A Simple Mistake
by Paul

When Mrs Helen Smythe-Hassington of 22 The Mews, Toff Street gets it wrong, as she does quite frequently, you tend to find out via other means. She is very middle class, sorry, upper middle class as she regularly reminds me. Her father used to shoot tigers in “Indja” and her mother used to be a dresser to her majesty the Queen Mother in the old days. Needless to say she doesn’t brag much about her lineage but does try to drop it into conversations with people of equal status.

She has a cracking body and is at 45 still great looking. She goes to the club to use the machines and runs 8 km every other day.

Norman her husband is my boss. He’s a very patient kind, God knows he has to be. Who is a little… , well how shall I describe him? Well, to be blunt, naïve!

So now you know them I will try to explain what I have heard.

Helen is a very able gardener. Her roses and carnations are a superb delight. So here is how the mistake happened.

Helen was out and about shopping in York one Saturday morning with her sister Carol. They came across the billboard outside a pub, saying that an event would take place in the hall at the back of the pub.

“Oh, Carol look,” she says. “It’s something to do with those little trees the Japanese make. You know, all that pruning and shaping that you see on the gardening programs on Friday night?”

Carol looking at it smiles and said, “Yes I think so, but I thought it was called Banzi or Bonzi or something like that!”

Helen said, “It says come all who are interested in the ancient art of @@@@@@. We provide equipment and training in all the different types of this supreme art form. Oh, I have always wanted to learn how to trim bushes and make them look so cute! I must bring Norman.

Carol looked at the board and thought poor old Norman had no fun in life. Still, if it made Helen happy he would do it, and he just takes his hip flask and sleeps in a corner as he wants to do now and again.

Helen and Norman turned up on the Friday at 7:30 to find a lot of couples all outside the door waiting for it to open.

Norman looked around and said, “By God Helen they take this a bit seriously don’t they?”

Most of the women there were dressed in kimonos with their hair braided and piled up on top of their heads Japanese style. Helen worried that she might be underdressed. She thought, 'I would look quite fetching in one of those kimonos; it would show my legs off well.' The couples were mixed in age but a majority were younger than them. It was nice to see so many couples doing things together.

The door opened and very nice looking tall black-haired girl beckoned the waiting group in. The couples all formed an orderly queue. Moving round the hall Helen noticed how warm it was and wondered what the three frames in the middle of the room were used for.

She also noticed that most of the men were carrying bags. “Oh bother! Most of these people have come equipped, Norman. We should have brought something!”

Norman seemed distracted by the hostess who was walking with grace and sensuality around the room. She was talking to the people, who all seemed to be at ease, and were being seated round the outside edge of the room on plastic chairs. A lot of the women were kneeling at the feet of the men.

The hostess moved round to them and smiling said, “Ah, you are a new couple!” She bowed. Seeing they didn’t have a bag with them she moved over to a cupboard and pulled a holdall out. She walked back to them and placed it by their chair.

“Please wait to open the bag as sensei Jeff does a run through each session to keep up everyone’s basic skills and safety!” She moved off to the next couple and chatted for a while.

“It does seem very well run, Norman!” Helen said, looking round at the different people around the room. She didn’t know anyone, which was a little unusual as she thought most of the York gardening group went to these things to be seen more than to learn.

“Yes I am most impressed, darling, Norman said, looking across the room at a young blond girl who had slipped off her kimono and seemed to be just wearing a slip thing. Helen saw where he was looking and tutted.

A loud set of claps came from the door at the back of the hall and a tall very good looking man walked out of the back room. The group as one stood and bowed. Norman and Helen were caught out and rushed to comply.

The man noticed and said, “Good evening everyone! For those of you who don’t know me I am sensei Jeff and this is Cleo.”

He nodded at the hostess. She bowed and everybody bowed back.

Norman grinned ruefully at his wife, who he noticed was taking this very seriously. ‘But she always does everything she tries to the best of her ability and always takes it to the max he thought. Norman considered this quirk of his wife’s personality to be both an asset and a pain. She makes a 'stop it, take it seriously' shake of her head. He stifled a grin and looked back at sensei Jeff.

Jeff looked at them and asked their names. He introduced them to the group. Helen looks across at him and smiles, ‘Such a well mannered young man, thinks. And then she has to stifle a gasp.

Cleo has moved to the centre of the room carrying a box. Placing it by Jeff’s feet, she stands to one side and strips off her kimono, revealing a fantastic body.

Naked as the day she was born.

Norman notices all of this and his wife’s open mouth. He gently touches his finger under her chin and closes it shut.

‘Well this is a little different than what I expected!’ he grins to himself, noticing that the rest of the women have also dropped their kimonos, and, although some of them are wearing body stockings or underwear, most are nude. He looks round trying not to stare thinking ‘Oh, Helen my love! You have done it again.’

