Friends Reunited
by Paul

Part 3

Caroline woke up with a start and banged her head, “Bloody hell,” she muttered with difficulty then her senses started to kick in. Moving her arms she realised that she couldn’t move them far from her waist as her wrists were locked in metal cuffs and coupled to her waist. Her mouth was full of a rubber cock and she couldn’t see anything as her head was laced into a leather hood. Not that she could go far either as her ankles where manacled with a short chain between them and as she felt around with her feet she remembered that she was locked in a cage.

Rubbing her thighs together she thought about her short stay with Darren. Rolling on to her front she struggled to kneel up but finally managed it.

“Oh, you’re awake then!”

Darren's voice came from behind her. She smiled inside the hood. She liked the fact he was watching her naked body, watching over her again. She wondered if he found her naked body attractive or not. She giggled, she still couldn’t believe she was worried about that sort of thing at her age.

“Shuffle round to your left." She complied until he said stop and shuffle forward. Her knees hit the lip and as she exited the cage her knees felt the rough sandstone of the flags under them. Her mind wondered how she looked; were her breasts still firm enough? Was the extra weight on her hips a turn-off for him?

'Naked and chained,' she thought, 'oh how I have wanted this.'

A blush rushed through her body as she realised that she hadn't been naked before with Darren. She had been in a bikini within the summer months but that was at least 20 years before. Now here she was kneeling naked and stinking of her desire and sweat and admittedly a nice smell of whatever he had rubbed on her earlier.

“Do you want the hood off?” he asked as he placed his hands under her armpits and helped her to stand.

She shook her head and stood up straight.

“Need the toilet?” he asked as he led her off

“Pheese.." she sort of said though the side of her mouth round the curved edge of the cock that filled her mouth. And to be truthful she would like a drink but she wasn't sure how to ask.

He took his time walking her to wherever he was taking her, waiting patiently for her short steps to cover the distance. Again her mind raced off to its favourite place. Her vulnerability added to the wetness between her thighs.

He stopped and she felt his hands on her shoulders and she moved in reverse reacting to the command of his hands. Something cold touched the back of her knees and she gently lowered until her bottom hit the seat of the toilet. She realised that she was blushing again as she started to pee and realised she hadn't even slept with Darren and now he had seen her pee. She jumped as his hand slid between her thighs and he wiped her.

Shame, embarrassment and a strange feeling of intimacy flooded through her as he asked if she was finished. “uhu!!” she muttered and then nodded.

Helping her stand, he led her into the kitchen. She knew this due to the warmth of the Aga and the smell of something cooking. He helped her sit on a chair she felt her left leg being freed before refastened with the chain behind the leg of the chair.

He unfastened her wrists from behind her but she felt him lock the cuffs which had held her hands behind her onto the chair's main back, holding her waist locked to the chair.

Then the collar was removed from her neck and she felt the laces of the hood being loosened and slowly the hood was removed from her face. A rush of cold air hit her face and she realised just how hot and sweaty it was behind the leather.

The penis gag took some easing out as her jaw had sort of locked. Darren massaged her jaw and neck from behind and passed her a pair of normal handcuffs with the chain between the two cuffs.

She automatically locked her wrists into them. Smiling at him she said “thank you, this is fun!”

He bent down and kissed her on the lips and as he withdrew he passed her a glass of iced water. The water seemed so sweet and the cold eased her jaw a little.

“So am I living up to your long wait to try this again?” he asked.

She watched as he opened the Aga door and brought out a casserole dish. “Oh my god yes and so much more! That smells good, I’m famished.” She looked at the clock and was shocked to realise that it was just after 3 PM.

“How long was I asleep?” she watched him place mashed potatoes and a pile of green beans onto a plate and dumped a huge ladle of stew onto top of it.

“About two hours. I watched you to make sure you weren’t going to choke on the gag and then came in here to make dinner.”

Carrying the plate over Darren placed it on the table in front of her and picked her and the chair up, moving it so her cuffed hands could reach.

It felt very weird now. Here she was about to tuck into a meal naked and chained to a chair in a very large kitchen. The blinds on the windows were wide open and as she looked at them rain lashed against them.

