The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 2: Day 3, Scene 4

Breakfast was a quiet affair that morning. The cast had been out for a little drinkey-poo and all had not bothered to take heed of the directors shout of don’t have too much.

Me? Well being a man of iron will and a body that is his temple I had not let a drop touch my lips. Okay I admit it they didn't ask me. But I didn't care. I had spent the evening with Jessica and that was far better than listening to those whining bastards. Jane looked rough and Matt had huge dark panda eyes.

The set had been changed and we are in a bar. Matt and Jane are there with a set of "witty" friends. Boring bastards all full of importance really. A few jokes about being all tied up and things were made to the couple and they sneaked off and went back to his place.

They kissed and moved over to the bed and Jane had to undress them both.

He then asked her if she wanted to play; Jane nodded and looked shy. He then pulled out a lot of rope and I moved in.

I drew out a coil of rope and we piled it out on the bed. Jane was naked and waiting looking at me as I uncoiled the rope. And then I began to show Matt how to tie a basic harness and then place her into a hogtie and untie her. Then Matt tied her and didn’t do a bad job.

He tied her tight and I quickly checked her circulation. Yes, fine, she could stay like that for a while. What a waste I thought as he stroked her body trying to look masterful.

Jane’s breasts bulged attractively under her weight as Matt held her feet and dragged her across the duvet and slowly ran his hand across her soft skin. The camera was looking at her face on a level with the bed. Her breasts were on show and her nipples kept coming into view

She sighed and looked at the camera and it was pure lust. ‘She can act!’ I thought.

"It’s a rap," the director shouted. "Well done everybody!"

Jane lay there and the cameras were repositioned above her and Matt then had to slap her bottom cheeks. Three or four times. He looked embarrassed and sort of slapped her left bottom.

Now as Jane was naked I imagined the makeup department getting a eyeful of her pussy as they used red powders to make her bottom go red.

She has a cracking body. And to be truthful she looked very good tied there.  Still never mind that, it was tea time.

Coffee and Danish. I wandered over to Jane and asked her if she wanted untied and I was surprised by her answer, "No I am fine its not that uncomfortable and we only have to more shots to do for the camera angles. They like this shot as it doesn’t show too much. And it’s quite daring."

"You hungry?" I asked.

"Shit how the fuck can I eat, clever bastard? Is teasing how you get your rocks off?"

I just smiled at her. "I would have fed you. still if you feel like that sod you!"

I walked over to the tea cart and get a big cream horn Danish and a huge mug of coffee.

Carrying them back to the bed I sat in front of her and sipped my coffee. Smiling at her I reached forward and dabbed the open end on her nose. Her eyes went wide and she went red with rage and she started fighting with the ropes. I sat back and watched her as she was trying to wipe the cream off her nose like a dog does a muzzle. A small crowd had gathered and was watching.

"Man that is so hot" I heard one of the makeup girls say behind me.

Jane had now discovered that cream had spread and her face was covered. Bending down I looked into her eyes, and although the others maybe didn't notice but, she was pre-orgasmic. Nipples crushed against the cotton cover looked rock hard.  Arms and legs tugging and thighs rubbing Jane quickly orgasmed noisily and looked shocked at what she had just experienced.

I heard lots of whispering and looked up to see most of the cast and crew watching. The women among them were flushed the men who weren’t the gay sort, adjusted themselves

I looked up and noticed that the director had the cameras rolling. Just the ones on her. It later went into the film and was mentioned in all the reviews. Although they re-shot Matt’s arm holding the horn instead of mine. 

I looked at Jessica and saw her looking at me with a very strange look. Jane had chaffed her wrists I noticed and so I untied the link rope letting her legs drop. 

I untied her ankles and the wrist ropes. Jane was just compliant and stood as I unfastened the body harness. Jessica covered her with a robe and walked her outside to her mobile home.

I looked around and saw the director holding a thumb’s up to me.  

"That’s the power of bondage," I said and walked after the girls.

People watched me and the director as we shook hands.

God if only I could make people this happy all the time.

I didn’t think I will be that welcome in Jane’s caravan so I went off into the props locker room to see if the small cage that was in the script had arrived. It had and I had to admire the craftsmanship that’d gone into it.

I heard a gentle cough and looked round to see Jessica looking at me.

"Well you caused a stir," she smiled.

"How’s Jane?"

"Embarrassed, confused, horny. She was searching her bag for a vibrator when I left. Jessica smiled and nodded at the cage. "So that’s the cage? I thought it would be bigger."

I opened the side door and looked in; it was not going to be comfortable.

Jessica sat on the top of the cage and looked at me.


"Can you try this on me one night?" I looked up at her in shock.

"Really, you want to try it?"

"Yes. I like new ideas; it’s why I work for the director and producer."

I got some white rope out and dropped it in my bag.

Jessica’s eyes were wide, she knew that it was for her. I was going to be busy later as there was a leather outfit to go on Jane for the last shoot of the day.

It was close to dinner time so I walked out to find Jane. She had to be ready for the next scene.

Myself and a rigger who was all questions ("and what's she feel like") worked together. I just smiled and looked at the room they’d set out.

