The Darkest Hour
by Paul

Chapter 1

"The darkest hour is said to be before dawn." Well I wish it was. How many people have a dark side? Well you must, to be here and reading this.

So! Now that we are on the same wavelength I will begin. As you know by now those of you who live in England that I am in the shit with the red-topped papers!

Little did I know when I was approached by an agent for a top movie producer and a huge star-laden production that needed a man to show them how and what to do, purely as an technical adviser.

"Oh darling we have read your work and find it divine but would you be so kind as to read this script and maybe make it more real and you will be rewarded most handsomely."

Where do I begin?

"At the beginning," I hear you cry. It started as an email and snowballed from there.

Could I read a script and see what I thought? The confidentiality clause was a tight one as it was a big future production.

A little taken back by the contact I played it safe and met the agent who made me sign for the script and the clause.

"Who was the star," I asked. Kim Bassinger had already done this and was now too old.

He just smiled and said the usual, "for me to know and you to find out" shit.

So I set to and altered a huge amount of bad writing and stuff that wouldnít have gotten past the community for whom I provide stories.

I duly sent it back via courier and waited. Two whole weeks passed, and then I received a panicked phone call -- could I meet with them Tuesday in Hollywood.

"Yea, right, where the hell is a struggling author going to be able to afford those prices? I live in Britain man, and itís expensive!"

"Just go to the airport at Manchester and thereíll be a ticket booked in your name and we will meet you at the airport."

Packing a small carry-on bag I arrived at the airport and found I was in business class and enjoy your flight Mr. Smith!

So I did. Mmm so much better than cattle class!

Landing at LAX I was met by a very good-looking black lady and a much hassled-looking producer.

She introduced herself as "the producerís and directorís assistant."

The producer led me outside to a limo whose driver seemed aghast that I only had a rucksack -- it seems I may have been travelling light compared to his usual guests.

I watched the world go by as Jeb the producer rattled on about spiralling costs and lack of effort from the crew to get the things set up for the first shoot.†

I was a little perturbed by the fact they were starting to do this so soon.

"Well we can only get the stars together for these three weeks."

Jebís house overlooked the cliffs and the beach and as we turned up the long driveway I felt that maybe this lad from the country might be a little out of his depth

Its splendour was what I expected and there was even a welcoming party all standing waiting for us. But I was wrong; they were on a smoke break.

I recognised a few faces of Film. And have to admit to being a little over awed, still never mind I thought as we got out and shook hands as I was introduced as the "technical specialist" who was the saviour of the whole film.

At least no one gushed about how they enjoyed my work.

In fact one of the ladies looked askance at me as if to say who is this little nondescript man? She was the star, I presumed.

The director shook my hand as I walked into the lounge area and was given a coffee and Danish.

"We are going out for a meal; would you like to come with us?" He asked without really meaning it. The whole room was full of what I would learn where hangers-on and sycophants.

I was feeling very jetlagged so graciously declined and was shown to a bedroom in the back. Servantís quarters I think, but by god it had a bed and that was all I needed.

I woke and it was dark, the house was silent and only the booming of the waves let me know I wasnít at home. Pulling on a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts I wandered towards the kitchen and made myself a coffee and walked out onto the veranda /pool area.

My first impressions were of how beautiful the whole place was and how nice it must be to live here.

The moonís waning light was reflecting on the now smooth sea. Noticing a set of steps leading down to the beach I followed them down and soon had sand between my toes. "Oh god thatís good," I groaned as I held out my arms feeling the breeze.

Standing on the shore break I let the waves eddy over my feet and suddenly felt that I wasnít alone. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw a female figure standing looking at me.

Itís, oh shall I call her by her real name or an alias?† Well for the time being an alias I think. Jane, thatís what I shall call her. I smiled at her and realised that that was no good, as she couldnít see me.

"Hi there! Come and join me; the waters lovely!" She took a faltering step and then walked over.

She was just wearing a long tee-shirt and her long bare legs showed in the effervescence from the waves.

"Nice here isnít?" I asked to check if she could talk.

She looked across the waves and smiled. She had a nice smile. "Seen worse!" she grunted and I wondered if she wasnít an early morning person.

I held out my hand and pointed at the moonlight "Thatís worth all the money in the world, that view."

"I have money and I wouldnít spend a penny for it!" she snapped.

I glance at her and just shake my head. "City girl eh?"

"Oh fuck off!" she nearly shouted and turned and stalked back up the beach in a shower of sand.

Nope! Not a morning person I thought and then jumped out of my skin as a soft voice said, "Well that went well."

Looking around I saw the shape of a head in the water highlighted by the horizon.

"I thought so too," I laughed and the producerís assistant walked out of the sea.