Some of the bodies are quite nice, some not so nice. But all are proud. Now knowing Helen as he did and knowing she wouldn’t want to admit she was in a wrong place at the wrong time, he decided this could be a little bit of fun.

Sensei Jeff looked round at them and said, "We realise that it’s your first time with this group so I want you to be comfortable. The level which you participate in the night’s lesson is up to you! And please don’t be offended by the different levels of nakedness in our trainees. Some find it easier and more comfortable to be naked.” He addressed the group. “Okay, here we go!” Bending into his box he pulls out a length of rope.

Norman watches his wife’s face and body movements for a clue of her intentions; she seemed to be thinking along the lines of fight or flight. ‘I hope we don’t leave now!’ he thought, looking at the body of Cleo as she turns her back to Jeff and holds out her arms in the shape of the cross.

Holding the rope out in front of him Jeff doubles it up and starts to place knots into it every couple of feet. He looks round the group and makes sure all his advanced members are progressing. Realising Norman hasn’t got a rope in his hand, walks over and unzips the bag. Norman looks in it with a query and is relieved to hear Jeff say “The blue rope is about the right length”

Jeff shows him the knot he is using and wanders round looking at the group members who all hold out their completed rope for Jeff’s approval.

Helen looked at Norman with a look, which Norman knew from his years of marriage to her was her usual what-do-we-do-now? look. Norman just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

His wife was dressed in her casual “going out” suit of twin set and pearls. A knee length skirt and high heels completed the usual dress for these things. He snorted with laughter. ‘These things!’ as if the normal stuffy do’s they went to was as arousing as this. He had noticed the large-breasted big girl across the room was having cord wrapped round the base of her large heavy low-slung 38ff’s, and this made them stand out like footballs on her chest. Her eyes were going dreamy. 'God, this doesn’t happen at whist drives in the village hall!'

>Norman, what do we do?” Helen had finally come round to her senses.

It's up to you, my dear." He held up the rope so she could see. “I can do the knots. Look!”

“No, No, NO! How do we get out of here without these people realising I have made a mistake?”

Sensei Jeff was fitting the rope over Cleo’s head and had started to position the knots, running the rope up between Cleo’s lower lips and loosely tying it to a loop which Norman hadn’t seen him make at the top end of the first loop.

Norman quickly undoes his loops and reties it. “We have two options, my dear. We leave now and they know we have got it so wrong, or we go through with this session and never come back.”

He pauses and watches as Jeff, with the others following, starts to lace another rope round the sides of the rope between the knots already in the harness, slowly and carefully making sure the resulting diamond pattern was equal and neat.

Norman said, “You are going to have to strip off so I can do this.” He watches her face as she makes up her mind.

Helen blushed, and looking round to make sure she knows nobody, thinks, ‘Well my body is as good if not better than some of these women so it’s not going to be too embarrassing!’ She then starts to unbutton her jacket, and pulling out her blouse lays them on the chair. Her slip follows. Standing with hunched shoulders she reaches round and drops the skirt with one hand while covering her large if slightly drooping chest with the other.

Her eyes went to a largely built girl on the other side of the room and wondered if she should get Norman to do her breasts the same. ‘Oh, Helen you do get yourself into trouble at times!’ she thinks, wondering how to tell Carol of her mistake.

Standing in stockings and suspenders she decides that will do, her thong is not coming off. Looking round she catches a few of the men and women looking at her in an appraising way and she decided that she didn’t look as bad as some of them so she pulled her shoulders back and stood straight shouldered.

Which just made life for Norman harder. He had just held the loop out to pass it over her head. She said, “Sorry, dear”, bending down so he could slip the loop over her head. She watched Jeff fussing round Cleo’s crotch area.

“Okay gentlemen I want you to make sure that the knot you have put in place to excite your lady is in the right place!” Jeff says, standing up and lacing the rope round and making the last diamond on Cleo’s tummy.

Norman, be gentle with me,” Helen says with a small smile.

Jeff walks over and watches Norman place the rope over Helen’s head. Helen starts as Jeff’s fingers touch her tummy when he picks up the rope from where it dangles and examines the knots. To Helen it feels as if his eyes are looking at her nipples, which stiffen much to her annoyance.

“Well done, Norman, cracking knots. You must practice a lot.”

Helen feels a little proud of her husband’s skill even if they both knew they hadn’t even done this once, never mind practiced.

Jeff instructed, “Now when you run the rope through her legs try to make sure you leave plenty of slack at the back, as each panel you make tightens the rope between her legs. Most first timers with this end up having to slacken off the rope to stop their partner’s pussy from being uncomfortable. Oh, and make sure you get the knot on the clitoris so she gets the full feeling of the harness.” Reaching into the bag Jeff handed a rope to Norman “Use this to complete the side lacing.”

