The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 2

I was sitting at the back of a set at the studio. We were doing the first part; sort of a prologue. It’s the part about the how the young couple meet and fall in love so no bondage.

I was reading the script properly now and saw a few things I wanted to change and chatted with the script editor and the director, as I didn’t think the film needed a scene that might be more gratuitous than sexy.

The film making business was very much hurry up and wait. It was very interesting watching the different departments come together to make the film.

It was also fun to watch the shit all the minions have dropped on them from their "Stars". Jane struck me a twenty-odd-year old who was twelve years old at times. No deigning she has a superb body and face but god she can sulk.

Anyway the film moved on after lunch to the second scene and Jane was sitting in a coffee bar with three friends who were discussing a Eddie Murphy film where he was a prince and a princess wants to marry him and he asks her how much she wants it and then it ends up with her hopping on one leg and barking like a dog.

So Jane, or Diane as she was called in the film, giggled and said it sounded fun, etc, etc, etc, and then she ended up as a dare going to a pet shop which you don’t see and buying a dog collar and trying it on in front of her friends and they laugh... and then he walks in and....

Oh dear, you get the picture, glad I didn't write that bit.

Anyway I was snoozing at the back dreaming of using pure white rope on Jessica’s dark skin when something whistled past my head and exploded into a million bits.

BANG! Followed by "Ouch he trapped my fucking skin!" and the sight of Jane storming off stage left with Jessica in pursuit but smiling at me a knowing grin of ‘you were asleep.’

Looking at the floor I saw bits of one of the new coffee cups with the name of the film.

The director and producer were in a meeting. And I looked at Matt whom seemed to be shrugging his shoulders and laughing about druggie bitches and time of month shit.

I sighed and walked out to the caravan park at the back. Jessica came out of the Winnebago that Jane was using with a grim tense look on her face.

"What's up?"

"Jane doesn’t want to play anymore. She isn’t staying a minute more!"

"Let me try!"

"Cannot hurt -- she is packing!"

I moved into the large motor home and saw Jane curled up in the corner crying.

"And you can fuck off as well!"

"Jane. Look at me!"

She just put her head down.

"JANE! Look at me!!!" I lifted the chopping board and slammed it on the top. She jumped and looked at me.

"What's really wrong? Do you want to try to tell me and we can work through it." She sobbed and moved to me and looked at me through tear-streaked eyes.

"I am so fucked up I don’t want make a mess of this and I need to be a star and things."

"Best way forward is to throw yourself into the film and be the best submissive actress and do it that way. Just follow my lead and I will be the person who you can rely on.  We get to the bondage and submissive parts soon and you will need to act your heart out. That’s the way to prove to everyone how good you are, all you need is discipline and courage!"

She sort of smiled and I wondered just if she needed a strict father-type person or just a schoolteacher mode. Hey ho the realities of the film game.

"And you get some nice stuff to wear as well," I said as I exited the door thinking, ‘oh dear did I really just say that?’

Jessica moved over and looked at me. "Any luck?"

I smiled and took her hand and we walked down to the canteen for a snack.

The producer rushed past and scowled.

It was the end of the first day and we were sitting back at the house on the beach when the door opened and Jane and her entourage trooped in.

The producer and Matt stood and apologised for nipping her skin and it was all kissy-kisssy crap. Aggggh.

I found myself getting irritated and my cool persona filling with a kind of loathing.

"This is bollocks," I said and walked out to the pool and sat watching the moon rise over the cliff edge to the east.

Jessica and Jane’s agent followed me out and sat with me.

"Say buddy what’s your problem?  Don’t you realise who she is?" The little fat bald-headed tosser asked in one of those awful drawls.

"This whole thing is like this: if you lot didn't go in for this pretentious crap she might have a chance.  That kid’s fucked up on being a star. I get dogs to train from our R.S.P.C.A. that have the same problem."

"So you’re an expert are you," he sneered.

"I fucking am when it comes to spoiled headed fucked creatures!" I realised that I’d probably left myself open to being sued for libel and shit but I didn’t care and stood up.

Jessica looked at me and asked, "Where you going?"

"Home; this isn’t going to work. Some of the stuff we are going to do is going to be painful and if she winces that he trapped her skin; what happens when she is hanging upside down from her ankles over the fucking river," I growled and walked to the doors bumping into Jane who must of heard the whole thing.