Darren looked up. “There is a storm coming, this is the edge of it. The power might go off soon. He grinned at her. At least we still have the Aga for warmth."

“And us two, we can make our own warmth!, I know I have been hot since I got here.” She laughed, “Oh god Darren I sound like a slut. Its been two years since I slept with a man.” Using her fork to place a pile of mash and gravy into her mouth Caroline just smiled at him. “Does this feel a little strange to you?" she asked when she had swallowed. "I mean we have only just met last week and already you have stripped me, bound me and made me come." She coughed and smiled. "Well, I suppose I can tell my mum that i've known you for years.”

He looked up from his dinner saying, “Its maybe a little early but you did say that I could do with you what I wanted. We can stop if you want. Ill un-cuff you now and we can slow it down. But I have to admit you still look great in bondage. Its like the years have gone by and now I get to play with you as maybe we should have done before." He grins and laughs, "Well maybe not, can you imagine what your mother would have said if you had been naked on the railway line?”

“God I would have been sent to a nunnery and you would have been banished from the young farmers.” She giggled and ate another mouthful of food; the beef was so tender. She reappraised him. Eyes still good, body a lot better than in the old days.

“Did you cook this or did your mum make it?” she asked.

“Nope all my own hand's work. He pointed at her belt and cuffs. "Unlike those! Remember Simon Peterson?” he watched her eat and wondered if she realised she ate like a natural with her cuffed wrists.

“Err... his dad used to make him work every weekend? Shoeing horses wasn’t it?”

“That’s him. He makes all my steel stuff. I will show you some more of his work if you would like.”

Caroline felt herself relaxing a little more even though she was naked and chained to his chair, and eating with her hands cuffed. He was still the same Darren. He was probably one of the few people who understood her strange mind. But she wondered if this surreal weekend would make or break them.

“Id like to try some more of your work, I have had the most erotic ideas while you have bound me up I love these chains but I want to try all of it.”

She paused and looking down and not catching his eye asked “Can I do something for you? I have had a load of orgasms and you have had none in return.”

“Well thanks for the offer," he smiled at her. "I will take you up on it later. I would like to take you out for tonight if you want so I think the moment will come later. I need a mannequin for a couple of things I'm doing so you might as well come into my lair and I’ll use you! But first we need to milk the cows. He nodded at the window that looked into the fold-yard, she looked up and saw the cows all looking at her.

Laughing she quoted a girl in a film “You can use me any time for anything, honey!”

He grinned at her and unlocked her waist cuffs from the chair and helping her stand slipped his arm through hers and walked with her towards the door to the boot room. Twenty minutes later they were both soaked to the skin bringing the cows in to milk. Caroline was wearing a fetching set of blue one-piece overalls and Wellington's and nothing underneath, as her nipples foretold.

Darren’s comment about why he never thought of having a wet overall competition ever entered his head but he knew she would win it made her grin and feel wanted. She admitted to herself she had missed this sort of intimacy.

Two hours later and almost blue with cold she told him that she had forgotten how hard milking was. His grin and offer of something to warm her up in a few minutes bode well for the rest of the night.

After mucking out the stalls they went back into the kitchen and while Caroline showered Darren made hot chocolate and some crumpets, much to her delight. Drinking the chocolate and wiping her chin to remove the butter running down it she asked him if this was an average Saturday.

He smiled and said he hoped it could be if she fancied making it so.

Smiling at him she dropped the bathrobe and said. “Okay, I'm yours. Do your best.”

Darren moved behind her and using steel handcuffs locked her arms behind her at her elbows and wrists.

“Did you bring any smart clothes?” he asked her as he kissed her neck and stood holding her breasts in his hands rolling her nipples, slowly extending them until she whimpered. He eased off and rubbed them. Caroline ground her bum back on to his lap.

“Eh...?” she hadn’t heard him, his hands were so distracting. His lips nibbled on her neck and he gently bit her ear.

“Clothes. Did you bring any smart ones so we can go out?”

“Oh god do we have to? Id prefer it if you just come in me! She smiled as his finger ran round her clitoral hood gently flicking it.

“No, we are going out!” Just as she was about to come he took hold of her arm and walked upstairs. She was thinking, 'Great. I'm going to get laid. At last.'