“Cleo, come here!” Jeff ordered.

Norman watched the young goddess walk over and tried not to stare as he saw how the rope split her pussy lips apart and the knot covered her clitoral area. He saw the diamond that ran between her breasts, accenting the curves, and the way the ropes tighten the skin with indentations.

‘I can do that!’ he thought, and looked at his wife’s body in a different way, the way an artist would look at a lump of clay to be moulded.

Helen feels in a daze, as if the tugging on her body and the feeling of constriction are happening to another person. Her eyes roam the room, seeing couples, men and women, doing something together, and although the women are being submissive they are enjoying giving themselves to their partner.

The large-breasted chunky girl has had her body harness placed on her and Jeff is helping her boyfriend/ partner to tie her arms behind her forcing the wrists up towards the shoulders and roping them in place tight to her body. She shakes her body as if to free them and when she finds she cannot her smile of triumph is beautiful to see.

Norman has reached Helen’s stomach and is about to tie the last diamond in place. ‘I need to see that the knot is in place,’ he thinks, and without Helen realising he eases her pants down and places them in his jacket pocket.

Helen looks down, shrugs, and continues her look round the room.

Jeff is with a couple about their age. The woman is skinny with obvious implants in her breasts. Her harness has encompassed these and just frames them. Her husband is really pulling on the ropes making them dig into her body and making her gasp with each tug, his diamonds are very small so he is using a lot more rope.

Cleo, who is standing watching Norman, follows Helen’s gaze and says, “Barry and Sally. She is into pain as much as he is into giving it to her. Jeff has to come up with a new tie just for her every time they come here, and each has to be tighter, painful or just dammed uncomfortable!

“They are the heavy end of the market. She is a total slave, 24/7. They come here just for her to get out. Talk to her at the tea break. It will open your eyes.”

Helen glances across to Cleo and says, “My eyes are as open as they can get!” Just then she groans as Norman’s fingers brush her clit and she feels a knot pushed up against it. Cleo grins and moves on to the next couple.

Norman is rooting through the bag and comes out with more rope. Norman, do you like this sort of thing?” she whispers.

And is pleased to hear him say, “I love working with your body. This could be a lovely way to pass a Sunday afternoon, couldn’t it?”

She turns and holds her wrists together behind her back for him and uses the time as she feels his fingers looping the rope round and round her wrists, to watch the goings on in the room.

The couple who Cleo said were into the heavier side of this, er… what ever this is, had moved to one of the frames and Sensei Jeff was using a block and tackle to lift the woman’s tightly bound body by her ankles into the air. The woman’s hair is just touching the floor as he locks the rope off.

The picture she formed looked so erotic that Helen felt her body go liquid and her arousal go up a notch.

Norman kissed her shoulder. “I like this thing we are doing too, my love,” he whispers into her ear.

“Oh Norman!” she leans back on him. Then remembering where she is stands up straight.

“Can we get one of those frames? That looks to be fun,” Norman says as he wraps rope round her upper arms and pulls them together.

Helen groans as he reaches her limit, with about a four inch gap in between her elbows. Norman looks a little lost, thinking, ‘The rope will slide down if I don’t do something about it’.

Looking up, he sees the young man who is with the large-breasted girl watching him. She is now tied in a tight ball and hanging from one of the other frames. The lad walks over and looks at the rope on his wife’s body.

“Hey, well done, dude!” the lad says with an American accent. Pointing to the bag by Norman’s feet he says, “Look for a short length.”

Norman hands him a five foot length and watches as the lad wraps it round and round on the rope that’s between Helen’s elbows until it is like a solid coil. “It holds the elbows rigid and gives you a way to control her if you cannot get the elbows to meet. He points to his dangling girlfriend, “Dawn’s elbows don’t come close to touching due to her size. But with this,” he takes hold of the rope bar, and moves Helen about easily, “I can move her anyway I want.”

“Thank you, young man!” Norman says, as the lad moves off. Grabbing the elbow rope tries it himself, earning a little growl from Helen. “Sorry, dear.” Helen looks at him in a weird way, smiles, and turns her back to watch the room.

Norman uses the last of the rope in the bag to tie his wife’s wrists together and sits down. “Sit, dear,” he says, patting the chair beside him, and watching Helen’s eyes roll as the knot on her clit tightens when she bends her body. A little shudder runs down her body, making her breasts move inside the rope.

‘God that’s sexy! And I think she just came then,’ Norman thinks.

The evening soon came to an end with sensei Jeff showing how to tie someone so they can hang by one leg without hurting them.

Norman and Helen walked back to the car in a stunned and companionable silence, Norman holding his wife’s hand and carrying the empty rope bag.

“So darling, shall we continue gardening when we get home? he asks.

Helen leans into him and whispers. “Only if you use your dibbler on me as I need a good planting!”