I turned my head as I saw that she was naked and had a superb body. Looking down I saw a square shape of a towel laid out on the sand and I bent down and passed it over.

"Thank you!" I turned my head as she dried herself off.

"You will have to excuse her she is under a lot of pressure and has just broken up with the boyfriend again."

She sighed, "Itís a weekly, almost daily, occurrence! Oh the life of a big star." She grinned at me and laughed. "Bless her though she shouldnít be here really she should be in detox."

I looked across at her and she nodded. "Drugs, but keep it quiet, for godís sake." Tucking the towel in across her breasts she looked at me and asked, "Jetlagís a bitch isnít it?"

I nodded and we wandered back up to the house and into the kitchen.

"Put the coffee on and I will be back," she said and disappeared up the stairs.

When she came down I settled a cup of coffee on the breakfast bar and looked at her for the first time close up. She was a super looking woman. Even the sweatshirt and jogging bottoms struggled to make her look plain.

We chatted about the film and the people involved. The female star was there so they could make sure she was on the set and drug free. She had two people to look after her but to my mind they had lost her tonight.

The male star was a handsome rouge and even Iíd fancy him if I was gay, but thankfully for me I am not. Well he is gay but there you go. Amazing what you find out when you are an "Insider".

"Just how much bondage is in the script?" I finally asked her as we entered the no gossip phase and went for the lets talk work stage.

"All of it. You wrote the thing didn't you?"

"I altered it to make it more real and also threw a lot of ideas at the guy just to give him a clue. Why they arenít doing it all are they? It wouldnít get a certificate!"

She laughed, "Oh they will -- itís going to be a classic."

She patted my hand and said, "See you in the morning for a script review. I will come for you if you are still asleep."

And so I go back to bed.

I awoke to what sounded to me like a huge row. Jessica was holding a coffee under my nose and blowing in it to force the smell into my nostrils with a smile on her face.

"We need you downstairs soon; that noise is a production meeting in progress and Jane is sitting sulking about the amount of nudity. She says itís not enough. And as she has the best body in the world why canít she have more nudity?"

I sat up and held the duvet over my body and caught her smiling. "What?"

She smiled again and walked out.

I dressed slowly feeling that shit feeling of not enough sleep and water. A shower made me feel better and I threw a pair of jeans and hooded sweat on and walked down stairs and into a shouting match.

I quietly sat down in the corner and listened to the director and producer discussing the way the film starts and ends. It grew boring and I eased myself out of the chair and picked up a script off the table.

Jessica came and sat near me and watched my face as I read. "Bloody hell!" I exclaimed loudly finding that one of my ideas had been written in.

The whole room turned and looked at me and I blushed.

"Problem Mr Smith?" the directorís southern drawls echoed across the room.

"Can you get away with this?" I pointed to the opening scene.

"WE can and we will itís a classic."

I looked across at Jane and asked, "Have you ever been tied up before?"

She laughed and answered, "God yes Iíve worn handcuffs loads of times!"

Jessica whispered in my ear saying she had been busted for possession a few times.

"I donít think this is doable; I just threw it in to give you an idea or two. Hell I know a few girls who love being tied up and they would struggle with this!"

The director passed the script to Jane and asked, "Youíve read it. What do you think?"

I watched her face as she reread the first shot. And then she paused looking at me with a sullen look. "I donít see a problem with it As long as Matt can tie me I donít see it being difficult."

I stood and indicated to Jessica that I needed her and we walked out onto the deck outside.

Finding myself mesmerised by the beauty of the setting I paused, looking at the water.†"Have you any rope on the premises?" I asked not really looking at anything anymore.

Jessica moved to the rail by my side and I smelled her soft perfume.

To be honest with you I have never really met a black girl this close up and have to admit she is beautiful. A grace and underlying sense of ease made me feel weird and I smiled at her as she said, "Nope, not really, but I can get some."

"Have you got a car?"

She nodded and pointed to a sporty looking BMW 5 series under a tree.

"Get your keys, youíre pulled!" I laughed and walked inside again.

"Who has the petty cash?" I asked walking to get my wallet and apply some sunscreen to my pitifully white English summer skin.

When I re-entered the room there was $40 on the table. And Jane looked at me with some sort of Ďtake me with youí look as I told them we would be back soon. I picked up the telephone book and walked outside to the waiting car.

Jessica knew the area so when I said I needed to get to a shipís chandlers and a sex store she quickly had us whizzing down the coast highway to a small fishing town. She is a superb driver. And we arrived with me not feeling scared but enlivened. We chatted on the journey and I now knew a lot more about the filmís main characters.

