The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 7

When you live in the dark world of bondage, writing or living the dream is a private thing.

Okay be truthful with me; How many of you have told friends and relatives that your strong desire is to lash or be lashed to the kitchen table with the perfect partner whom will let you or do it to you?  See, very few of you!

Well call naïve or me thick whichever but I didn't think that it would affect me that much. You know, go do the picture stuff, earn my money, and get home. 

Oh how wrong can you be?

More pictures came out from the set. The producer was milking all the publicity he could out of it and he had talked up my role in Jane’s rescue and Matt’s people where trying to ban any suggestion that he’d deliberately knocked Jane into mid-air.

Jane’s people were surprisingly quiet. She was recuperating at a private location. That was all the papers could get from Jessica.

I was learning to duck and not answer the phone. Glenda was the most photographed kennel hand in the UK. But the papers where getting frantic as all my neighbours where threatening to shoot the next tabloid journalist who asked a question about me.  

I still got to train my dogs and stuff but I couldn’t move for shouted questions. Finally after a week of this my solicitor decided that I might as well give one interview and that might get it all over with.

He called the mail and it was set up.

I asked for and got no photo. They had loads taken by long lens anyway.  I look so much better from a distance.

"How did I like working with real stars?" The female reporter started with that.  I grimaced my way through that one.

What did I think about Jane?

Nice girl, shame about the lifestyle.

What did I think of Matt?

I declined to answer that one.

How had I become Jane’s personal trainer?

I hadn’t just taken her running with me.

Was there any truth in the rumour we had become lovers?

Was there any tension on the set with Jane and Matt already being an item?

Did I worry about the threat to sue me for every penny I had by Matt’s people as he had been unable to finish the rest of the film due to his injury?

When had I last seen or spoken to Jane?

This question I answered truthfully.  "Last week I stopped by the hospital on the way to the airport."

I remember how nervous I felt.  I liked the kid, okay I felt something for her but then again I had just humped Jessica and I felt something for her too.

I had admired Jane’s courage and enjoyed tying her once. She got the vibes on that last day.  Her body is ace and she is beautiful. And as much as I liked challenges she was too far fucked up for me to help her. But I didn't want her to think I had run out on her.  Consequently I found myself being dropped off by Jessica as she took me to catch my flight.

Jess had cleared it with the bear that stood guard by the door to the private room. Her agent was just leaving and glowered at me as he minced off down the corridor.

I knocked and entered.

"Hi!" Jane seemed pleased to see me. "Thank you for hitting Matt."  She paused and looked at me.   "You don’t have to go you know!"

Sitting on her bed I stroked her hair.  "Yes I do, I have a business to run and dogs that I miss.  It’s for the best, as you won’t need me for the last few shots. I’ve checked.  It’s been nice knowing you!" I bent down and kissed her forehead.  "Change your team, keep Jess, she cares. The rest are out to fuck you."

She smiled at me, "And you didn't did you?  You could have, you know. I would have let you!"

"I seem to remember some of the time you couldn’t have stopped me."

She grinned back at me, "Maybe we’ll get another chance.  I’ll have the director send many of the props over to England for you. You might write a follow up. It’s been fun, thank you Martin." She blushed. "Thank you for caring!"

"No worries; just find someone who does care about you not the shit that goes with you!"

She nodded and I left.

What future is there for you and Jane?

That question snapped me back to the present.  I looked up.

"Okay... here are the last words, we didn't have a relationship. I don’t think I will ever see her again. And goodbye!"

I stood and walked out the door, hearing: "So is there any truth you wrote the script and you are a bondage master?"

I looked back around the door, tutting and shaking my head.

‘It’s been a long bloody horrible day,’ I thought as I turned up the lane to the kennels.  The van was bouncing down the lane towards me.  Glenda had that scowling look she normally wears for Captain Rosé bury Smythe Junior (the head of the local hunt).  He’s a man whom she hates with a passion, but who returns to her in puppy dog affection.

‘Strange world I live in,’ I thought as she flagged me down.

"Ey up that lass is at the kennels. I showed her into the outside office n’ said thy wouldn’t be long."

"Which lass?" I asked to the side of the van that she had already put back in gear and was now on its way back to her cottage by the river.

