The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 4

Jane, Jessica, and I went for the early morning run. Jane was tied as before and she carried the pack as well. It was a cool but sunny morning and we ran easily. We all chatted and she seemed to be more amenable, she had a nice personality once you got behind all the bullshit she threw out.

She complained a little about the bounce in her breasts so I ran some cord from top to bottom either side of her nipples thus compacting them.

She had no worries about my touching her now and I thought that Jessica was getting a little jealous.

And with that the morning run was done. The only thing I pissed her off with was looking for track marks between her toes and stuff. My explaining that it was for her own good didn't seem at the time to cut much ice.

I thought that Jessica and I were getting through the "Star" shit that had been going on inside her head. Jessica talked with her more and more just as a woman to another woman, none of the lackey or serf to big star grovelling. And it seemed to be working. Jane was talking more normally and I was getting a few ideas how to help her. Funny really I came just to show how to tie her up and help with the script.

I missed home and the dogs I thought as we gave Jane the t-shirt and shorts.

Now the whole of the day’s shooting wouldn’t involve me as there was no bondage. I thought that the director was worried about freaking Jane out. The cage scene was so hot. The faces of the girls who hadn’t actually seen the cage reflected all the emotions the director needed so he didn't re-shoot. I was impressed with him. Not that I knew much about it; but he seemed to be with it.

It showed how he was letting everybody stay in his house; although Jessica said it was to keep the budget down.

Breakfast was actually a nice time today and Jane cooked it much too everybody’s surprise. Even the cook/maid got her bacon and eggs cooked. Jane seemed to be on planet normal. The director looked at me and smiled. I just shrugged. People laughed and joked -- big happy family type stuff.

They all piled in the limos to take them off to locations that they were shooting at that day.

As I wasn’t needed I spent the morning by the pool and reread the script to see if I could help it a little. Some of the bondage stuff was a little fanciful but nothing so farfetched that it couldn’t be done.

The cook who was a small Hispanic woman with a wicked sense of humour kept bringing me a beer or a sandwich. She approved of my helping "Miss Jane". My protestations that she would have helped herself eventually fell on deaf ears and she just kept saying well done.

I heard a car pull up and looked up from the book I was reading and noticed Jessica walking across the pool to me. She bent down, smiled and kissed me on the lips.

In a low sexy voice she asked, "You have your bag here?"

I gulped and nodded. "Your room it is then," she said and she sauntered off swinging her bottom at me in her shorts.

Trying to keep cool I stood up and saw the cook grinning at me as I adjusted my erection in my trunks.

By the time I got there she was naked and sitting with a lot of rope laid out on the bed. I locked the door behind me and looked at her. "How do you want it?"

She looked at me quizzically.

"Well bondage with sex or sex with bondage?"

She looked shook her head. "You Brits are funny."


"Well if I asked an American man to tie me to the bed he just would. You actually asked how and in what definition I would like to be tied to the bed. No wonder Jane likes you and most of the girls in the cast want an hour or two with you."

I shook my head with a rueful grin. "It’s not me they want; it’s the bondage."

She shook her head and murmured, "Tie lover, tie me tight. Don’t sell yourself short. You may see yourself as a cruel masterful type but the rest of us see you as a nice kind and believe it or not caring man who admittedly ties very tight but not the weird bastard we thought you would be!"

"Thanks I think," I said now totally lost.

"So tie me tightly just enough to make me uncomfortable and make me come and come master!"

So I did!

After our shower I wandered back to the pool and pretended to glare at cook’s knowing stare. She just laughed and waved me to the hallway.

‘Oh great its come,’ I thought as I opened a large box which had been delivered while I was having fun.

The cast rolled up as Jessica and I were splicing rope and things for the shot tomorrow. It involved them making a big mistake and Jane having to be cut down so I knew we would need lots of rope for the retakes.

"Jane, come here please!"

She looked up and smiled. "Yes."

"Can you come to my room in about five minutes? We need to check that you’re okay wearing a gag."

"I’ll be fine but if that’s what you wish then I’ll see you in five!"