Grinning, he walked her into the large walk-in shower. “What! You're kidding me!” she grinned at him. Turning it on he walked her in, unlocked the cuffs and pointed. Slapping her bum he laughed and asked her, “Can you go and get yourself ready? I'll provide your clothes for you, you'll need to wear your hair up. I'll see you in the workshop."

He jumped out of the boot room shower and dressed quickly awaiting her arrival. She was awhile and he wondered if she had finished herself off while getting ready. But to be fair he hadn’t told her not to.

Caroline had spent a little time thinking about getting rid of the huge knot in her tummy that was her need to come. But he must have something planned, so, as she was really enjoying her weekend, she decided to see what was coming. She was hoping it would be both of them. She did want him to have fun as well. Fixing her hair and a little bit of lippy she wandered in on her high heels and leaned in the doorway and watched him opening a plastic bag and pulling a nice dress out and placing it on the rack with a flourish. She smiled at his back. He cared, or was it part of a dark plan for her? Even better. As he turned she watched his eyes travelling up and down her body.

She liked the way his eyes slightly widened. 'Yep, he likes me,' she thought. Competition, I wonder how Susan Watts looks naked?”

“Come here darling!” he said and held an outstretched hand.

“Darling, I like that!” she murmured and slowly walked towards him.

He grinned holding out a complicated looking set of buckles and a leather thin-strapped harness. Lifting it over her head he began to buckle the straps. Starting at her waist he asked her to breathe in, but not all the way, and tightened it up. She became aware of the tension straight away, and he then bent down and kissed her skin above the top of her pussy.

She groaned “I thought we were going out.”

“We are. Just getting you ready. Spread your legs a little please. She did so and he placed a narrow strap either side of her pussy lips and buckled them on to the waist strap, leaving her in her mind ominously available. She was sort of thinking he might be sticking that large dildo in her that was attached to the one she had seen on the harness the first night she had seen his work.

“this leather is so soft” she said to him as he buckled a strap that ran under her armpits across the tops of her breasts.

“It is nice, isn’t it? It's designed to be worn for a long time.”

“Oh thinking of keeping me, are you?”

“In more ways than one!” he smiled with an evil grin that made her stomach flip.

He moved round her tightening her shoulder straps and the waist belt. She did notice in the mirror that there were D rings on every strap and belt.

“Okay here's some stockings. They attach to the clips from the belt like an old garter belt, can you put them on, please?"

She unbuckled her shoes, and making a little show of it rolled the stockings in place, finding it little harder than normal due to the restriction of the harness. Clipping them on he passed her a pair of matching leather knickers, as she pulled them up she noticed they were a little heavier than she thought they should be. It wasn’t until she pulled them up that she realised there was a lump that sat curved between her pussy lips and over her clitoris. The knickers, and the two straps each side of her pussy, meant her lips were parted already, making the object in her knickers slide between them. The knickers then buckled on to the belt.

The next thing he gave her was odd looking. It was a bra but it looked like it totally covered her boobs. And it looked to Caroline like it was a size to big.

Darren smiled. "This is a prototype." He held out the bra and she saw it came in two parts. Two rings were attached to it and the leather cups hung away from it.

“It will take us both to get it on you though,” he smiled. He held the rings up to her breasts. "Okay, pull on your nipples.”

Reaching through the rings she did what he had asked and he eased the rings past the flesh until they were up against her chest wall. She let go of her nipples and the rings held her breasts in balls, each tightening slightly as the blood struggled to return to her body. Her nipples smoothed out and she gasped. “Wow, this is nice!”

“It gets better.” He then pulled on the leather cups, totally encasing her breasts and she watched them tighten up more against the rings and she realised that the back strap had hidden elastic. He passed her the dress and as she slid it over her head he whistled. "I had this idea in my head when I saw your body last weekend."

Looking in the mirror she decided she looked superb. The dress was a soft silk knee length. And with the boobs in bags, as she had decided to call the new bra, it emphasized her figure. With the waist belt corset bit pulling it in and the bra thrusting her chest out, made her look a million dollars.

“Oh god Darren this makes me look so much better. Thank you!” she kissed him hard and used her tongue and pulled his head to her.