She walked around with me and was good company and the hour we spent selecting the rope I needed and then the looks we got as I walked and wandered around the sex shop buying a few items while she held onto my arm and kept laughing that she hadnít ever been in one of these type of shops before and the way she averted her eyes at some of the large items made me laugh.

I found myself being drawn to her natural beauty. Still we had a job to do and soon arrived back at the beach house. And found them running through the script.

I have to admit to being a little disappointed by the way Jane spoke her lines. She was a sullen schoolgirl not someone who was enthralled by a masterful man who commanded her world.

And Matt, well he was playing his last part; the funny guy.

Jessica looked at me and shook her head -- a mind reader as well as beautiful.

"Grab a juice and some fruit and I will meet you in the garden," I said and walked towards the garage and some tools.

Iíd had to put some more money to the rope and things but I knew with the pay check they had promised me Iíd be okay.

And I had to prove a point.

Jessica stood watching me as I cut the rope up and made loop at one end and back spliced the other.

"You know your stuff donít you," she muttered as I wrapped them up and placed them on the table.

Catching her eye I grinned and said, "Want to see just how good I am?"

She jumped and shook her head laughing, "Nope. I donít think so..."

"Women!" I shook my head laughing with her.

I held out my hand and pulled her off the deck where she had been sitting and watched her smooth the tee-shirt back down over her tummy.

The meeting had come to an impasse and there seemed to be a lot of sulking and bitching going on as we walked in.

"Okay I need Jane and Matt please." I pointed at the director, "You too and thatís it. And no one else for the time being."

Jessica sat on the sun lounge and smiled at me as I pulled out some rope and tossed it at Matt. "Here you go. Tie Jane up as if in the scŤne please and make it tight cause if you donít when the next bit happens she will have rope burns."

I watched as he picked up the rope and then sort of made a gesture as if to say come here please and Jane just looked at him and then as he tried to uncoil the rope it tangled and... Well you get the drift.

I sighed and walked into the house and looked across at the producer shaking my head as I walked into the kitchen.

Picking up a cola drink I wandered back out to find Jane sort of wearing the rope as a dress and Matt looking confused as they all pointed out how they think they should tie her.

"Thatís your biggest problem!" I said to the director.

He nodded.

Jane turned on me and spit, "If you think youíre so fucking good, show us, you condescending bastard!"

Jessica winced and I just smiled. "Gotcha!"

"Okay. Go put a bikini on and come back here."

She just shrugged and walked off to come back with a daring little number and slumped down in her chair.

"COME here!" I used my control voice that I use for gripping the gundogs that I train.

Her eyes went wide and she nearly jumped out of her chair.

"You have read the script and by now you should know that you are a submissive and in love with your Master." I pointed to Matt who was playing with a palm pilot. "This involves total devotion to him and no disobedience."

I pointed at Matt again. "Stand here and watch."

He sauntered over and I gave him the tangled rope "Unravel that for me please."

While he was doing that I uncoiled another rope and taking Jane by the arm turned her round and pushed her wrists together behind her back and began to wrap the rope round them.

I clinched round the loops by going between her arms and knotting them tightly above her fingers so she couldnít reach them. Iíd jerked her with each of the three knots. I picked up another short length off the table and threading the spliced end through the loop eased her elbows together. I have to admit that I was amazed when they touched and she didnít whine. I pointed out to Matt the way of tightening I had just done on her wrists and let him do it. He did his best bless him.

Taking Janeís arm I turned her and looked at her face. Her eyes were showing the discomfort of the position and she was biting the corner of her mouth.

"You okay?"

She nodded and sort of smiled.

"Good girl," I smiled at her and picked up the rope that Matt had finished unravelling.†

"Okay then -- the wrist and elbow tie is one we are going to use a lot. It makes the most of Janeís assets." I pointed to her thrust out chest. She looked at me and at her chest. And then she looked down at her feet.

Moving a chair to the big picnic table I asked her to climb up onto its wooden planked top and kneel down.

"Can I touch you?" I asked as she started to kneel. She nodded as I helped her to settle down.

I tapped her knees and she widened the gap until she couldnít go further.

"Okay when I wrote about the positions of subservience this is the main one. And you need to be able to adopt this for about three scenes."

I got her to lean back and bow her head so her chest stuck out and she was looking down.

ĎShe does have a cracking body,í I thought as I looked at her.

I saw Jessica watching intently where I placed my hands and how I touched her.

Moving back to the table I picked up some more rope and helped her to stand and climb down off the table.

Quickly I made a basic body harness by going behind her neck under the front of her armpits and above and below her breasts taking great care not to touch them.

I eased a rope round her waist and then just ran a crotch rope through without seating it between her lips and tied it to her wrists, leaving a fair bit of slack.