She sauntered off and Jessica raised her eyebrows again.


"You know!"

I wished I did I thought as I picked up some of the coiled rope. "Coming?"

Jessica stood and carrying the rest followed me into the house.

Jane was on time, and sat on my bed waiting for me to finish coiling the rope up. She seemed interested as I showed her how to back splice and create loops and then knots. I found myself admiring her legs in the short shorts she was wearing.

"Okay gag time. Now the script calls for a ball gag harness. Which is..." I pulled one out of its wrapper and handed it to Jane. I also gave one to Jessica. She looked at me curiously and opened her mouth and eased it behind her teeth.

Now I was shocked, but carried on even buckling it up behind her head and doing the chin strap up so her teeth bit into the soft plastic.

It didn’t taste as bad as rubber. Jane had watched what was happening and inserted hers with a struggle, retching a little.

"Okay if you need to puke try to force it round the sides or swallow it back down."

I waited for her to get used to the strange feelings and then buckled it tight.

Jessica had picked up a magazine and started to read it as if to say hey what's the big deal.

It was a bit surreal for me really. I struggled to believe that I had two superb looking women in my bedroom both gagged.

I’d read the script and wondered if we could rehearse the next scene.

‘This will be fun,’ my pervi mind thought as I worked out how to do it.

I picked up a pair of chinos and pulled them on over my swim shorts.

"Okay Jessica here is the next bit in the script. I dropped it on the magazine and watched her eyes go wide.

I pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and two sets of ankle ones. I then locked them around her ankles and her wrists behind her back.

I then motioned Jane forward and did the same to her.

"Okay the script calls for Matt to stand behind you and grip both your breasts like this."

Jessica sat on the bed watching me as I stood behind Jane and placed both my hands on her and pulled her slightly backwards so her weight was on my chest.

Her breasts covered by the t-shirt felt hot and heavy in my hands.

"Now you need to be able to unzip me and get one of your hands inside my chinos."

I smiled at Jessica as Jane sort of slumped and half-heartedly fumbled. She found the zip and was unable to pull the zip down.

I stood her up right again and pointed to the bed. She shuffled across and Jessica stood as I took hold of her breasts and spread my fingers so her nipples were trapped between them. The smell of her hair intoxicated me.

Now she growled at me as I gently rolled the hard buds and she used her other hand to hold the fabric tight to undo the zip. And then she delved her hand in and gripped me really tightly. She wanked it softly, as she thrust her chest out into my hands.

Jane had been studying the show and stood. Jessica zipped me up and I was relived to find that she even made sure I wasn’t caught up.

Jane moved into position and unzipped me the first time. I re-zipped and she did it again this time she got a hand in a brushed my erection.

I moved her to the bed and sat her down.

The next bit was hard. "Okay you need to know how to kneel."

I sat and watched them both try it and both struggled to make it look graceful. We worked out that it was best if I/Matt stood standing behind and using their breasts to steady them; letting them slide down my legs and then shuffle round so her face is able to rub the open crotch of the chinos.

Looking at their stature it appeared to me that this could be improved so I helped them both to sit on the bed and going to my bag picked out two different pairs of handcuffs. These were the solid linked type the police use now instead of the one with chain links between.

Jane watched as I helped Jessica to stand and then forced her elbows together and locked the solid ones just above her joints.

I saw her notice what it does to the chest and watched her bring her arms together behind her, all the time looking at her boobs grow.

She was standing by the time I picked up the other pair.

I stroked the back of her neck and said, "Good girl." She shuddered slightly and forced her arms together. I locked them on feeling her grow more relaxed at each click of the ratchets.

"Okay see how that affects your balance!" Jessica joined in and I had to adjust my erection. ‘God if they were naked the photos would be superb,’ I think. They both wandered around the room trying not to bump into each other and the furniture.

I motioned Jessica to me and noticed that she was enjoying herself; nipples erect, flushed cheeks and a horny look in her eyes.

Admittedly the snot and drool on her face weren’t her best feature but it added to the attraction of the moment.

