The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 6

"Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until the plane comes to a halt and the captain turns off the seat belt sign"

I eased my fingers out from under the old ladyís hand that had been crushing mine since our Captain announced that we starting our descent into Manchester.

"Oh I hate that bit!" she smiled at me and I had to agree that I didn't like this descent much either. Rubbing my hand, I reached up and passed her bag down from the rack.

Collecting my rucksack, I walked through customs and into the arrivalsí hall.

"Martin over here!" A voice shouted and I looked up to see Glenda my kennel helper waving.

I lifted my hand and walked towards her retreating back. Not one for subtleties is our Glenda.

The van was outside and throwing my bag in the back I climbed in. †Soon we were wending our way back to Yorkshire.

"So how was Hollywood?" Glenda asked.

"Not bad, weird people. Well some are." I smiled at her.

"Meet anyone interesting?"† She smiled and hammered across the front of a truck to overtake a slow moving car; much to the annoyance of the truck driver who got Glendaís "whatever" wave.

"Go on tell me how bad it was!"

She grinned; a huge shit-eating grin. †"Well..." she paused. "Iíve thrown two journalists off the farm and we have had many new customers. Some genuine some not!" She snorted with laughter.

"Oh and Caroline said that she is going to have to sell her story of how at 18 you seduced and made her wear hand-cuffs and stuff."† She snorted again.

"Lord Rodger says he didn't know you had it in you! †I told him it was definitely you, who had it in someone very famous, in that picture. I mean..." she paused and looked over her shoulder. She then cut across all three lanes to take the slip at the last minute.† Her red face was glowing with mirth. "Lost the bastard!"

"Who?" I asked.

"The press."

I looked at her with shock.

"Oh yes they followed me to the airport but you gave them the slip by coming in to the different terminal."

I shook my head and thought back to the last two days of shooting.

Jessica was lying in my bed in complete harness and gag. She had decided to give me a last couple of nights to remember her by. Her chocolate skin glowing with sweat she shook her breasts at me and I tightened the clamps. Her moan was ample confirmation that she was getting the bondage grove.

I gently rubbed her clit and made her come. I had come to love her in a strange way. We both knew that it would not last outside the film. I had my kennels and she her world over here. Therefore, although it caused us some pain we had decided to end it with as much sex and fun as we could.

I smiled as we bounced down the side of Scamaden Dam and dropped into Halifax.

Glenda looked and shook her head, "I hope it was worth it."

"Oh it was!" I grinned back at her.

The last day was a lot of the hard bondage stuff. Tight ropes and the big failure in the relationship of Mattís and Janeís alter egos.††

Oh and that was the day I punched Matt as well.

Anyway, back to the bondage. The first shots were of a naked Jane, tied in different positions. She was suffering the harshness of her masterís ropes. I enjoyed those first few hours. Jane was enjoying it and the attention I was giving her, plus the crew kept giving her "Well done! And atta girls!"

I hogtied her and then suspended her. I then tied her the wrong way to a chair with her breasts forced through the holes on the backrest. She got to wear the leather gear mid morning and Matt got to lead her round by a collar and leash. Just normal shit, but they needed the shots and with just the makeup girl, Jessica, and the minimum of crew to shoot it felt good. Hell it looked good too.

Jane was really getting into the whole thing but differently than Jessica. For Jess, it was a form of foreplay. Jane got the master/slave bit. She really did.

"Want a cup of coffee Martin?" I opened my eyes. We were cutting across the back side of Leeds. I looked at Glenda and reached into her wicker basket trapped on the middle seat and poured us both a cup. She nodded her thanks and I returned to my remembrances.

It was the next bit that caused all the problems. Jane was supposed to be left hanging by her ankles from a wooden bridge in her hometown. However, that wasnít classed as dangerous enough and also the publicity the film had just gotten meant that we had to find something else. So I suggested that she be made to stand in front of the window in his "apartment" and using something I had remembered from a story Iíd read somewhere.† So as the window was quite high we stood two chairs and the rigger and I screwed rings into the ceiling; Jane was then made to stand legs wide apart on the chairs in strapado with her wrists high above her and breasts hanging in the shot.

We then rehearsed, for camera angles and then for me to make sure she was okay with it. I told her the twist and she said go for it. I was really rather proud of her. This would be difficult and she welcomed it. She was so different from our first day on set!

Matt stood smirking at us as we practiced the camera angles and the lighting.

Jane was dressed in a pair of shorts and tee shirt while we did all the run throughs and they got the scale of the camera that would show the view from outside.

The director and crew were ready so Jane and I went into the prop room.

She stepped out of the shorts and tee-shirt and dressed in the lace basque and pulled on the high heels and stockings. She smiled at me and I told her the bit about Matt having to put on the nipple clamps. So I showed her nipple clamps with the wheels in front of her and then got her to place them and tighten them so they were tight enough for her. She took them off and I went to my table and added the other things to them.

The scene was set.

I tied Janeís wrists and elbows behind her crushing them tight as the shot was mainly from behind her. I helped her up on the chairs and she blushed as she realised that her puss was now eye level. I looked at it and smiled.

Rope went from her wrists to a ring in the roof. And she was tilted forward as her arms went up above her shoulders. "Brave girl," I said as I tied it off. The room went into a low light as Matt strode into the room.

He slid a hand over her thigh and over her taut buttocks.

"So my slave, here is tonightís challenge," he kissed her lips and asked her to open her mouth. When she did, he pushed a large rubber bit into her mouth. She bit down on the bar and he attached the nipple clamps to her nipples. He opened the blinds and told her that the string from the side of the bit turns on the lights. So not only would her nipples have to suffer the weight of the bar hanging but all the people walking by would see her.