"Are you doing all of this or do you have a body double?" I asked her. I took hold of her arm and walked her round to get used to me guiding her and walked her to the pool

She looked shaken as she said, "I donít need one."

"Okay then! How good a swimmer are you?"

She looked at me a little shocked. "What?"

"Kick with you legs!" I pushed her into the pool.

The scream she gave off was superb as she hurtled into the water with a huge splash. I rather gathered by the shouts of consternation behind me that you donít do that to stars of movies. But by then I was hitting the water too.

As I surfaced I could see Jane was doing as asked and kicking like hell. I swam to her and looked at her panicked face.

"You okay?"

"You fucking bastard," she spluttered and forgot to kick. She soon remembered and popped up again. I looked at her and smiled.

"A true slave wouldnít say that to a Master as sheíd get a spanking for that!"

<>And she spurted a stream water in my face. "What would she get for that, shit brain?" she screamed at the top of her voice.

I just dunked her and listened to the screams of panic from the poolside. She shot to the surface and screamed "You bastard!" at me and laughed.

"Okay, do you trust me?" I asked as she kept kicking and moving her body.

She nodded and I moved behind her and took hold of her rope round her chest at the back and slowly swam her round the pool.

"Just kick enough to stop your legs from dropping, and making it hard for me to pull you," I said as we set off.

We swam for about ten minutes soon she is doing it as if she has done all her life.

By now the poolside has gone quiet and only Jessica is really paying us any attention. I chatted to Jane as we went round, finding out her age and her favourite colours and just daft things.

Swimming to the ladder I turned her to the rungs and got her stood on the bottom one and straddling her used my body to brace her as she climbed up.

"I know itís in the script Martin but fucking hell she is worth €44000000 and you could have killed her," the director muttered as I dried myself off with a towel

Jessica and one of her assistants dried off the rigid-nippled star.

Jessica started to untie her and I shook my head.

"One more thing for you to try then we can break for lunch."

I quickly pointed to the table and she climbed up onto it and I showed the other star of the show how to hog-tie her.

She shivered as water dripped from the draw cord of my sweat hood onto her skin and Matt and I watched as it pooled in the groove in her spine at the base of her buttocks.

Leaving them to untie her I went off in search of dry clothes.

The director and producer followed me and basically shouted at me. How could I do that to a star of such importance?

Everyone had followed us in by now and I pointed at Jane, "If she has to play a submissive then she bloody needs to act like one or I may as well go home!"

"Why did you throw her into the pool?"

"Bondage is all about trust; you have a person in charge that has the power of life or death and pain or pleasure and the bottom has to trust and coach the top as to her desires."

He looked at me and then at Jane. So you throwing her in the pool was to try to prove the fact that she needs to place her trust in you by killing her?"

"God no! I knew she could swim as she was in that disaster movie the other year where the ship sank."

"But you tied her hands behind her back she could have drowned."

"Nope I was right behind her. And I can swim well."

I walked to the cafť bar and poured more coffee and wondered why they donít have tea.

Jane walked in and glared at me before stalking off.

I showered and changed before returning and found it was all back to normal as I entered the dining room. The script reading and things were going swimmingly as we say in the UK and I sat at the back and continued to read the script working out why I put in some of the things I did.

"Does your prop department have all the things that we need?" I asked at one point and they just looked at me blankly.

"Darling nobody has done these things before so itís a buy it as we need it type a thing."

"When do we start filming?"

"The day after tomorrow."

"Okay then you better give someone a blank cheque then as you will need this stuff quickly. The rope I can get anywhere but the leather and steel stuff... well that might take some time."

"Can you and Jessica go get what we need for the first few scenes? Take Damien, he has the power to buy stuff."

We all nod and off we went to find a few shops.

I have to admit the local area must be fairly kinky, as finding all the stuff and more didn't take long. So we wasted a long time just sitting and drinking beer at a bar on the harbour side.

Our return wasnít noticed, as they were all at dinner somewhere swanky.

Jessica gave me a kiss on the cheek before bed and I was touched. And a little aroused, and Iíd like to think she was the same. But maybe that had just been wishful thinking on my part.

The next day was all technical mumbo jumbo but the director and staff had been talking and I got to tie Jane up and show Matt how to do it.

Jane spent the afternoon walking round the house with her wrists tied together "getting into part" darling.

The other stars were there and watched her just walking round in mild interest and condescending gossip.

I found myself liking the crew and the producer but the rest where all arty-farty. And full of self-important shite. ĎBollocks to this,í I thought after chatting to the woman who played Janeís mother. Nice looking old dear but when she knew I was just "Crew" she changed and became "It" as the helpers call the stars.

That evening Jessica and I went out for a meal as the stars were going to a famous restaurant to be seen.