Jane watched as I unfastened the harness gag and eased the ball out of Jessica’s mouth.

"Oh you bastard," she groaned in my ear, "you better be planning to fuck me later!"

"Jessica language please!" I admonished; smiling as I did so. And I reached out and wiped the drool off her face. I kissed her forehead and without uncuffing her lay her face down on the bed. My hand traced her buttock cheeks. Slipping my finger in under her bikini bottoms I put a little pressure on her star shaped anus and felt her relax. Hooking the rest of my fingers round the material I pulled it upwards and used it to arouse her even more.

I had almost forgotten about Jane as Jessica moved her hips in time to my tugging the gusset into her pussy lips. I looked into Jane’s eyes and saw an understanding take place. She was also looking in the mirror at her reflection and she smiled.

A knock at the door spoiled the whole moment. Jessica rolled over and groaned as the cuffs cut into her soft flesh.

"Hi. Jane’s mother is here and waiting downstairs for her," the voice was that of the makeup girl. I unlocked Jessica and she dashed to the on suite bathroom.

"Just a minute and don’t go I need your advice," I said as I opened the door.

The tall redhead walked straight in and took in the scene, smiled in a knowing way and looked at me. "Having fun?"

Jane didn’t seem that bothered and I assessed the reaction; it was what I needed to see.

The makeup girl’ face dropped as Jessica walked out of the bathroom with the sound of the toilet flushing behind her saying why she was absent. She was wearing my tracksuit so the marks were not visible. ‘Clever girl,’ I thought.

The moment was a classic and you could see huge gossip story that had formed in the girl’s mind drop into the recycle bin.

"Can you do the makeup around the harness or would it smudge when I lock it into place?" I asked.

She moved over to the mirror and started to think about her job. Jessica smiled at me and then said, "Don’t forget about her mother!"

I threw the girl the keys and said, "While you’re there just uncuff her please, oh and go easy as you ease the gag out. I don’t think her mum would be pleased to see her like this."

"I wouldn’t bet on it," Jane said once the gag was removed. The makeup girl had undone the elbow and wrist cuffs and as she bent down to do the ankle ones I saw her nose twitch at the smell of Jane’s arousal.

"Er," she started to say something and then thought better of it but gave me a look I couldn’t fathom.

Jessica looked at me and gave me that told you so look. I just shook my head and wandered downstairs to see what was for tea as I’d heard the gong being brayed by our wonderful cook.

Jane used the top landing to get to her room and came down wearing a loose ankle length dress that emphasized  her tall body. She looked well though her mother didn’t say it. She didn’t seem happy with eating arrangements. We were all on a big table in the dining room -- the main cast except Matt and most the heads of departments.

I smiled to myself as she was introduced to us by Jane. Steve, head of lighting, etc., until she got to me and then she sort of stumbled and then smiled, "Martin from England. Head of ropes."

"Oh rigging," her mother muttered and her eyes swept over Jessica on to the producer and director who were sitting at the head of the table. The whole table sniggered and I went red.

Her mother looked annoyed at the gaff she’d made but not knowing why she moved on.

The rest of the meal was a little stilted by her presence and her very tight-lipped lack of humour.

Jane seemed to shrink at her mother’s bile and total lack of personality.

It slightly pissed me off that one woman could hold sway on a large group of people.

I walked back in to my room with Jessica to hear my phone receive a text.

I picked it up and saw that I had five texts.

"Hi Mate I think I saw you on a chat show. Ring me!"

"Hi mate it’s you, have now seen a photo, god you jammy bastard. You never said you knew her."

"Hi mate the papers here are asking if anyone knows whom the mystery man running with the t-shirted Jane. And who was the lovely dark girl with them. PS there is a reward and its tempting."

"Okay it wasn’t me! Dude and u are going 2 be named 2mw according to news of d screws Sunday will name the man running, more pics to follow."

"Oh fuck................ You lucky bastard! She is a babe....... But why have you put her in a cage??? Ring me Tony."

Jessica had read them over my shoulder. "Geeze man we need those papers."

I just sat and shuddered.