She did look horny. Even the makeup girl whistled and looked at me with wonder, "God you have an ability to create a horny scene."

I smiled.

"Yes it does, fancy a go?"

She laughed and shook her head, "Not unless Jane was doing the tying."

"Ah! I see." Oh, well it takes all sorts, I thought as the cameras continued to roll on Jane as the clock in the picture was speeded up to mark the passage of time and the makeup girl sprayed Jane with water to make it look like she was perspiring.

I went forward and let her arms down as the director repositioned the cameras and sorted out the lights for when she dropped the bit.

I could hear Matt moaning that Janeís legs were shaking at the end of the last shot. So could Jane and she looked a little hurt though she didnít say any thing. I glanced at my watch. It had been 38mins since I tied her arms so high.

"Ignore the poof heís just an idiot. It takes some balls to stand like that." I saw her eyes glance over my left shoulder. Yep he was listening.

"Thanks Martin," she smiled at me and dropped her head onto my shoulder. I rubbed the tops of her arms and the skin between her ropes.† †

"You okay? I can undo you if you want?"

"No point really as the shots only ten minutes and they are nearly set up now. I can take it. If I was your slave I would have to wouldnít I?" She grinned at me.

"I would be proud to have you as my slave. Not because of who you are," I waved at the set, "but because you have courage and you do look good in rope."

As I said this I touched her clit and felt my hand come away soaked. She shuddered and her knees buckled.

"You like this donít you?"

I saw her blush. "I like you doing this to me. Iíve never felt this good about myself." She looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Okay then places please!" †The director saved me from answering that one.

The rigger and I helped Jane back onto the chairs and I pulled her wrists high again. I picked up the bit and held it to her mouth. She actually kissed my hand as I placed it between her lips. Jane winked and smiled at me as I let the makeup girl in to spray her with false sweat.† "Put more on the breasts. Itís normally dripping off the nipple clamps by now and you need to make it look likes itís hitting the carpet. Make a damp patch."

As the makeup girl and I walked out of shot, she asked, "How long and how many people have you done this to?"

"How long well about 1 hour 10 is the longest. And how many that would be telling; you sure you donít want a go?" I teased. She grinned and shook her head, muttering under her breath.

The shot was actually stunning. A camera showed Janeís face from the front and it showed the pain and concentration that would normally be there by now. Another showed her from the back. The half light made the blackness of the basque and the stockings show off her skinís glow.

Then you heard the door to the "flat" unlock and Matt walked in just as she dropped the bit.

The light came on showing Jane in all her glory to the window. Matt walked away and sat down watching Jane suffer from the weight of the bit hanging from the nipple clamps.

The scene should have ended with Matt walking over and lifting the bar/bit and kissing her tear-streaked face.

But as he walked round the chairs he pretended to stumble and knocked the left chair away. The rigger and I were already running as she fell to her left with a scream as all her weight dropped on her right shoulder first. Then she was hanging there by her arms. I saw her right shoulder go out of joint. Seeing a smile flicker across Mattís face rage overcame me and as he rushed out of the way I hit him with my elbow feeling his nose break.† I continued past and grabbing Jane under her waist and breasts lifted her to take the weight off her arms.

The rigger slashed the rope from the ceiling and as he took her legs we lowered a crying Jane to the floor.

He worked on her elbow ties and I the wrists. By now, pandemonium had broken out. The director and producer were shouting. There were screams from the women in the crew and just general noise.

Matt was howling in pain. His entourage were all complaining that I hit him and the makeup girl also bashed him with her first aid box as she rushed past him.

"Jane lay still, be brave my love," I said in her ear and I saw her smile a little weak smile.

"We need an ambulance!" I said loudly.

"I can reset it; but itís better if a doctor does it," I whispered in her ear.

Jessica rushed up and covered her with a blanket. I sat by her stroking her hair and watching the action. The director was trying to calm Matt down. He seemed to be having a panic attack. I smiled at him over the directorís shoulder and he started shouting and pointing at me. By the time the director and everybody looked round I was busy talking to Jane. Most people were standing around looking for some guidance.

The health and safety guy was there and started to debrief the rigger and to give him credit he told it as I saw it: Matt knocked the chair away deliberately. I felt Jane try to get up. Placing my hand on her neck I whispered, "Later." She relaxed and I looked at Jessica. She was different. Donít know how I knew that but she was.

The ambulance turned up and the paramedics did a double take and then got on with supporting the shoulder and trying to give Jane some decency. And off they all went. The director and producer and well everybody. Matt was placed in a car and whisked off to a private hospital somewhere.

Packing all the props away, I talked to the safety rep and we decided that maybe the chairs should have been bolted to the floor. But there was not much else we could have done. Moreover, to be truthful the guy now had two people as well as myself who doubted Mattís innocence in the matter.

Getting a cab back to the house by the beach I sat and waited for someone to come back.

The first one home was Jessica.

She came and sat in my room as I folded my few clothes and placed them in the rucksack.

"Going home?"

"Think I better donít you? And there isnít going to be any more filming now and we have done the most of it."

"Donít you think you better go see Jane?" She said this with no sense of bitterness or †anger.

"Donít think she will want to see me as I got her into this mess. I feel awful."

Jessica smiled, "Men! You just donít get it do you?"


"She really likes you! Do not fucking abandon her now!"

I looked at Jessica. "Jess I donít want any part of this life style; itís abhorrent. Youíre the only good thing here. Janeís fucked up, Mattís an egotistical wanker and this whole Ďyou must be nice to shitsí is not how I live. I couldnít offer her anything!"

Jessica shook her head and with a soft stroke of my face walked out.

"Okay, weíre home Martin." Glendaís voice snapped me back into reality.

The dogs were all barking in the kennels. It was a good sound.

I was home.