What I needed was a very secure winching system that I could attach the cage to and lift it.

The room was supposed to be a living room and Jane would be suspended in the air locked in the cage dressed only in stockings and suspenders. Shoes and collar completed the few items of clothes.

The rigger did a great job and it looked possible that at home they would have a set up like that.  The cage was wheeled in and hooked on the hook. Its test lifted and me and the rigger when we both grabbed the bottom of the cage and got lifted in the air.

We both swung and nothing happened.

He nodded and we looked at the safety rep and he nodded as well.

The set was cleared of nonessential personnel. The lighting was set. The bars of the cage glinted and I saw Jane walk in the back of the set and look up at the cage.

Her body language said she was scared, her face was looking composed.

"Are you going to be okay with this?"

Jane’s face crumpled as she looked at it again and standing close to me whispered, "I am claustrophobic but if you tell me I will be fine then I will be."

She held out her hand and I squeezed it.  Now you wouldn’t think that innocent gesture would be the start of my nightmare would you?

Matt came on stage and you could hear his bull-shitting attitude from the trailer park to here. He walked around to Jane and got all chummy and they went off to rehearse their lines and chat.

Next on set were the friends of Jane who were supposed to be worried by her absence from a meeting at the bar. Two of them came and sat at the back with me and Jessica. They seemed quite normal but then again they were just starting out so none of the shit had gone too far into their heads.

They actually chatted about bondage and its principles and why women would let someone do this to them.

"A new guru has been found," Jessica muttered as they walk off.


Her wide grin said it all.

All the set was quiet as Jane and Matt rehearsed for the cameras before she had to do it in the cage as I have just had a word with the director about her fears.

Okay, the clapper board was held out and the scene started with Matt seemingly talking to no one.

They filmed that bit and then we lowered the cage.

I carried my small bag on the stage and Jane stood with me. Her lips were getting a hard chewing and as I moved to hold her robe she looked at me for reassurance. I smiled at her and nodded.

She dropped the robe. 

"Wow!  That looks stunning on you!" I say in my best Leslie Phillips voice. It was lost on her as I don’t think she’d seen many British films.

But she did look stunning. Her tanned skin was highlighted by the black suspender belt and the jet black stockings. Her buckled on high heeled shoes made her legs look even longer. I had noticed her body from the run but this was as horny you can get.

I selected a collar from my bag and as her head was going to be bent used a thin shiny one. This I buckled up for her and then I held out my hand and helped her to sit down by the open door of the cage.

I sat on the floor next to her and showed her the position she needed to be in to be in the cage and how to make the most of the available space.

She shuffled up and put her legs in first putting her ankles through the large gaps in the bars. She then had to bend her torso forward until her breasts were crushed on her thigh tops and placed her head between her open knees and I helped her to ease herself in.

It was a perfect fit. Her shoulders were touching the roof bars and her pussy and anus were in the gap in the middle of the floor bars.

I looked around the front and smiled at her eyes up from her feet.  "Okay?"

She grimaced back. And she watched as I locked old-fashioned handcuffs round her ankles. Matt and she were supposed to find then in an antique shop. But that will be shot later.

Locking her wrists behind her into another pair I reached through the bars and patted her shoulder. "Okay you are ready. You ready for the lifting part?"

A soft "Yes" was all she said and I pointed to the lad with the control box.

Up she went. Jane gave a little yip of fear and then she was at head height,  I looked up checking that she was okay and paused to admire her pussy and caught her eye with a grin and walked off the set. The lad raised her up to the false roof of their "apartment building" and the cameras struggled to get a shot they could use for the cleanest version. The other cameras go for the works.

I smiled to myself and thought about how brave she was. The director had everybody go quiet and they began the shooting. He knew that he had to work fast as Jane would want to be out as quick as possible.

The plot called for a shot of Matt seemingly talking to himself. Then the doorbell rings and Jane’s friends walk into the room and ask him where Jane is and he whips a cover off the hanging cage. Cue shots of horror, rage and disgust on her friends’ faces.

It went perfectly. And I let her out the cage and found myself rubbing her leg muscles as she had bad cramp and that was my second mistake. She was crying to herself with the pain and her hangers-on were all fawning over her but not one thought to grip her ankles and get her to work the kinks out.

She smiled at me and went off to shower.

We hoisted the cage in the air. And the director shouted, "Break now everybody."  Then we broke for tea. Well, evening meal; and I found myself chatting to more people. Weird people these.

The evening shoot was just vanilla stuff and it went well apparently judging by all the well done comments that flew about.

We all went back to the house and the crew that were in the nearby hotel invited me out for a drink and I went and Jessica went with me, which surprised me and the crew. We ended up in a hick bar with live country music blaring out and had a great night.

On return I fired up my mobile to check how much charge was on it and seeing its low, plugged the charger in.

Jessica and I were too drunk and knackered to play so we went our separate ways and I smiled to myself and thought, ‘That’s how you know your getting old. A bag full of rope and beautiful woman and you go to sleep.’ Just as I dropped off I heard the bleep of a message come in.

I drifted off not knowing just how bad it was going to get.