"Evening," I said and stepped round her.  

As you know when you have a rucksack it doesn’t take long to pack and I was just walking out the bedroom when Jane and her agent walked in.

"Jane wants to ask you something," he rumbled.

"Well let her."

She looked at her feet then at me and mumbled something. I walked to her and took hold of her chin.

"What?" The followers-on just gasped.

She looked me in the eyes and I saw a spark of something. "I would like you to stay and train me so I can do the part. I want you to do the scene with me while Matt watches and then he can do what you do."

"In that case I don’t want no wincing or complaining. If it’s unbearable tell me and I will reposition the ropes or whatever.  But no flounces or tantrums. We do the film and get to go home. Understand?"

She just looked at her feet and shuffled. I squeezed her jaw and she snapped her eyes at me and grinned, "Just try me!"

"See me in the morning at 0600 and we will start. That’s six o’clock." She nodded and left to get ready for dinner as they had a team of chefs for the delight of the gang.

Jessica and I had plans and we jumped into her BMW and went down to the town to a bondage shop to get more stuff and to have dinner away from the crowd.

Again we had a great night and I have to admit to falling under her charms.

BZZZZZZZ goes my alarm at 0530 and I climbed over Jessica and received a kiss on my wily as it passed her head and for one minute I was almost tempted to drop him into her mouth; but I needed coffee and some breakfast.

She grinned and I walked out to the kitchen. Taking a coffee back to her I dressed in sweats and walked upstairs to Jane’s room and knocked on the door.

No answer. I pushed and found it open. She was curled up in a ball looking at me. I threw a set of shorts and a top at her. "Dress in these meet me in the kitchen. No underwear!"

Jessica was cooking scrambled eggs and toast. We’d decided I shouldn’t be alone with Jane so Jessica had volunteered to be the chaperone.

"Okay," I said as she walked into the kitchen all tousled and beddable, "eat breakfast and we are going for a gentle run."

I think she sneered at me. ‘How can an old man such as you outrun me?’ I could hear her think. As if forty was old.

I smiled back at her thinking, ‘Oh babes if only you knew.’

Jessica decided to run with us and after breakfast and a few stretching exercises we were off. Three miles in she was knackered and needing verbal support. And I gave her no mercy. Once we were out of sight of the houses and there was no one around I ordered her to take her shorts and top off.

And to be honest she did it without complaint.

Jessica handed her a bottle of water and an energy bar.

She looked good -- all sweated up and glowing. The beach didn’t look that good for swimming so I got a few lengths of rope out and doubling the longest one ran it out either side of her neck and proceeded to make a rope harness that although it didn’t loop round her breasts it did trap them. Her breasts were nice and firm against the back of my hand as I used it to lift them so the rope didn’t bite.

Jane accepted this without a word. I’d made it tight expecting a complaint or a grumble.

Jessica passed me the collar I asked for and watched with curiosity as I buckled it tight.

Jane was a little disturbed but not too much. So I moved on. I looked round the beach and saw no one. "I need to touch you between the legs; are you prepared to let me?"

Her eyes looked hard into mine. I shrugged, "Its up to you."

She nodded and coughed a little disturbed nervous cough.

I doubled the next rope and looped it through the ends and pulled it tight digging it into her tummy and then up through her legs and on either side of her pussy lips (noticing she was slightly aroused) and felt her breath quicken as I then pulled hard to tie it off at the back.

Jessica passed me a pair of wrist cuffs and I buckled them tightly and locked the link lock on her holding her wrists apart.

We ran again and her trapped breasts bounced a certain way and she winced a little at the pain but kept up.

"What's this proving?" she groaned when we stopped at the turn-round point of out run.

"It’s not proving anything; It’s getting you used to being roped and being handled. Excited," I asked as Jessica reached into my backpack that was still on my back and handed another bottle out with another energy bar each. Watching Jane realise how hard it was to open a bottle with hands cuffed was priceless. She finally threw it onto the sand and shouted, "Fuck it!"

"Just ask for us to open it," I responded reasonably.

"Open it!"

I smiled and said, "Please!"

"Fuck you!" She kicked it and found out a litre of water is quite solid. I laughed and Jessica smirked as she did a little dance.

