The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 5

I was looking at the photos on the front cover of the news of de screws. I was not front-page news. Phew. †Jane was. There was one photo of Jane getting in the car at a restaurant with Matt. †More on the show biz pages 12 and 13.

The main story seemed to be that Jane Dobbs 23 was in love with her Co-star Matt Le Black. "ĎThey fell in love at first sight!í an insider said yesterday. It all seemed to have been brought about by her new personal trainer who has banned her from attending the wild parties she used to attend every night where her increasing use of drugs worried her friends and family. †

"Here is Jane and her new personal trainer out for a jog on the beach. Janeís personal trainer talking by the pool as she does push ups."

Admittedly, they didnít know much about me and that was a boon but oh, god they would by the next Sunday I thought.

The other photos were on set as I stood by the cage holding her hand. In addition, a lot more by the pool, and in the pool, after I had thrown her in and was swimming with her.

The headline was not too bad. "Jane Dobbs 23 seems very tied up by her new role in Albi Herstales new movie The Strange Pair." †The main stars are Matt Le Black and Jane Dobbs. It is a very emotional and sexual story of love in the dark side. Blah blah. Etc.

"An inside source says that Jane seems to have lost her usual ĎDo you know who I am? The star!í type antics after her new personal trainer imposed a rule of iron on her. She has also been seen going off jogging and even has started to work out. Look at the difference. Here her arms are floppy and starting to go to seed. Moreover, here 1 week later, she is all toned up and it is rumoured to have had a total attitude adjustment. Her agent seems very reluctant to give details of the training she is receiving. Her mother seen leaving the house, seems to be totally in the dark about her daughters new seemingly, lifestyle change. We have been told her new trainer is English but after showing his photo to several agents over here we have drawn a blank." Etc, etc, etc.

It was mainly just gossip really but still, for me being a well-respected member of my village it was not good.

The producer was pleased and so was the director. Jane was silent and Jessica was laughing, they had totally drawn a blank on her.

Still it was Sunday and that was a day off. Therefore, everybody did what they wanted. Jane came down the pool and swam lengths with Jessica and me.

"So tell me about your mum." I said as we were sitting on the side of the pool. Jane got a little quiet than started out with the usual tales of well if not abuse just coldness and many wrong decisions that many parents make. However, her mother and father wanted her to be an actress from a young age and pushed her.

It made me glad to be from a normal home. We had a nice day really. Jessica and I then went out for a drink at the local marina and she thought that Jane wanted to come with us.

In the car we discussed Jane and I had to admit not to being one for all the crap that came with it. Nevertheless, Jessica was convinced that I was having a good influence on her and should carry on.

"Even if she fancies me?"†

"Oh to be as humble as you are MASTER Martin!" she laughed. Silly cow, I thought, it was you that told me!

Monday morning was the first indication that life might not be going to carry on as the quiet country lad way that I was used to. The security at the set had tightened down to keep a load of press out and a load of fans, all of whom wanted autographs and photos and stuff, not I hesitate to say, mine. But Matt and Janeís.

The large number of hangers-on reduced. I had a new badge and Jessica had reorganised the caravans and stuff to keep long lens press from getting shots. I had already decided that beach runs where dodgy.

More shots in the "Pub" with Jane and her friends discussing the way they found her in the cage and stuff about womenís lib. Matt and Jane then did a run through of the unzipping bit and then shot it with much subtlety and different camera angles to make it look as if she was blowing him.

"I almost had a woody then," Matt joked to his main hanger on as her walked back into the dressing rooms.†

The director wanted the leather shot next. Therefore, off I went and got the harness and stuff ready. I was chatting to the makeup girl about bondage and the life style when Jane walked into my storeroom.


"Hi. Can we talk?"

I nodded and looked at the make up girl. She nodded and walked off. †

"What's up?"

She looked at me and smiled. "Well I just want you to know that I am enjoying working with you and everything. I may not tell you much but thanks!"

The director came in the room as well. I looked at them. "Ganging up on me?"

They look confused and shook their heads.

"I have a problem," Jane said. †

ĎMore than a problem,í I thought but stayed quiet.

"Matt makes my skin crawl. So I need you to be the one that does all the intimate things to me. I want him just to do the smallest things and thatís it."

"But youíre in love with him; it says so in the paper." I grinned at her and she scowled at me.

The director was rolling his eyes. I was a little perplexed.

"Okay well he needs to be seen as the one putting you in the bondage and you must be seen to act as if he is your god. The one, the only, you are giving your body and soul to him."

"I can do that thatís acting but I just donít want him touching me more than necessary."

"Oh okay." I shook my head. I didnít get it; I was doing most of the rigging.

Jane looked at the harness I had hanging on the rail. It had two dildos attached.† She giggled and pointed, "Youíre not serious?"

"No thatís for Matt to show you then the next shot is you wearing it. Only the bases will be visible so I have made two bases without the dildos."