‘Oh well!’ I thought as I saw her wave a hand out the window to me.

A black VW Golf was sitting in the yard, a Hertz sticker on the number plate. Glenda would not have let any journalists in so, it would have to be someone she knew about.  My heart actually quickened. Jess, it must be.

I parked my old car in the shed and walked across in the rain to the office.

Opening the door I was startled to find Jane there.  Shivering and nervous I didn't recognise her at first.  She had dyed her hair and cut it short.  ‘It suits her,’ I thought as I looked at her.

I turned the thermostat up and heard the boiler kick in.

"Hi.  I’m sorry to drop in but I wanted to say thank you for helping me. It was nice that someone cared enough to do what you did."

"It was nothing -- well actually it was a pleasure but don’t tell Matt’s lawyers that."  I smiled at her she looked worried.  "What's wrong?"

"I have a confession to make as well as my thank you."

"It does seem a long way to come when you could have emailed."  I smiled and she grinned back at me.

"It does doesn’t it; can I ask you a favour?" she paused and looked at her feet.  Her booted feet crossed and re-crossed.


"Go on then!"

"Can I stay with you?  I need to be around you for a while.  You steady me.  I am at peace with you."

Now call me thick but I had never been known to give someone peace -- heartburn maybe, but peace no.   Just ask my ex-wife.

"Er you better come into the house."  I opened the door and out bounced the two rogues that live with me.

Jane bent down and stroked the dogs’ ears and they licked her hand and shot out of the office barking and setting off the other dogs we have staying with us.

She laughed, "Is it always like that?"

I smiled and nodded.  Leading her into the kitchen I put a kettle on the Aga and lobbed a few logs into the bottom.

"Sit."  I pointed to the big old sofa in the window.  She obeyed and I got some milk out of the fridge and made up some coffee.

She looked at me and smiled as if searching for words.  Pausing she looked around my humble abode.  "I knew this would fuck your life up.  I’ve lived with it for years since Mom wanted me to be an actor."

"What do you want me to do for you?  I have my business to run and dogs to look after.  I like my job.  I like my life.  If you want me to be your mentor or guru or personal trainer then I cannot spare the time to go all over the world with you."

"Do you like me though, Martin?  I like you, I trust you, I feel safe.  When you wrap me in rope I am home.  I like the feelings!"  She looked around my kitchen and saw the picture of Caroline and me in Paris.  "Oh shit I never thought that you had someone."  She blushed and looked at me.

"That’s my ex-wife.  I just leave the photos out as they make people think I have a life when they drop the dogs off for their holidays."

My two come scrambling back into the house.  And then they started drinking in that Springer way of one part down the throat to five parts all over floor. Then they bounced over to Jane to say a proper hello slobbering all over her Armani jeans as she grinned and ruffled their heads.

"I always wanted a dog, but I couldn’t have one.  Mom said they where dirty and needed too much looking after."

‘She is different,’ I thought as she played with Meg’s ears and scuffled Bruce under his chin.

I picked up two mugs and poured the coffee, watching her.  She sensed me, looked up, smiled and dropped her face for a lick from Bruce.  She relaxed as I passed her the mug.

Taking off my coat I got the keys off the table and went to hide her car in the barn.

Jane was playing with the dogs bouncing the ball and laughing as Bruce played up to his new audience.  ‘She is very pretty,’ I thought as she looked up and grinned. 

Passing her a baseball cap and a camouflage jacket, I said, "Come on I have ten dogs that need a walk we may as well walk them; then we can talk if you want." 

The afternoon passed and I showed her the routine of how you settle the dogs in for the night by giving them all a little bit of love and affection, playing with them and grooming them.  She didn't seem to mind the shit either.  I was a little on edge as we walked back to the house.

I wasn’t sure what I felt or wanted.  Still she seemed happier I thought as we entered the kitchen and washed up.  I’d carried her rucksack into the house.

"I was impressed how you travelled," she grinned when I mimicked looking for cases in the boot of the car.

I gave her the front room that Caroline and I used to share.  I’ve been sleeping in the back bedroom looking over the valley.  I told her to go shower while I prepared tea.