“Wow that was great! God you can kiss” Darren laughed. Come, let's go out before I ravish you!”

She held out her arm for him and he walked her out to a white high-roofed Sprinter van. She looked a little perplexed as he opened the passenger door for her like it was a limo. “The X5 is not needed for tonight.” The van didn’t smell and it was warm and dry, if a little rocky in the wind, so she quickly put it down to his quirkiness.

They chatted on the way to the pub, just normal stuff about old names and faces she might see as it was the local where all the old group from young farmers gathered, all the time though she was aware of the fact her boobs were gently throbbing in time to her pulse. That and the fact the object between her legs was arousing her, it could be a really interesting night.

It was. She met a load of really nice people, some from her old days, some new ones as well. Darren was well known and liked. It was great to be included in his friends. She had to admit to herself that since she had moved back up north after her divorce she hadn’t bothered integrating much and did feel lonely. She wondered if she and Darren got together would she be part of this group. The food was lovely. And she had enjoyed her night immensely. The bra and knickers kept her on her toes and horny as hell. Now if only she could manage not to come until Darren had her back at the farm tonight, oh god she wanted him so much, she admitted to herself as he helped her into the van.

He kissed her as she sat in the middle to be near him and enjoyed his hand on her thigh. After a few miles in what seemed a different direction they had come he pulled in a parking area on the old railway line. Opening his door he pulled her out by her hand into the rain-swept night.

“Where we going?” she laughed. And stopped as he slid open the side door on the van.

“In there!”

Darren pulled her in and pinned her up against the side of it kissing her hard. She responded and felt his hand undoing her buttons on the back of the dress. Looking over his shoulder her eyes widened. There was a vaulting horse fixed in the middle of van with a huge pink cock standing up from it. He felt her stiffen and as her dress dropped to the floor of the van he said, “AH yes, your horse awaits you, your Ladyship.”


“Take your knickers off!” He put a tone in his voice that made her look at him. She dropped her head, getting into the roll play. This could be fun, she decided to roll with it.

He opened a stacker box and pulled out a head harness and a tube of lube, throwing the lube to her. “Your ladyship may wish to add some to the cock. It is rather large and the journey's long!”

He watched her use her hands to coat the dildo with the shiny lube. With long wanking motions she worked it in, all the time thinking to herself, 'After the things you have placed on and have done to my body I really don’t need extra lube. But you're the boss.'

Two blocks stood either side of the horse and he helped her straddle it, and he held the dildo as she lowered gently onto it, groaning as it slipped in inch-by-inch. Though it was large she realised it was fairly soft and flexible. 'Oh god, its so big!' It filled her totally.

Darren then held the ball out and eased it behind her teeth and began fastening the heads harness straps all around her head, the nastiest was the one under her chin that made her bite onto the ball in her mouth.

She was a little confused as to what the next move would be. Reaching into the box he brought out colour coded bungee straps. A red one attached to the roof of the van and onto the ring on the top of the harness, holding her head up straight. More were added from the front of her shoulder harness and the back of it. These went off at angles. Front and back these would stop her falling off on acceleration and braking. Two went from her ankles, pulling them off the blocks out to the sides of the van. This put more weight on her crotch, forcing the dildo deeper, and putting her clitoris area on to a series of small balls that were attached to the front of the dildo. She felt him clip one bungee to each side of her waist and then to the sides of the van, pulling downwards as well as out to the sides.

He buckled on wrists cuffs attached to the rear of the horse, and the collar he buckled on next had a bungee attached to the front. Slackening the bags off from her breasts he attached clips with weights to her swollen nipples.

“You okay with this?”

She nodded and sighed as he rubbed her clit with his fingers, pushing it down onto the balls. God she was soaking, had he created a monster?

He pulled a leather bag over her head and pulled the draw string tight. Reaching down to the top of the battery pack he clicked the vibe inside the dildo onto the medium setting, kissed her shoulder, and said “See you when we get home.”

The last thing he heard was a long groan as he slid the door shut and climbed into the front. Smiling to himself, he laughed and thought about all the bumpy tracks he could use to get home. Reaching over he turned the video cameras on and looked at the screen. It was going to be a fun ride home.

End of part 3

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