Jane grinned at me and as the director walked out and replied. "Oh I donít think you will need the dummies we do this for real or not all," she grinned, "I am a professional darling!"

We moved to the other set and back into their bedroom. Jane walked in and as we watched, Matt showed her the things heíd brought back from France for her. Jane had to pretend to be shocked and take hold of the two dildos in her hands and hold the harness like that.

She said her lines. "Oh darling, for me! Thank you but when shall I wear it?"

"When I tell you to!" Matt said as forcefully as a wet lettuce. I rolled my eyes and the director yelled, "CUT!"

"Oh Matt darling. You do need to try to be masterful. Itís your role."

"Martin show him,"

ĎEH?í I think

I walked onto the set and looked at Jane. "We need to do this differently. I want you to kneel when I come in the room, position as I showed you on the first day."

Jane looked at me, smiled and nodded. "Youíre the man!" She said glaring at Matt.

Matt watched me as I walked in and looked at Jane. "Slave you will kneel when I come in the room!"

She dropped to her knees and opened them, taking the position, Iíd shown her. She was looking at me thru her lashes as I walked towards her with the harness in my hands.† I held it out and placed the rubber penises against her eyes. Then pulling her head back by grabbing her hair, I pushed one of them against her lips.

"So darling you are going to wear my present tonight arenít you?"

I looked at the director and Matt. "Thatís how itís done!" As I said it I felt a tug on the rubber penis I had in my hand and looked down to see that Jane had taken it in her mouth and was giving it a right blowjob while looking up at me.

Some of the crew started laughing and hollering, "Go Girl!"

I saw a smile of triumph as she watched my erection grow in my shorts. "You would pay for that if this was for real my girl," I growled so only she could hear.

I exited towards the dressing rooms handing the harness to Matt. It was good that she seemed to be getting a sense of mischief about her. It made me think that now she might be more fun to be with. They shot the scene again and it went well.

Jane and Jessica came into the room carrying the harness. Jane was only wearing a dressing gown.† "Okay you have to get me ready for the next shot," she grinned.

I looked at the dildos and grinned at her. "You sure you want try this?"

"Thatís why I brought Jessica with me; I would hate for the crew to think youíve been doing this alone with me, I mean it wouldnít be the done thing old boy!" Janeís voice dropped into a plausible English toffís voice.

Jessicaís smile was wide and I got thumbs up.

"Okay strip!" I ordered and she just dropped the gown to the floor.

Getting Jane to hold her arms out I picked up the harness. It was a good quality soft leather. The collar was stiff and full-necked. It was buckled into place and from it a strap ran down to a waist belt. This I also buckled on her. †I liked the softness of her skin and have to admit to you that it was dammed erotic. Attaching the other strap that ran down the front between her breasts to the belt, I then began to buckle the others into place. A pair of leather rings had to be eased past her breasts to the base of her chest. These held her boobs as if I had looped rope round them. I tugged on the strap and buckled it onto the back vertical.

"Okay your breasts will go a red colour but it wonít harm you."

She looked down at my hands as I gently worked the flesh so they were comfortable and central to the rings. She was watching my face all the time and as Jessica helped to buckle the rest of the chest and tummy straps into place. I saw her go off into a dream, sub space? I doubted it but you never know...

The strap with the dildos hung between her legs obscenely bobbling with each tug.

I looked Jane in the eyes. "You can still have just the bases."

"No. I want to try this and do it right. Itís important to me. So be gentle but letís get it done. Just one question, though."


"How long can I wear this? Iíve been to the toilet and stuff."

"You tell me! When itís too uncomfortable, I will let you out. Try not to sit down too hard though. The one up your bum will take a bit of getting used to."

"Lob me those condoms and the KY off that work top Jess!"

I knelt down level with Janeís puss. The sparse hairs covered, but didnít hide the charms beneath. Jessica did as requested and sat down on the chair. I as I rolled the condoms onto the dildos I chatted to Jane about just banal things while trying to take her mind off what I was doing.

Applying the KY to the condoms, I looked at Jane. "You want to put these in?"

She looked down at me as I rubbed the lubricant into the hard folds.

"They are very real looking! You do it. My master would have to do it in real life."

"I am not your master Jane!"

She smiled at me, "I know."

Jessica shook her head and grinned at me.

"Okay then here we go! The strap hangs front to back so the puss one goes in first," I said gently edging the head up and rimming her pussy lips with it. Jane sighed and widened her stance. †It was soon apparent that Jane was aroused. Getting the front one halfways in I got Jessica to hold it. Walking round the back, I coated my fingers and rubbed it round her anus.

"Have you had anal sex before?"

"What do you think?"

I slapped her arse cheek with my free hand; hard enough to leave a print of my hand.

"Jane, how would I know? Do not piss me about!"

"Sorry," she paused, "I am not as wild as people say I am. So no I havenít."

