers to her. Debbie opens one eye and looks up at her companion. She stands and moves to the extent of her chain and they reach out touching fingertips.

Peggy looks and smiles at her and talks softly.†

They both lay down facing away from each other and on their backs. This means that both their groins are within easy reach of each other toes and so begins an extremely erotic show of female love using toes and sides of feet against clit and lips. Both women orgasm and are still in the afterglow when a uniformed Claire storms in catching them and barks out a command. They both quickly kneel by their beds.

Claire exits and comes back with more manacles and swiftly locks a chastity belt on each of them and then locks the manacles on wrist and ankles.

A large metal head cage with a cruel mouth bit is locked in place on each and the camera closes in as Peggy is locked into a bra that clamps and squeezes the breasts into cups which contain lots of blunt nails and a pair of nipple clams at the end.

Debbie being fairly new at this doesnít get to suffer as much but had asked to try nipple clamps in this shoot.

Claire watches her friendís face as she slowly tightens each one on to the swollen buds.

Debbie struggles with the weight of the head harness and has to rest it against the wall after a while.

"God this is good darling!" Claire whispers in my ear as the film ends.

I hold the hand of my love and whisper, "Shall we go for a walk?"

She nods and I tell JC where we are going. I glance at Debbie to see if she is worried by our leaving. She doesnít even notice our departure as by now Peggy has her other leg above her head and all the weight of her body is spread by the ropes holding her to the post.

Calling the dogs from the kitchen and opening the boot of the V70 and we go off to the beach at Blankenburg.

"Oh Chris our life is wonderful isnít it!" Claire kisses my hand as we stroll on the windswept beach.

"Itís a little different to how I imagined it would be when we first went to the house! And this thing with Debbie is a total oddity and you have to admit darling that it is not a normal relationship. And well to be truthful the JC and Peggy situation is also not normal. I wonder at times if we are in danger of forgetting this is also about us!"

There, Iíd said what had been worrying me.

Claire stops and looks at me as the dogs take off chasing a 5-gallon oil drum thatís blowing at high speed down the beach.

"Chris I can stop all this if youíre feeling uncomfortable with it. Weíre more important that all this. But I do also know that we need to do the bondage thing. Itís so much of my genes that I dream of it and breathe it. I love the feeling of the rope that you put on me!"

She takes my hand and we walk after the dogs.

"I just feel that we are not a couple -- that weíre more of a group. I love you Claire; not just the fact I get to tie you and make love to you." I laugh and say I must be gay. "I have the chance to have sex with you and Peggy and I get to fondle Debbie and tie her up but I just crave being with you and tying you!"

"Okay lets take off and have a week away just me you and some rope. I will see about renting a cottage in Scotland and letís take some toys."

"Why canít we just stay at home?"

Claire looks at me and says, "Well we can leave Debbie to get to know the house and to look after the dogs. And it would be nice to get away."

I watch the dogs running back to us after finally managing to stop the drum and realising they are a long way from us.

So here we are Volvo packed, and the dogs looking at us wanting to know why they arenít going.

I kiss Debbie and we ruffle the dogs. Claire pulls the roller blind over the bags in the boot. "All there?" She nods looking excited.

She climbs into the driverís seat and starts up I wave at Debbie and off we go.

We are silent and she puts the radio on and we both enjoy radio twoís Terry Wogan chatter and the music.

Soon we are on the M6 and Claire sets the cruise control and we hold hands.

We stop at Lesmahagow truck stop for a cup of tea and a bacon buttie. The truckers glance at Claire as she swishes across the cafť, her long skirtís side split showing her leg and stockings.

She smiles demurely as one whistles but I know she has come to enjoy the attention. ĎOh how the shy girl has changed,í I think as she stands and stretches thrusting her breasts into the tight white blouse she is wearing. Shaking my head and suppressing a grin I walk outside with her.

"What???" she demands outside.

"Nothing. Just that I love you!"

She grins and jumps into the passenger seat. I hold her face in my hand and kiss her lips. She kisses me hard back.

We do a weekís shopping at the big Asda outside Glasgow and go to the Cal Mac ferry to the islands. The west coast of Scotland has many large and small islands which are very isolated and lovely. They all have cottages to rent and Claire had used her internet knowledge to get us a cottage on the waterside but we had a couple of hours hard driving to get to it.

The small village near to it was where we had to go to get the keys for the cottage. Old Mrs Mackay who owns most of the islandís rental cottages lives in a big old house come, bed and breakfast.

She was in and gave us final directions to it.

The beauty of the place and its isolation suits us and Claire is bubbling as we swing over a rise backing on the house down to the beach. I stop the car and we just sit looking.

A small fishing boat bobs up and down in the bay and that was it. The bay is enclosed and the only way in is by the road we were on or the sea.

"God itís lovely here," Claire mumbles as she looks at the beach and its soft golden sands.

"Bit cold today for sunbathing though," I mutter as I start the car and drive down the road to the cottage.

We start to carry the stuff into the small cottage. Itís not too large and itís wonderfully old and very quaint. I carry the play bags in and walk into the living room. ĎWowí was my first thought log fires and no Telly.

I point this fact out to Claire and she smiles saying, "You wonít have time to watch it."

"And how many books did we bring?"