I reached out and unsnapped the links and just as she bent down to pick the bottle up I put my foot on her bottom and pushed her into the sand. She screamed and landed face down. Grabbing her arms I pulled them behind her and clipped them and pulled her up with them.

"You fucking bastard," she snapped and then kicked at me. I smiled and stepped to the side and caught her foot and then danced her round and she had to hop on one leg and try to keep her balance. Breasts bouncing and shrieking she tried to keep up and I gave the leg I was holding a gentle push and she fell on her back.

"Lesson 1, you need to please your master.  He controls your destiny and safety!"

I looked at her and saw something in her eyes as she rolled onto her front and struggled to her knees. I was quite proud of her when she stood.

And then laughed, "Can we put that in the film -- that was fun."

Jessica just shook her head and opened the water and held it for her to drink before using what was left to wash the sand off Jane’s breasts. Jane shuddered and I just wondered.

We jogged back towards the house until Jessica spotted some people in the distance and we gave Jane her shorts and top back.

As we ran up the stairs I said to Jane, "Shower and come to my room and we will get those ropes off you."

She nodded, grinned and jogged through a kitchen of surprised guests and crew.

Jessica kissed me and went off for her shower and stuff. Finally I thought I was enjoying myself.

A knock on my door announced Jane’s arrival and she even brought coffee. ‘Gosh an improvement,’ I thought as I pointed at the corner and asked her to kneel and wait.

She looked at me a little askance and I just stiffened my glare. She knelt as asked and we chatted a little until Jessica came in and helped me to untie her. Jane seemed quiet and looked in the mirror at the rope marks on her body.

"Man you do tie tight!" she grinned and stepped back in the robe and looked at me. I nodded and she left.

"I would never have believed it; she either has a crush on you or she actually is starting to get this," Jessica grinned and put her hand on my shoulder and added, "It looked fun can we try it one morning?"

I glanced at her to see if she was taking the piss but she didn’t seem to be so I reached over and grabbing her waist pulled her tight. I kissed her and hugged her. "You don’t strike me as the submissive type."

"I’m not but it looks fun to see if I am and you do have a presence that is very sexy," She grinned, "for a old guy!" I slapped her bottom as she rushed out the door.

‘God save me from sassy women,’ I thought while getting dressed to go to the studio. 

The day’s filming was better and even the director looked relived at the slight change in Jane.

Sitting at the back I listened to the first shot of the new scene and smiled at Jane who kept looking at me for reassurance.

‘Oh god maybe she does have a crush on me,’ I thought as I looked across at Jessica and caught the "I told you so" look.

Dark shadows were the lighting effect as they did a retake of the collar buckling shot and this time no complaints even when Matt did it a little too tight and caused Jane to cough.

The next scene was out of sequence as they were doing a love making shot where he tied her to the bed.

Jane was wearing a sexy red underwear set -- the works, stockings suspenders and a push-up bra. They started in the middle of the "bedroom" and kissed their way to the bed all gropes and hugs and close-ups on their lips being crushed together in passion.

This took six goes to get all the angles and each time her hair had to be restyled. Good job. Matt is gay I think. I would have thrown her on the bed and fucked the arse off her by now.

She looked better, or should I say sexier, dressed. ‘Rope has the same effect,’ I thought and grinned as a thought of the "Ropes by Jager" advert flashed into my sick mind.

Sipping my tea I was shocked when they got to the getting on the bed bit and it all stopped and everyone looked at me.


"Show me how it’s done, rope man," said Matt and I walked to the bed passing lights and cameras and shit.

Matt sat on the bed as I looked down at Jane. Her mouth was twitching and she looked at me scared. I smiled and she smiled back



The script called for Matt to run her hand up to the headboard and tie it while kissing. I pointed to the bed and he lay on top of her still with his socks on. "Socks off is more alluring," I whispered in his ear as I lay on the bed beside him and showed him how to tie her wrist.

I had to run through it three times and decided to have a slipknot instead. ‘Sheesh, he is thick,’ I thought.

Jane lay with a bored expression while all this was going on and I wondered if we should be practicing on a stunt double. Or whatever you would call bondage double.

Anyway it ended with him slowly pulling her panties down and then tying her ankles to the bed. Classic spread eagle but hey that was a start.

I noticed that Jane can act; she seemed to be turned on and scared at the same time.