"Okay this is going to feel weird. Like you want to go shit, might even get cramps. But donít worry."

She let out a little yip as my finger slipped inside and I held her open to squirt in the KY.

Jane did the hip dance as I firmly but gently inserted the pair deep inside her. The buckling of the strap let her know it was to the hilt.

Thigh straps with a short length of chain and a pair of high-heeled shoes with matching locking straps followed.

Janeís wardrobe mistress came in with an ankle length dress and a soft silk scarf.

Back on set it had now been made into a restaurant. It was full of bit part actors, with walk-ons and other people to make it look full. The atmosphere was buzzing and waiters ran round with non-alcoholic but real-looking drinks.

Very real, it all seemed to me. I was impressed.

Matt and Jane entered stage left.

The noise dropped and the director shouted, "Cut!" †He sighed and said, "Okay people this is Jane and Matt. Say hi." They all do. Matt and Jane waved back and said hi in return.

"Okay you have met them now the next time they come in donít go quiet, you donít fucking know them!" he ended in a shout.

I grinned. I liked this bloke.

Matt and Jane re-entered and the noise actually increased. The luvies were all trying hard not to be star struck.

The director caught my grin and shrugged his shoulders.

The waiter knew his lines and they were shown to a corner booth.

They then were filmed eating, drinking and laughing. This took two hours.

The director called a break and Jane came over to me. "I need to pee!"

"Okay, then go with Jessica and she will help you." I explained to Jessica that normally prisoners would just pee into the strap and it would run out at the lowest point. But she would have to hold Janeís dress up drop the front strap and peel it backwards out of the way and get Jane to pee like a man standing up.

To give Jessica credit she didn't blanch. And off they went. A blushing Jane returned.

Jessica took me to one side. "Martin, she orgasmed in the toilet. Is that normal?"

"Okay tonight I will take you out to dinner with a dildo up your bum, one in your puss and strapped in a harness that makes your nipples super-sensitive. And see just how long it takes you!"† I smiled at her.

"Okay then," she said and smiled at my look of shock. "I think she likes the shame of me helping her though as much as what she is wearing."

I nodded. We broke for dinner.† I asked Jane if she was okay. "God this is so horny! My breasts feel every movement of the dress. I am so turned on. I think I could do this in real life," she whispered in my ear.

We removed the dildos in my room while everybody ate and the lighting and camera angles were changed. The next shot was the sexy one and lots of the bit part actors were moved out to make it look like it was late and most people had gone home.

Jane walked back on set and I followed with Jessica. We had buckled the dildos back in and tightened all the straps. My touching her breasts as I tightened the rings a notch had made her knees buckle.

Matt gave Jane an order and she stood then walked into the toilet with fear on her face.

This was shot again and again.

Then the big one. The door to the toilet opens and Jane, naked except for her shoes and harness, walked carrying her handbag under her arm back to the table to the gasps of horror and admiration of the people left.

I was watching through the screen the director watches, every cameraís view.

She looked so sexy. Head up but blushing, breasts red and swollen and dew dripping from the strap between her legs. I wished I had thought to get her a pair of nipple clamps on as well.

She knelt at the side of the table in position number one while Matt paid a shocked looking waiter for his meal and hand in hand, they walked out of the door and out to a waiting car.

The next scene had to be shot while she was in the car. Matt pretended to spank her and then the dayís shooting was over.

Jane rushed off to the toilet alone and I pointed Jessica in that direction. She came back in a minute, "She doesnít need me for what she is doing!"


One of the girls who played her friend came over and quietly asked me where we got the harness. I smiled at her and told her I would give her the brochure.

Jessica and I waited to unfasten Jane. Everybody else had gone when we finished so the three of us went back to the house in Jessicaís BMW.

Jane saw me put a spare harness in the boot, looking at Jessica she smiled.

Jessica took a little longer to get in the harness but once she was in it we had a lot of fun. We went out for a drink. She didnít wear the high-heels but had to wear a scarf to cover the collar.

We went to the hick place and Jessica wore the harness for four hours. She looked lovely if a little flushed. I kept stroking her breasts at every opportunity. †

She admitted later that night to coming five times. Only little ones at first, but as the dildos moved inside her as she sat, drove, and walked, each one got bigger. †On the way home she stopped the car and gave me a blow job. "Just to say thanks."

She orgasmed as I squeezed her and stroked her breasts.

Sneaking back into the house, we went to my room where I persuaded her to wear a gag. I pulled the dildos free from her body; then handcuffing her hands to the bed head I made love to her for hours.

It was four oíclock when we finished and both knackered, dropped to sleep.

The cook woke us by knocking on the door.† "Breakfast!" she shouted and wandered off.

I rolled over, looked at Jessica still in the harness, and cuffed to the bed. "Morning."

"Morning," she smiled and kissed my forehead. I un-cuffed her and eased the breast rings off her swollen boobs.