She moves to the kitchen and loads the shopping the fridge and I unpack our clothes into the wardrobes in the low ceiling bedroom. Its windows showed a vista of sea and sand. Claire walks in and holds me round the waist and kisses my neck.

I turn and watch as she strips her clothes of and her nipples crinkle in the cold air she shivers a little and smiles at me.

"Well cover me up with rope then or do you want me to die of hypothermia?"

I pull back the heavy blankets and open one of the kit bags we brought. Pulling out a coil of rope doubling it up and placing it behind her neck and under her arms under the armpit and tie her elbows together then running it down to her wrists; so her arms are tied top to bottom.

A very tight rope harness soon encases her torso cutting tight into her skin everywhere and pulled deep between her pussy lips.

Leather bootlaces are around each breast base making them tight individual balls and I follow that with a loop of cord mashing them together. Then just to finish off I hog tie her, and totally cover her up with the blankets and tuck them in tightly.

Then being a good master I go set about making our dinner.

While itís cooking I wander down to the sea and breathe in the air. Its salty tang and cold damp freshness add to a feeling of being lucky. The small barn attached to the house looks a good place to play.

The sun is sinking slowly and the soft gentle clouds are tinged red. The only sound is a curlew calling and the slow lap of the waves on the rocks that close of the beach from the sea.

The food is lovely as is the company and the view. The view? Well itís a naked Claire tied to the chair with only her left arm free. Eating soup can be hazardous so the love of my life also has a bib on. Itís a little demeaning but better than scalded nipples.

She is looking at me intently and smiles. "Happy?"

"I am now. I didn't realise how much I miss just the two of us being together." I sigh as I pour more wine into her glass.

She smiles again and asks, "Can you tie me real tight tonight as I want to know that you donít want to lose me?"

I grin at her and know that it is just her way of showing she loves me.

And so that got us to bedtime. Claire is laid on her back on the bed and her wrists are tied to a corner each and her ankles basic spread eagle but her elbows and knees are pulled out to make her body bow tight, a rope around her waist also holds her still.

I add another round her chest above her breasts and that means apart from her head she cannot move.

I sit naked and holding a large feather and slowly stroke her feet making her shudder and start to giggle.

A soft massage mitt also adds to her tickling as I pull on a nipple extending it and stroke the feather across the stretched skin. She groans and giggles again. The blindfold she is wearing hides from her the fact I am wearing a rubber glove and have picked up a nettle stalk with two leaves on.

I tickle her with the soft pheasant feather and as she is smiling run the nettle across the underside of her globe. A shriek and she groans "Not fair!" smiling at me to let me know she doesnít mean it.†

I kiss her lips and whisper, "Tell me you want me to stop and I will"

She grins as I have just run the soft glove up her thigh followed by the feather. She tenses and I know she is expecting the nettle to follow. I disappoint her expectations by running it onto her right nipple. The sting on her breast has just turned to an itch when I smooth the silk scarf over the whole of the globe. And she sighs. Looping it round the base of the breast I then tie it tight watch the colour darken and the nipple go totally erect. Not being one to miss a moment I touch the nettle right across the swollen bud and watch her stifle a scream.

The other breast follows suit and she has increased her rate of breaths. The folds of her sex are glistening and she is struggling not to ask for me to help her out.

I look at her and smile. This is what itís all about. Oh how I love her.

Bending to place my lips on her I purse my lips and blow hard up the inside of the thigh and watch her tense as it crosses from thigh to groin. I lick gently at the center of her folds stopping just at the enlarged clit.

"Its going to be a long night I can tell," Claire groans as I use my teeth to take her left labia and pull it tight before just dabbing one of the nettle leaves onto it.

"Why darling, in a rush to go somewhere?" I murmur as I click a clamp onto it and using the cord attached to pull it tight down to her big toe looping it tight.

She groans as I do exactly the same to the other one.

Being a kind and caring master I then give her an orgasm by thrashing her clit with the feather. As she slows down and gently comes down I kiss her mouth and kneeling by her head turn it to one side and use her mouth by thrusting in and out of it as she plays with me by sucking and lashing her tongue against me.

I soon feel the urge to come and pull out and take a breather.

A disappointed sigh comes from Claire as she feels me get off the bed and head off to the bathroom for a pee.

And so the night goes on with just the sound of the waves and Claireís enjoyment.

Untying her we both cuddle under the blankets and listen to the waves crashing on the shore as the tide comes in.

Morning was wonderful, well for me as I awoke to a blowjob and then breakfast in bed. And then we sped off on our mountain bikes to explore the island. Bloody hard work but the going down is fun if not the hard climbs to get to the top.

Claire screams with laughter as I wiz past her not daring to brake in case I go arse over tit as has happened in the past.

ĎGod lifeís good,í I think as I wait for her at the bottom. Lunch at the only pub on the island is followed by a slow ride back. I hold Claireís hand as we peddle up the last brow before the cottage.

We need to do more of this.

The afternoon is spent sitting on the beach in fleeces and jeans and just chatting and drinking beer. We are sat back to back with the low sun reflecting off the water and it feels so dammed good.

"Happy?" Claire asks.

I reach behind me and hold her hand

"Oh god yes! We need to do this more often babes." She places the back of her head against mine and we wait until the sun drops below the horizon and it goes chilly.