"Please tell me you’re not a veggie?" I shouted up the stairs.

"God no!  Just no liver or kidneys!" she replied.

I trimmed the steak and had the chips cut and ready to go in the pan when she came down in a big sweatshirt and shorts.

Bruce and Megs got up from my feet and sat on the sofa in the corner with her, one either side of her, heads on her lap.  She smiled and it seemed to me she was fifteen, just a frightened child.  By the time I’d cooked the steak and chips she was asleep.

I gently woke her and pouring a glass of wine each I pointed to the table and watched her wolf down her meal.

"Oh god that was good, thank you!" she said as I passed her some Burgesses ice cream and a spoon.

Scraping the plates into the dogs’ bowls and adding some of the fat and juices and dropping them by the Aga I smiled at her as she washed up.

"What?" she asked.

"Well it’s just the diva come superstar is happy washing up. Most people wouldn’t believe it."  I grinned at her and she flicked soap at me.

We did the rounds and as we said good night to the guests she looked so different.  I smiled at her as she sat and cuddled a lap dog that wasn’t happy that mummy-kins had left her "Sugar Suki-kins" in this horrible place.  We wandered up to the house and she grinned at Bruce and Megs as they chased the usual rabbits all over the front lawn.

So the day came to a close.

I smiled good night to her and closed my bedroom door.  We’d talked late into the night.  She told me about her life and I mine.  However, we just never really discussed why she was here.  I thought I knew but it was more of a I don’t want to think of it moment.

Bruce and Megs both give a little growl about 1:30am as the door to my bedroom opened.  I sort of woke up as I felt a body slide into bed alongside me.  I pretended to sleep as she slid in alongside me.

"Sorry, I need this."  I heard whispered in my ear and felt a soft kiss on my shoulder.

As I laid there thinking I felt her breath on my neck as she slipped into sleep.  I touched Bruce’s head  as he sat up and rested his head on the bed.  "Night son!" I whispered and as he slid his front  paws and sunk back onto the floor.

Morning’s light came in through the curtains before I fall asleep.  I woke and found the room empty.  Then I heard the sound of someone singing and clanking in the kitchen and a dog howling in sort of a tune followed by laughter.

I got dressed and wandered down the stairs to find two dogs, two women, and a vet.

"Morning what’s all this?" the vet Steve looked a little star-shocked. 

Glenda was scoffing a bacon sarni and Jane was grinning, "Oh I have just been hearing how grumpy you are in a morning.  Here’s a coffee," and she laughs, "A buttie?"

She was dressed in a dress and bare feet.  It was chilly and she looked brilliant.  I grinned at Steve, "Oh sorry have you been introduced? Jennifer this is Steve our vet and Glenda."

"She knows who we are, she gets up and makes the breakfast you don’t," growled Glenda.

I shook my head and went to sit with the vet in the corner.  I watched as Jane cooked some more bacon for herself while chatting with a suddenly talkative Glenda.

Steve was a little shocked.  Me too if I am very honest with you.

Steve was a little shell-shocked.  He kept looking at me.  Oh... and smiling inanely.

The morning passed quick and soon the dinner time peace broke out as Glenda went home to feed her ear-bashed husband.

Jane and I sat in the office drinking tea.

She looked at me and said, "I like it here.  Can I ask you a favour?"


"Can I spend the afternoon tied up?  I miss it."

"Okay no problems." I’d been expecting this.

She led the way and standing in her room stripped off the jeans and sweatshirt she had changed into before coming out to help with the dogs.  She had spent the morning helping Steve check the dogs, the gundogs and all the boarders.

Soon she was naked and I enjoyed the sight of her body.  While she used the toilet, I got my rucksack with the rope in it.

She grinned at me and turned, pushing her wrists and elbows together while looking over her shoulder at me.

I parted them and crossing her wrists tied them, and just looped her elbows.

Laying her on the bed, I crossed her ankles and tied them to her wrists hog-tying her.

I rolled her onto her left side and bending down kissed her nipples.  Slowly I sucked hard and then lapped at them get her panting as I rubbed her clit.

Just as she was about to come I kissed her forehead and rolled her onto her front and covered her up.

"See you later!" I smiled; and turning closed the door.